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Post  Admin (HalcyonWandering) on Mon Mar 04, 2013 2:35 am

First thing first, we need to discern Velvet Attendants for each OC. All we really need is their name and job within the club. Also, Velvet Attendants are typically the opposite gender of their master. So, in short, just take an available position and name your attendant. I'll handle the rest.

Name: Lillian
Occupation: Bartender
Master: Daisuke

Name: KC (Karen Cooper)
Master: Abel

Name: Veronica
Occupation: Bartender
Master: Mark

Name: Deborah
Occupation: Bouncer
Master: Yoshiya

Name: Evelyn
Occupation: Drummer
Master: Shin

Name: Bruce
Occupation: Bouncer
Master: Yumiko

Current open positions for attendents include...

Make a new job up?

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