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Persona REM Glossary Empty Persona REM Glossary

Post  Admin (HalcyonWandering) on Fri Oct 17, 2014 3:54 pm

This will just be a simple index of stuff that could use explaining from time to time.


Chain of Fate- a metallic chain that those with the potential can summon at will, when snapped, a Persona is summoned.
Dream Realm- the reality that those with the potential encounter when they enter deep sleep
Velvet Room- a strange inter-dimensional room that houses Igor and the Velvet Attendants, currently arranged like a dance club

More to be added later.

TITAL character(s): Ven, Namine, Minato, Yukari, Junior, Naomi, Joy, Xavier, Alice, Fia
Org. XIV: character(s): Lance, Thalia, Maya, Pheonix, Nicholas
Zombieland character(s): Nicholas, Maria, Rachel, Eric(deceased), Layla, Nick (gen. II)
Dark Bloodline RP: Brenna, Jonah
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