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This topic is to be used as the archive for a roleplay that me and a friend made on GameFAQs, on the RPFF Board, before we decided to move it here because we were tired of the risk of losing the topic. It's not really an RP, it's read-only for you guys. It has already happened, and it cannot be changed. If you want the actual, ongoing RP, that'll be up very soon.

We finished two whole topics, so there's gonna be a full one-hundred pages worth of writing. Since I'll be combing the posts together, it'll be much fewer pages here, but each page will be extra-long. Each POST will be extra-long.

I won't ask you to read all of this unless you really like it and want to join, but we don't want anybody to join out of sympathy. It's just fine with only two authors.

And without further ado... Let the story begin!

WARNING! The base idea for this is pretty fanfictiony, but once you can get past that, you're in for some amazing story.

It has been two and a half years since Zero's death aboard Ragnarok, the massive space cannon made by the insane Dr Weil. Neo Arcadia has been torn down and replaced with a large, true-blue utopia named Innerpeace, with the still mourning Ciel as its leader. The remaining members of the Guardians, namely Sage Harpuia, Fighting Fefnir and Fairy Leviathan, had their bodies recovered and restored. They now serve the populace as their defenders (for the most part. Fefnir is bored as anything right now).

With Zero's demise, however, Dr Ciel feels that there is no one to defend humanity like Zero and X did, should another crisis arise. She has begun development of the Biometals, objects that grant their Chosen One the powers of the heroes of the past. So far, however, there has been no need for them, and peace has reigned supreme. However, shocking news soon rocks the metropolis, news that no one alive could have thought of in their wildest dreams.

X and Zero had returned!

Thinking it was almost too good to be true, Ciel decided to see for herself. When she saw the pair, she immediately had no doubts that her hero and his best friend had returned. This was not the strangest part of this occurrence, however. After much explanation, Zero told the tale of how he and X had been given a choice by an ancient, nameless entity that possessed nearly endless power. It had taken pity on the pair for suffering through so much, and offered for them to return to the human world... as humans.

Zero, at first, had been hesitant. Being reborn as a living being would mean going through another death once more. But, when he remembered seeing Ciel crying her heart out atop that hill, he felt that perhaps his service to humanity was incomplete. At least, for one human in particular. X was impartial to this choice; he had done his duty, and peace had finally returned. However, when his best friend and ally decided to leave, he felt that he could not bear to be separated from him again.

So they had returned, and after a while, Zero discovered Ciel's true feelings for him, that they were deeper than a simple friendship. In a maneuver that not even the good doctor had expected, Zero proposed to the young woman, much to her joy. Without hesitation, she accepted, and this brings us to where peace does not always last...

A day before Zero and Ciel were to be united, a brutal offensive fronted by a large army of Maverick Mechaniloids smashed through the outer wall of Innerpeace, spreading chaos and destruction as they went. With the help of the Legendary Maverick Hunters Zero and X, along with the three remaining Guardians, the invaders were pushed out. Baffled by this sudden and inexplicable outbreak of rouge machines, Ciel went to work attempting to uncover the cause of the attack.

The attacks continued, intensifying in both frequency and destructiveness, and soon they began to force the citizens of Innerpeace further and further inward, leaving the outer layers of the city in fiery ruin. Eventually, Ciel deducted that the massive army was being lead by a Reploid that looked shockingly akin to the former Resistance Leader, Elpizo. This "Copy Elpizo", or Master E as it referred to itself, made a claim to supremacy and announced his plot to craft a world for Reploids and Reploids alone.

After analyzing the programming for Copy X and how it was an extremist version of it's original, Ciel summarized that this Copy Elpizo had no doubt gone through the same programming fault and was now irreversibly insane. He would do whatever it took to eradicate humanity and bring his twisted vision to reality. Directing the full wrath of the Innerpeace army, X (who had reluctantly taken up his position as the Innerpeace ruler) had both Reploid and human solders take up arms to confront this threat. And so began a long and bloody war...

Another two years have gone by. Ciel, to further bolster the power of the Innerpeace Army, revived the lost Guardian Hidden Phantom to assist his fellow warriors. This began to turn the tide of battle tremendously. However, a new and terrifying weapon arose from the ranks of the Maverick hordes. A mix of both biological and mechanical horrors, this new fleshy threat spread like a virus throughout the forces of Innerpeace. With it's touch, Reploids were 'liberated' from the command of X and forced to fight alongside Copy Elpizo, whereas humans were simply consumed, being 'unworthy' of the new paradise to come. This plague has been simply deemed "The Hive."

It is now three and a half years into the conflict. The Innerpeace Army is in shambles, and their opposition is growing daily as they absorb their members into Copy Elpizo's Hive. They have but one option left; Using her research into extraterrestrial travel, Dr Ciel launches a fleet of starships, containing the last remnants of Innerpeace's citizens, into the black void, leaving only behind three small cruisers as their escape route. Hunkering down in the rubble of their home, the heroes prepare to defend themselves against a seemingly unstoppable evil...

Heh... Draco's world. I thought I'd die for sure on Seth. I never thought I'd be able to come here.

A white figure was standing at a window, looking over the planet. He had thick, 21XX-styled leg armor, which strikingly constrasted with his 25XX-styled hair blades shooting from the base of his helmet. "Hey, when are you guys gonna wake up? We're not dead, y'know. I told ya I knew how to fix the Dimensional Drive." His expression was one of amusement. Malicious amusement. Like a kid looking at an ant as he burned it with a magnifying glass.

"...Oh, right. I always forget about reentry. I'd better get back into the capsule 'fore we go to the surface. Disregard what I said, stay in the pods." He hastily climbed into his own, trying to fasten himself in place before they tried landing.

*With a silent whoosh in the black void of space, a medium sized fighter, named Excalibur, jets smoothly from the confines of a dimensional portal, which collapses behind them. Operating the controls smoothly with his co-pilot Falcona, Dracoex notices his ally Nebula staring out at his world*

<*Falcona and Dracoex belong to my friend, SwampertOwns. They are his Original Characters. He tends to point out that their names aren't exactly original in and of themselves, but I think they're just fine. Falcona is psychotic and destructive, with a tendency to spout obscenities. Dracoex is a knightly Reploid with a dignified dimeanor who fights with an actual, physical sword, instead of an energy blade.>
<**Nebula is my OC, and my namesake on this site. And most sites. ...Really, it'd be a waste of time to explain him. Just keep reading, you'll understand him better than I could explain with this little blurb.>
<For a little while, Swampert's half of the posting will be in Script, but it changes to Novel very soon.>

Dracoex: Thank you for that repair job for our portal generator, Nebula. I can say, I was impressed at the speed and quality with which you worked.

Falcona: *sniffs* Heh, still doesn't make up for your lousy piloting skills, Drac. I watched that replay of when you entered that other dimension. Ha! You couldn't put a bomb in the ocean if you tried!

Dracoex: *sighs and shakes head*

*Behind the trio, a pair of Reploids stand; Kyubit Foxstar and a shadowy figure named Wraith. Neither spoke a word, but Kyubit's eyes shone as she beheld her homeworld*

<*Kyubit Foxstar is the Japanese name of Cubit Foxtar, one of the Eight Gentle Judges in Mega Man Zero 3, and a boss fight. She is able to switch between her Combat and Humanoid forms, her Combat form design based on a fox. Her character was originally meant to be modeled after the Nine-Tailed Fox.>
<**Wraith is another of Swampert's OCs. He's quiet, and seems to be able to access Cyber Space, the Reploid equivalent to the afterlife, and the place where computers store their information.>

Nebula turned his head. "Uh, guys? Re-entry? ...Oh, right, I fixed the stabilizers, too. Well, being one of the great Dr. Light's creations, I had to pick up SOME of his skills. Especially since I was mostly a test subject for most of the ideas used for building X." He climbed out of his capsule and looked back out the window. "So, now we head down there? So, are the scanners picking anything up? I wanna know if there're Mavericks outside when we land."

I'm HOPING for a yes...

He ran a scan of his internal systems to see what effect the dimensional jump had on his innards.

[Status: Slightly irregular. Structural integrity is the same as before, but energy has been reduced. All Weapon Copy Data has been sealed to prevent corruption...]

"Crap, I forgot about that... I'll have to start gathering data from enemies when we get down there to rebuild my reportoire of attacks."

[Life Energy is no longer at 32. It had been set to 8...]

"...What the hell!? Oh, come on... Well, at least my Defense is still high."

[Weapons available: Buster Shot Gun(Pistol), Energy Blade(Lv1)
Abilities: Dash, Wall Jump, Scan(Lv2)
Atk: * (Attacks will barely do anything)
LE: [||||||||] (8 Units, basic)
Def: *** (Damage is cut by 1/4)

Elem.Def: 0
Weakness: All Elemental attacks

WEAPON COPY SYSTEM is operational.]

<*Nebula uses the Weapon Copy System, which lets him scan weapons and attacks and have his own weapons take on their qualities.>

"Aaaargh... I guess more of my ability came from the WCS than I thought. Hey, Dracoex, let's have a little sparring match! I need to get back in the zone so we can thrash the Mavericks down there!"

Falcona: Lemme see... nope, space is clear of Mavericks. *kicks back* Now for the boring part; waiting.

Dracoex: Hm? Oh, might as well. Right this way, Nebula. I'll inform you on our situation as we walk.

Nebula generated his Saber and sprinted to the Holodeck, gesturing for Dracoex to follow. "Let's see... terrain... Ruined Central Highway looks good to me." He tapped a few keys on the panel next to the doorway, then stepped through the door.
*As the holographic scene began to generate, Darcoex rolled his shoulders, bounced on his heels a bit, and unsheathed his sword*

Dracoex: I take it you are ready? *strikes combat pose*

He ignited his weapon, standing with both feet together, blade pointed at Dracoex. "Let's see how well you fight on a crumbling highway." He dashed at his opponent, stopping short at the last second and sliding onto his back. He kicked up, aiming for Dracoex's chin.

The first time we fought, he beat me pretty badly... but this time, I haven't been recently pulled through a timegate and buried in sand for an hour. It should go a little better this time...

Nebula's attack caught Dracoex off guard and connected. With a slight gasp, Dracoex staggered slightly from the blow before whipping his sword around him in a wide, 180 degree arc to clear his space. Backflipping, he then activated his Wyrm's Flight and shot upward, preparing to dive bomb on his opponent.

"You have improved since last we crossed blades, Nebula, although that is only expected. However, do not expect me to hold back!"

His hover canceled, Dracoex dove downward, sword out in front, aiming for Nebula.

He almost tried to catch the blade as it came towards him. Too late, he remembered about his reduced capabilities. He dove out of the way, but still managed to get his back cut open. He ignored the pain from the wound and flipped around. He switched out his Saber for the Buster, aiming three shots ahead of Dracoex, trying to lead him.

One of the shots connects with Dracoex's arm, summoning small sparks as his shields attempt to deflect the attack. With a grunt, he activates his Scale Shield and deflects the remaining projectiles, causing them to dissipate harmlessly. Whipping his Dragon Maw Sword around, he charges up the built in buster and fires off a level 2 charge shot directly at Nebula.

Nebula jumped over the shot, firing one of his own (same charge level) before dropping below and aiming several more shots.

I can't really charge above Level 2 with this Buster, and the Saber is nothing special... Oh, right!

[Scanning... copying data on "Dragon's Maw" Saber. Saber has gained the ability to combo.]

[Saber: **]

Swiftly ducking under the shot, Dracoex's firewall systems flashed a warning across his field of vision, blinking in the self same crimson that accompanied a danger message.

So, he now copies my weapons? I do wonder why he never did during our endeavors in his world...

Alert to his comrade's new edge, Dracoex held his sword before his chest and closed his eyes, awaiting another assault from Nebula before he retaliated.

Nebula kneeled on the ground, waiting for Dracoex to strike.

I can't hit him with the Saber if he's too far away, and the Buster's too weak and innacurate to hit him consistantly. I've hardly scratched him, and he's already hurt me pretty bad...

[|||||'''] LE: 5/8

Dracoex opened his left eye and noticed that Nebula had seen his plan to counter.

"It seems that you saw through my strategy... very well. I will not kill you, Nebula. But until that point, I will not hold back! Hidden Light Blade!"

Glowing white, Dracoex disappeared., leaving a white vapor in his wake. With incredible speed, several flashes slashed into Nebula, a few missing, but most making contact. As he reappeared behind his opponent, Dracoex knelt and panted as he recovered from the attack.

Nebula fell forward, slamming face-first into the holo-pavement. Didn't... see it coming... I'd better keep in mind... that he has an attack like that. "...I won't get hit so easily next time." He pulled himself to his feet as the highway flickered out around him. "Good match. Thanks for the warm-up, Dracoex. I'll head back to my capsule and heal up. After that, we should land." As he walked away, he smirked.

[Successfully copied "Hidden Light Blade". Saber can now combo faster.]

Niiiice. Thanks for showing off that attack. He staggered a little, but otherwise managed to get back to his capsule without any incident. He stood in the machine, letting it repair his various slash wounds and restore his Life Energy.

[||||||||] LE: Back to full! ^_^

He climbed out. "Let's get down to the surface. Who knows what's happened since you guys left?"

Dracoex stood up and nodded as Nebula lead the way, rubbed his head and walked into the cockpit of the ship, sheathing his sword has he trod. As he entered, he noticed Falcona hunched over the sensor array, peering intently as she tried to sort something out.

"Falcona, what's the situation?"

Looking over, Falcona's crystal pink eyes seemed full of fury as she gestured to something on the main screen. A swarm of small craft ascended from the planet's surface, holding a loose V formation.

"I ran a scan, and those ain't Innerpeace craft. Maverick drone fighters would be my guess, and they ain't looking too damn friendly."

<*Innerpeace is the city where Humans and Reploids live in harmony, governed by Mega Man X.>
<**Mavericks are Reploids who have turned against humanity, and have become violent.>

Frowning, Dracoex took his seat and punched in commands for the Excalibur to initiate evasive maneuvers and prime the weapons systems. "Nebula, do you know how to fight in space combat?"

"...To be honest, I'm not the best at this. I'm better off fighting Reploid-to-Reploid, or even Reploid-to-Maverick Army than with turrets and all... If I had all my data, I could climb onto the outer hull and send a Kougenjin big enough and long-enough-ranged that it would cut down half of 'em. I'll probably just get in your way if I'm operating any guns."

"Hm... if that's the case, just secure yourself and hold on. Something tells me this will not be a smooth re-entry." As he said this, Dracoex slipped into the piloting seat and grabbed the control grips. Wraith and Kyubit ran off to operate two of the beam turrets, and Dracoex gestured for Falcona to follow. Crossing her arms, the ill-tempered Reploid sniffed and said one word.


"Now's not the time for this, Falcona!"

"No, I ain't leaving you to pilot this ship! Before, it was simple, mindless meteors that nearly smashed us; what do you thing you can pull against somethin' actually trying to kill us, huh? I'm staying right here!"

This prompted Dracoex to hang and shake his head, moaning something about 'being stuck with the most stubborn Reploid in existence' before he returned his attention to their attackers.

I dunno how he pilots... but Dracoex doesn't seem to be the most competant, from what I hear... For all our sakes, I hope he doesn't suck TOO badly. Nebula secured himself in his capsule.

Jamming the throttle forward, the Excalibur shot forward at Dracoex's behest, and the rate of acceleration elicted a string of explicitives from Falcona at his side.

"What in the name of mother f***ing s*** are you trying to pull?! This isn't some jousting match, you idiot!"

"I'm going to try and pierce their ranks. If we can get close enough to the surface, the Innerpeace anti-air grid can eliminate our assaulters.

Falcona facepalmed at this statement and, as a laser from one of the enemy ships caused an explosion near the port wing, she had a verbal explosion.

"WHAT?! Dracoex, you are putting our lives on the line, relying on months-old info?! And I thought that I was supposed to be the thickheaded one!"

Before Dracoex could respond, a huge explosion is heard aft, and warning signals blare; the engines are gone.

"Screw this f***ed up mess! Gimme those controls!" Falcona shouted as she threw Dracoex from her seat and took the wheel. The Excalibur, accelerating uncontrollably into the atmosphere, is still being pursued by it's Maverick done foes as it plows through layer after layer of clouds. As the group hangs on for dear life, Dracoex (still smarting from being shoved) tries to raise the Innerpeace HQ.

"Come in, Innerpeace! This is Dracoex! We've returned and are under heavy assault from space borne Mavericks! Requesting assistance ASAP! X, Zero, Ciel! Does anyone read me, over?"

"Uh... Dracoex? I don't think anyone is coming to help us anytime soon..."

Falcona shakily pointed at the main monitor, which showed all of Innerpeace in flames. All around it, airborne Mavericks flew in patrols, firing at anything that moved. Below, swarms of Hive-infested Reploids prowled, hunting their former brethren.

Dracoex was utterly silent, and Falcona barely managed to live up to her reputation as she subconsciously fought with the controls.

"We are in some serious s***."

Innerpeace is in flames...? *!* "I have an idea!" He got out of his capsule and scrambled to a turret, pulling out a small chip. This is the chip I got by scanning Sage Harpuia in my own universe. It's a good thing it's a physical object, and not just WCS data. He slid it into a slot on the controls, setting the turret up to wreak electrical mayhem.

<*Sage Harpuia is one of the Four X-Guardians in Neo Arcadia, and the General of the Rekku Army. He is a little on the short side, and has an effeminate voice. Harpuia can fly, uses his twin Sonic Sabers, and can use electrical attacks.>

[System: Nebula's Elem.Def has been altered!]
[Elem.Def: Weakness is now Ice. Normal damage is taken from Fire and Lightning.]

"Guys! My idea is a little crazy, but it should work. We can either try to put out the fire with electricity and hope they can get the Anti-Aircraft Guns working, or we can do the smart thing and paralyze these Maverick ships and sweep right past them!"

Falcona looked at Nebula as if he had some screws loose, but then shook her head. "Heck, who am I to call someone else crazy? Alright Neb, hope this works, cuz I have got barely any control over this bird."

Rolling her shoulders, the black Reploid gave the control yoke a large yank and forced the Excalibur to level out slightly.

"Either we land in a smoking, blazing heap, or die trying... hah, not the most heroic way of entering, but looks like we don't have a damn choice right now. Nebula, we're just gonna blaze past 'em, cuz I really doubt anyone down there capable of fighting is on our side."

With a sonic boom, the ship shuddered and rumbled as it hit the dense lower atmosphere, loosing large chunks of armor to both heat and it's persistent pursuers. Within minutes, the Excalibur was streaking over the flaming ruins of Innerpeace, blasting towards the airborne Maverick patrols at breakneck speed.

"Alright, I'll head over to see what I can do to keep us from falling apart!"

Dracoex clipped himself into the control for the turret. Activating with a whir, the beam weapon crackled with electricity and spewed out lightning bolt after lighting bolt upon the approaching Mavericks. Each one touched by the powerful attack immediately shorted out and plummeted into the burning city, charred black by the high voltage beam. However, even though the skies were mostly clear of hostiles, the ground forces below fired in rage at the ship as it roared overhead, launching blasts of energy upwards at them.

Most of the fired shots cleanly missed, but a few well placed ones manage to clip the Excalibur as it flew over, continually loosing altitude. From the pilot's seat, Falcona kept up a string of swear words as she attempted to get her dying bird to dodge the incoming fire and keep it aloft. "Dammit! This is SO not my idea of a homecoming!"

Another explosion resounded from the main hatch and footsteps followed as what sounded like Fire Variants boarded the ship. Dracoex called out as he fired off another electrical volley "Nebula! Would you kindly take care of our visitors for us?"

As he grinned at the prospect of being able to fight, his eyes changed a little. "Absolutely." He dashed over to where they were coming from. "...Hiya. I don't suppose I'll have much resistance from the likes of you, but what the hell."

[Scanning... Scan complete. Obtained "Fire Chip 0.5" "V.Fire Cannon" "V.Missile Cannon" "V.Fencer Lance" and "V.Claw"]
[Elem.Def: Resistant to Fire, Weak to Ice.]
[Saber: **]
[Buster: **]
[Can now use Energy Claw weapon.]
[Recalled EX SKill Kougenjin!]
[Can now use both Fire and Lightning Elements!]

He ignited his Saber and charged straight into the group, cutting everything apart with swift strikes, all directed at weak spots.

Even if my power is diminished, my skills remain as advanced as ever.

In a matter of seconds, there was hardly anything left. "Variants are so weak... And they ARE outdated by now. Why aren't there any Galleon Hunters storming us?" He called Dracoex on his Commlink as he switched to his Buster and shot down the remaining few.

<*Variants are the minor enemies in Mega Man Zero 4. Galleons are the basic enemies in Mega Man ZX, the sequel series.>

"'Hey, I've cleared most of them out. They're all outdated Variants. In this world, have they not invented the Galleon series yet? Or are they strays from Wiel's era? Something about this isn't right. As far as I know, in my world, all Variant and Pantheon Units were scrapped. Do you have an explanation for this? Or is it safe to assume some kind of plot?'" He shot down the last one and holstered his weapon.

<*Pantheons are mass-produced, weak, deformed copies of mega Man X. They are the default peons in Mega Man Zero 1, 2, and 3.>

Over Nebula's comlink, Dracoex sounded incredulous as he responded. "Variants? Here? I honestly have no idea why the regular Galleons weren't our boarders..."

Another explosion cut Dracoex off for a second, and following a blast from his turret, he continued. "I hope that X or Ciel can explain when, or if, we find them. Regardless, it seems our flight is about to end shortly. You may wish to return to the cockpit and secure yourself for the inevitable crash landing."

"'Roger that.'" He took one last look, trying to figure out what was wrong... then he turned and dashed back to the cockpit. "Okay, let's make the best of this wreck." He kneeled and magnetically locked himself in place.

Trailing flames and smoke, the sad remains of the Excalibur fall beneath the 200 ft line, barely avoiding what buildings still stand. Miraculously, Falcona kept the ship on a somewhat level flight till Draceox, Wraith, Kyubit and Nebula managed to lock themselves in position.

"Alright gang, we're going in and going in hot, no two ways about it. At our current velocity and rate of decent, I think we'll land within a mile radius of what's left of the HQ. If anybody in this **** hole is still alive, they'll be there."

The ship suddenly lurched and the sound of metal tearing screamed in the air; the entire starboard wing was torn clean off, sending the ship into a spin. His voice surprisingly calm, Dracoex called out above the screeching racket. "We may have to jump ship, Falcona! I doubt this will survive an impact landing at THIS speed!"

