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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Sat Jul 02, 2016 9:03 am

This topic will contain the character bios for the user.
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Shadow۩witch Empty Re: Shadow۩witch

Post  Haar_Dragon on Sun Jul 03, 2016 2:54 pm

Nobody Name: Lexaxa
Orginal name: Alexa
Species: Human/Nobody
Number: UH....I think it'd be what? XXVI?
Weapon: Pure black Twin daggers, that when combined, turns into a black sword shown in the picture below.
Element: Energy
Organization: XIV
Appearance: [img][url=[/img]][/img][/url][/url] Exactly as shown in picture, only wearing the uniform for XIV.
Personality: Very quiet. Keeps hood up most of the time, loves playing piano, and guitar, Intelligent, hardworker,keeps to self. Night owl. respectful to those to deserve to be respected.
Fighting Style: Always goes for enemy preasurre points, to stop them from moving, before going in for a swift kill. Often uses energybolts from her hands, or makes energy barriers, to block oncoming attacks. There are other uses to her element.
Story: Born and raised in Radient Garden, went to an exclusive school there. It was 'claimed' to be a school for genuisis, but it was, in fact, a special school where they trained you to use your powers, as well as having you undergo Spy training. You can study there, all the way untill you hit your 6th year as a collage student. She chose to do so, and when heartless began to over run the school, she was attacked by heartless. She bumped her head when she was attacked, and never got a chance to see what heartless had attacked her, let alone given a chance to fight back. The next thing she knows, she on Organzation XIV's doorstep.

I have kidnapped your sanity. You may have it back when I leave.
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