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This topic will be used to keep track of the characters' interpersonal relationships and keep track of the progress they've made in creating bonds with the others around them. With these bonds, the characters who have them are granted a certain amount of innate abilities while also having access to certain co-operative actions inside the Dream World

First, an example of the link structure. Purely for demonstrational purposes, I'm going to use Daisuke and Yuko. Even though, Yuko being an NPC doesn't actually grant Daisuke any link benefits.

Diasuke Otonari-----3------Yuko Nishiwaki

-Rank 1: Daisuke and Yuko can now take a mortal blow for eachother
-Rank 2: Daisuke and Yuko can help each other up when they are downed by an enemy critical and/or weakness expoitation
-Rank 3: Daisuke and Yuko can now perform a cooperative attack that will down one enemy and do the damage of two normal attacks
0Rank 4: Daisuke and Yuko can now perform a special attack when the other knocks down an enemy. The attack will down and do critical damage to one other enemy.
0Rank 5: Daisuke and Yuko can now cure each other of the Rage, Fear, or Confusion status ailments.
0Rank 6: Daisuke and Yuko can now defend each other from an attack exploiting their elemental weakness occasionally if such is possible. Otherwise, this only prevents criticals. (1/3 chance to trigger)
0Rank 7: Daisuke and Yuko can now perform a joint super attack. This attack will now down all enemies doing the damage of three normal attacks.
0Rank 8: Daisuke and Yuko can now cure each other's Panic, Enervation, or Charm status
0Rank 9: Daisuke and Yuko can now revive each other from unconscious status at 1/4 health after combat.
0Rank 10: Daisuke and Yuko can now battle in tandem. By Pairing Up, they increase their attacks by double the efficiency.

Now, that's how individual links work. I'll update the way links work collectively in a moment.

TITAL character(s): Ven, Namine, Minato, Yukari, Junior, Naomi, Joy, Xavier, Alice, Fia
Org. XIV: character(s): Lance, Thalia, Maya, Pheonix, Nicholas
Zombieland character(s): Nicholas, Maria, Rachel, Eric(deceased), Layla, Nick (gen. II)
Dark Bloodline RP: Brenna, Jonah
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