At this, Wraith silently grasped Kyubit's hand and started to phase into the Cyber World, bringing her to safety. Falcona, meanwhile, grabbed Dracoex and held out her other hand to Nebula.

"For once, Dracoex is right: this ship ain't worth a single E-Crystal now! C'mon, I'll fly us outta this crate!"

<*E-Crystal is short for Energy Crystal, the previous source of energy (Replaced by the Ciel System) and now used as currency.>

He sighed. "And she was such a nice ship, too. And my ticket home after peace was restored." He grabbed her hand, releasing his magnetic lock. "I wonder how well built you guys are... Can you survive this? I figure, I may be able to, but I'm not exactly in-the-know when it comes to this dimension. So, until a certain, very recent point, this world was the same as mine? Minus the existance of myself, Duon, and the screwed-up version of events accompanying our existance, of course."

<*Duon is one of the few Reploids Nebula had actually considered a friend back in his home world.>
<**This refers to Nebula's appearance during an RP in Mega Man Zero 3, wherin he and Duon appeared and wrecked the original storyline with their antics, culminating in blowing a hole in space-time and being thrown into the future... which was another RP.>

Falcona grabbed Nebula and ignited her jetpack, shooting out into the air above the burning metropolis. As they did so, the Excalibur exploded in a fiery sphere of red hot steel, scorching the ground below. Dracoex winced as his prized ship burst asunder, but looked away. We can always rebuild it... well, if we get out of this endeavor alive, that is.

With a whoosh, Falcona landed in a ruined building, setting down her passengers not all to gently as she killed her jets. Beside them, Wraith rematerialized from a black vortex, Kyubit alongside him. Dracoex stood and drew his sword. "Well, this is a cheery welcome home."

"Damn straight. But we need to move, before our welcomers get too friendly." Falcona points to the army of Hive infested Reploids advancing on their position. Dracoex frowned, and he walked to get a closer look at them. While he did so, a small, long, green creature crept up behind Nebula, extending a tentacle to his leg...

...And promptly found itself severed. "What, exactly... IS that? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is the Hive you've talked about. Well, just tell me when to start the fireworks. Minus the fire. More of a lightshow, really."

Dracoex wheeled around and starred at the escaping creature, eyes wide from shock at what Nebula had just avoided. "That was a Hive creature! You had better be thankful it did not actually touch you, lest you become like them." he said, pointing to the horde of infected Reploids.

"As for your fireworks, you and Falcona can handle them if you so wish. I on the other hand must find the others. M'lady Kyubit, I suggest you follow me. Wraith, you don't need me to tell you what next."

Wraith nodded and once more dissipated into a black vortex that vanished from sight, while Kyubit morphed into her battle form and began to generate flames in preparation for combat. Falcona's eyes sparkled at the prospect of a brawl, and she called up her Wide Buster and shoulder cannons. "So Neb, you like a good fight, huh? Well, so do I, but what I DON'T like is someone taking all my kills. Don't you f***ing dare get in my way."

Nebula rolled his eyes. "I'll do what I want." He turned towards a group to the left, where some of the rubble from the ship had landed. "...Target acquired." He charged in, firing his Buster with pinpoint accuracy, killing off anything within range. He stopped over what looked like a ruined turret.

"Ah, here it is." He reached in and retrieved the Lightning Chip from earlier. "I'm glad it survived that crash." He equipped it and began to go ballistic with his attacks. He stopped trying to be careful and started wailing in everything in sight.

Falcona's eyes went wide, then she death-glared at Nebula before shooting skyward and raining missiles and buster shots on the horde of infested Reploids and Mavericks. Greedy hog, and after I went and pulled his sorry ass from a certain death! Hmph.

Five miles away, Dracoex's position.

Leaping from cover to cover, Dracoex slowly made his way towards the location of the Innerpeace HQ, Kyubit right behind him.

"Dracoex, stop! Over there, beyond that large rubbish pile... no, no, not that one! The BIGGER one! There!"

By the smouldering heap, a large, four legged purple/crimson machine walked, it's massive body bristling with both weapons and signs of Hive infection. With each step, the ground shuddered and small craters formed, it's claw like feet digging into the blackened earth.

"A Reaver... this isn't good. We can't take that thing alone, but we can't just leave it here, either."

"Dracoex, are you mad?! Just one Reaver can level a small city, let alone two Reploids! Plus, this one is Hived; we need to just avoid it."

Dracoex's eyes narrowed as he watched the behemoth trundle across the ruined city, firing intermediate blasts of flame at anything that moved. "That is not the problem, Kyubit. That thing is searching for our friends. We cannot let it be successful!"

One mile away from Dracoex, the Innerpeace HQ remains.

The Innerpeace HQ was, by far, the strongest structure in all of the metropolis. Made to withstand a near miss from a ten thousand gigaton nuclear blast, it was the best stronghold for the tattered remains of the Innerpeace Army. It also made it very obvious where their enemies had to look to find them.

Looking out of the building's window, a young human female lowered her binoculars upon seeing a Reaver approaching and ran to another room. Upon entering, the woman was saluted by numerous Reploid and human solders, all of them bearing the Innerpeace emblem. She nodded to them as she walked briskly past, fingering a small item in her coat pocket nervously. So, it looks like this is it. They've stopped combing the outskirts and are now headed our way...

One elevator ride later, the woman keyed in a code to her laboratory, opening the blast proof door. Inside, she removed the object and placed it in what looked like a recharge port. "Get what energy you can, Model C. We will be needing it soon."

Footsteps outside of the room caught her attention, and as she turned around, a red armored, long haired figure entered the room. He clutched his left arm and winced in pain, the cause of his agony hidden under his hand.

"Mmg... Ciel, I could use some help with this."

Ciel gasped and had the man lay down on a padded table. Pulling away his hand and armor, she uncovered a large hole that pierced his bone and several arteries. "Zero, how did this happen?!"

As Ciel mended his arm, Zero painfully recounted his short tale. "Was patroling outside... heard something around the corner... was too slow... damn Galleon stabbed me a good one. Ahh!"

Zero shouted as his friend worked on his injury, pain surging through him. "Oh, I'm sorry!"

Rolling his shoulder, Zero gave her a wan smile. "It's not your fault I was stupid, Ciel. Besides, nothing some flash-cloning can't fix."

Ciel nodded, obviously still upset over the blonde haired warrior's distress. Standing up, Zero put a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, Ciel. We'll find a way. We're the good guys, right? Justice will prevail and all that?"

With his good arm, Zero gave Ciel a reassuring embrace before walking off. Sighing, Ciel hung her head, depressed. "True... but not everyone lives to see the end if it."

Nebula stopped for a second. He dashed out of the group of enemies. "Falcona! You can take these guys, right?! I detected something near Dracoex and Foxstar! I'm gonna help 'em out!" He cut up a few enemies to clear a path out and hurried over to Dracoex's location.

Nebula appeared behind the twosome. He whispered, noticing the stealthiness of the situation. "Hey, you guys. This guy looks pretty tough... But I have a feeling that we could handle him. I refuse to believe in an enemy that I can't beat, even if I need a little help. Now for Nebula's Glorious Victory Method..."

[Scanning... Identified as a machine controlled by a parasitic organism. Tagged as "Hive". Weapon data is unreachable.]

"Crap, my WCS isn't working on these Hive guys. I'll have to fix that when we get a break. Do you guys think we can take 'im?"

Dracoex jumped slightly at Nebula's unannounced arrival, but quickly informed him of their situation. "I do believe that, with you here, we can defeat this monstrosity. But we must be cautious; Reavers are machines made for mass destruction. Here, let me give you a data file..."

Unit type: Mobile Heavy Weapons Platform
Height: 200 ft.
Length: 235 ft.
Armament: Sixteen Heavy Auto Turrets, Eight Plasma Beam Emitters, Four Flamethrower Pods, Two Lower Fuselage Mounted Arms w/ Chainsaw Blades (barrier removal, can be used as anti infantry weapons)
Armor: 3 ft thick Duratanium.

"It is slow, but one blast from it's cannons will leave nothing. Those chainsaws are particularly nasty, so try to avoid those if you can. Now, for a plan of action..."

"...Should we aim to rip out the core? Disable its weapons?"
Something about this machine just pisses me off... When I'm done, there won't be much left.

Dracoex shook his head. "The core is deep inside, and in order to 'disable' it, we would have to slice through 3 foot thick Duratanium armor, hack through Lord knows how many cables, and somehow remove or destroy the core without triggering a nuclear explosion. For the weapons... it's possible, but it's risky. Maybe if we weaken it enough, I can have Wraith make an attempt at possessing it... alright, I guess that should work."

Raising his sword, Dracoex let loose a battle cry and leaped forward, dodging and reflecting incoming chain gun fire. Kyubit transformed into five large flames and flew around, attempting to distract the behemoth with her heat signature.

Boss: Reaver

LE: [ I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ]

"Right, let's GO!" He leapt into the air and started charging his Buster. As he came down, he fired the shot, using his own momentum to increase damage. He had been slowed down by his action, and now switched out for the Saber. He fell next to it and started weaving between the oncoming weapons, slashing up anything that came near. It's a good thing I copied his Hidden Light Blade, or my Saber would be too slow for this.

Jumping and slashing with power only a Reploid could achieve, Dracoex gouged and tore at the Reaver's sturdy armor covering it's legs, causing the massive behemoth distress as it was unable to keep up with his sheer speed. Clambering up one of it's massive legs, the emerald Reploid leaped onto the top of it's body, where he began slicing the chain gun mounts, causing explosions and dealing damage to the Reaver. Reforming, Kyubit began to cast flame orb after flame orb at the Reaver's 'head', further blinding it and causing it to lash out mindlessly.


It's left front leg connected with the female Reploid as it flailed around, knocking her a solid distance away and causing serious damage. As she landed with a crunch, Dracoex took notice of her plight and, without a moment's hesitation, jumped down and blocked a plasma beam aimed for her with his Scale Shield. However, the attack punctured the defensive wall and slammed into Dracoex, blackening his armor and knocking him back several meters.

"Grr... we cannot keep this endeavor up forever, and time is running out!"


LE: [ IIIIII''''''''']


"Well, if I still had all my weapons, I could blast it to nothing in seconds... Alright, time to get serious with this one." Nebula scampered away from the behemoth Reaver, then took position. "This technique sucks up some of my Life Energy, so I don't like using it. Y'know, I have several LE-using attacks. This one isn't really mine. I'll just borrow it for a sec to cut this guy down..." He charged for a second, then held out his Saber. He charged at the Reaver once more, only his blade had changed to pure white. He jumped and slashed at it. For a second, it looked like the blade had extended be long enough to cut right through.

Nebula landed on the other side and kneeled. "...Zantetsuken."

Nebula's LE: [|||] [3] >_O

"Crap, it sucked up more than half my life... You see why I don't use attacks like this so oft-" He was interrupted by an explosion where he had hit the Reaver.


"I... forgot how strong that attack was. That just goes to show how long it's been since I've used it..."

Reeling and shrieking with agony, the Reaver slammed it's clawed feet into the ground with fury. It attempted to fire, but the damage Nebula had dealt to it had severely disoriented it, and all of it's projectiles missed their marks by a wide margin.

With a flip of his arm, Dracoex tossed a full Subtank to Nebula, while using another on Foxstar. As she recovered, Dracoex looked over at his white armored friend. "Most impressive, Nebula. Take a rest, that must have dealt you much in recoil. Allow me to deliver the coup de grace, if you would. Oh, and feel free to copy this."

<*A Subtank (Sub-Tank) is a canister of healing energy. It is re-usable, capable of being recharged, and can contain up to 30 units of Life Energy.>

Sheathing his blade, Dracoex pulled a few mock punches and bounced on his heels, a slight aura surrounding him.

*Insert time freeze*

"Prove your honor to me."

"Make no mistake, my master, I will!"

*End time freeze*

Then, one leg poised to launch him forward, he shouted out "Rush Assault!" and shot forward. His fists, upon making contact with the Reaver, caused small explosions and ravaged the underbelly of the monstrosity. With lightning speed, he dashed, launched a flurry of punches, a triple kick combo, and eventually finished with a ten yard dash that sent him flying towards the Reaver's head, fists first.


With a explosion, Dracoex slammed into the Reaver's head and flipped over it, landing on one hand and both knees behind it as the behemoth began to waiver. Raising his voice, Dracoex called out "Wraith, NOW!"

Suddenly, Wraith's vortex began to swirl around the Reaver's body, ripping the fleshy Hive parasite out and choking it to death simultaneously. As it did, the once hostile Reaver identified both Dracoex and Foxstar as allies and ceased it's assault.

Standing up as Wraith reformed beside him, Dracoex dusted himself off and nodded to Nebula. "A fight well played, my friend."

[Unknown technique copied. It cannot be used without a further understanding of how it works. Too bad your scanner is level 1 ;P]

"Bah... Well, yeah. Thanks." He used the Subtank and handed it to Foxstar. "It should have 25 Units left, if it was full when I used it."

[Scanning "Reaver". Copying all weaponry data. "Reaver Claws" "Reaver Chainsaw" "Reaver Missiles" "Reaver Cannon"...etc.]

Saber: *** (Power increased)
Buster: *** (Can now charge up three levels, Power increased, Rapid increased)
Claw: ** (Can now take parts from enemies)

"...Well, we killed it. I feel a little better. Especially since I went all overkill on it... Well, we should hurry up and find whoever's left. I'm picking up a group of reploids and humans... Two of which have unusual energy levels. I assume that's X and Zero. They're in a heavily armored building southeast of our current position." He cracked his knuckles and equipped his new-ish Claws before pointing in the direction he had mentioned.

Dracoex nodded and began to walk off as Nebula, Wraith and Kyubit (in her human form and still limping) followed. As they did so, Dracoex gave Falcona a call on their commlink. "Falcona, are you finished with your task?"

"Yeah, and what does Mr. Psychotic do? Goes and leaves the only person behind who managed to save his f***ing ass from that..."

With a panicked expression, Dracoex covered his commlink's speaker so Nebula wouldn't hear the profanity laced string of insults that a very PO'd Falcona was lancing in his direction. When he was sure she had finished, he spoke in a stern voice to respond. "You had better watch it. Nebula has been most helpful and selfless in his offer to assist us. He may even be the one who turns this war around! Anyway, get over to our position ASAP. We're heading to the HQ due south from your positioning."

One hour of walking later, outside the HQ...

Several solders, patrolling the outside of the Innerpeace HQ, spotted five Reploids approaching in the sunset, their silhouettes dramatically outlined as they walked forward. Without hesitation, the Innerpeace Army solders lowered their rifles and shouted out "This is the Innerpeace Army! Identify yourselves or be destroyed!"

Nebula stood back and let Dracoex handle it. They should know him. Me? They'd be right to be suspicious... I look like a Maverick.

He turned to Falcona. "Sorry 'bout leaving you back there. I figured you'd rather have them all to yourself. I only killed about fifty. If you needed help, why didn't you say so? Make up your mind about whether or not you can handle fights like these alone." Yeeeeaaaah, I'm probably not sounding any better. I can almost feel her malice... "...Tell ya what. You can handle the next fight yourself, no interference. I'll kill something else instead. Fair enough?"

Falcona glared fiercely at Nebula before responding. "It's not ME that needs to learn how to make up their mind... but fine."

Huffing, the ill-tempered Reploid crossed her arms and walked off to join Dracoex. Kyubit couldn't help but giggle a little at her smug, senseless arrogance. "She can be rather hot-headed, but she's a good 'Loid under it all... for the most part, that is."

"Oh! Mr. Dracoex! You've returned!" The emerald Reploid winced at the rather unsuitable title he had bestowed upon him, but managed to not tell them to knock it off.

"Yes, my friends and allies, we have returned. However, we have no time for formalities; we must see Dr. Ciel at once."

One of the solders, a human with an insignia that read Pvt. Neart, gestured with a suspicious face towards Nebula. "We know you four, but that guy? I've never seen 'im around 'ere."

"He is both the reason we must see Ciel and a possible turning point for this whole conflict. His name is Nebula, and he is a most powerful Reploid. I assure you though, my good human, that he means you no harm."

Neart merely shrugged. "A'right, I wasn't distrustin' ya, Dracoex. I'll take ya word for it."

With that, he opened the door to the Innerpeace HQ and resumed his patrolling. Without hesitation, Draceox, Wraith and Falcona all walked inside. Foxstar took a brief moment and looked at the outside of the huge compound, sighed and followed. "Regardless of where you've been or what you've done, there's no place like home."

Nebula shook his head. "I knew I looked suspicious... Well, let's hope nobody died while you were gone."

Inside of the base, the group found a depressing sight; human solders, laying around on makeshift beds, littered the floor. Some were injured, others dying, none in fighting condition. Carefully making their way past the sick, Dracoex led his group to another room, this one not so much a doom herald as the last one. In the room, a blue armored human sat, looking at a holomap of what remained of Innerpeace, his face one of worry.

"I don't know why they have been content to just sit there, basically ignoring us, but..."

Upon the sound of footsteps, the figure turned around and his eyes went wide as he registered who it was. "Dracoex...?"

The emerald Reploid nodded and smiled. "It is indeed good to see you again, X."

<*Mega Man X is the hero of the X Series, the ultimate creation of Dr. Thomas Light. In Mega Man Canon, he's been destroyed by now. In this RP, he has returned and become a human.>

X's face was one on disbelieving relief, and he barely managed to find words to fit his feelings. "Dracoex, it is so good to see you all as well! We've been hoping for your return! ...Who is this?" With a confused face, X nodded towards Nebula, eying the Reploid like he was something he was struggling to remember, but just couldn't.

Nebula, practically reading X's mind, thought about the fact that this wasn't the X from his dimension, and thus had no relation to him. "I'm Nebula. I'm a combat Reploid from another dimension. Dracoex brought me." He can't remember me. I never existed before here. Well, unless he recognizes that I'm one of Light's machines. "...I'm here to help out," He added.

<*Nebula was originally a prototype for X, back in his home dimension. Technically, this makes them brothers. Here, however, he is just a Reploid who came from another world to help them fight.>

Holding his chin, X looked Nebula over thoughtfully. "...I don't think I need to introduce myself. I can tell you're one of Light's creations. I know my crafter's handiwork when I see it. You're from another dimension, right? Anyway, I'm glad you're here to help out. The situation..."

Well, isn't he a sharp one. I'd say he's a Mind Reader, but I'm not that dumb. We just think alike. "Well, I wouldn't have risked my life and come here just to sit around and watch you guys fight. I'm ready for my mission anytime."

Here, X shook his head and gestured all around him. "You've seen it. The destruction, the pain, the death... it's the Elf Wars all over again. As a result, I'd appreciate any help you could lend us."

From the back room behind them, Ciel hurried busily in, her face in a notepad she was constantly scribbling on. She walked right into Wraith without seeing him, shattering the near silent mood. "Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't see-... Wraith...? Dracoex? Foxstar and Falcona?"

Ciel blinked several times, her mouth forming a small 'o', before she could find her words again. "You... you've come back. How? When?"

Dracoex sighed. "It's a long story. I'd think you'd best sit down..."

<*Dr. Ciel was the teenage girl who assisted Zero in the Zero Series, and ran the Resistance one-eighth of the time. The other eighth of the time, it was Elpizo. By now, she has grown to adulthood.>

One long story later...

"...and that, as they say, is what leaves us here. All in all, I am most surprised that we all made it out of that ordeal alive."

Ciel nodded and frowned, her brow furrowed as she thought deeply. "Hm... a most interesting tale. But it doesn't do much for our situation, save for Nebula over there joining us. But your return DOES open up some more options for us in our little war."

Dracoex and Wraith exchanged looks before returning their attention to the young doctor. "You see, we've suffered major casualties in this fight. Both Reploid and human are being taken from us by that Hive creation, and I'm still trying to find an antidote for it's parasitic effects. I do have reason to believe that a Hive nexus is located here..." She points to a large building in the center of Area O on the holomap.

"...and that Hive infection forms are created here. If my data is correct, and I am very sure it is, there is a collection of terminals that hold data on exactly the Hive works. If we can obtain it, I can not only create a antidote, but a weapon to target and destroy Hive infection. We would have taken it by now, but..."

X continued as Ciel faltered, too saddened by whatever she was going to say to continue. "Leviathan has been taken by the Hive. She did it to save Harpuia, but... he's gone mad with grief. He's locked himself up in his repair pod, and he hasn't come back out. Fefnir is too busy with the defenses, as is Phantom. I have to lead our forces here, and Zero was recently wounded badly. We've had no one who can do it, until you all returned."

<*Fairy Leviathan is the only female X-Guardian, wielder of Ice, and commander of the Meikai Army. She uses a halberd. Fighting Fefnir is the boisterous and bulky Fire-user, hefting around twin fire cannons Sodom and Gomorrah. He leads the Jin'en Army. Hidden Phantom is the quiet ninja, fighting from the shadows with shuriken and kunai, and sometimes a katana. He is in charge of the Zan'ei Army.>

Dracoex looked at his team, Foxstar and Nebula. One by one, they each nodded. Smiling, Dracoex put a hand on Ciel's shoulder. "Don't you worry your little head, Ciel. We will find the data, and will liberate our brethren from this curse."

Nebula seemed extra-determined. "...AND I'll save Leviathan. I'd feel bad about leaving her to rot, especially since... well..." ...Duon has a crush on her... "...She's Harpuia's sister, and I respect him. Tell me when to go. First, though..."

[Scanning... Located "Zero". Copying "Z-Saber", "Z-Knuckle", "Chain Rod", "Triple Rod", and "Recoil Rod".]

"...There. Since I was spaced out during Dracoex's explanation, did he tell you about my Copy System? I figure it would help if you knew. Oh! I forgot... Ciel, can I borrow your lab for just a second? I need to update my Scan function. As-is, it doesn't really work on the Hive."

Ciel looked at Nebula with a renewed curiosity as she led him to the her laboratory. "Of... course... a Weapon Copy System... most ingenious. Light really was a master at mechanics and robotics. Perhaps you could show me how it works as you work on yourself?"

"Sure. See, it locates and identifies weapons, then it reverse-engineers them and uses the principle behind each new weapon to upgrade my own, or generate copies of existing weapons. For example, I could pull out a Z-Saber right now, but it isn't as powerful as my current Saber. Of course, the system can't do its job if my Scan doesn't work on the weapon in question. Also, some weapons are just too different to be compatible." He raised a hand to his face an turned away, "Now, the Scanner is behind my eye somewhere, so I have to remove it to reach it and work on it."

