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This topic will contain the character bios for the user.
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Post  Haar_Dragon on Sun Jul 03, 2016 3:06 pm

---------Organization XIV---------

Title: The Riser of Flames, Nathan.
Name: Nathan (Formerly Thananx)
Species: Human (Formerly Nobody)
Number: XV
Weapon: Inferno's Grasp/Suspenseful Daydream (One on left is his keyblade, other is his master's. Like Aqua when she get's Eraqus's keyblade.)
Element: Fire
Organization: XIV
Appearence: About 6'2, Black haired, wears red clothes kind of like Riku's and Sora's combined, wears a black coat, and that's about it.
Personality: He would die to protect his friends, and is a very good fighter. He's laid back most of the time but he loves a good spar or two.
Fighting style: He dosen't afford to give the enemy a chance to attack, utilizing quick and fast combos with his Fire magic and his Keyblades.
Backstory: Nathan was a re-incarnated KoH, little did he know. He was gifted with knowledge, and a lot of it at that. When the darkness appeared at his home, the keyblade appeared in his hand. He fought off the darkness at his home, Traverse Town, but it wasn't good enough. He then became a nobody after the heartless swallowed him in darkness, blasted off to The Land of Departure to train under Master Farugus. He could only still wield the keyblade as a nobody as, he had 2 hearts as he was a re-incarnation, but the darkness only got one.

Names: Texers and Rexers
Human names: Reets and Reers
Species: Nobody (They're twins)
Number: N/A
Weapon: Twin Swords
Element: Thunder and Water (Thunder is Texer's, water is Rexer's.)
Organization: N/A
Appearence: Dark-brown haired, Texer's wears a yellow coat, and Rexer's wears a light blue coat, about 6ft, they both wear green shirts and pants, and that's about it.
Personality: These people are care-free most of the time, but they help their friends when they need it. They like to fight most of the time, but sometimes they're just not in the mood.
Fighting style: Dosen't charge attack like Nathan, but instead waits for openings and strikes.
Backstory: Reets and Reers were in High School with Ged, Deldon, and Nathan. The darkness had attacked them while they were just graduating. They couldn't fight back, and woke up feeling empty and controlled. A class-mate of theirs had also turned nobody, but he placed a device on now Texers and Rexers. He was using them for his own evil plan, to destroy all of Celestial Grounds.

Title: The Miraculous Shooter
Nobody Name: Gentex
Human Name: Tenge
Weapon: All types of guns and such, along with explosives.
Element: Water
Number: (Not in Org. XIV yet)
Appearence: a 17 year old boy with dark brown hair, has blue-ish eyes and wears a black jacket with red pants.
Personality: Keeps to himself and cares only about himself except for when his friend's really need him.
Gimmick: "Read it and weep."
Battle Theme:

Magic: Low
Defense: Low
Intelligence: Mid
Attack Speed: High
Combo Reach: Long
Running Speed: Mid
Evasion: Mid

Weakness: Has a low defence, and nothing to deflect attacks.
Special Attacks:
Gun Frenzy - Shoots in a mad combo with the last bullet being a poisonous one.
D-Link - With all my characters
Explosive's - Explains itself

Can teleport like Xigbar
Has multiple guns
Can make elemental bullets like Aaron but they don't cost MP to use
Can run very fast in a burst of speed at times

Limit Break: Shooter's Charge - Uses Gun Frenzy 5 times with occasional explosives thrown in
Final Limit: Final Shot - Gun Frenzy 5 times with each bullet getting slightly stronger and more explosives
Desperation: The One Change - Calls upon his friend's and gains power, going mad with his shots using multiple guns and lots of explosives, each getting very stronger as the Desperation goes on. At the end, he falls down, but before that throwing his best explosives all over in a attempt to bring them with him.

Story: Tenge was a normal kid. He was friend's with Reets, Reers, Deldon, Ged, and Nathan. They always practiced sparring together after High School was over, but during Summer Break was when they were attacked by the Heartless. Then, now a nobody, Gentex attempted to find his friend's but failed. He came across a Gun Store that was abandoned, and took everything there. He traveled on through lots of worlds searching for his friend's but failed until he came upon Deldon.

Title: The Masquerader
Name: Xarlone
Original name: Elraon (Elh-Ray-On)
Weapon: Keyblade (Void Gear)
Element: Darkness
Number: N/A
Appearence: Vanitas appearence
Personality: Vanitas personality, except a little bit different.
Gimmick: "Let's get my little game started..."

Battle Theme:

Stats: Vanitas Stats

Weakness: All of Vanitas weaknesses
Special Attacks:
All of Vanitas

All of Vanitas

Limit Break: Vanitas
Final Limit: Vanitas
Desperation: Vanitas

Other: Is in league with Nathan. Can summon unversed like Vanitas. Basically is Vanitas.

Name: Scott Pilgrim

Weapon: Mostly fist, but has swords Power of Love and Power of Self-Respect.
Element: Love and Self-Respect I guess. He really dosent have any but those could be his I guess.
Appearence: a 22 year old boy
Skazzasurf ScottPilgrimCell
Personality: You would know if you watched the movie...
Gimmick: "Again?"
Theme: -
Battle Theme:

Attack:Mid High
Magic: No magic
Defense: High
Intelligence: Mid-low
Attack Speed: Mid
Combo:Mid High
Combo Reach: Low

Special attacks: None.

Abilites: None

Limit Break: None.

Final Limit: None.

Desperation: None.

