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Post  Admin (HalcyonWandering) on Sat Mar 23, 2013 3:29 am

I'll be posting the various continuous themes for the RP here. Smile

Opening Theme: Dancing For Rain- Rise Against

Velvet Room Theme: Electronica in the Velvet Room- Shoji Meguro

Sea Of Souls: Home Point Theme: Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)- Awolnation

Battle Theme: Soul Wars- Awolnation

Mid-Boss Theme: Friction- Imagine Dragons

Verdant Ferns Mall Theme: Aisle 10- Jet Set Radio Future

Yuzuru Ward- Evening: Chrono Trigger- Manoria Cathedral (Downtown Remix)

Sunset Terrace Theme- Carry The Sun- The Glitch Mob

Shadow Acceptance- Lisa Miskovsky-Still Alive- Instrumental

TITAL character(s): Ven, Namine, Minato, Yukari, Junior, Naomi, Joy, Xavier, Alice, Fia
Org. XIV: character(s): Lance, Thalia, Maya, Pheonix, Nicholas
Zombieland character(s): Nicholas, Maria, Rachel, Eric(deceased), Layla, Nick (gen. II)
Dark Bloodline RP: Brenna, Jonah
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