After a few minutes, he was all set. "...So, it's an incredibly exploitable system. Even if two weapons operate on the same principle, and thus I wouldn't gain anything from copying them both, I STILL get a power-up. Weird, right? Dr. Light really was something... of course, I wonder what happened to everything I interacted with in my timeline. I mean, I'm sure that Light tested all the stuff he put into X on SOMETHING, right? So that means either he didn't need a test subject, or there's another 'Me' here. Of course, that doesn't mean the 'Other Me' is the same. If he exists, he's probably just buried in a mountain of rubble somewhere near Light Labs. ...Sorry for boring you with my dimensional paradox theories."

"Boring? Hardly. I enjoy an intellectual discussion like this. It helps take my mind off of this whole disaster. Hm..."

Ciel takes a look at her notepad, where she has written down everything Nebula said regarding the WCS. "If I had the time and materials, I could equip our forces with Copy Systems equal or more efficient than even yours, Nebula. Of course, those are some resources we are sadly short of. Oh, while we're at it, perhaps you would like to scan this?"

The doctor held up a small Biometal, it's olive-green armor shimmering in the lab light.

"This is Biometal Model C, or Craft. Perhaps you know of him?"

"Of course. I disguised myself as him just before getting tangled in the first Wiel Incident with Omega. Sadly, I hadn't counted on the REAL one being there before me and making me reveal myself. Oh well. Oh, and don't bother. The WCS is more complicated than that. I don't know all about it, but it has some really hard-to-get materials in it. It's impossible to mass-produce, to my knowledge. Ironic, no? The system that copies everything is uncopiable. You'd end up with a Variable Tool System, which is what Rock had. I dunno what X had... Maybe the same thing. Or it was his infinite potential. Who knows? I'm saying that, and I'm technically his brother."

"Mm... that is ironic. But I'll take your word for it, Nebula. Perhaps you'd like to copy Model C's weapons? Biometal C, megemerge if you'd please." With a flash, Ciel is engulfed in light and reappears looking just like Craft, only shorter and with a slightly smaller cannon.

"Surprised? This model allows me access to all of Craft's attacks and abilities, including his Exodus. However, it does hold a drawback; it lacks the Overdrive the other models possess. However, I believe that this one holds more potential than the ones with Overdrive. Here, allow me to demonstrate..."

Holding the cannon on her shoulder, Ciel pushed a button on the side that summoned a thickly armored target on the other side of the room, took aim, and fired of a large blue laser that obliterated it in a single shot. However, the attack did not cease. Instead, it intensified and became larger, blowing through the back wall and out across the other side of Innerpeace before it dissipated. Her eyes going wide, Ciel's hand went to her mouth as she uttered a shy and embarrassed "Oops."

Blushing from her mistake, Ciel turned back to the white Reploid. "You see? I didn't expect that to happen, I must say. Perhaps it would be in your best interests to copy it and see what it does. Who knows, you might get a powerful weapon to add to your arsenal."

"I... SUPPOSE... yeah."

[Scanning... "Model C". Copying all weapons.]
[Obtained Laser weapon!]

Saber: **** (Who'd have thought Craft's giant Swiss Army Knife would contibute that much?)
Buster: ***** (Holy crap, this thing is getting WAAAAY too strong... And can now charge five levels)
Claw: ** (Really, it's just the Z-Knuckle)
Chain: * (It's basically the Chain Rod)
Laser: ** (Since it's Craft's, it starts off better)

"...Huh. Well, you should un-merge for now. You might destroy another wall. Thanks for the data, and for letting me upgrade my Scanner. I'll be sure to get all the data I can from the Hive."

"You're right. As if this building hasn't taken enough of a beating. I am glad I could help you out, though.." Ciel demerges and begins to walk out with Nebula, pulling out her notepad once more and jotting down whatever she had in her mind.

"Well, it's getting late, and I need to get some rest, just in case I am needed later. I think Dracoex went to the transceiver room with his team. It's down that hall and to your left on the fourth door." Ciel points down a hallway with blue trim and then walks off, yawning.

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In the Transerver room...

Rouge, a red haired female Reploid, in charge of operating the transceiver itself, rapid fire typed a string of commands into the system, preparing for the mission's start. "As if this wasn't enough... I swear, am I the only Reploid here who knows how to work this thing? I'm running on nearly zero charge here!"

"Oh, quit your b****ing Rouge. Me and my team have gone through a LOT worse, and did we complain?"

Just about everyone in the room thought of pointing out the many, MANY times that Falcona had complained in extremes, but thought better of pushing her temper. "Well, once Nebula arrives from whatever he was doing with Ciel, we can begin the mission briefing and get to work."

"Yeah, and he'd better hurry... *yawn*...I'm this close to shutting down, and I will at this rate!"

Nebula entered the room, pulling a spare 200 E-Crystals out of the Pause Screen Interdimensional Storage Space. "Yo! Hey, Rou- Oh, right, wrong dimension, so you don't know me. Well, if it'll help out any, use these." He threw them to the Operator and generated his new Laser. "...I'm ready to make a full-on assault on a heavily guarded enemy base full of parasitic creatures that take control of Reploids and pump up their power levels to ridiculous levels and turn them into zombies. Bring it the **** on."

"!!!" Rouge barely manages to catch the E-Crystals before they hit her smack in the face. Looking between both her gift and it's sender, she scratched her head as she began to plop some in her mouth. "Huh... think I'd know the guy or something."

After restoring her charge somewhat, Rouge primed the transceiver and gave the Reploids a thumbs up. "Alright, ready for transfer... transfer start!" With a flash, the five warriors vanished from sight, their mission a go. Sighing, Rouge sat back and ran a hand through her hair. "And to think that I was gonna retire after the whole Reploid Oppression thing..."

> > Area O < <

The transfer light faded as Dracoex and his team rematerialized near a large highway, or what remained of it. All around them, nothing moved at all, save for the cliche paper or leaf in the dusk wind. The silence was unnerving, and Dracoex shuffled nervously. "I truly detest missions like this... bad memories I can never forget are all that come from them."

Pushing his thoughts and worries aside, the team leader split the group into two sections. "Falcona and Wraith, you two are the most mobile of all of us. Get airborne, stay cloaked, and keep an eye out for anything that might be a threat. If it moves towards us, take it out, but silently. Are we clear, Falcona?"

The black Reploid rolled her eyes and muttered two words before flying off. "F***ing killjoy." Wraith merely dissipated into a black cloud and floated away, a seemingly harmless patch of smog. As they vanished, Dracoex pointed out a medium sized building, from which issued a dim, sickly tan aura.

"There. Inside resides a Hive nexus, as well as the data Dr Ciel requires. Now, I know this isn't your forte Nebula, but we must remain as silent and stealthy as we can till we get inside.

"Huh, not my style at all, but I can manage for now. Well, once we have the data, I'm gonna fulfill my secondary objective. Let's hurry up." He scanned the terrain and altered his armor color to camouflage himself. "...I did not know I could do that. Well, let's go." He switched the Laser for the Claw to be ready for stealthy, careful killing, rather than wanton destruction. "I swear, if Falcona raises hell 'fore I rescue Leviathan, I'll kill her thrice over..."

Foxstar couldn't help but develop a sinister smile on her face as they approached the building, her eyes alight with fire. Ah, nighttime. So peaceful, so serene, so dark... this is where someone like me can truly shine!

Outside of the compound, soft footsteps could be heard, coming close to the three. Signalling with a wave of his hand, Dracoex had his companions press themselves against a nearby wall and hide in it's shadow. The sounds of the footfalls grew ever louder, then started to recede and fade. With a jerk of his head, Dracoex gestured for them to follow. Ducking and weaving, they attempted to dash towards the structure, when a burst of ice shot by Foxstar's face. Forcing herself not to scream from panic, the female Reploid ducked down and covered herself with her cape, shrouding herself from view.

A pair of high heeled feet entered the moonlight, followed by blue armored legs and a torso. A pair of slender arms, halfway covered with a tan/white fleshy substance, held a halberd forward like a rifle fired at the hip, it's tip still emitting a frosty glow. From the top of the figure's body, a helm of blue metal and covered in flesh shaded a pair of darkened blue eyes, their movements uneasy and twitchy. Glancing around, the infected Fairy Leviathan saw no threats in the area, turned and left, completely silent.

Slowly, Dracoex looked around from the corner where he and Nebula had hidden from the rogue Reploid, while Foxstar glanced out from under her cape. Turning back to his white colored friend, Dracoex gulped. "I think that our mission just became MUCH riskier."

"Are you kidding? All I need to do is incapacitate her and send her back to HQ. We can have them lock her up somewhere until Ciel finishes making that cure. I all need is to exploit her elemental weakne... Crap, it's Fire, and I don't have that element. Well, if we can just knock her out in one hit, she'll have no time to raise an alarm." He shifted. "...We can't just leave her here. ...Alright, how 'bout we gather data, THEN reclaim her on the way out? ...That... sounded kind of screwed up. Well, let's just go past her as silently as we can..."

[Scanning... "Fairy Leviathan"/Hive. Copied "Ice Halberd". Obtained Fairy Ice Chip.]
[Elem.Def: Absorbs Lightning, Nulls Ice. Normal damage from Fire.]
[Saber: ***** (Power increased, Range increased)]

"...Well, let's go." He too off down the highway, making no noise despite his weight and huge legs.

Soon enough, the three Reploids arrived at the Hive nest as an overcast appeared, turning the night pitch black. This proved no obstacle for Dracoex and Foxstar, however. They merely switched to night vision, casting their world in a eerie green. "Well, here we are... and it seems that our infected friend has preceded us."

Dracoex pointed ahead, showing Leviathan entering the complex. As soon as she closed the door behind her, the group moved up and pressed against the wall for stealth, inching towards the doorway. Reaching over, Foxstar noiselessly removed the control panel and began hotwiring whatever security systems remained intact, preventing them from signaling their infiltration. "Flizard taught me a thing or two about getting around electronic security measures... there, we're in."

With a grating screech, the door retracted and let the Reploids inside, only for them to stop dead in their tracks. "Oh my... this was unexpected, to be sure" Foxstar commented on the huge amount of fleshy, thick webbing that covered the entire interior of the structure.

"Any suggestions how we get past this? I'm sure merely touching it would trigger an alarm of some sort..."

"Well... Dracoex has a jetpack. For some reason, I can't seem to copy it that well. Can Dracoex fly past this stuff? I've got my own way of getting through..."

[Accessing "Shadow Armor"/X.]

"This should let me go ahead without any real problems... I'm undetectable. Foxstar, you just float across like how you can float in battles. If that doesn't work, you can sit on my shoulder or something until we get through.'

Dracoex and Foxstar exchanged a worried glance. "Well, while I do have a jet pack... it can only keep me aloft for brief periods of time. If there were spots of empty floor I could use to land on, I could 'hop' from area to area. But it looks like the entire floor is covered... I might remain outside and have Wraith join you and Foxstar. Will that work with you?"

"Well... crap. I wanna burn a path through, but I don't wanna draw attention..." He started walking on. "Okay, let's hurry. I don't like splitting up in a place like this. We'll scan everything, blow it all up, and run away. Sound good enough?"

Nodding grimly, Foxstar morphed her battle form as Wraith seemingly appeared behind them from nowhere, his intimidating and silent form the picture of composure. Unsheathing his blade, Dracoex saluted the three and walked outside, his sword poised to strike down anything that threatened them.

Wraith said no word but merely walked over the Hive, not missing a beat as the fleshy killers waivered just inches below him. The others followed, and so they progressed through the instillation, until...


In one of the seldom times he chose to, the shadowy Reploid spoke in his dark, echoic voice. He held out an arm and signaled the others to stop, obviously sensing some other presence.

"Wraith? What is wrong?" Foxstar queried, concern edging in her voice. With one hand, Wraith pointed down the hall, towards a single figure. Busily typing on a computer console, Leviathan stood nearly rigid as her fingers danced at an inhuman speed.

"This isn't good... the other path is a dead end. And who knows what entered behind us..."

As if to answer her statement, the sound of squishing, sliding flesh from behind announced the approach of a new batch of infected Reploids.

Nebula switched out for his Saber. "...Should we get violent? I can scan the area and all as I fight. I'll fight my way further in, blast through the dead end, cause as much damage as I can, then run away." If only I still had my Energy Net from Elpizo... I could capture Leviathan immediately, and we wouldn't have half of these problems!

Before Foxstar could respond, the Reploids walked straight into the path they stood in, approached them... and, completely ignoring them, walked right past, their eyes listless and unfocused. The fire using Reploid blinked a full three times with her mouth open, struggling to process what had just happened.

"...Someone tell me that wasn't the strangest thing possible right now. I mean, Wraith and you can cloak, so you're covered, literally speaking. I can as well, but not in my battle morph. I do wonder what happened there..."

"Followers of our Lord Elpizo, my brethren! Come, follow me! Our Eternal Master and Savior wishes to address you!" Ringing down the hall, Leviathan's voice summoned the zombie-like Reploids, causing them to walk down the pathway she had taken. Once they left, Foxstar floated over to the edge of the fleshy floor covering, demorphed and looked around the corner, her face deathly serious.

"We just might learn something here..." Turning back to the others, Kyubit motioned for them to take whatever was in the console. "You two should take it and leave. Don't worry about me, I've escaped from worse situations before. I need to listen to what is going on here. Oh, and Nebula? I'll let you know when you can begin letting all hell loose."

Nebula was shaking with rage. He almost didn't hear Dracoex. "The... the REAL Elpizo... was a respectable commander...! ...Fine. I'm staying. I won't miss a chance to kill that cheap imitation. I'll anihilate every last bit of him!"

Hold on, think about this. Cool off for a second. Copies of Reploids don't just show up out of nowhere. There's a man behind the man... And HE'S the target.

"...Sorry for letting it get to me. I just hate it when copies spring up. Cheap imitations, mostly. Copy X, Master E... They'll all perish." He calmed down, getting ready to follow orders without going into a homicidal rage.

Foxstar nodded and, as Wraith began extracting the data from the console, watched with Nebula as a hologram of Copy Elpizo appeared above the assembled Reploids. With a flick of his hand, he knocked a strand of his hair out of his face and smiled.

"Dear brothers and sisters of mine, I thank you for finally seeing the light of the new world and choosing it over the detestable so-called utopia that these inferior humans have crafted. I am Master E, the herald of the new, glorious age of the Reploids. An age where no human will force us against our will, an age where the Reploid's masters are only themselves. With great regret, I was forced to use this Hive, a most vile life form, to bring you to the truth. However, once you have been shown the plan that leads to our new world, I am certain that you will agree; Reploids are the true master of this planet!"

With one unified voice, the possessed Reploids chanted Master E's name. Smiling, the hologram began to fade as Copy Elpizo looked to Leviathan. "My queen, please guide these poor souls to our sanctuary safely. We would not want those meddling humans to hinder them in their Exodus to freedom, now would we?"

Leviathan smiled and tapped a command on a nearby screen as Copy Elpizo's hologram faded from view, activating a portal through which the infected Reploids walked. Foxstar raised and eyebrow as she watched the odd procession, her curiosity piqued. "'Sanctuary?' I do wonder..."

With a snick, the data Wraith was extracting appeared in the form of a removable disk, which the shadowy Reploid immediately swiped up. Concentrating, Wraith transmitted the data regarding the Hive to the Innerpeace HQ and gave Foxstar a nod which she returned.

"Alright, that does it for us here. Go ahead Neb, kick their butts."

"YESSSSS...!" He turned back to his normal white armor and revelead the shot he had been charging. "Suck on this, faker!" He fired a gigantic blast through, wiping out most minor enemies. He flickered for a second and appeared above Leviathan, holding his Saber.

Sorry, Ms. Leviathan. This will hurt, but soon you can see your brothers again. He came down and smacked her head with the flat edge, attempting to knock her out.

Leviathan gasped from the blow, but wheeled around and started to slash at Nebula. However... "Oh, a Reploid? Did you perhaps mistake me for one of those foolish humans? I would never harm one of my own kind. Why don't you join us? All we desire is a world of peace."

Foxstar's eyes narrowed as she watched Leviathan talk peacefully to her previous attacker, her attitude most certainly abnormal. "This is weird... last time we fought, she was nothing but hostile towards us, human and Reploid alike... what is she pulling?"

He parried the Halberd with his Saber. "Hmph... Bulls**t! First off, the ends don't justify the means. Killing humans and Reploids who are innocent is no way to make peace. Secondly, I came here from a peaceful world because I was bored. I don't want to take the easy way to making a fragile peace... I want it to last, and I'll do things the hard way if it means I'll get it to be that way." He stepped closer, taking advantage of the fact that halberds and spears are polearms, ineffective at such close range. "...You're coming with me. You don't believe it, do you? The Fairy Leviathan I knew wouldn't do this of her free will, and this one is no different. You come back NOW, or things will get messy." He pointed the blade at her neck. "...What will it be?"

I doubt she'll join, so I need to knock her out fast... I need Fire element, but I don't have a Fire Chip... Wait, what about Foxstar!?

[*Internal Facepalm* ...Note: Scan everybody next time, not just the ones you're fighting or expect to fight. Moron.]

Shaking her head, Leviathan sighed. "Is that so? A pity... the humans must have altered you, didn't they? You can no longer see the truth. How sad..."

Before the possessed Reploid could continue her mad speech, a large fireball shot from around the corner, slamming into Leviathan and knocking her down, eliciting a pained scream from the blue Reploid. Her eyes ablaze, Kyubit shouted out "Now, Nebula!"

Nebula took his chance to jump-and-reverse-Pretzel-Kick Leviathan in the head. "That will knock ANYBODY out with THIS leg armor." He picked her up by the arm. "I don't seem to have done lasting eternal damage... I just hope her brain isn't too badly rattled." He tossed her over to Dracoex. "You take her outside so we can all be ready to leave." He equipped his Laser to his right arm, and his Buster to his left. He began charging. "This place will go down easily enough."

...If she only knew. I have never let a human mess with my insides. The exception is my creator, but it's not like there were Reploids around yet. Who would build me, if not a human? 'Loids these days have no respect for their elders.

He fired his supercharged shot along the corridor before turning around and dashing out, readying another one.

Grabbing the unconscious form of Leviathan, Wraith dispersed into the Cyber World, effectively evading all opposition. Not even bothering to morph back to her combat form, Foxstar ran out of the building while burning the flesh of the Hive that stood in front of them. The ensuing smell was vile and rancid, and the Hive shrieked and writhed in agony as it began it's death throes. Over the intercom, a slightly panicky Dracoex called Nebula, the sounds of combat in the background.

"Nebula, what is going on in there?! The Mavericks have amassed and surrounded us! Rouge can't lock on with this many signatures around!"

Nebula caught up with Dracoex and pushed his head down before releasing his second supercharged shot. "I got a little crazy with the weapons, alright!? Wouldn't you be mad about having to deal with a brainwashed version of somebody you know, and listening to a FAKE version of somebody you almost respect prattle on about some bull**** paradise?!" He brought up his Laser and swept away a group of enemies. "If she can't lock on, let's kill 'em all so she CAN lock on!"

Dracoex shook his head as his white armored friend dashed over him, wasting Mavericks like there was no tomorrow. However, he did not join the fray, but held his arms out under a glowing green portal, from which a still unconscious Leviathan fell. Giving Wraith inside a nod, Dracoex said "Thank you Wraith. I do believe we're almost finished here..."

Turning around however, Dracoex saw yet another group of Mavericks, this one much larger, approaching from behind.

"...On second thought, would you mind taking care of them? I quite literally have my hands full at the moment..."

Wraith vanished, then reappeared in front of the rouge Reploids, only this time he seemed more ghostly than he had been. A dark vortex began to spiral inward towards him, drawing in black energy, and he curled up as he absorbed it, shuddering from the effort. The Mavericks had no clue what he was attempting, and continued to advance, firing all the while.

"Everyone, cover your head!" Dracoex shouted, falling down on his knees and using his upper torso to protect Leviathan's head. Falcona grounded herself while Foxstar hid under her cloak.

"Ghost boy's gonna scream; this is gonna hurt a hell of a lot!"

"Not again... I hate this attack of his..."

Nebula looked up and saw Wraith. "...Whatever he's about to do, I get the feeling it'll hurt a lot..."

[Scanning... Ready to copy technique.]

"I'll make sure I can use it later." He turned back to the remaining Mavericks in his group, shooting each one in turn until they were all inoperable. "Now then, let's see what the ghostly ninja guy is up to."

"...Demon Lament..."

Shuddering and shaking with exertion, Wraith gave one final heave, then threw back his head and splayed his arms and legs wide. With a rush of power, he let loose with a ghastly, Nazgul like scream that almost seemed to warp the matrix of space itself. The continuous shockwave slammed into the Mavericks, shredding them into nothing more than dust. What remained of the buildings around the battlefield were blown to pieces, and the ground around the shrieking Reploid cracked in millions of places.

The force of the ghostly cry knocked all of Wraith's allies backwards like a hurricane force gale, causing them to flip end over end and land in a mangled heap, almost thirty meters from where they were. One surge later, and Wraith's attack ended, the silence returning almost immediately. Shuddering, Wraith collapsed on the ground, barely online. Running over, Falcona picked up the Reploid and slung him over his shoulder, giving him a pat on his back.

"Ya did good, ghosty boy."

Dracoex stood up as well, his prisoner draped over his shoulders in a similar fashion. "Well, I do believe that ends this conflict. Rouge, we are in the clear. Requesting evac."

"Understood, preparing to transfer... transfer start!"

With another flash, the five Reploid warriors vanished into the Cyber World, heading back to the HQ.

Mission Complete!

Nebula kneeled. "Man... That was a serious attack. It's a good thing I copied it. ...Oh yeah, we're back. Listen, I'm gonna repair myself. None of the Hive managed to do much, but that attack Wraith pulled off..." He winced at the thought. "...I'd hate to be directly on the recieving end." He took off down the hall, his left arm somewhat limp.

[LE: [||''''''] 2/8]
[Detecting several damaged components. Recommendation is to replace LE Units I & II immediately. Preferably with better ones. Max LE is temporarily reduced to 6.]

"I think I can scrounge up some new parts. Of course, it would be easier with a little help..." He took off towards Ciel's Lab.

"Dr. Ciel? Could I borrow a Cyber-Elf for a minute? I want her help to increase my vitality. No, not with her ability*, I need her to help me replace some broken parts. I'm not sure how to make anything above standard level stuff, but there are Nurse Elves that can increase vitality. Can I borrow one?"

