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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Sat Jul 02, 2016 9:14 am

This topic will contain the character bios for the user.
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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:29 am

Race: Human.
World: Treasure Planet.

Name: Sylvia Mulieres.
Age: 15 (17 post time skip)

Weapon: Scimitar. Affectionately called Sarah.

Appearance: Unkempt, wavy ash blonde hair that falls just below her shoulders, and sea-green eyes. She has tanned skin with small scars tracing her hands and upper arms, and bears a tall, thin frame. She is missing one of her left canines.
Her clothes are typically tattered and frayed from her adventures. She wears a white (slightly discoloured from dirt) long sleeve blouse with a dark brown bodice. Along with it, she also wears black trousers and heeled brown, worn boots. Notably, she carries a gold digital mechanical pocket watch (the only treasure she would never part with), and a broken communications device that she doesn’t know how to repair.

Personality: Sylvia is sarcastic, bold, and selfish, with her eyes constantly fixed on the prize. She is brave to the point of recklessness as she strives to get what she wants by any means necessary. She has a feminist streak within her, believing that ability should not be restricted by sex. There is a downside to this belief however, as she can be quite volatile and distrusting towards men.

Gimmick: "A pirate’s life for me, huh? And a nice, painful death for you!"

-Hp: (Mid)
-Strength: (Mid)
-Magic: (Low)
-Defense: (Low)
-Intelligence: (Low)
-Attack Speed: (Low Mid)
-Combo: (Mid)
-Combo Reach: (Short)
-Running speed: (Mid)
-Evasion: (High mid)

Weakness: She is deft at dodging physical blows, but less able to predict where a spell will hit, leaving her open for magical attacks. Additionally, although she is quick on her feet, she is reckless in a fight, often making poor judgements in the heat of battle.

Fighting style: She prefers to fight quick and dirty, targeting any weak points in her opponent that she can find. She fights entirely through physical means, having no talent or interest in magic.

Abilities: She is fast and nimble, both in battle and in social situations. Although illiterate, she has quite the silver tongue. She has an intense interest in Gummi Ships and how they function (although she’s never actually built one herself.)

Limit Break "Waves of Fury": Sylvia breaks into a vicious slashing combo, darting around the enemy in furious blows, before finishing with a disarm (sometimes effective.)

Final Limit: TBC.

Story: Sylvia was brought up in poverty in her home, her parents jobless and without any notable aspirations. Sylvia grew resentful of her meagre existence, which was filled with squalor and bitter memories, and dreamed of sailing through the stars on a ship of her own, her heart set on finding the famed Treasure Planet where she could find the treasure said to be hidden there so that she could live the rest of her days in luxury and wealth. One day, she finally found an opportunity to leave her disappointing life behind when she caught wind of a voyage called the RLS Legacy bound for Treasure Planet, and a call for crew. Her heart set on achieving her dreams, she fled from her home, and smuggled herself on the RLS Legacy, barely escaping the watchful eyes of Captain Amelia. It had all gone smoothly, with the ship finally approaching its destination, when the ship was attacked by dark creatures, swallowing it whole as Sylvia disappeared into the darkness along with captain and crew.
Sylvia woke up with a pounding in her head, surrounded by greenery, a rarity for her considering the technological world she lived in. She discovered that she had been shipwrecked in the Lost Woods of Synthisle, and she was soon discovered by the King of that world, Lance. Upon learning about Heartless and the nature of the Organization XIV, Sylvia chose to hone her skills and fight alongside her newfound comrades, with the hope of one day finding any survivors of the RLS Legacy, as well as reaching her final destination: Treasure Planet.

Name: Ren Akiyama

Age: 16

World: Shibuya (TWEWY-verse)

Weapon: Bō. (Staff.) He uses this for mainly defensive purposes, as he will rely more heavily on his ability in using several elemental attacks.

-Fire Barrier- Creates a flame barrier that wards off enemy attacks and harms enemies on contact. One time use only per battle.

-Ice Blow- An icicle appears where he targets, cutting his foe where he stands. Sometimes accurate.

-Distortion- An emblem appears underneath Ren's feet, charging him with electricity as he fires various bolts of lightning at his foes. Always accurate, but has longer recovery time.

Appearance: Short chestnut brown hair with his fringe covering half of his face, and emerald green eyes that are accentuated by the eyeliner that he wears. Ren is average height, and very thin and lanky, having little to no evidence of muscle tone. He wears skinny jeans with rips at the knees, red trainers, and a buttoned white shirt with rolled up sleeves and a red scarf around his neck. He also wears symmetrical red wristbands with the threaded words ‘Hip Snake’.

Personality: Ren is a bright, upbeat guy who has an unwavering amount of optimism-up to the point of naivety at times as he can be a little too trusting of people. He is very conscientious of his looks, and strives to always keep his finger on the fashion pulse. However, on the flip-side he can be very vain and conceited, tending to ‘judge a book by its cover’, rather than take into account the person beyond their looks. He is also quite cowardly, more than willing to flee a battle he thinks he cannot win, to the exasperation of his partner. Still, he remains loyal to his partner, and is more than determined to win the Reaper’s Game.

HP: Low.
Strength: Low
Magic: Mid
Defense: Mid
Intelligence: High
Attack Speed: Low-mid
Combo: Low
Combo Reach: Mid
Running Speed: Mid
Evasion: Low

Ultimate Technique: TBC

Fusion with Shinji: TBC

Story: Ren had a lavish upbringing, with both of his parents working in the advertising industry. Money was of no question to Ren, and he was at times spoilt by his parents, with the additional bonus of being an only child. This upbringing has left him naïve, and easy to be manipulated by others, although he is very seldom aware of this.
He had only recently moved to the busy city of Shibuya, and transferred to the local high school, instantly making a large circle of friends due to his cheerful demeanour, and boyish charm. However, one night when he was crossing through an alley on the way home, he was mugged by some thugs on the street, and fatally stabbed.

He now wakes up in the UG, shaken up by the fresh memory of his death, and the task laid out before him: survive the Game, and take back his life.

As for his entry fee: Ren has lost his sense of self-identity. He can’t grasp the specific parts of him-such as his sense of style, favourite activities, food, sexuality-these are all a mystery to him.
Aleri, the Vindex de Crepusculum
Aleri, the Vindex de Crepusculum

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