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Post  Admin (HalcyonWandering) on Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:24 pm

Just a log holding all of the fancy shops and places around Yakamura

[Available Shops in Yuzuru Ward Strip:
That One Place- Sells Strange Takoyaki and other food items
Famitsu Family Medicine- Sells medicinal supplies
Wild Duck Burger- Social Event Hangout
Ramen Do, Ramen Don't- Social Event Hangout]

[Available Shops in Yuzuru Public Park:
Jack Frost Ices- Sells frozen edibles and Jack Frost plushes
Park Playground- Social Event Hangout
Park Gazebo- Social Event Hangout]

[Yuzuru Ward, Shrine to Jizo]
No available shops

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Zombieland character(s): Nicholas, Maria, Rachel, Eric(deceased), Layla, Nick (gen. II)
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