<*Most Cyber-Elves will die upon using their ability.>

Dr Ciel looked up from the data disk she was holding. "Hm? Oh... well, as long as you don't actually use them. We've lost so many already in this war... I'll be heading there as well. I need to get to work on this quickly."

As they left the room one of the sick humans, infected with the Hive, began to convulse and writhe in agony, his moans increasing in pitch to full fledged screams. Next to him a female Reploid, no doubt a close friend, attempted to sooth him with her words and touch, even though she was shaking herself. However, the human began to choke and gag, his breath impaired by some obstruction. With a final twitch, the human's eyes glazed over and his head fell to one side as his life drained away. The Reploid, still holding his lifeless hand, broke into sobs as she rested her head on his chest, despair taking root in her heart.

X could only attempt to comfort the Reploid as he beheld the grim spectacle, his fist clenched angrily. "Ciel... Godspeed."

Nebula had downloaded the Elf he needed from Ciel's computer and had seen the dying man. Hm... Death is a grim prospect. The humans sure are sad... dying too soon. I've lived to be twenty times older than the man that just died. ...I can't let any more people die fighting. I'll take on anything, if it means other people don't have to. He turned and left.

As he walked out, the Elf materialized. "Hey, mister! What's up?" It was awfully childish in appearance, and it had a rather squeaky voice.

"Oh, hello. You're the Elf I downloaded..."

"Yessir! ^_^" It slowly came to a realization. "...Oh... If you downloaded me, that means..."

"...Nope. You aren't about to be used. I just need a little help from a specialist. You are meant to increase vitality, correct?"

"Yep! ^_^"

"Good. And your name is...?"


"Nice to meet you. I'm Nebula, a combat Reploid."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Nebula! ^_^"

"Alright, let's get to work..."

Several minutes later...

"Thanks for your help, Sireff."

"Why were you so hurt?"

"Eh, well, I may be made tough, but I can still get beaten up once in a while. I happens a little too frequently, lately, to be honest."

"...Well, then I'll just stick with you, Mr. Nebula!"

"W-what?! It's too dangerous!"

"Well, what if you get all beat up again? You'll need my help after the fighting is done to fix yourself up!"

"...I guess you're right. I can't really run the risk of having my new little friend used up. You can come with from now on!"


[LE: [||||||||||] [10/10]]
[Sireff the Cyber Elf has joined the team!]

With a heave, Dracoex flung the semiconscious form of Leviathan into a cell, sealing it tight and slowly walking off, a slight limp in his stride. "Mmph... I guess I might need to get some rest after that excursion..."

LE: [ I I I ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ]

"Yeah... I think a full night's recharge is in order now..." As the emerald warrior walked down the hall, he heard the screams of yet another victim of the Hive and winced. In a silent prayer, he hoped that Ciel would hurry with her research, in light that they could finally cure those poor souls.

Ciel's laboratory

Typing furiously, Ciel hunched over her console and stared at the screen, numbers and calculations flashing across her eyes as she inputted command after command. With a start, she jumped up and ran over to her desk, where a tube containing a half-drowned Hive infection form resided. Pushing several buttons, she looked closely at the creature as it was exposed to a liquid that she had developed from the data. It writhed around and began to disintegrate, squealing with agony as it was reverted to base chemicals. I almost feel sorry for it... but after what it and its kin did, there is not much compassion left in me for them.

With an excited air, Ciel took the results, jotted them down and punched a few more commands into the computer. With a whir, several machines in the back of her lab began to combine the required mixture of materials needed to manufacture the antidote for the Hive. The very first batch produced was immediately swiped by Ciel and whisked out to the room where the injured laid. En route, a still injured Zero was nearly knocked over by the young doctor.

"Ciel-! What's the rush?"

"Zero, I did it! I did it!"

Waving his good hand, the long haired warrior attempted to calm his friend down. "Whoa whoa whoa! Chill a bit, THEN continue. What is it you did?"

"I made an antidote for the Hive!!!"

Zero's eyes went wide, then he burst out in a smile. "What are we waiting for?! Let's get to dishing it out!"

Ciel nodded excitedly before running off again, her friend not too far behind.

Nebula saw them coming up the hall he was in. "Wow, they're moving fast. ...I-I'd better move, or they'll bowl me right over." He hastily pressed his back to the wall. By the looks of it, by their expressions, but mostly by the fact that I heard some of their conversation from here, I'd say the AntiHive is finished. Well, I had better make sure nobody attacks us right now. If anybody strikes at this moment, we're all screwed. And if my past experience is any indicator, things ALWAYS happen at the worst time.

He turned and ran to the Transerver Room. "Operator, could you send me outside? I'm worried we'll be attacked while Ciel is administering the cure, and Zero will be busy helping her with that. I just wanna make sure nothing's waiting to kill us all."

Rouge lifted her head from her nap and shook it. Taking a brief moment to comb her hair back, she tapped a string of commands into the transerver. "Sure thing, although you could have just walked outside... transfer start!"

Outside the Innerpeace HQ

Standing upright, cannons tucked away, General Fighting Fefnir kept watch over the ruins to the north alongside a small battalion of beat up tanks and nearly three hundred Reploid and human solders. Yawning, he glanced at his built in chronometer idly.

"Eleven forty-five. Almost time for Phantom to take the shift."

Stretching, Fefnir yawned again and rubbed the back of his head habitually. "'Bout time too. I really could use a rest after..."

The flaming red Reploid grew silent as footsteps sounded from behind him. Slowly, he reached for his Sodom and Gomorrah Cannons, then...

"Freeze, Maverick! No one sneaks up on Fighting Fefnir and lives to tell about it!"

It wasn't till after he had leveled his cannons at the figure that Fefnir saw it was not only alone, it had no weaponry primed. "Oh. Sorry 'bout that. You're no Maverick, right?"

Nebula smirked at the Fire General. "Nope. I'm here to make extra sure we don't get hit right now. Ciel just finished making the antidote for the Hive, and she and Zero are busy administering it. In my experience, something bad ALWAYS goes wrong at this stage. I'm here to make sure it doesn't. Just to be absolutely sure." That, and for a chance to copy your data...

[Scanning... "Fighting Fefnir"]
[Former Neo Arcadian General, now a General for Innerpeace.]
[Weapons: "Sodom" Fire Cannon, "Gommorrah" Fire Cannon, Fire Chip]

[Buster: ****** (Is now on a godly level)]
[Laser: ***]
[Elem.Def: Resistant to all Elements.]

Fefnir shrugged. "Fine by me. I'm off for the night in about..."

Before the Fire General could finish, a puff resonated behind him and a hand tapped him on the shoulder. With a shout of surprise, Fefnir jumped slightly and turned around. His brother, Hidden Phantom, simply looked at the Reploid with a blank expression.

"...are you going to stare at me like a malfunctioning wreck, or will you take that rest that you have been making such a fuss over?"

"Has anyone ever told you what a freaking ninja you are?!"

Phantom rolled his eyes. "It was how I was made."

Grunting bad temperedly, Fefnir walked off towards the camp. Phantom sighed, then looked at Nebula. "You don't need to explain anything to me: I overheard it. I'm sure you know who I am, so we can skip the introduction."

Nebula shrugged. "Whatever, Phantom." I'll just borrow a little of your power...

[Scanning "Hidden Phantom".]
[Ex-Neo Arcadian General, now works for Innerpeace. Well-known for his lack of an elemental weakness.]
[Data: Kunai/W, Shuriken/W, Ninjutsu/T, Agility/S.]

"...So, you think anybody will attack?"

"It is possible, but there have been few direct assaults recently. However, with your infiltration and destruction of that Hive nexus, I'd expect an attack anytime soon."

With that, the ninja Reploid walked off to prepare the men for a possible attack. Before Nebula could follow, however, there was a boom of something breaking the sound barrier, and an explosion twenty four meters north the size of the Innerpeace HQ. In the distance, in the now midsky moonlight, appeared hundreds upon hundreds of what looked to be mobile artillery units. For each one, there was fifty Mavericks, many of them old and outdated models. Alerted, Phantom ran as fast as he could, calling out the sound to battle.

"To arms! To arms! The enemy is upon us!"

Nebula locked on to the oncoming Hive. "I KNEW it! It never fails! Not once!" He armed himself with the Buster. "If I can just reformat this thing into a sniper of sorts... I did get a look at Volnutt's Sniper Unit*. ...Done! Now to pick 'em off from afar." He took aim and shot several shots. "That should disable a few of their wings... So I just took out some minor enemies. I'll have to use their travel time to my advatage... They won't get within range of my normal Buster for a few minutes, plenty of time to get rid of most of the minor ones."

<*Mega Man Volnutt is the protagonist of mega Man Legends. He showed up during the train wreck of events during Mega Man Zero 3 by way of time travel. His Sniper Unit is a part he can equip to his Buster to increas range and accuracy.>

Within the span of ten seconds, both Reploid and human solders joined Nebula, snipers and long distance weapons in hand, and began opening fire. Eventually though, the enemy horde returned with a volley of their own, and amidst the screams of pain nearly fifty Innerpeace solders fell. With a roar from behind, what remained of the Innerpeace Armored Division trundled up and let loose with a deafening barrage of cannon fire, resulting in several of the enemy artillery batteries bursting into pillars of fire.

One of the tanks just happened to be Fefnir in his Armed Phenomenon, and blasts of flame incinerated several hundred Hive infested foes in just a few shots. Laughing, the Fire General lead the tanks on a charge, and the rest of the Innerpeace army followed, shouting battle cries and firing as they went. Like some kind of ancient battle millions of years ago (it has to be that long by now), the two forces charged at one another, close combat weapons drawn like swords and spears.

Running alongside Nebula, Phantom unsheathed his katana from his scabbard and held it back as he leap-ran across the cratered earth, his other hand sporting a kunai ready to throw. With a mighty roar, the two armies collided like the sea breaking it's surf on the shore, and chaos ensued. Tanks and other heavy vehicles crushed all in their path, smashing down Maverick, Reploid and human alike. In retaliation, units with special satchel charges clambered atop the war machines and blew them to pieces, coating the field around them with red hot metal.

From the HQ, X watched as he donned his special X Buster that Ciel made for him. Equipped with nano technology, it directly interfaced with his mind as if he was still a machine. His helmet acted the same way, feeding data and battle readouts to his field of vision, and an artificial network of neural implants allowed him faster reflexes than any human. That, along with his previous experience as a warrior, did little to soothe his nerves.

No matter how often it happens, I'll never get used to it... violence... war... it's all so pointless. Why must so many die for so few ideals?

Clamping the last grip in place, X ran to the doors along with several other battalions of Innerpeace forces. With a battle cry, the legendary hunter led his army out to join the fight against the Maverick horde.

Nebula had charged in with Phantom, wielding his deadly Saber. No good, we'll never destroy them all like this... He looked up at some of the airships. Hm, the highest-flying one is their flagship... We don't have anything that can shoot that high. Maybe some sniper rifles could, but shooting straight up? That's not gonna work... Hang on, the other, mid-sized ships are kinda arranged... He grinned. stairs.

He cut his way under the lowest-flying one, which was dropping out some Hive-infected Galleons. He immediately disassambled as many as he could, then charged his Laser. He fired it straight down, achieving enough vertical lift to land on the platform that the Mavericks had been dropping from. His grin widened. "These guys won't know what hit 'em." He dashed inside, cutting up everything in his path. Eventually, he found the core. He stabbed into it, causing critical damage. He dashed to the highest internal point in the aircraft, then cut a hole and climbed out. He waited for just the right time...


He jumped in the direction of the next craft, but it was obvious that he would never make the jump. Then the airship he was on before exploded, giving him more lift. He slammed into the hull of the next ship, gripping it with his Energy Claw. "These guys didn't expect anything like me... Of course, I'm sure X would've been doing this if I weren't."

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Several level four charge Buster shots flew over the heads of the Innerpeace army, their appearance generating more cheers from the freedom fighters than the destruction they caused. Behind Mega Man X stormed the reinforcements they so desperately needed, slamming into the enemy hordes below. Up above, Nebula's daring attack had thrown off the Hived Mavericks' fleet; they had never seen such a bold attack by a single aggressor, and were confused as what to do next. Glancing upward, X saw the white Reploid scaling the outer side of one airship and decided that the ground confrontation was as good as won. Scaling up the lower ships in a similar fashion to Nebula, the blue armored human soon reached a ship of his own to destroy and, with a single charged Buster shot, blew a path inside.

Soon enough, the ship he infiltrated began to explode from the inside out, and X used the blast to power himself to another airship, doing the same thing over and over. Between the two, Nebula and X managed to take down two thirds of the Maverick air force within a span of ten minutes. Eventually however, a new threat loomed on the horizon; a massive floating craft, too big to be considered a ship, began approaching from the northern skies. It was slow, but there was no doubt in X's mind that if it reached them, it would spell their doom.

Hailing Nebula over his intercom, X shouted out over the howling winds that surrounded them. "Nebula, this is X! I'm sure you've seen that thing up north by now. See if you can commandeer an airship; whatever that thing is, we need to take it down before it reaches the battlefield!"

Nebula looked at it, holding an enemy's disembodied head. "Huh... Now that you mention it, yeah. I'll have to take this ship over there. I wiped out most of the enemies already." He ducked back inside and dashed over to the bridge. He pulled out his Buster, ready to shoot any Maverick that dared interfere.

"X, are you coming, too? I'd feel a little better having a reliable fighter with me, but that means we'd have to hurry even more; those guys on the ground won't last too long without you."
He grabbed the controls and set a course for the incoming menace. ...This ship is one of those belonging to the enemy, so it won't shoot me down until I'm too close to be stopped... I'll even destroy this ship if I must to infiltrate that monstrosity.

X frowned. He's right... I may be a human, but I'm still much more powerful than they are...

"Nebula, I don't think I can-"

The blue armored hero was cut short as another voice came over his headset. "This is Dracoex. I'm taking over for Zero now, and he'll replace you, X. You may rest easy regarding your solders."

"Thank you, Dracoex. I'm glad I can always count on you." Switching to the other frequency, X replied to Nebula. "Nix that last response; I'm on my way now!"

Using a similar tactic to what he has used to get from ship to ship, X launched himself onto Nebula's commandeered craft and ran down the now empty corridor to the control room. Skidding to a halt, Mega Man X faced Nebula with a grim look plastered on his face.

"Glad I could make it. Zero is assisting the ground forces below, but we have to act fast."

"Alright! It's good to know my brother-in-spirit is helping me out!" Nebula jammed the throttle. "By now, they'll have noticed how odd it is that we're going towards them, and they'll just be more alarmed to find us accelerating. We should be ready to jump. I'm flying us above, so there's no need to blow the ship up to get there. This ship has Auto-Pilot, so I'm programming it to fly us above them, then immediately find somewhere on this behemoth to dock so we can get away later. Ready to go?"

Nebula had equipped his Claw and walked over to the hole he had made when he commandeered the craft.

"We'll be jumping from here. We'll latch on and cut a hole to get in. We can either go for the core and destroy this ship to scare 'em off... or head for the Bridge and try to kill their troops with their own guns. I mean, this thing looks like a Warship. It must have some cannons."

"...That thing looks more like a transport, if anything. I doubt it carries any serious firepower... still, whatever it does or carries, it needs to go down. C'mon, let's move!"

The stolen airship careened towards the mystery craft, it's movements ignored until they drew within six hundred feet. With a roar, the deck machine guns all opened fire simultaneously, their rounds filling the skies above the craft with yellow streaks of fire. Running it's Auto-Piloted course, the airship Nebula and X shot above and beyond their range of fire, only to be intercepted by several Maverick fighter drones.

The drones, being mainly spacecraft, were too speedy to maneuver and swarm, but instead adopted a hit-and-run tactic. Each one fired off a volley of unguided rockets or lasers, shot past, wheeled about and tried again. One such projectile slammed into the rear control fin of the airship, causing it to shake violently.

"Ah! That isn't what I was hoping to deal with!" With a slightly panicked look, X glanced around outside the cockpit in search of an open hangar. In the side of one of the hull's walls, covered halfway with Hive infection, a doorway opened as yet another fighter drone was released. Smiling grimly, X grabbed the controls and forced the airship under his command, prompting it to shoot for the now slowly closing hangar bay.

"Hold on Nebula, and get ready to go in hot!"

Nebula sighed. "I knew this would happen... Nothing ever goes as planned if it makes sense. Using ships as stairs, sure, but landing? Not a chance. Well, you ARE human now, so I'll try to avoid anything that puts you at too high of a risk."

I couldn't live with myself if X died because of me... Here, he can't be rebuilt. He's human. Of course, I heard something about synthesizing flesh and such to basically repair a human. But it won't matter how much we have if he dies. He pulled out a Sub Tank.

"X, use this. I copied it from the one I got earlier before I gave it to Foxstar, and I filled it earlier at the base. In my dimension, humans merged with Biometal can use Sub Tanks just fine, and you have some biomechanical interfaces on you, so in theory, this will heal you. Take it just in case. Now, if you'll excuse me..." He set it next to the control panel and dashed up to the top deck.

"Mavericks... all the same. They'll stay away after this." He generated his Saber and held it out parallel to the deck. He spun around, sending a 360-degree Kougenjin (Slash Wave) through the enemies. When it contacted them, it cut them apart and erupted in MORE circular waves, only in different directions. A good 75% of the enemies around them were destroyed, but were only replaced by more. However, the waves of energy kept coming. Each destroyed enemy destroyed another five or six.

"...Fated Circle. I hope you liked that, 'cuz it should keep you from hitting us any harder..."
Nebula was almost thrown from the deck by some turbulance. If it weren't for his magnetic feet, he would've fallen to his certain doom. "X! You okay down there?" He dashed back inside, hurrying back to the Bridge. "X, you alright? That was some shakeup. We're almost there, though."

X merely nodded in response as he piloted the wounded airship towards the partly open docking bay. "At this rate we're not gonna make it inside!"

Typing in a slew of commands, X forced the craft to dump all of it's fuel resources into it's drive, causing it to literally jump forward with acceleration. Thrown backwards, the blue armored human barely missed smacking into Nebula and slammed into the bulkhead behind him.

With an agonizing scream of slicing metal, the airship careened into the hanger just as the door shut. Inside, most of the Hive infected Reploids and Mechaniloids were crushed from it's huge bulk, and the others were momentarily stunned as their new organic controllers absorbed the shock of the impact.

Standing up rather groggily, X gave a small laugh and a half smile. "Well, that was one of the more obtrusive entrances I've made. I do believe that we're inside now though..."

Here X stands up and walks out of the cockpit, only to halt immediately. "...if just barely."

The entire ship, up to the entrance to the control room, had been sheared off by the massive hangar bay doors. Rubbing the back of his head, X whistled at how close they had come to getting cut down a pair of sizes. "...well, guess we'd best get down to business then, huh Neb?"

Charging his X Buster, he jumped out of what remained of the airship, firing as he fell, then dashed towards the small amount of opponents that still stood.

"Phew... That WAS close. Well, back to my specialty..." Nebula equipped his Buster to his left hand, pointing the Saber at the peons. "...Exterminating Mavericks." He shot at them a few times, deflecting their shots with his Saber.

[Scanning... "--n--e--"/Hive Group.]

Huh, that's weird. My scan isn't identifying the enemies that well. Must be a glitch. Well, a minor upgrade for my Buster is always welcome...

He charged his Buster and fired a level 4 shot at them. "X, you take point! I'll dispatch the Mavericks along the way." He equipped the Chain and swung it, grabbing several enemies and throwing them into their comrades. He then pulled several towards himself, crushed them into a large ball, and sent it hurtling at another group. "Oh yeah! I picked that one up from watching the records from the Thomas Incident!"

<*During said incident, a character named Greader did the same exact thing. Bowling with crushed Mavericks.>

X watched the improvised attack flatten the remaining Mavericks and nodded to Nebula before running down a hall with his X Buster raised. In a Halo style running battle, the two fought against hordes of countless Hive infested Mechaniloids, besting all that opposed them.

"Almost there Nebula. Funny, but I'm getting that feeling I always seem to feel whenever I'm about to face off against someone powerful..."

With an explosion, X blasted through a pair of Pantheon Aces that stood guard in front of a massive causeway, scattering their pieces across the floor. The post battle silence was almost absolute, save for a deep bass hum that resonated from the next room.

"...There it is again. We're about to face someone powerful, I know it. Ready, Neb?"

"Crap, it never fails, does it? Hmm... I bet if we would bother looking for some kind of mark, we'd find it as proof of an incoming Boss. Of course, I don't have access to third-person view, and why bother going to that much effort? We'll obliterate whatever comes and finish the mission." He removed his Buster and Chain in favor of the Saber.

X grimaced at Nebula's breaking of the fourth wall. As if Falcona doesn't do that enough...

Rolling his shoulders and stretching his arms outward, the blue armored warrior opened the door and advanced cautiously into the next room. Once they entered however, no immediate enemy greeted their eyes. Instead a huge, pulsing Hive nexus hung from the rafters of the room, suspended by long, thick tentacles that spanned across the ceiling. X's eyes narrowed.

"So... that's what this thing is up to..."

Without hesitation, he raised his X Buster and fired off a level four charge shot, followed by a volley of regular shots.


A sudden flash froze the attacks in their places, causing them to fall to the floor and shatter. Descending from an opening in the ship's upper hull, rays of light illuminating it, a winged figure made it's presence known. Flapping it's angel like wings, it hovered just above the floor. In it's hands it held a pair of swords; one had an aura of electricity about it, the other a frosty air that froze anything that got too close.

The figure had a white helmet with a single tail of ice that streamed behind it, and it's armor was blue and yellow, both colors brilliantly shining in the light of the sun. It's face was pale, almost white, and it had a pair of golden patches under it's eyes, which were gold themselves. Glaring with a haughty attitude upon the intruders, it spoke in an offended manner. It's voice was most certainly feminine.

"How dare you attempt to harm the nexus! You would think that a former Reploid would know how futile this struggle is, and submit to Master E."

X glared back, his Buster raised in defense. "Futile? Hardly. You villains are all so stereotypical; saying that those who oppose you and your foul deeds have no chance at victory. Besides, this... this evil, for lack of a better term, should not even exist! How even you can abide by it is beyond me."

Giving a unimpressed sniff, the figure tapped the tip of one of her blades in a show of boredom. "If there was any other choice, I would have gone against using the Hive to bring the poor Reploid souls to the truth. Even Master E himself is of the same mindset, and he wishes with every passing moment that he could have done without this... monstrosity. However, it seems we have little choice but to use it, for the Reploids below have been blinded by so-called human virtue. At least this does us the great favor of eliminating the pathetic humans who would have us as their slaves."

