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This topic will contain the character bios for the user.
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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:30 am

ace: Human/Homunculus
World: AU of Fate/Stay Night

Title: Archer/ Counter Guardian

Name: Prefers to be called Archer
Age: Unknown
Catchphrase: Trace On

Primary Weapon of Choice: Kanshou and Byakuya: Gan Jian and Mo Ye are "married" twin swords representing yin and yang encountered by Archer at some point of her life. She finds the craftsmanship of the blades to be beautiful and are her favoured weapons of choice, rather than the meaning in their crafting. Additionally, the weapons suit her natural style of fighting, which is dual-wielding at close range.

When needing to kill an enemy without hassle, Archer uses a special bow that is made with a strange material that can absorb large amounts of energy to fire her Broken Phantasms.

Full Details are found at the type moon wiki. Can't post the link here. =/

Appearance: Archer has long, white hair that's usually tied in a long, braid. She's slightly tanned, though her most striking feature is her crimson eyes, a mark of her creation as a human child that was artificially constructed. She's short despite having lived for a long time and she lacks growth in many feminine attributes, much to her dismay.

Archer is usually dressed in a black archer-like uniform that covers the upper part of her body completely, ending in a short stretch just by her knees. The garb is made from a material that increases her Magic Resistance and helps to regulate her body when she's exposed to the elements.

Capping that off is a red jacket that covers her upper torso and a black skirt with a belt that secures both garments.

Personality: Archer is a cynic through and through. She's devoted her life to fighting for Justice but has seen the futility in trying to save everyone. This makes her sarcastic, biting and derisive when she talks, often sneering at the ideas of being able to save everyone yet desiring to save everyone at the same time.

She has a habit of tossing her braids back when getting serious and incredibly strategic when it comes to battle. To her, the lives of many are above the life of one and the greater good should always be considered. This has the result of making her seem heartless to the people around her, since she wouldn't think twice about killing someone close to her if it meant ending the bloodshed early and saving as many lives as possible.

Stats: (Current)

HP: Mid-Low
Strength: Mid
Magic: Low-High
Defense: Low
Intelligence: Very High
Attack Speed: Mid
Combo: Low
Combo Reach: Mid
Running Speed: Very High
Evasion: Very High

Abilities: Archer has no great talent to speak of. Instead, her skills and abilities come from refining what little she had and improving it to the point of excellence from there. The Magecraft she specializes in is Reinforcement and Projection, both of which are usually unsuited for combat but Archer has refined to the point where she can use it to it's maximum effectiveness even mid-combat.

Reinforcement: This is the basis of Archer's magecraft, which allows her to enhance objects with mana to make them stronger or tougher by leaps and bounds. However, too much mana can instead degrade the object. Reinforcement natural objects are difficult thanks to their natural magic resistance.

Projection: is a Magecraft that materializes objects, in accordance to the caster’s imagination, through the use of mana. It is usually seen to be an incomplete and useless magecraft, since the objects created from your own mana can never last very long and takes a substantial amount of mana to create and sustain their form.

However, Archer uses Tracing which greatly differs from normal Projection in the fact that not only does it reproduce the shape and substance of an object, but also the entire history of the object as well. Objects created with tracing are slightly inferior due to the fact that only so much information can be gathered by sight alone, and Noble Phantasms are degraded by an entire rank.

Archer mentally divides the process of Tracing into seven steps, which include:

Judging the concept of creation
Hypothesizing the basic structure
Duplicating the composition material
Imitating the skill of its making
Sympathizing with the experience of its growth
Reproducing the accumulated years
Excelling every manufacturing process

Due to the extra effort, it is possible to produce incredibly stable ordinary items that can remain in the world for hours after their creation. Furthermore, whenever replicating mystical objects such as Noble Phantasms, it is possible to faithfully copy their special abilities and any skill that its owner performed are available for use. The reason this is possible is due to the nature of Unlimited Blade Works, which at a glance, records the history, composition, and design of what the user sees, and then provides the necessary materials needed to reproduce them. The actual reproduction happens within Unlimited Blade Works and then they are brought into the real world when they are needed through Projection. If the image of the projection is interrupted in any way, the item will be physically weak and shatter upon physical impact. It is also possible to apply Reinforcement to objects recorded within Unlimited Blade Works, as shown with Caladbolg II or Kanshou and Bakuya.

Archer has great melee skills, honed by her years of endless fighting in her home universe. As such, despite being a master marksman, she's prone instead to just leap into the fray with Kanshou and Byakuya to surprise opponents who thinks she's weak physically. Thanks to Archer's small frame, she's very quick on her feet and this allows her the advantage against opponents to deride her small stature.

Personal Skills: Eye of the Mind (True) - A reflex honed through endless years of combat, which allows Archer to swiftly evaluate the situation without being distracted and come up with the best solution to end the threat. If there's a chance of a comeback, no matter how slim, Archer has a chance of finding it.

Weakness: Archer's powers are limited currently by her damaged Magic Circuits, which act as the conduits for her to use mana. Because they are naturally damaged, attempting to heal them will not work since the repairs must be done slowly to re-achieve maximum efficiency. As such, her potential output now is only about 20% of her original strength before she was set adrift.

Naturally healing her magical circuits will take years, much to Archer's consternation.

Ultimate/Limit Break: Unlimited Blade Works

I am the bone of my sword
Steel is my body and fire is my blood
I have created over a thousand blades
Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life
Have withstood pain to create many weapons
Yet, those hands will never hold anything
So as I pray, unlimited blade works.

Story: Not much is known about Archer. She was set adrift one day in a rift when darkness swallowed up her world, damaging her body when she attempted to resist the darkness that completely wiped out her universe.

Now, she awakes, confused but understanding of her situation. Still, she wonders... Why did she survive? Maybe now she would find out the answer... as soon as she could find some way to get back her former strength.
Aleri, the Vindex de Crepusculum
Aleri, the Vindex de Crepusculum

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