Story: Watch the movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

Name: Ace (To his organization mates) Jenac is his real name
Race: Heartless
Organization: Union of Cold Blood
Weapon: Distrust (Sword)
Element: Madness
Number: I
Appearence: A 17-year old with red hair. About 5'10 with black gloves to cover the red heartless emblem on his hands. Cold-blooded looking with a black coat and black pants. Boy.
Personality: A cold-blooded heartless who trusts no-one. He is also a turn-coat who will kill anyone at any time.
Gimmick: "Your faith deserves no keeper but yourself."

Battle Theme: (For now)

Stats: (He's supposed to be broken for A. Reasons B. He's a organization leader)
Attack: High
Magic: N/A (For now)
Defense: Medium
Intelligence: Medium
Attack Speed: Medium
Combo: Medium
Combo Reach: Short
Running Speed: High
Evasion: Medium

Name: Ertin
Race: Heartless
Organization: Union of Cold Blood
Weapon: Despair (Sword)
Element: Depression/Doubt/Despair (Whichever has more to do with his gimmick)
Number: III
Appearence: Same as Jenac as he is his twin.
Personality: He wants to know people's purposes to live. He will kill anyone in his way.
Gimmick: "Tell me your true reason to live!"

Theme: ???
Battle Theme:

Attack: High
Magic: Mid-Low
Defense: Medium
Intelligence: Medium
Attack Speed: Medium
Combo: Medium
Combo Reach: Short
Running Speed: High
Evasion: Medium

Name: Percy Jackson
<Bob, stop reading here.>
Race: Half-God (Son o' Poisedon)
Weapon: Anaklusmos , or, Riptide
Element: WATER
Organization: *NA* (*_____* = For now)
Personality: Smart but can't read English (Mind is hand-wired for ancient greek). He is really kind and brave but his fatal flaw is his loyalty to friends.
Story: Percy Jackson has 5 books all about him... READ THEM NOW!@!~@!@!#*^&@$

---------Sky, Land, Ocean---------

Title: The Determined Lancer

Name: Redriad *Insert dark bloodline last name here* (All characters are dark bloodline members right?)
Weapon: Lance (Hell yes.)
Weapon's name and appearence: Gungir Skazzasurf Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTp_PwzDel4WHbrpqqdnDZLpyUqP-Xw1Wd83EP6K9wU9NerDDkedQ
Element: Darkness
Appearance: Skazzasurf Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQzBZEQZY4a47OyklE6-MTPV7qerZJGi4bw5HIuuBU97NoCiHOoPg
Personallity: As his title says, he is determined to one thing. He trains hard and will do anything to achieve his goals, therefore making him susceptible to persuasion and such.
Gimmick: "I'll do it, one way or another!

Theme 1: Battle Theme:
Theme 2: Final Limit/Limit Break Theme:
Theme 3: Desperation Battle Theme:

Stats: (Must have at least one "Low". For every "High" there must be a "Low". Also, if your a Melee-Mage, you must have both the Strength and Magic stats "Mid". Stats must make sense and not be overpowered.)

-Hp: Mid
-Strength: Mid-high
-Magic: N/A
-Defense: Low
-Intelligence: Low
-Attack Speed: Mid-low
-Combo Capability: Low
-Attack Reach: High
-Running speed: Mid-high
-Evasion: Mid-low

Weaknesses: He is left open for many attacks being a lancer.

Special Attacks:
Lance Impact: He jabs Gungir into ___ with all his might increasing impact 2x.
Lance Dance: He playfully jabs Gungir at his enemy a few times than begins using it a bit like a sword and finishing with Lance Impact.
Fist Fury: He drops his lance when the opportunity is given and begins punching the opponent almost repeatedly with his near inhumane strength.
Dark Lance Impact: Basically a dark version of the attack.
Dark Lance Dance: See DLI.
Dark Fist Fury: See above.
Kick Fury: Fist fury except kicking
Melee Fury: Kick and Fist fury combined.
Dark Kick Fury: See DLI
Dark Melee Fury: See DKF.

Dead Eye: Time slows for him as he examines his opponents every move and acts accordingly.
Determination Surge: He gains renewed confidence which allows him to be more on the offensive.
Darkness Surge: His attacks are fortified with darkness for a short while
Inhumane Strength: His intense training allows him to punch and kick very powerfully.
Lucky Block: He is able to sometimes block attacks that would almost always get him.

Limit Break: Darkness Surge and Dead eye last longer, and Lucky Block happens more often. He also attacks with more strength.
Final Limit: Darkness Surge lasts forever and Dead Eye lasts so much longer. Lucky Block happens almost every time and he can punch and kick almost anything.

Desperation: He glows dark and dead eye lasts forever. Lucky Block happens about every single time and he could punch through the thickest armor. He attacks in a fury and gives the enemy almost no chance to attack. Every attack lets out a burst of darkness, hit or not. When he is about to die he utters a curse which makes the enemy feel his emotional pain, cursing them.

Story: Redriad lived with his family in a very happy home, and moved out with his girlfriend when he was of age. He had made a few enemies and he always had to fight them to keep his family and his girlfriend safe. One day, they knocked him unconscious with dirty trickery and he woke up in a room with his family and girlfriend in shackles. When they asked him whose life to take, he chose his. They killed his family and girlfriend anyway. This pissed him off to the limit and he broke his shackles, and killed his jailers with his bare fists. He found Gungir in their armory and proceeded to use it and train his hardest with it. He did not kill all of the gang though and is determined to kill them and anyone who would put someone like him through the same pain.

I have kidnapped your sanity. You may have it back when I leave.
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