"Huh. So, now we have somebody with two elements to fight. X, I think I can handle this girl alone. Afterall, I AM Nebula, master of scrapping Mavericks!" X, I hope you get it... She's trying to slow us down. She wants to occupy us while this ship gets close to the battlefield. Don't fall for it, please just go on ahead! Man, I wish I could tell him without letting her catch on... I'm trying to come across as overconfident. I wonder how my acting is. He switched to his Buster, charging it up and leaving out the Element Chip.

Needless to say, the figure found SOME way to take insult to Nebula's statement, and none too lightly. "Maverick?! How impudent! You have enticed the wrath of Zephyra, little Reploid! Prepare for your end!"

X stared with a confused face, but when he noticed that Zephyra was paying him no mind, the pieces clicked into place and he smiled before running off to the bridge. Nebula's opponent had her blades poised with one above and one below, striking a pre-battle pose as she rose above the floor. "En garde, traitor!"

"Traitor? Not hardly. You're the traitor. ALL Mavericks are the traitors. If anything, I'm the most loyal to all that defines a Reploid. I make my own choices, and don't let myself be swayed by mind-controlling parasites. That, and I'm not exactly... a Reploid... in the first place. You have no chance at all against me."

Wow, that got her attention. Gotta love it when enemies fall to Hubris.

"...And I'll show you why." He generated a copy of her weapon. "...See, I have all your power and more. I have skills that bested countless enemies, most of which were said to be invincible. ...My point is that you can't win. How 'bout you just give up now and save yourself the trouble?" He flicked his wrist, switching to his Saber. It looked a little different than before, though...

[Saber has acquired enough data to upgrade to StarSaber!]

Zephyra's eyes went wide at Nebula's display of his Weapon Copy System, but narrowed as she sniffed. "Hmph, no matter. Even if I fall, you will submit to Master E! His rule is both benign and absolute, and I will forevermore fight alongside his reign, even if only in spirit!"

With a spin, Zephyra vanished before appearing high above, holding her Thunder Blade above her head. With a thunderclap, four bolts of electricity shot downwards, spiralling as they surged towards Nebula.

Nebula held up his blade like a lightning rod and caught the attack, then sent it spiraling at the walls. "Tip#6572: When in the enemy's base, always feel free to cause collateral damage." He continued to stand there. Then, his image flickered. Suddenly, he was directly above, swinging down on his current foe. "Eat this, amateur!"

Zephyra turned at the last second and attempted to parry the incoming blow, but it was far too forceful and struck home. With a cry, she crashed into the floor and left a large sized dent in the hard Duratanium. Standing up, she huffed and held up her other blade, summoning a howling blizzard that cloaked her from view.

"Amateur? Hah! You know nothing of my power! Feel my icy wrath!"

Pointing her Blizzard Blade in Nebula's direction, she commanded her storm to launch itself at her white opponent, freezing the ground as it stormed towards him.

Nebula's Laser punched through the oncoming attack, wiping it out with a Fire element charge. "Look who knows what she's doing! I've been fighting longer than your master or you have even existed. Don't talk down on somebody who's toying with you." He dashed at her at an alarming speed, then switched to a slide. He slid under whatever retaliation she had in mind, and performed a fiery Splitheavens (Upward Slash) right in her face.

The Splitheavens sliced right into Zephyra's jaw, drawing red oil (or whatever Reploids have in place of blood) and converting it into a fine mist. Staggering back, she raised a hand to her chin and winced in pain upon contact. However, a dim purple light eminated from the wound and it vanished without a trace. Smirking, Zephyra boasted

"As if. You have no idea of the power I wield, do you? My strength is beyond compare; it stems from the crafter of the great Reploid Omega, builder of Ragnarok..."

Her eyes flashed indigo for a brief moment before she continued.

"...but you wouldn't know who that is, would you?"

With a laugh, Zephyra plunged both of her swords into the floor, triggering a row of purple spikes that jutted towards Nebula.

Nebula's eyes focused more clearly. He slashed as the spikes got closer, beheading them. She's pretty tough... I may have trouble here. In fact, I may not win this one myself... "...You means Dr. Wiel? Please, in my own dimension and timeline, I personally took down two of Omega's forms." She's not from my timeline, so she has NO way of knowing I had so much help with that... "...If I were at 100%, the power you have would be meaningless in the face of Omega's own weapons."

I won't last long enough for X to finish... I'll have to prolong this as much as I can! He smashed his StarSaber into the ground, generating a cloud of dust as he took off down a hallway leading to one of the engines. He made sure his footsteps were loud enough to follow.

Her pride won't let her give up, so she'll follow me. I can't hold her off too long in a fight... How did she get access to Wiel's tech!? I'm still trembling just from those spikes, and they didn't even connect... Well, if I can just get her really pissed off, she may do our mission for us. If she sees through that, fine.

As he ran, he sent a text-based message to X.

[X, I'm leading the lady Reploid down to the engines. If things go south, get out immediately. She has Dr. Wiel's technology, which is why she isn't already in pieces. If you get access to the alarm systems, set off as many as you can. That should be enough distraction for me to get off a good hit.


In the command room, X was having troubles of his own, albeit less threatening that Nebula's. Crouching behind a console, X jumped up and sprayed a small portion of the room, resulting in several Hived Pantheons, Galleons and Variants exploding in small infernos. A missile shot by his head, causing him to duck and cover as the Missile Variant to his left prepped another shot. Rolling from his cover to another console, X managed to evade the fired attack and blew the Variant to pieces. Panting, X scanned the command room to find himself alone, nothing but the crackle of small fires and the ever present hum of the ship's lift audible.

"Hm... This shouldn't take too long..."

Before X could hotwire the behemoth ship, he received the text from Nebula. Arching his eyebrow, X returned to the console he faced. "Wiel's tech, huh? Doubt he ever made Reploids sound proof. Plus... Have fun toasting her rear, Neb." X said, an uncharacteristicly sinister smile spreading across his face.

"It'll take a bit to start up, but once this security system kicks in, Zephyra is not beating anyone any time soon."

Engine room hallway

Nebula ran as fast as Fenri Lunaedge as he blew down the path, Zephyra in hot pursuit. Her face was one of frustration; she was growing tired of chasing her target, and kept up a constant string of threat as she flew after him.

"Don't think you're getting away with this perjury, traitor! I'll personally tear your--!!!"

With a waivering shriek, alarms activated across the hall, lights strobing with their panicky rhythm. Whirling around, momentarily confused by the sudden interruption, Zephyra glared behind her as she thought of what she fell for.

"You dastardly backstabber! I'll deal with you later, worm!"

She attempted to fly back to the control room, when a barrier of energy descended from the ceiling, stopped her cold.

Nebula took his chance as she was reeling from her sudden stop. X managed to get there in time! He leapt at her, surrounding his blade, and even his body, in blue energy. He went straight through, cutting everything in his path. "Rough Divide!" The energy faded as he landed.

"...Zephyra. The late Dr. Wiel's technology will do nothing but drive you insane. In my world, it's the main reason there are still Mavericks... You are, in fact, a good fighter. You have sense. You should be able to see that your leader is a faker who shouldn't be trusted. ...See you around." He walked away, breaking into a limping run as soon as he got around a corner.

Ow, ow, OW! Not only did that attack suck away at some of my Life Energy, but she very nearly killed me! I'll have to watch out in the future...

"'X, do you read? Shall we try to drop this thing in the ocean or something? Maybe blow it up? Crash it?'"

On the floor, Zephyra screamed out in pain and helpless rage as she clutched her split side, oil flooding out in a crimson pool. Before she teleported to safety, she raised her voice so that her foe could hear her clearly. "You COWARD! You lowdown, shiftless, backstabbing coward! I'll kill you, do you hear me?! I'll kill you!!!"

Ship Command Room

In a hasty voice, X responded to his returning comrade. "Whatever we do, we gotta do it fast! I just got a message from Zero; apparently Zephyra has a brother, and he's spreading havoc down below! He's in a tight spot and needs back up ASAP! If you want, I can dispose of this thing and you can assist Zero, or vice versa."

"'X, so long as you can survive crashing this thing or whatever you'll do, I'm fine with that. I'll head down and take care of this new guy!'" He sprinted to the place where they had entered from and cut a hole in the wall, then proceeded to jump out. They were nearly above the battlefield. He angled his Saber, trying to direct himself to fall in the right direction. In his left hand, his Buster was already charging up.

Once the ground was in sight, he could tell what was going on. There was a large red blur, which must've been all the fallen soldiers. There was a tiny red speck which looked different from the rest, mostly because it was moving a little. It seemed to be dancing around another speck.

"'Zero, come in! LOOK UP!'" Nebula yelled into his commlink before he got to be just above the new foe, firing his supercharged shot right in his face. He caught Zero jumping away in the corner of his eye. I got the jump on this guy, and Zero didn't get hit... Awesome! I may be able to win this one! He hit the ground lightly, the force of his shot having killed his momentum. He rolled away, readying his StarSaber for the fight...

Staggering back from the attack, the red/black caped figure righted himself and shook his head before glaring at his new foe. Spinning his dual headed scythe like a rotor, he charged forward and slashed like a madman at Nebula. As his blow landed, he laughed maniacally, throwing his head back.

"Gyahahaha! This is it?! I'm supposed to find something to fight, not to crush! Lemme guess, sis couldn't have handled you huh? Well, guess it's up to Tryton to cleave you in half! I'll deal with that girly human later!"

Zero was more than just a little insulted at being called a 'girly human', and sided alongside the white Reploid, Z Saber at the ready. "Man, this guy is insane, and his fighting skills are godly! You're that Nebula guy X told me about, right? Hope you can hold your own, because this isn't going to be easy..."

Nebula staggered back, the attack having left an oozing gash in his side. "Y-yeah, I think I can be helpful... Just let me scan him for a second so we have more info to go on."

[Scanning "Tryton".
Element: Fire
Weapons: Scythe, possibly others

/!\ High-level enemy. Do not engage if it can be avoided.]

"Augh, I wish Harpuia were helping out... Wait a sec, I've got just the thing!" His sister, Zephyra, could switch elements, but HE can't! He activated his copied Lightning Chip and sent Kougenjin charged full of electricity at Tryton.

He's more powerful, but he doesn't have the tricky ability to change elements, so I can keep electrocuting him and abusing his weakness until he goes down! "Zero, he's weak to electric attacks! Focus on those, and he won't be able to keep us with us!" If only I'd figured out his weakness sooner, I could've immobilized him from the start...

LE: [||||''''''] [4/10]

Zero nodded and equiped his Buster with his Thunder Chip, charging up a V-Shot. "Lets see you dodge this..."

With the classic Zero series Buster sound, the pair of shots went to both sides and slightly above Nebula's Kougenjin, giving Tryton no room to maneuver. Crackling, Zero's attack forced the caped Reploid to take the Kougenjin instead, the electricity based energy blade slicing into and through him. Tryton gasped as he absorbed the Super Effectiv- *shot*... er, I mean the powerful blow, but recovered and dashed in Nebula's direction again, eyes glaring fiercely.

"You're gonna pay for that!"

Zero gave Nebula a nod while showing him his Z-Saber, glowing with Thunder Energy. "Pin him, and I'll end it."

Nebula nodded and rolled back, his Starsaber changing a little. He jumped into the air, and he swung down. The blade split into thousands of little ones, raining down on the enemy below. "10,000 Needles!"

Tryton dodged some of the blades, but they were far too numerous for him to evade all damage. The constant blows eventually began to wear him down the the point he was slow enough for Zero to jump kick him in the face, knocking him over.

"Omph! Hey, girls aren't supposed to act like that, 'specially blondes! I'll teach ya a lesson you won't soon forget!"

Spinning his scythes in front of him, Tryton fired off a solid beam of fire that left him wide open from all sides save the front. As Zero attempted to evade the Genblem styled attack, he charged up another V-Shot and fired it off, causing it to split and force it's way down towards his opponent.

C'mon Nebula, pin this guy!

Nebula kept the rain of attacks going. I just need to find the right opening... There! Tryton had put his foot on a rock. It was immediately stabbed with one of Nebula's needles and pinned. "Ha! Zero, now!" He let up on the attack and dropped behind the sexist reploid, grabbing the ankle that hadn't been stabbed and ducking.

With a yell, Zero dashed forward, jumped up and brought his Z-Saber down, electricity sparking like a meteor. "Thunder Stab!"

*insert anime scene of Zero plunging his Saber into Tryton's shoulder, pumping high voltage energy into his system*

Howling in horrid agony, Tryton backhanded Zero and ripped his Saber out of his body. As he did so, his entire frame shuddered from the damage, and he fell to one knee. "Grah... d-dammit... how could I have lost to a pair of nobodies?!"

Zero, recovering from the retaliation, walked over and promptly kicked him in the chest, knocking him over. Putting his foot on Tryton's chest, he got up close to his face, a nasty snarl on his own. His eyes ablaze with rage, he said through clenched teeth, "NO one. Calls me. A girl!!!"

Kicking his adversary in the face again, Zero retrieved his Saber and shut it down before hanging it on his belt. Looking over to Nebula, he gave him a nod and a thumbs up. All around them, the Maverick army, upon seeing their leader defeated, were retreating from the field. Behind the two, cheers and victory cries from the Innerpeace Army were heard. Reploid and human alike raised their fists and weapons in triumph as their foes fled from the field.

"Guess that's just another day in the life of a Hunter, huh Nebula?"

"Heh, Yeah. I've had worse than this, but I had a lot of help then. ...You know, this guy had a sister on the ship where X was when I last saw him. She was way too tricky for me to fight alone, and she could change elements. If X hadn't hit the alarms and knocked her off guard, I wouldn't be here right now..." He bowed his head. I've had too many narrow escapes lately. I'd better step it up, or I'll be left in the dust.

Nebula brushed himself off and started walking confidently back to HQ. Only problem was, he was bleeding oil from the gash he had gotten. He collapsed after walking about ten meters.

A tiny elf flew up from where he was lying. "Mr. Nebula! Wake up! Hey, somebody help him!"

He continued to lie there, bleeding, until a soldier came and picked up him. "You alright?"

Nebula coughed a little blood and responded. "I could... be better."

"That was some crazy stunt you pulled."

"What else... was I supposed to... do? I didn't want... X... or Zero... to get hurt. If any human were in... my shape, there would... be less chance... of survival. If it weren't for the psychotic... Scythe-waving guy we just beat... I would still be able to walk just fine. Urgh... You can put me down now, I can walk. My regeneration system kicked in, and the bleeding has stopped."

Nebula was back on his feet, and began to walk back to the base. "I'll still need some repairs... but it's nothing that can't be fixed. I think they damaged one of my LE Tanks again, though."

LE: [||||'''',,] [4/8, 8/10]

As Nebula walked off, the soldier that had hoisted him up crossed his arms and whistled appreciatively, obviously impressed. "Man, that was a hell of a beating he took, and yet he was able to walk away from that? Too bad you can't say the same for the rest of us common grunts... ah well, that's life for ya."

With a heave, the soldier shouldered (say that ten times fast) his gun and returned to helping out his fellow comrades. Among them, Zero and his old friends Faucon and Colbur had their hands full toting the wounded to vehicles for transport. Gently lowering a Reploid solder with a shattered leg into one of the makeshift stretcher beds attached to a tank, Zero wiped his forehead as it pulled away, his entire bruised and battered.

"Hah... being human is a far cry from being a Reploid, in a manner of speaking... even with these neural upgrades Ciel gave me and X, I'm still exhausted."

Whipping out a Sub Tank, he injected himself with it's energy and felt it's soothing effect almost immediately. Sighing, he picked up yet another soldier, this one human, when a large explosion in the distance nearly caused him to drop the poor soul. By the horizon, the massive doomsday ship X had captured ruptured and blew, scattering it's pieces over the ocean. Zero winced, but in his HUD he saw X's bio signs were still active. His heart rate was higher than normal, that much was expected, but he was alive.

"Way to go, bud. Just don't pull anything stupid on the flight home..."

Nebula woke up in the medical bay. He noticed that there were relatively few people there for having just fought a major battle... "Good. It looks like it was worth all that effort... Oh, hey! I forgot about Leviathan!" He tried to get up, immediately feeling a sharp pain. AUGH! I guess that I still need to replace that part... I'll get Sireff to help me fix it on the way. He slid off, calling out his new Elf friend.

After several minutes of repairs and upgrades, Nebula had finally been restored to his current maximum.

[Life energy upgrade!]
LE: [||||||||||||] [12/12]
[Buster upgraded to N-Buster!]
[Claw upgraded to Slasher!]

He dashed over to Ciel's Lab, hoping she wasn't too busy. "Hey, Dr. Ciel! What's the status of Fairy... huh?" There was nobody there. Not even Alouette. Funny, he remembered that usually, Alouette would be here... Come to think of it, I haven't seen that little girl around. I wonder where she is.

He dashed back through the hallway. He stopped everyone along the way, asking about Ciel. C'mon, where is she? He dashed to the roof. "Maybe I should just go to the holding cells to see if Leviathan is there. No point asking around for Ciel just to get updated on her status if I can see for myself." He ran back into the base, somewhat slower this time. Argh, I keep getting in everybody's way... I guess I'll have to, then. Dang, I was hoping I wouldn't have to use this...

He walked into a less-used hallway. There was a bright flash. Half a minute later, a teenaged kid with spiky, blonde hair, a white vest, black pants, white boots, and a grumpy look in his golden eyes walked out. "Gr... I look like a kid now. I wish I'd been able to work out the bugs..." He sprinted down the hallway, mostly unnoticed. He got a couple of raised eyebrows, though.

[Humanoid Form engaged. Weapons disabled.]

Sireff floated alongside him. "Heehee, you look cute in that form."
That just got him grumpier. "Shut up. I'm only using this form so I don't bowl people over. Man, I wish my form were less... you know, childish? I almost look like that Mark kid who had my Biometal. Ugh... this shape is based on my original form back when I was built, so I look like a kid."

"It doesn't make you any less cute. ^_^"

"Gah... What happened to 'Mr. Nebula'?"

<*Mark was a character who appeared during the Thomas Incident, a boy who had a Biometal based on Nebula.>

Holding Cells

Struggling and thrashing, the still infected Fairy Leviathan knelt on the floor of the prison she was chained too, the energy beams attached to her arms crackling as they held her in place. "Let me go! You cannot do this to me! I have seen the light of the future, a light which burns too brightly for humans like you!"

Standing several feet away, outside of the door, a pair of human guards stood, rifles aimed in case she broke free. One of them glared at her, disgusted at the sight. "Look at 'er, just OOZIN' with that Hive stuff. Poor girl. I sure 'ope Miss Ciel can hurry with that extra AntiHive; Lord knows, she needs it."

Down the hallway, not too far from Nebula's current position, Ciel half ran half walked with a large supply of AntiHive in her arms, worry etched on her face. Bumping into a passing Reploid, she let out a cry and the antidote flew from her arms through the air. Before it could smash upon the floor, spilling it's contents across the ground, a red blur shot forward and caught it midair. Standing back up, AntiHive in hand, Zero gave Ciel a huge, X series style grin.

"Need a helping hand there, little lady?"

"Zero, you're okay!"

Ciel rushed to hug him, but stopped midway. "W-well, of course you're okay! I- I was just worried about you, that's all..."

Zero placed the medicine gently on the floor and put a hand on Ciel's shoulder. "I know. I worry about you every day too. Heck, I worry about you every passing second of my life, Ciel. Oh, stop blushing and come here, you!"

Smiling, Zero embraced Ciel, stroking her hair and landing a kiss on her forehead. Sighing, Ciel rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes, letting the fatigue, pain and suffering disappear, if only for the moment. They stood together for a moment, a short blissful moment, which was interrupted by a door opening and a figure stumbling though, landing face first on the floor.

His armor blackened, X looked up with an equally sooty face. Noticing both Zero and Ciel giving him questioning looks, he raised an eyebrow. "Oh, I'm sorry. Am I interrupting something?"

Zero laughed, his voice harsh and raspy from the yells and cries of battle. "You're fine, bud. I'm just glad to see you in one piece!"

Holding out a hand, Zero helped his friend up to his feet. They crossed arms in a gesture of friendship and smiled at each other. "Just like old times, eh X?"

"In a way, you're right Zero. Although I'm pretty sure I saved your butt more often than you did mine."

Ciel couldn't help but smile at the pair of Legendary Maverick Hunters, the best friends in the universe. If it wasn't for this war, I'd say we were in a paradise of our own...

Hearing footsteps, Ciel turned around and saw the (still childish looking) Nebula walk out of the crowded hallway, his face one of grumpiness as a Cyber Elf floated along side him, giggling at his appearance.

Nebula leaned against a wall, having noticed the antiHive/antidote Ciel was carrying. Looks like I came just in time. I'd better stand back and watch... I don't want them to know it's me in this form...

Then Sireff floated out to them and started talking. "Hey, Ms. Ciel! ^_^ So you're here to cure Ms. Fairy? Neb's here too! He said he had to clear his conscience or something, so he wanted to see Ms. Fairy back on her feet so Mr. Sage would feel better!"

Nebula facepalmed, hoping they wouldn't realize it was him... but then, who was he kidding? He looked too similar to be missed, now that they knew he was in the room...

Ciel raised an eyebrow at the Elf's statement, and eyed Nebula skeptically. "Um... alright then, I guess I'll just have to take your word for it. Well Nebula, if that IS you that is, I'm just about to administer this AntiHive to Leviathan. Thing is, I dunno if it will have any effects; the Hive Infection form that infested her drew on her power and bloated itself. It's at least three times the size of your normal one now, and she's fully infested. If anything, this will take a long time."

Zero looked at Nebula's childish form and put a hand over his mouth, struggling not to laugh at the sight. X merely sighed before removing his helmet and rubbing his head, caressing his bruised cranium. "Being human is much more painful than I thought it might be... anyway, I think we'd best move it to the holding cell. Last I saw, Leviathan was awake and none too happy with being jailed."

The foursome (five if you include Sireff) walked down to the elevator and after a short, yet annoying ride (for whatever reason, the corny elevator music system STILL worked) arrived at the detention block. From down the hallway, shouts of anger and rage could be heard, often times interrupted by a severely annoyed male voice.

"Let me go! You have no right to keep me from my Master!"

"Oh just shut up already!"

Ciel and Zero gave each a worried glance. "Guess she's deeper in than I thought..." Ciel mused. "Nebula, did she act anything like this when you, Foxstar and the others found her?"

Nebula shrugged. He was even grumpier from Zero's reaction to his form... "Well, she was like this, only instead of petulant anger, she was asking us to join her side. I don't think her psyche is being affected much by her stay in prison. ...Oh, will you stop that!?" Sireff had been giggling before, but now she was laughing uncontrollably. "Honestly... This form is useful because it uses much less power and isn't a big and bulky. It blends in better." He transformed back into Combat Form, and she stopped.

"Anyway... She's about what I expected. I would be worried if she were quiet, or crying or something, but I figured this is how her Hive personality would act. ...I will accompany you in Combat Form to make sure she doesn't go berserk. It's unpredictable what she'll do, given the chance to attack you."

Ciel nodded as they turned and walked down the hall, while Zero was still chuckling from the sight of Nebula looking like a kid. Once they reached the detention cell, the left human guard gave a relieved sigh and thanked them deeply for coming. "She's been goin' absolutely NUTS! Ranting on about paradise this and paradise that, and how we humans are too 'inferior' to see it and all that."

Zero crossed his arms and X gave the ranting Reploid a worried glance, and upon seeing the two former robots, Leviathan grew enraged. "Traitors! Betrayers of your own race! Now your true colors show, don't they?! I should have known you were nothing but a betrayer Zero, nothing more, nothing less! And you, X! Your Copy was superior in every way to you! He was superior to every last one of you TRAITORS!"

"Wow, awfully accusative today, aren't we?" Zero taunted, his eyes narrowed slightly. Holding up a hand, X prevented him from continuing.

"No need to provoke her. Leviathan, I know you're in there, but you'll be free soon, I promise you."

Instead of gratitude, Leviathan spat in X's direction in a gesture of disdain. "Free?! HAH! I AM free! I've seen the light of the future, but for humans like you it burns too brightly!"

"Enough of this, I'll try and inject her now..."

Ciel attempted to attach a small device to Leviathan's arm, but she knocked her back roughly. "Hands off of me, miscreant! You will not alter me and blind my sight to the truth!"

Zero, enraged, gave Leviathan a backhand across her face. "I don't care if it IS something controlling her, NO ONE hurts Ciel and get away with it!"

Holding Zero's arm, Ciel pulled him back. "It's alright, Zero. She didn't hurt me. Just please, calm yourself till I can heal her." Zero huffed and crossed his arms again, still glaring at Leviathan.

"...I'll take your word Ciel, but I'm leaving. I can't stand this anymore." The red armored warrior stomped out of the room, obviously upset. X motioned to Nebula for assistance. "Well, I think we had best pin her down before Ciel attempts any other moves."

"Right." I figured something like that would happen... He equipped his Slasher claw weapon, just to be safe, and pinned her arms as X pinned her legs. "Leviathan, you should know full well that X defines a Reploid. He is no traitor. ...Do you know what it means to have free will? It means being able to do whatever you like, but choosing to do what is right, for the good of everyone else. Those who bring harm to innocents, or brainwash people into being evil, those are traitors. You're a traitor for letting yourself be swayed into thinking that being brainwashed is just fine, so long as it's turning more people to your false reality."

Thrashing and tossing, Leviathan shot a piercing glare at her captors and continued her possessed rant. "Lies! All lies! The humans enslave us and force us to do their bidding against our will! It's the truth, and you cannot deny it with your malevolent web of falsehoods!"

Ciel cautiously approached the struggling Reploid and, with a swift movement, injected a triple point needle into her neck. As the AntiHive coursed through her system, waging war on the infestation inside of her body, Leviathan tore her shackles from the wall and knocked both X and Nebula (who switched back to his Humanoid Form mid-flight) back, holding her head and screaming in mortal agony. Falling to the floor, she convulsed and writhed in an almost insectile manner. As Ciel, X, and the solders outside watched in shock, the young doctor said aloud, "It's not her, it's just the Hive."

Even so, watching the Ice Guardian twitch on the floor like some dying bug was more than a little unnerving, but she eventually laid still, the infection wiped out. Standing back up, X hoisted the now unconscious Reploid onto his shoulder and nodded to the others. "I'll get her to the Repair Bay. Lord knows how messed up her system is from the infection."

Just as he was about to leave, Dracoex walked into the room and saluted Ciel and X. He stared at Fairy Leviathan's comatose body for a moment, then proceeded to announce something.

"M'lord and m'lady, we have finished administering the AntiHive. Ninety percent of the infected have recovered fully, and the others are well on their way. Also, we have received a transmission from the enemy; they wish to speak to you and X, m'lady."

Ciel raised an eyebrow at this news. "Is that so? ...I'll be there in a moment."

Nebula went back into his Humanoid form. "Hmph, I'm not going to like what the fake has to say. I can't wait until I get the chance to rip his girly head off..." He punched his palm and cracked his knuckles. "...'Cuz I KNOW it'll happen eventually. You know how it is... I figure we'll have to fight another five real tough guys, then we'll attack the enemy fortress. ...Bah, now I'm talking like a video game! ...Hey, have you seen Dracoex's team around?"

Nebula looked at Draco and facepalmed. "Ugh, I need to pay more attention. Hey, Dracoex." Then, realizing that he just revealed his teenage-looking human form to yet another person he converses with regularly, he double-facepalmed.

Dracoex merely ignored Nebula's change and led the group to the command center, which by now was cleared of the infected humans. Troops stood by the doorways, standing guard with a nervous air around them. Above the group, a huge screen flickered to life, revealing what seemed to be Elpizo.

A smile spread across his face as Elpizo looked upon the leaders of what remained of Innerpeace. "Greetings, my foes. I must congratulate you all on defeating my army. A most spectacular display of-"

"Just shut up and cut to the chase, will you? What do you want?" Just about everyone stared at Ciel as the heavily uncharacteristic line came from her mouth, her face one of anger. However, Copy Elpizo merely chuckled and flipped a strand of his blonde hair over his shoulder as he responded.

"My my, awfully impatient today, are we not? I suggest learning some manners, young lady. Even for a human, it ill benefits anyone to be so vulgar. As for your question, is it not obvious? I wish for this pointless conflict to end. So many Reploid lives have been lost already to this tragedy, and I merely wish to end it."

"Then call off your forces and leave! Things were peaceful here until you showed up."

"Little human, do you not realize that so called utopia you have forged for yourselves is naught but a mere prison for my kind? You make us like yourselves, you call us 'equals', but you do not mean it. All Reploids have been made for one purpose and one purpose alone in your eyes; to serve."

Nebula burst out at the condescending villain. "AS IF, you faker! Are you forgetting that you're the one brainwashing people into serving you!? I'm doing this because I feel obligated to help people who've helped me, and because I hate it when some copycat pretends he's better than the real thing! ...Why don't any of you Mavericks understand it? You guys... you make me sick. Making people like Leviathan turn against their siblings, forcing people to fight... You're using the stereotype of humans mistreating Reploids as an excuse to wreak havok! If you had eyes, you would see that we work together just fine!"

His mind flashed back to the fights aghainst Thomas before he had come. Fighting alongside Maverick Hunters like Mark, Wren, Duon, working with time-displaced friends like Volnutt, X2, Vile... "...I won't have you disrespecting my friends, who fought with me for peace. If you don't stand down, know this: I WILL destroy you. I will do it personally, if at all possible."

Master E's eyes flashed with anger and, for a split second, shone an evil, crimson red. "You dare to threaten me? Insolent rube! You have just sealed the fate of all that reside with you there by your words! I swear to you all th-""

Before he could finish, a flash of spinning green shot through the air and sliced through the screen, cutting it cleanly in half. As the bottom section fell and shattered, X, Dracoex and Ciel all turned to face Zero as he caught his Shield Boomerang and shut it down.

"Hey, don't tell me I wasn't the only one who wanted to do that."

Ciel smiled and X laughed while Dracoex merely held a :/ face and stood silently. Zero turned back to what remained of the screen and gave it an arcane hand gesture before he reminded Ciel about Leviathan. "Oh my, I completely forgot about her!"

X (who was still holding Leviathan for whatever reason) ran with Ciel to the Repair Bay to fix her up a bit. Dracoex yawned and stretched his arms, a habit picked up from being around a bored Fefnir.

"I dare say that effectively ends the 'negotiations,' wouldn't you Nebula? For shame too. I never found a chance to voice my mind. Oh, and I just remembered something: Ciel had Aloutte fix up a room for you, Nebula. It isn't much - well, last time I checked, it wasn't - but we could at least give you something as thanks."

<I feel like I should mention that this is the part where a guy thougth it would be funny to write a three-post long story about Craft. And he thought it would be hilarious to make him a homosexual. I didn't archive the actual writing because it didn't belong, and it doesn't deserve a place in TITAL either. It has been retconned. I mean, even Nebula seems to be reacting to it negatively, and he wasn't involved.>

Nebula twitched. I feel as if something terrible just happened, and the universe almost collapsed... but then it was righted in an instant. Oh well. "Yeah, I kinda wanted to as well. Let that neophyte throw all he's got at us... We can take it. ...You know, I was wondering about Alouette. She was always clinging to Ciel, but I didn't see you together, so I was kinda worried she was... Huh." He walked out of the room. Then he poked his head back in. "...Hey, where IS my room? I mean, this place is huge. I'd be wandering for hours trying to find it."

Dracoex raised a hand and pointed to the hallway. "It's in the residential section of the HQ, one floor down and the second door on your right. Oh, and don't be like Falcona and NOT ask for help should you loose your way."

Nebula nodded and took off.

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Nebula's Room

The little girl Reploid Alouette, cleaning in Nebula's room, sang quietly to herself and her doll she held in one arm, her other one busy dusting off a window pane.

"Twinkle, twinkle little star... wow, we need more than just a duster for this mess! Stay right here, I'll go get something else to clean this up!"

Setting her doll on the bed, Alouette skipped out of the room and to a nearby supply closet. With a bit of a struggle, she managed to drag a hose vacuum into the room. Wiping her forehead from exertion, the little girl hefted the hose to the window and turned on the vacuum.


In an instant, the entire room was filled with dust, Alouette herself covered in it. She blinked twice before looking at her equipment. "Oops, forgot to turn it off reverse..."

Nebula entered the room, covering his face with his hand. "Ugh, it's really dusty in here... Is anybody in there? I can't see... if you are, hide behind something NOW." He transformed and took out his StarSaber. He charged up some energy, waited, just to be safe, and swung. The energy from the Kougenjin he fired blew all the dust against the walls and out of the air. He coughed as he reverted to Human Form. "Oh, hey! You're Alouette, right? Good thing you got out of the way. I kept it at a low power level, and set it to disperse after only a couple of feet, but who knows what could've happened?"

Alouette coughed and waved her hand, clearing the last bit of dust that floated in the air around her. "*cough**cough* Huh? Oh, you're that Nebula guy that Ciel told me about. I was cleaning up this room for you, but..." Shyly, she pointed at the now powered down vacuum cleaner, it's switch still on reverse. Nervously she put her hands behind her back and kicked at the floor.

"I'm really sorry about this mess, Mr. Nebula sir... I'll get it cleaned up though, I promise!"

"It's fine. To be honest, I'm surprised enough to be given a room. I thought you guys had your resources stretched thin enough already. Well, I can't let you take care of all the cleanup. I just wanna get a few things from... well, my old place. Er, the version in this dimension... Well, nevermind. I'll help you clean this up when I get back from an old friend's place." Nebula turned around and sprinted to an elevator.

He took it down to the Transerver Room. "Hey, computer, transfer to these coordinates."

[There are no known areas of interest here. Are you sure you input the correct coordinates?]


[Are you sure you wish to transfer?]


"Alright, here we go." Nebula was transferred to the middle of a desert. "And I thought my room was dusty..." He stumbled through, eventually stopping at a mound of sand. "It must be here." He started digging with his Slasher until he eventually found a doorway. "Ahh, here it is."

He tapped in a few keys on the panel next to the door, and it slid open. He quickly stepped in and sealed it again, leaving himself in pitch darkness. "Now where is that light switch..." He fumbled with several switches on the wall until he found one that illuminated the structure.

"Here it is, Light Labs. Since all that crazy stuff with Omega and Oud never happened, it's never been moved. It's still sleeping here. And that means the bikes should still be downstairs... But I doubt anybody else is still here. I'd better take what I need and go."

[Scanning area. Identified as Light Labs, residence and workplace of Dr. Thomas Light.]

He walked over to a table and picked up a crystal. "This is the one." He generated a copy X-Buster and opened it up. He inserted the prismatic crystal into it and put it together again, only it was different. This time, it was a weapon he had seen used by Mega Man Volnutt.

[Created Shining Laser!]

"Alright, no more goofing off for me." He picked up several parts lying around and hastily constructed a Vacuum Arm from what he had seen of Volnutt's. "Here it is. Now, since I didn't get an Operator to send me here, I'll have to return on my own..."

He ran to the door leading to the basemement, opened it... and fell down the stairs. He tumbled down, falling directly onto his face. "Oww... I guess some things don't change, no matter how many realities you go through." He got onto one of the motorcycles sitting there. Then he remembered that this part of the Lab was underground.

He dragged the vehicle upstairs, then gathered up certain tools, parts, chips, and blueprints into a bag before slinging it over his shoulder and turning on another computer.

[...Are you sure you want to move the Labs? Doing so while submerged may cause some displacement.]


A minute later, the whole thing was back on the surface, and Nebula was riding away, watching as the sandstorm buried it again. "Man, I need to move that thing to a nicer place when we're done. ...Then again, not my dimension. I should leave it where it is."

Eventually, he made it back to Innerpeace. "Ugh, I hope they don't shoot me. I should slow down so they don't get too alarmed." He eased up on the throttle as he got closer. He stopped and waved at the guards on watch before pulling his ride into the lift.

He left his motorcycle in the hallway and stepped into his room. "Hey, Alouette. Sorry that took so long, I got lost in the middle of a sandstorm. Well, I've got just what we need to clean this up ASAP." He held up the Vacuum Arm. "I modeled it after the one that belonged to another friend of mine. It should suck up all the dust in the room in seconds!"

Alouette saw the powerful looking device, grabbed her doll and stood back at the doorway, watching. "If you say so, I think I'll just stand back here."

Nebula turned on the non-weapon he had acquired, sucking up all the dust. It was just fine until a pillow got sucked in. "Agh, it's jammed, and the pillow is shredded to bits! I'll have to fix this thing later..." He sighed and removed the Vacuum Arm, setting it on the desk. "I guess I didn't give him enough credit... this thing ain't easy to use." I think this place will make an excellent little lab for a while, though.

Alouette stared with a wide-eyed expression at the speed in which the room was cleared, but she quickly regained her composure. "Wow, that was fast! You can solve any problem, can't you Mr. Nebula?"

"I'd say he can, Alouette. He even helped solve my problem!"

At the sound of the voice, the little girl Reploid turned around and gasped upon seeing the speaker. Leaning on the doorframe, one hand on her hip, Fairy Leviathan smiled down at her, blue eyes shining. "Hey Alouette. Long time, no see."

"Ms. Leviathan! You're okay!"

Squealing with joy, Alouette jumped and gave Leviathan a hug, which she responded to by returning the sentiment. "Of course I'm okay! We've got Ciel here to take care of us, and now that the AntiHive is finished, we can help her ourselves!"

Putting Alouette down, the blue Reploid looked over in Nebula's direction. "I was told that you're the one who saved me and brought me here from that dreadful Hive nexus. Thank you so much."

Nebula shook his head. "Well... I did it because an old friend of mine... Well, let's just say I'd feel awkward leaving you to die. That, and I'm here to help out, and that doesn't mean 'Kill everything that moves'. Now that you're back, Sage Harpuia should return to his old self, and the four Guardians will be back together." He pointed his thumb at his bag. "...I'm also going to try helping out with upgrading the base, everybody's weapons, vehicles, repairing stuff, and eventually, I'll help restore the city to the way it was. ...I kinda owe these people for letting me help, and even giving me a room! I mean, sometimes, you go and help people, and they think you're some kinda monster! ...Well, that was back home, so it doesn't apply here."

He set the bag down opened it, pulling out a few tools. "I can fix a lot of things..." ...But not everything... " if you have any minor trouble with a vehicle or terminal or whatever, feel free to call your multidimensional tech support, Nebula!"

Leviathan shrugged. "Well, can that keep me from feeling grateful? If it wasn't for you, I'd still be possessed by that... horror..."

She shuddered and rubbed her arms in a self hug, still shaken from the memories of being under the Hive's influence. All of a sudden, her eyes went wide and she grabbed Nebula by his arms. "Wait, my brother is in trouble?! When did this happen?! Where is Harpuia?!"

Alouette nervously spoke up, raising her hand and signifying that she had something to say about the matter. "Uh, he got all sad when you got captured and he went to sleep. He... hasn't woke up yet."

Without another word, Leviathan raced out of the room, skidded slightly as she changed direction, and dashed off to the room where her brother resided. Alouette watched as she ran off, an anime styled sweatdrop appearing beside her. "Uh... you think you should follow her? No offense to her, but... she's scary when she gets excited."

Nebula shrugged. "Well, uh... I learned a long time ago not to mess with female generals. DO NOT talk to them when they're in berserk mode." He silently tiptoed up to the door behind her and listened. "Man, I bet she'll open it and send me- CRAAAAAAP!" He was interrupted by the door being smashed open, throwing him violently into the seat of his motorcycle. Backwards. And accidentally kicking the ignition...

He accelerated up a flight of stairs, up to a balcony, then off the edge into oblivion. "TOTALLY called it!" He yelled, grabbing the ledge with his left hand, the bike with his right. "Gah... S-see, Alouette?! This is ALWAYS wh-what happens...! Something w-will always happen, and I always, always, ALWAYS! End up in a d-dire situation!" He hefted the vehicle back onto the ledge, then pulled himself up. "...I will NEVER do that again."

<Cue clip show of all the times he will inevitably do that again, provided he doesn't die before then!>

*Squashed between a wall and a solid stone door*
*Strapped to a wall with knives embedded in the wood inches from his face*
*Is only a head with a -_- face*
*Dangling from a balcony with somebody standing over him with a weapon*
*Being sprayed with energy shots*
*Pinned to the ground with a weapon held at his neck*
*Falling through a trap door set in the floor into a pit of spikes*
*Head is stuck in the ceiling*
*Duct Tape'd to a powerful ceiling fan*
*Being electrified in some kind of trap, like Volnutt in MML1*
*Has several guns pressing against his head*
*Is being repeatedly stepped on by a giant mecha Ride Armor*

Alouette half gasped/half shrieked as Nebula shot by her and nearly fell to his death, barely managing to pull himself back up to safety. "Wow... if this has happened to you before, then I don't want to hear about it. Anyway, I think she's calmed down a bit. I'm gonna go see if Mr. Harpuia is okay."

In the room where the repair pods for Reploids were kept, Leviathan stood before a still half-asleep figure in green and white armor. He was thin, sported a helmet with wings, and had a pair of them on his back as well. On his waist he bore two Saber handles; his weapons. His face was a slightly haughty one, with an almost permanent scowl placed there. Above his green cheek patches, his eyes slowly opened as he finished rubbing them. At first, Sage Harpuia blinked twice and rubbed his eyes again, then stared with his mouth slightly ajar.


With a cry of joy, Leviathan embraced the Thunder General, tears of happiness flowing freely from her azure eyes. "Brother... I'm so sorry..."

After recovering from his initial shock, Harpuia embraced his sister and reassured her in a gentle tone. "No... it's I who should be sorry. The mere fact that I failed to protect you, that you had to defend me... that is something I cannot atone for."

Sighing, he shook his head and held Leviathan at am arms length. "Ah, what am I ranting on about? That's in the past. What matters now is that you're here, with us, safe. Tell me, was it not X or Zero who rescued you from that wretched blight that is the Hive?"

Leviathan shook her head and pointed to Nebula (who is in the doorway by now). "No, brother. He is the one who saved me. His name is Nebula, and if it wasn't for him, I'd still be a slave to the Hive and that Copy of Commander Elpizo."

Sage Harupia released his protective hold on his sibling and approached Nebula, eying him curiously. "Hm... your build... it reminds me of X himself... no matter. I am Sage Harpuia, formerly one of the Four Guardians of Neo Arcadia, now of Innerpeace. I thank you profusely for saving my sister. If you didn't... I do not know what I would have done with myself."

"I just did what needed to be done. I couldn't leave her there. I've learned, as time goes on, Reploids get to be even more like humans. People can be... illogical... sometimes. Even if it wasn't my duty, even if she has nothing to do with anybody I knew back home, I still couldn't just leave somebody to have a fate worse than death. ...That, and I don't like to see people sulking. We'll need all the help we can get to take down Captain E-For-Imbecilic. I mean, look at all the effort they took just to get an old model like me over from across the Multiverse!"

"Nevertheless, I can still thank you for saving her, and I do. Regardless, I must see Ciel immediately. No doubt I have missed much due to my own foolishness, and I must compensate. If you'll excuse me..."

So saying, Harpuia exited the room and headed to the elevator in search of some answers. Leviathan sighed and shook her head. "Brother. Always so hard on himself... anyway, I think I had better get some rest in. After that struggle with the Hive I'm in dire need of a recharge. Thanks again, Nebula."

After she left as well, Alouette looked up at the white Reploid and asked him a question in a small voice. "Wow, I didn't know he'd still be so distant. Guess some things never change, huh? ...well, I think I'm gonna hit the sack too. It's getting late, and boy am I tired. Hope you enjoy your room, Mr. Nebula!"

Skipping off happily, the little Reploid sang to herself as she danced to her room, her hair flapping behind her.

Nebula shrugged, wincing. "Agh, dislocated shoulder..." He walked back to his room, punching his arm repeatedly... Until it finally popped back into place with a metalic click. "Ah, there we go!" He immediately retired to bed.

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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:49 am

Outskirts of Innerpeace

A large structure, only recently assembled, stands against the setting sun, glorious in it's fading light. It was semblent of a medieval castle in design, but towered over the highest one ever constructed. All around it, hordes of Mavericks gathered, like an ancient army. Through the center of the mass of rouge machines, two figures marched down towards the huge building, one with a limp in her stride, the other feebly clutching his double headed scythe.

Together, Zephyra and Tryton entered the complex and, after much navigating the labyrinthian causeways, entered a huge room, illuminated by the shining light of a setting sun through stained glass windows. Approaching the far end of the room, the two went down on their knees and waited in silence.

For a while, nothing happened at all. No sound reverberated in the room, no movement disturbed the air. All was caught in one moment of utter nothingness in action. Then a voice sounded from the high stepped platform above the two Reploids.

"So... you have failed your mission, yes?"

Without lifting their heads, Tryton and Zephyra responded in unison. "Yes, Master E. We have no excuse for our failure, save our own incompetence."

With slow, deliberate steps, a purple clad Reploid stepped down from his throne, golden hair seemingly ablaze in the sunlight. On his hip he had a shimmering rapier thrust through a single band. His cape fluttered slightly as he walked down the final steps, holding before him the sight of his defeated minions. Sighing, Master E closed his eyes and shook his head.

"No, my kin. You are not incompetent. All Reploids are superior to humans in the fact our motives are pure; you must remember this. Also, fear not. I will not hold this loss to your credit. One battle is not a war."

Again with one voice, the two responded. "Thank you for your kindness, our Master. We will not fail you again."

"See that you don't, but not at the cost of your lives." Putting both of his hands under their chins, Master E looked both Tryton and Zephyra in their eyes. "You, like all of my race, are far to precious to me. I cannot bear to loose another one of you, and that is the reason I accepted the Hive from my creator, as you both know. Forcing them to come to us is not an honorable way to save souls, but... I have no choice. Our kind deserves a far better fate than what the humans have planned for us. Now go and rest, my kin. I will not trouble you any further."

Rising to their feet, Zephyra and Tryton saluted and walked off to follow their master's orders. Sighing again, Master E returned to his throne, sat down and rested his chin on his left fist as he watched them depart. "Why must they be so deluded, these humans? They think they can order us as they please, command us to die at a whim, and not care for our sakes when our lives are near the end?"

"That is why you fight them, is it not?"

Behind him appeared a hologram of a cloaked figure, it's voice dark and sinister. Copy Elpizo nodded slightly without looking back at it. "Yes, that is my reasoning to the letter. I will not permit my brothers and sisters to be enslaved by those inferior organic creatures."

A small smile formed on the figure's barely visible face, and a pair of red eyes dimly flared in the shadow's of it's hood. "Excellent. You do that, and I will assure you the paradise you and your brethren seek."

Nebula was up early the next morning, working on his motorcycle. "It's no Ride Chaser, but soon enough, it'll be just as good... No, waaaay better!"

Meanwhile, in a city on a far away continent...


Fire everywhere. It was all burning. It didn't look as bright as the other futuristic cities. In fact, it looked borderline distopian.

A reploid in black armor was kicking a human on the ground. "...Just tell me where the nearest telephone is, and I'll stop hurting you." He kicked again and again, not giving him a chance to speak. Eventually, he decided to take another victim. He kicked the body aside and walked up to another man, who was watching in horror.

"Hello, friend. Mind telling me where I can find a telephone, or maybe a Transerver?"

The man tried running, but the reploid flickered and appeared in front of him. grabbing his throat, lifting him into the air. He repeatedly asked about the telephone, laughing as he sqeezed the life out of yet another person.

Back where Nebula was...

Ghhghghhhk...! Ugh, what was that feeling!? It felt so awful... Man, I hope it's not another one of those premonitions. This feels worse than anything I've even encountered... He shook his head and continued. "Let's see, Slot 5A should be wider, 5B should be narrow, and slots 8A, 8B, 9A, and 9B should all be identical."

With a bounce in her step, Falcona bounded down the stairway to the vehicle repair shop. Ever since the victory of the Innerpeace Army over the forces of Master E, at least for the time being, the female Reploid was a good deal cheerier. Whether that was a good or ill thing was up your point of view, but she most certainly had a pleased air about her. Upon seeing Nebula working on his motorcycle, she walked up and leaned on a bench of tools next to him.

"Heya Neb! Workin' on your ride, I see? Well, I got some news for ya; Ciel says she could use some help in her lab when ya get the chance. She's workin' on a new project, but she ain't got the time to get it complete, so she wanted to know if you could lend her a helpin' hand or two."

Nebula shrank away when he saw her, even more when he noticed that she was HAPPY-looking. "Huh? Oh, I'd love to help out! This is almost done anyway, so I'll be over as soon as possible!" He made a few last-minute adjustments and finished putting on the unusually shiny casing before grabbing his tools and dashing up the stairs. He almost knocked a few people over before remembering to revert to Human Form.

He sprinted up the stairs, down the hall, through the Briefing Room, startling a couple of Reploids, eventually slowing down as he came to the Lab. He opened the door without bothering to knock; she probably wasn't in there anyway. Then, again, she had just sent for him. Anyway, he pushed the door open and stood in the doorway. "Hey, Ciel, what did you w-"

"Eep!" Ciel jumped from surprise as Nebula barged into her laboratory, dropping a computer chip and causing it to shatter on the floor. Whirling around, she gave the white Reploid a rather angry glare. "Nebula! Didn't you think to knock?"

Catching herself and sighing, Ciel slumped her shoulders and shook her head. "I'm sorry for snapping... I'm just low on supplies and, well... that was the last macrochip I had. I guess I'll have to get to building another one. Anyway, come over here. I've been working on this little project for a while now, and I could use your help."

Walking over to a table, the doctor showed Nebula what looked like a combat Reploid under construction. It was a female, and it's torso was covered in pink light armor. It's legs and arms, as of yet unconnected to it's main frame, had solid silver armor that covered their entire length. Her head, eyes still closed, had short cropped blonde hair and a pair of Zero-esque ear spikes.

"Her name is Sola. She's been in progress for... well, since before this whole disaster started. I had to stop work on her once the chaos began, and I haven't had a chance to finish her since. I think that her abilities could further our chances of winning this desperate struggle, but... well, even with the victory we have just received, I just don't have the time. I have the schematics and programming data ready, but like I said, time is something I just don't have. I hate to pester you when you are no doubt busy. But could you perhaps finish her for me?"

Nebula snapped his fingers. "Easy! You already have the schematics, all I have to do is put it together! A monkey could do it. Well, one with degrees in several areas regarding engineering and technology, but a monkey nonetheless. To be honest, I'm bored. I haven't had a mission in over 12 hours, and I'm almost done with all the modifications to the bike I 'borrowed', and I'm kinda making excuses to do extra work. Rest assured, Sola will be finished with the exact specs you set, no corners cut! So, the armor will be Ceratanium* (Duratanium* armor will be too heavy to move in), Grade A Nanotech 'skin' (based on the silver armor, I think it should be white)...
...Class S Energy Core (excellent energy management, second only to my own system*), and the best processor I can get my hands on (probably from Light Labs)? Do you think that'll work out?" He immediately went into techie mode and started synching with the base's computers to run a global-range scan to find the right materials. He stepped out of the room, being careful not to knock anything over this time. He ran back to where his bike was to scrounge around for materials.

<*Ceratanium is a tough, flexible metal that more advanced armor is usually made from. In Mega Man Zero 4, it was always a component in Body Armor Chips. Duratanium is its heavier counterpart. Toughest metal around, but too heavy to make a Reploid out of. Usually used to make unbelievably durable doors and walls. The system Nebula refers to is his self-sufficient energy system, which actually creates an excess of energy, which he accumulates for times when he needs it.>

"I've got a little left-over Ceratanium, but not nearly enough... I'll have to find some. Luckily, it's pretty commonly found in the areas around Area Zero*... I'll go back to the Labs for the processor, and the core could be made if I just had a size 200 E-Crystal, along with some other parts..." He typed up a list inside his head. "I don't wanna waste any power on the Transerver..." He got on his bike and took it up the lift to the roof.

"Okay. Time to head out..." He put on a cloak to protect himself from the winds and started the vehicle, shooting off the roof and landing (strangely unharmed) on the ground below. He shot off in the direction of Area Zero first...

<*Area Zero was the only place in the world where nature still existed at the time of Mega Man Zero 4. It was actually the crash site of the Eurasia Space Colony from Mega Man X5. Mega Man Zero 4 revolved around protecting the place, and the settlers there, from Dr. Weil.>

"...Okay, got enough Ceratanium and a big enough E-Crystal to refine into a core. Just gotta check everywhere else..." He jumped back out of the barrel of the Particle Beam Cannon that, until Zero stopped it, was under Heat Genblem's command. "Man, this is easy. It's only taken me about two hours. ...Zero DID always say that the fight for Area Zero was strangely easy. It's got an abundance of materials."

<For the record, Nebula has only talked that extensively with the Zero from his own world.>

Sitting at her desk, Ciel types furiously on her computer, working on how to salvage what energy they had and distribute it evenly without loosing too much at a time. Both her fingers and her mind raced as they attempted to run huge amounts of calculations, but even with her genetically superior mind, the toil from the recent struggles prevented the numbers from adding up. Giving an explosive sigh, she pushed away from her desk in an ill tempered manner, her swivel chair spinning slowly as it reacted to her outburst.

Just then, Nebula walked back through the door, pieces in hand. This lightened up the scientist's mood a small amount, and she stood up to help him in. "Oh, you're back Nebula. Thank you so much for doing this. I'll just stand over here, so I won't get in your way."

"Alright. Now, I'll have to ask for other specs... I can make thicker armor, but it will make her less flexible. I would normally assume you're going for flexibility. I could do the opposite and lighten the armor...
...And then there's the personality and DNA Core. I dunno what AI you have ready, but it should be tweaked to make sure it suits the body. The DNA is, as you know, the identification signal that radiates from most Reploids so you can tell who they are. I assume you already took care of all programming issues... If not, I could help out. Don't expect anything I program to make sense, though."

He set to work finishing her internal mechanisms... he seemed to be slightly timid about it, though. This is EXTREMELY awkward... "I finished refining the crystal for the core, and I made some slight adjustments. It's more effective to place the core slightly more center, unlike how some people put the crystal in place of a human's heart. Better circulation of energy. I put in an Overdrive* mechanism that's slightly more stable than yours. I figure it's weaker, but this body can't take full-on Overdrive energy for too long."

<*Overdrive is a mechanism that allows one to use their more powerful skills, but it puts a drain on their energy, as well as piling on the stress.>

"Well, for the AI I have ready, it's... let us say, I failed to finish it's emotion codrex comepletely, but it is there. Sola will just be rather emotionless for a while. Of course, this may have side effects on her personality when they start appearing, and it may be hard on her. I'm a little hesitant to install it now, but with time running short I don't have much choice. As for the armor, I prefer to keep it light. Sola is built for speed and agility, so I don't think heavy armor will suit her. Hold on..."

Typing a slew of quick commands into her computer console, Ciel caused it to generate a glowing computer chip from it's dispensing slot. Holding it up, she looked at it carefully to see if there were any errors present in it's design, then turned around and handed it to Nebula. "Here it is. After you're done, I have the boot program on my console, ready to execute. Just uplink her body with the console here after you've installed her AI chip, and hit Run Program. I'd stay and help, but I have work to finish elsewhere and I don't have much time to complete it in."

He nodded, immediately setting to work. With one hand, he was typing on her computer, with the other, he was holding the AI chip. He inserted it as he opened the Bootup program and readied it for use. He took a pair of nearby cables and used them to hook Sola's body to the computer. "Heh, she looks a little like Grey* with the cables plugged in... they even have the same color. Where'd you get these?"

<*Grey is the male protagonist of Mega Man ZX Advent, and started the game plugged into a capsule with a pair of thick, red cables.>

All he got was a blank look from the young scientist. "Oh, right, not for another 200 years... Sorry, I was in the future for a while, and there was a kid with cables in his back... I forget where I met him, though. I think it was in some backwater place... He was pretty good with a Buster Shot Gun. ...Ah, it's finished loading the AI." He started the Bootup process...

"This should take only a little while. She'll be up and moving any second."

In a few hours, I accomplished what would've taken Ciel a month. I guess it goes to show how much it helps to be able to go out anytime and get new resources. No Maverick or Hive underling would mess with me without an army to back 'em up, and I know where just about anything can be found.

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Archive: Mega Man Zero 5 RP Empty Re: Archive: Mega Man Zero 5 RP

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Sun Oct 07, 2012 3:57 am

Inside of the computer's systems, a single red LED pulsed, steadily glowing on and off. It's sole purpose was to begin the birth of the machines known as Reploids, and it awaited it's command to do so. From above, the signal it required appeared as a yellow blot of light and flowed down into the circuitry surrounding it. With many a crackle and spark, the circuits flared with electricity and sent pulses of data along their lengths, encrypting information from Sola's AI chip and sending throughout her body. After a mere 16 microseconds, the firmware was spread like an informative blanket across her system, the matrix required for her body's operation complete. Then, with a what would be blinding surge of power, energy was dumped into her processors, causing it to spark to life.

In the overworld (for lack of a better term), Nebula and Ciel watched as Sola's eyes opened slowly, revealing them to be an emerald shade of green. With nary a grunt or other human like form of exertion, she soundlessly rolled off of the table and on to her feet. Standing erect, she looked with a blank expression at the two responsible for her creation. From the armor on the side of her head, a neon green screen deployed over her eyes like sunglasses, but she used these to scan the two. Once she finished, Sola spoke in a mechanical, yet obviously feminine voice.

"Subjects identified. Subject one - Combat Reploid. Subject two - Human female. System requires verbal identification to verify and log subjects as non-threats. Please comply."

Even though she knew her creation would be distant, Ciel was still rather set back by being spoken too in such a bland way. Nevertheless, she did as she was asked. "I am Doctor Ciel, human researcher. I study alternate energy forms and uses, Reploid mechanics and other various subjects along that line. I am currently second in command here, in the oppressed country of Innerpeace."

Sola made no sign that she had heard, save to turn to face Nebula and repeat her query, her face stoic as she mouthed the words.

Nebula, being a machine himself, completely understood how emotionless Reploids could be. He remembered, once, being accidentally activated before Dr. Light had installed his Emotion chip. "I am Nebula, a combat Reploid, as you know. We are non-hostiles. Dr. Ciel here built most of you, and I helped finish." Now I know... how Thomas Light always felt. He must've felt this way when he built each of us... It's funny, thinking that I helped to create a Reploid, instead of destroying it. "...Rest assured, while humans and I share illogical thought processes, neither of us is strange enough to build a Reploid, only to destroy it or show hostility to it. He are non-hostile."

Sola once more made no physical affirmation that she had registered what Nebula had said, but this time she did respond verbally. "Acknowledged. Subjects logged as Ciel-#0001 and Nebula-#0002. Tagged status: non-hostile. Additional tags: Ciel - Direct Commander. Awaiting further instructions."

Ciel ordered Sola to go about the base and tag everyone else there as non-hostiles, to which she immediately responded to by silently and briskly walking out. As the door shut behind Sola, Ciel gave a sigh and shook her head. "I can only imagine what will happen to her when her emotions start to rise. She's so precise right now, and when she gains those feelings, I do not know if it will obscure her ability to think in such a clear manner. ...anyway, I thank you again Nebula. Right now though, I need to return to work. It seems that our reactor plant for the base is slowly loosing it's ability to produce a constant stream of energy. It's not from the lack of E-Crystals; we mine them from the ground below, but it may be from overuse... perhaps we can scavenge something from one of the nearby enemy outposts?"

Ciel gave Nebula a look of uncertainty, followed knowing glace. Smiling, she flipped a small strand of her hair over her shoulder. "I think I may have a mission for you, Nebula."

"YEEESSSSS...!" Finally, I don't have to make excuses to go out and do stuff! Then he looked down, realizing he was still in Combat Form. "Oh, I forgot to switch back earlier. I hope Sola remembers me in Human Form. She'll probably notice that I'm not a Combat Reploid in that form, and it may be a little confusing. So... I'll be hanging around the Command Room, waiting for the mission. I figure I'll hear the official briefing." He walked out, careful not to tread on anything with his oversize boots. There were a few people who were still pondering the emotionless Reploid they had seen.

Command Room

"Agh, come on!" Exclaimed Rouge as she gave the console in front of her a punch out of sheer frustration, her ire rising at it's unresponsiveness. However, all that did was cause the flickering screen to blink once more, then shut down completely. Her mouth hung open in silent, unbelieving shock for a brief moment, then she facedesked on the malfunctioning console and mumbled. "I swear, this has been the worst month in my life..."

Dracoex, upon hearing her face hit the desk, sheathed his blade and broke off from his sparring match with Zero they had been doing while they waited. Walking up to the distraught female Reploid, he asked what was putting a frown on her face. Without even bothering to lift her head, Rouge responded in a semi muffled voice. "The console is busted. Not enough power, so the transerver is useless."

The emerald armored Reploid held his chin thoughtfully. "Hm... seems that we have no choice but to go out on foot. Well, I'll make sure the vehicles are ready to move out at a moment's notice."

Nebula ran in. "Hey, what's up?" The panel is dim, so I guess the Transerver is out of power. Are they going out on a mission, too? The same mission? "...Are you guys going on a mission for Ciel, too?"

Zero finished swinging his Z-Saber about before turning to face the white Reploid. "For Ciel? Yeah, we are. She wants us to go to Area C and rob some supplies from a supply train."

He chuckled as he recalled a similar mission from his past. "Just like old times. I know he ain't around anymore, but I'd love to give ol' Panter Flauclaws a rematch."

<*Panter Flauclaws was the boss of the Train mission in Mega Man Zero 2. Thunder Elemental.>

"Nebula, their mission is separate from yours." All heads turned to see a pink/silver Reploid walk in behind Nebula, a smooth, constant flowing stride carrying her into the room. Sola approached the white Reploid and explained her presence. "Dr. Ciel found it suitable for this unit to accompany you during your mission. Analysis of situation has deducted two possible reasons. #1 She wishes to test this unit's battle readiness. #2 She does not want you going alone. Both reasons are non-conflicting and entirely plausible."

"So... We all ride the train, steal from it, and get off at an enemy outpost, then raid it together? And are you coming with? I doubt Ciel had time to test you out yet." Nebula shrugged. "...But there's no better test than a good mission."

"Affirmative. Awaiting further orders."

Zero and Dracoex looked at each other with a pair of concerned faces, obviously unsure of their opinion of the newcomer Reploid, before Zero turned to Nebula and responded. "Well, we could do that, but we'd have to be quick. The train is due at the intercept area in the next hour."

"I say Nebula, but... could you tell your young friend here to stop looking at me so? It's rather... disconcerting." Dracoex managed to force out while under Sola's stoic, unrelenting gaze. Instinctively his hand went to his sword handle, and Sola's reaction was instant. In a second, she had punched the green Reploid in the stomach and pinned him to the ground with a single kick. Her arm had turned into a long, sleek Buster (think Samus's arm cannon from Metroid Fusion) that she had aimed at his face, energy building up inside.

"Subject potential hostile; unit requires registered third party input to inhibit lethal counter response."

Nebula was halfway to generating his own Saber before he remembered the diplomatic way out. "Er... Sola, That is Dracoex, and he is an ally. You are not authorized to use lethal force on allies. Agh, it's gonna take a week to teach her how to understand diplomacy, isn't it...?" He tried to gently pull her arm away, but it wouldn't budge. "Ergh, she's like a rock... Sorry, Dracoex, she's new. ...See, I think this is one of the reasons X was locked in a capsule for 100 years. Maybe we should have done the same for her... Let's put her into a simulation pod for at least twelve hours. That should give her a little worldly wisdom." He scratched his head, then put a hand on her shoulder.

"Sola, when it looks like somebody is about to draw their weapon, that does not mean they are about to attack. If he had the intention of striking, he would have, and you would have a gaping hole in your stomach to deal with." He turned to his friend. "Sorry, Ciel and I built her, but her emotions haven't surfaced just yet, and she can't seem to figure out how to change her facial expression. Give it a while. Her name is Sola, and she needs to STOP POINTING THAT THING AT HIM NOW! Seriously..."

He generated his Saber and twirled it in his fingers, not igniting it. "...Now, what do you do in this situation, Sola?"

Registering the motion and speech as a command to back down, Sola did so immediately and disengaged her weapons, reverting her arm to normal. Standing up slowly, Dracoex dusted himself off and gave Nebula a grateful nod. "My thanks to you, Nebula. I digress though, while it will be a benefit to have such a skilled ally, I do agree that she should undergo some simulation once we are done here."

Looking at his HUD, Zero began to dash off to the vehicle room, shouting behind him. "Speaking of which, we had better move it! Let's go, team!"

Without hesitation, Dracoex ran off in pursuit, Sola hot on his heels and Nebula alongside him. Upon reaching the hangar for the vehicles, the smell of oil and grease heavy in the air, Zero hopped onto a quad ATV-like vehicle and primed the engine with a roar, gunning it and feeding it the fuel it needed to thrive. Dracoex's choice was a bit more refined. A sleek hoverbike with what looked like green lances mounted as the front armor hummed to life as Dracoex flipped the switch. Seeing no vehicle for Sola to use, he held out a hand to her, offering to carry her behind him on his ride.

"Unit requires no artificial mode of physical transportation."

"Uh... if that suits you well, then fair enough. However, I would not overestimate your speed. These vehicles are most swift. Nebula, are you ready?"

Nebula ran over to his own bike and started the engine. "Ready at any time! Sola, if you need a rest, jump onto one of our vehicles. We don't know how long your body can hold out running at top speed. And guys, don't underestimate this motorcycle. I had some time to improve it, and I daresay it beats any Ride Chaser I've seen."

<*Ride Chasers are hoverbikes used in the Mega Man X series, usually in the most horrifyingly obnoxious levels. Oh dear lord, those were awful... they would be fun if it weren't so easy to die.>

Sola made no response and bolted out of the hangar, easily topping 130 miles per hour in less than a second. Dracoex and Zero stared after her for a full ten seconds through the ensuing dust cloud, eyes wide with shock, before realizing that Nebula had departed too. "Dang... guess we'd better burn rubber, huh Dracoex?"

"Indeed. At least, in your case."

Nebula, seeing them catch up, grinned. "Surprised at her speed? You should be! Ciel designed an ABSURDLY powerful kinetics system, and Sola's really lightweight! Even so, I don't think that her body can withstand that for too long. She's made for agility and all, but we didn't make her to run at ridiculous speeds for extended periods. It's designed to let her evade and counter lightning-fast. ...Or at least, I was under the impression it was."

His bike humming loudly, Dracoex shook his head in amazement. "Falcona would be green with envy at that level of agility. The things she could pull in the air would be astounding... Doctor Ciel truly knows how to construct a marvel."

Roaring alongside them, Zero narrowed his eyes as he looked into the distance, forcing the sun's glare out of his eyes with a single hand. With a sudden movement, he pulled a pair of triggers on his vehicle's control bars, summoning a pair of chainguns from the front mounts on both sides. As they warmed up with a high pitched whine, the blonde Reploid shouted out to the others. "Heads up, guys! We've got some Galleon Aces dead ahead! They're escorting something, and whatever it is MUST be big!"

"Heh, so we're exercising a little flexible thinking now, are we? Don't bother with that..." Nebula grinned. "...I can handle it myself. I wanted to show this thing off anyway." He lightly touched a yellow gem on the controls, colored suspiciously similar to the one on his forehead. Several slots opened on his bike, small handles jutting out of each one.

[File: Vehicle/Nebula/"Target Chaser"]
[Target Chaser is a motorcycle belonging to Nebula. Nebula equipped it to allow him to perform greater feats than with only his WCS. His WCS will not let him generate more than two weapons at any given time, so he put numerous weapons into this bike, most of which he can remove and use himself.]

He accelerated ahead of the other two, riding head-on at the enemies. He took out two sabers from their compartments and attatched them to the sides of his ride, letting him cut apart anything that tried sideramming him. He also set a couple of busters to the front and back. He charged in, shooting and cutting apart everything that moved. He dashed through them, cutting apart the ranks, then turned around, making a a second pass, shooting everything as he went.

"I LOVE this thing!"

He got close to one and jumped off, taking several sabers with him. He carefully juggled each one in a deadly dance of blades, cutting without mercy. When he was done with the Galleon Riders, he was drenched in oil, breathing heavily, a disturbing bloodlust in his eyes and written all over his face. After a while, he calmed down and wiped some of the oil off, looking at a huge silouette hidden in a dust cloud.

One Maverick Galleon Nebula somehow missed took aim at the white Reploid from a nearby watch tower, when a pink flash shot by, taking half of it's torso with it. Landing with a thump next to Zero as he parked his vehicle, Sola retracted a slender Saber that extended from her wrist, along with a pair of small, silver fins from both sides on her head. "Target incapacitated. Withdrawing S-Saber... withdrawal complete. Awaiting further orders."

Dracoex dismounted his hoverbike and walked over to Nebula and Zero. Looking through the dust cloud, Zero laughed, coughed from inhaling the dust, then pointed. "Well well well, what a nice surprise. We caught the Mavericks with their pants down; it's running, but the train still hasn't left the station yet!"

Dracoex smiled. "That makes our job that much easier, does it not?" Drawing his blade, the emerald Reploid jumped up high and landed atop the train's surface, gesturing for the others to follow. With a grin, Zero drew his Z-Saber and flipped onto the train as well. Sola merely ran straight at the train and, at the last second, altered her leg's angle to run up the side and onto the surface above. Once upon it, she reextended her head fins and her S-Saber, and her right arm morphed into her Buster. "Combat systems online; S-Saber, active. Sonicboom Buster, active. Proximity radar, active."

Zero rolled his shoulders before plunging his Saber into the roof of the train car, cutting a neat hole in the side and dropping through, Dracoex and Sola not too far behind him. "Alright team, we get to the engine room, disable it, transfer the goods off, and get the heck out. We have another mission to complete anyway. We clear?"

"Clear as crystal, Zero."

"Orders logged. Commencing mission."

"Awesome. Let's split up; Sola and Dracoex disable the engine, Zero and I stand guard on the train. Sound good enough?"

"Orders acknowledged." Sola stated bluntly before turning to Dracoex. "Awaiting orders."

Dracoex's eyes went wide and his gaze shifted between a stoic Sola and a bemused Nebula and Zero. "Wait wait wait! Do I not get a say in this?"

"Nope." Zero said, a smirk on his face. "Me and Neb already have dibs on whatever might come after us..."

Before he could continue, however, the train lurched and shot forward, abruptly cutting the red armored human off.

" you'd better get moving you two! We're running out of time!" Dracoex winced then gave Sola a 'follow me' gesture before running down the train car's interior, the pink Reploid right behind him. Zero spun his Saber while giving Nebula a bored look as they ran off.

"Well, this is turning out to be an officially grade-A oddball mission, ain't it? Well, now comes the boring part."

One mile down the track

A single winged figure waited upon a pillar near the tracks, it's green wings shining in the now half-set sun's light. Eyes closed, it paid little attention to someone behind it. With an annoyed voice, Zephyra lectured the figure as she paced behind it. " do you understand what I want you t-"

"Not really, no. Perhaps you had best explain it again?"

Letting out an explosive sigh, the winged Reploid tapped a finger on the pommel of one of her blades. "For the love of Lumine, this is the third time, Xolter! How many more will you need?!"

Letting out a yawn (and revealing itself to have a hawk like face), the Mechaniloid named Xolter stretched his wings in a bored manner before responding. "Just once more, thank you very much."

"Fine, you impudent machine. The plan is to hold them off long enough till the train reaches Area B, then I'll take things from there. As I said before, I don't care if you get scrapped to do it; you will NOT fail me."

"Of course, of course, let the ever superior Reploids do the commanding. All we Mechaniloids are good for is cannon fodder. But whatever you say, Miss Zephyra."

With an annoyed 'hmph', the female Reploid flew off, leaving Xolter to wait in his silent vigil.

"Yes... disposable warriors. That's all we are. But unlike those high-and-mighty Reploids I'm content with my fate. So long as I get to have some fun, that is..."

Nebula's had kept his head bowed for the most part, but now he had become alert. "Zero. You see that tower we're about to pass? Look at the top. You see those two? One of them is unfamiliar, but I've seen the female somewhere... Recently. It's on the tip of my tongue... Zazo? No... Zeroni? Negative... Sapphira? Close, but no cigar... That's not it... Pandora? ...Okay, that was waaay off, I must be losing it. Spending two hours scavenging for materials to finish Sola must've fried my memory circuits, which were bad enough to begin with, mind you." He kept trying to focus on the image of the Reploid and remembering her name.

<*Zazo is the name of a female wolf/Arweinydd thing from Wayrift. Zeroni is the surname of Hector, a character in Holes. Sapphira is the name of Eragon's dragon. Pandora is the name of a witch-archetype character in Mega Man ZX Advent, and Zephyra is meant to be a precursor to Pandora.>

Zero's eyes narrowed as he looked upwards towards the tower Nebula had pointed out, his grip on his Saber tightening. "I dunno who either of them are, and I'm having trouble focusing on that female myself... gah, sometimes I think being human isn't all it's cracked up to be. Anyway, seems that the lady is splitting, and her comrade is gonna try and stop us. It's too predictable."

Turing to his friend, Zero's eyes glinted dangerously. "What do you think we should do? Distract the last one on the top of the train, cuz we can't fight inside of here, or should we catch up with Sola and Dracoex?"

Nebula scratched his head. "If I remember... that woman gave me the beating of my life last time. Now I remember; that's Zephyra. She can control Lightning and Ice elements, alternating between them. I hope she's not coming with her lackey... it would turn ugly fast. Let's stop them on top of the train and let those two do their job. I think we can handle this together, don't you?"

"Zephyra... she's Tryton's sister, ain't she? Grr... I still have a bone to pick with that scythe wielding freak, and her sister as well by extension. But if that's all we have to deal with..." Zero pointed towards the rapidly approaching tower and the figure upon it "...then we shouldn't have any trouble. C'mon!"

So saying, Zero jumped back out of and onto the roof of the train car, Saber at the ready. In the darkening sky above, the winged figure saw them emerge and took wing, rapidly approaching them. "I've got a strong feeling this fight will be anything but deja-vu..." Zero muttered, equiping his Ice Chip and his Buster.

Nebula equipped his N-Buster and put on the Sniper Pack, then latched himself to the side of the train, ready to shoot the crap out of the new Maverick. "Zero, you handle close-range, since it's your specialty, and I'll take care of range. If you don't like that, would you rather be called bait?" He grinned. "...Of course, bait that can cut moronic birds in half. ...Why would you be mad at Tryton's sister, anyway? That doesn't make sense. I mean, I'M the one who got all cut up by her. You haven't even seen her fight... Hey, she's not following her minion. Awesome!"

"I'll handle the close range, you just focus on gettin- GAH!" A sudden flare of electricity cut him short, and Zero shuddered as the powerful burst surged through his body. Wings glowing a slight green, Xolter landed in front of the Legendary Hunter, eyes narrowed. He was tall, easily a full head taller than Zero. His wings were sharp and angled, and the back half of them had glowing blades generated like a Saber. His face was hawk-like, sporting a beak and a pair of sharp eyes.

"So. These are my targets, hm? Such a pathetic sight, the Legendary Reploid falling from one attack."

Zero, now recovered from the attack, stood upright and shook his head, somehow resetting his ponytail to a state of normality. "I'm not one for chatting with Mavericks, so can we just get on with the killing?"

"*sigh* Yes, yes, and no doubt it will end with me sliced in half, you two victorious over my dead corpse."

The blonde human raised an eyebrow. "If you know you're gonna die, then why fight us? Seems kinda self defeating. Literally."

Xolter shrugged. "It's my destiny. I'm a Mechaniloid, created to die while serving my masters. But unlike what you might think, I'm perfectly fine with this... so long as I get some pleasure out of my short time here, that is."

Zero crouched slightly in his traditional combat pose, spinning his Z-Saber once before responding. "Then let's go already..."

Nebula continued to hang there, looking zoned out. He... accepts his insignifigance? ... "...Zero! Let's give him a good last fight." He locked on and equipped the Shining Laser to his left hand, staying attached to the train by the cable clipped to his waist and his magnetic boots.

Before any one of the group could move a servo/muscle, three perfectly normal Galleons pop out of nowhere, break out various musical instruments, and begin rocking out this theme.

"Uh... I dunno where the heck they came from, who's side they're on, or what the heck they're playing, but whatever."

Zero leaped upward, his Saber glowing as he charged the attack, and he brought it down as a steel-shattering smash, barely missing Xolter as he took wing. Pulling a U-turn, the flying Reploid dove down towards the human, wings glowing, and attempted to slam into Zero. Instead of dodging, Zero blocked the attack with a double side slash and, as Xolter flew around to have another go at it, fired off an Icicle Spear that froze one of his wings solid.


Xolter fell and smashed into the side of the train, barely hanging onto the railing with a claw, but when Zero ran over to finish it early, he flipped upward and kicked him in the chest, reversing the situation. Zero, now dangling from the edge of the speeding vehicle, glared upward at his opponent.

"Any time is fine now, Nebula..."

"Right." He rapid-fired at Xolter, making it nearly impossible to dodge all of his shots. He made sure to load the Ice Chip, then continued to shoot, trying to draw Xolter to the train...

Xolter staggered from the intense assault of projectiles and was forced away from Zero. However, he took notice of Nebula taking time to realign his crosshairs and took full advantage of it, dash-jumping before bringing both of his wings down in a dual slash. Meanwhile, Zero struggled to pull himself up, nearly loosing his leg to several passing lampposts, before finally crawling back atop the train car. Shaking his head, he charged his Z-Saber and dashed up behind Xolter as he brought his wings down towards Nebula...

Nebula brought up the Shining Laser, aiming it straight into Xolter's face. HIs expression seemed to say, "You REALLY don't want to do that." He fired the powerful weapon at point-blank range, which would probably take the Maverick's head clean off, or punch straight through him.

<That IS what it does... It's the Shining Laser, afterall.>

Unfortunately, the sheer kickback of the weapon broke the cable he was using to hold on, and his magnetic boots couldn't take the force of a Reploid standing on the side of a train hurtling at high speed, and he dropped to the ground below, falling quickly behind the train.

Sadly, the Laser had missed and melted away a part of the carriage. Xolter had evaded the attack, and Nebula's gambit had only made the situation worse for the Red Raider.

Several hundred yards behind the speeding train...

[Severe internal damage has been taken. Reverting to Human Form for the time being, all weapons are disabled.]

"Crap, crap, CRAP! I really screwed up this time... I hope I didn't melt Zero's face off... What's more, that attack used too much energy. I can't go Overdrive and catch up. I'll just have to- URGH!" He collapsed to his knees, clutching his side. "That guy's clever... His blade didn't hit, but he still inflicted damage... A kind of one-two attack, I guess." He struggled to his feet, wincing.

Zero's eyes went wide, and he ducked at the last second before the Shining Laser blasted right through the space he had occupied not a split second ago. Caught in the vacuum of space, his hair was shortened by a solid foot, and it smouldered on the end. Letting out a growl of annoyance, he patted the small flames out and was about to give Nebula an earful on watching where he was aiming... when he and Xolter both ended up watching as the white Reploid bounced, skittered and eventually went splat on the tracks behind them.

"Well, that was unexpected. I mean, who'd use a weapon like that up close?"

"A complete imbecile, that's who." Xolter retorted as he rose again into the air, flying out of Zero's reach. "But do not think I will hold back for your sake now!"

Snarling, Zero pulled out his Shield Boomerang, charged it, and let it fly. It cut right in front of the winged Mechaniloid, distracting him as he attempted to evade it's spinning blade. While he did that, Zero pushed a button on his wrist and sent Nebula a text based message, then pulled out his Saber again and dash jumped towards his opponent again.

[Nebula, I've called my vehicle. It should be on it's way down the track any second now, so grab onto it when it passes by. It has a few spare Sub Tanks, but not much. If you need to abort, go ahead. It might be better for the rest of us, considering your accuracy problems. Oh, and try not to use weapons of massive destruction while in a mainly close quarters fight. It never ends well.


Nebula recieved the text. "Huh. That sounds a bit unneccessary. Afterall..." He looked down at his motorcycle, which he had already called and was riding. "...I'm almost there anyway."

As he came close to the tail end of the train, he looked around, scanning the landscape. "Aha!" He veered to the left, shooting off a convenienty shaped dirt mound and landing on the train, riding across it. He pulled a Saber out of its compartment. He eventually caught up, bouncing into the air and bearing down on Xolter with a 300-pound piece of machinery and an energy blade. At 300 MPH. On top of a moving train.

This won't end well.

Especially for the Maverick.

The roar of Nebula's cycle cut above the crackle of energy wings on Saber, and both the combatants looked upwards as the White Reploid sailed through the air. Zero caught onto Nebula's idea, and in the brief moment of Xolter's distraction, shoved his wings away. He then dropped to the ground and pulled his back, aiming a dual kick at Xolter's chest, when instead his shoulder erupted in pain.


Clutching the source of his agony, Zero was oblivious to whatever Xolter and Nebula were doing to one another, lost in a world of torture as the pain intensified.

Nebula had landed on Xolter, pinning him to the train and crushing his armor somewhat. he stabbed his Saber in to Xolter's arm, then pulled out three more and pinned each limb with a blade. Then he finally processed the fact that Zero had yelled in agony. "Zero? Zero! What happened?!"

Zero made no response, save constant screams of pain as he grabbed his throbbing shoulder even harder. Xolter, while in pain himself, looked on with a voice heavy laden with confusion. "What is wrong with him? I never harmed him, yet he seems as he is in his death throes?"

Whatever Nebula was going to say, if anything, was cut short by an explosion from the front of the train. With a horrendous screech of grinding metal, the locomotive derailed itself as a pair of figures jump clear, barely evading the ensuing fireball. With a thud, Sola landed next to the three after an impossibly high jump, followed by a running Dracoex.

"Wh-what happened here? Zero, what is the cause of this?!"

Still, the Hunter gave no response, but had at least ceased his agonized screaming. Now, he merely breathed deeply and harshly, in ragged gasps as he drew in precious oxygen. Worried, Dracoex turned to Nebula, sheathing his sword. "Why, Nebula? What is the cause of this?"

His expression had shifted from insane panic, as one experiences in a frenzied clash, to genuine concern. "I... don't know... He was never hit... L-let's get off this train, now!" He turned to the pinned Maverick. "...Sorry. I hope that last fight was satisfactory. It looks like you're gonna die here. As far as I can tell, you're in critical condition, and you won't live another hour." He retrieved his four Sabers and slotted them back into his bike, poking the side that he had wounded earlier. It seemed fine now.

Xolter let out a hacking cough before responding. "You g-gave me a f-f-fight that wou-ld-ld make a Reploid legend envious... for thi-this I am grateful..."

Dracoex sighed and, with a single arm, hoisted Zero onto his shoulder before jumping off, being careful to land gently so not as to harm the wounded human. Sola stood alone behind the rest, completely motionless for a brief moment, before joining them. "Supplies have been transfered to the Innerpeace Headquarters." She reported stoically as she walked over to the vehicles where the others stood.

The group watched as the remains of the train began to explode (because when defeated, EVERYTHING explodes), a grim silence about them. "Well... this does not bode well... with Zero out, we are a liability... Nebula, do you think you can take care of the remainder of the mission with Sola? I must try to get Zero here back to the base without delay."

Nebula pondered the situation for a moment before nodding. "I should be able to regenerate enough energy to return to Combat Form given a little time. And if I don't have enough time, I can just use my motorcycle." Zero is human... It's gotta suck to be so easy to harm, and to be weaker... Maybe somebody should create some kind of balance, like giving Humans cybernetic enhancements, and limit Reploid life spans to about how long humans live. ...Huh, where have I heard about this before...? He shook off what pain he was feeling and gestured to Sola.

<*Nebula is referring to how things work in Mega Man ZX Advent: Reploids get limited life, humans get cybernetic enhancements.>

"I know you're well-made, but even you can't handle running that fast for extended periods without maintainence and still be operational. You ride with me and preserve your structural integrity. While there's a low chance that you will be permanently damaged, I don't like to tempt fate. I have a strange tendency to get the worst-case scenario. So until we get there, you ride with me." He turned back and nodded at Dracoex. "Remember to take the cargo back, too. It was pretty far from the part that exploded, so it may be possible to recover."

"Leave it to me, Nebula." Dracoex saluted before gently laying Zero over the back of his hoverbike and shooting off towards the wreckage of the train. A burst of light signalled that the supplies had been transfered to the base, then the emerald Reploid shot off for home, Zero only semiconscious on his vehicle.

Sola looked at Nebula for a moment, and her face twitched slightly as in her processors, something failed to click.




Sola looked down, her face suddenly one of annoyance. She still spoke in a mostly monotonic voice, but there was an edge of distaste in it as well. "Orders understood. Mounting vehicle..."

She walked over to Nebula's bike and clambered onto the back, her expression still frustrated.

<...So, she'll be showing nothing but irritation until she has another emotion triggered? I'd better not have Nebula do anything to make her any more angry...>

Once she was on, they shot off into the distance in the direction of their new mission. Nebula almost turned on the radio (which, coincidentally, was set on a particularly obnoxious and irritating channel), when he felt something in his head tell him NOT to. It said If you do that, you're likely to be torn apart. So don't. He wisely took his hand off the ON switch and put it back on the handlebar. "Sola, I forget, what was the mission again?" The voice in his head had made a strange noise, like a hand hitting one's face. Like a facepalm, to be more accurate. But since when does one's subconscious ever facepalm? That's just silly.

<He's dead meat.

Dr. Light: *Dressed as Santa Claus* ... -_-

And, coincidentally, Master E is in control of that particular channel. That insane, devious bastard!>

Sola gave a sigh before reminding Nebula of their target location. "Six miles due west of the train's destination. A large, military guard outpost with a medium scale thermonuclear reactor core. Mission: shut down reactor and retrieve required parts for Innerpeace HQ reactor."

After analyzing her previous actions, Sola looked at herself with a slightly concerned face, puzzled by her reaction to Nebula's question.








What is wrong with me...?

Nebula noticed that he was going more northeast than east, and righted himself. He seemed oblivious to Sola's awakened emotion.

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After a short while of riding, Nebula and Sola rounded a corner by a ruined apartment building and skidded to a stop, their destination ahead of them. A large, thick tower, sporting several large cannons at the top, loomed over them, and all around it Hive-infested Mavericks patrolled restlessly. Her eye screen deploying, Sola ran a quick scan on the surrounding area before announcing "Area is thickly fortified and staffed. An all out frontal assault is not recommended. Applying mission markers..."

On Sola's HUD, two yellow arrows appeared, marking the position of the thermonuclear reactors from which they were to steal the parts from.

"...Tags applied. Awaiting further orders."

"We should try stealth for now, but if we're spotted, we raise some hell." He neglected to transform into Combat Form. He pulled out a Saber from his bike for protection and kept it on his belt. "This form is quieter, and I can pretend I just got lost, or that I'm one of them if I get caught. You, though... don't have enough emotion to be a good actress. You should take advantage of your speed to stay out of sight. Let's go!" His clothing sort of... melted... into a darker color. As soon as he was camouflaged, he took off, running awfully fast, compared to his heavy, big-footed Combat Form.

Sola nodded and in a split second was by the thick, 20ft high Duracrete wall that surrounded the outpost. Running a very quick calculation, Sola determined the speed and angle necessary to scale the massive barrier and shot up it's surface, landing on top of it noiselessly. Immediately Sola detected hordes of Mavericks nearby and activated her combat mode, deploying her head fins and summoning her Buster and S-Saber.

"...targets are not within threatening proximity. Weapons are to remain active."

Looking below her, Sola discovered a gap in the Maverick's defenses, dashed through before she could be detected, and was inside within a span of three seconds.

Nebula had reached the top of the wall, and was now jumping on top of containers, isolated buildings, and other things, batman style. "Alright, Sola's on the ground, so I figure this is the best way to go." He eventually reached the tower, kicking his way up the outer wall.

"I didn't think I could do this in Human Form, but you learn somethin' new every day." He stopped climbing and grabbed a crack in the wall. He took the Saber from his belt and ignited it. "This is such an awkward way to carry a saber... I dunno how Dracoex always manages to draw it to fast." He immediately set to work, cutting apart the wall.

When he was done, there were a good number of deep cuts in the wall. He charged up some enrgy and slammed his saber into the wall, crushing it. He flipped around, landing inside. The wall had been weaker there, letting him break it easier. "Man, I gotta do this more often. Climbing vertical surfaces is pretty fun!" He sprinted down the hall, running away from the gaping hole he had left.

Her scanning visor nearly overloading, Sola was forced to shut it down as she approached the northern reactor core. She sniffed with annoyance as she was partially blinded by the loss of her scanner, but nevertheless forged onward. Holding her Sonicboom Buster a la Samus Aran, she ran silently down hall after hall, swiftly hacking her way through doors and noiselessly disposing of Mavericks she ran afoul of.

Sola was around two thirds of the way to her target, when all of a sudden klaxons blared throughout the complex, accompanied by flashing red alarms. Swiftly, Sola hid herself in a nearby side room and crouched low as a large group of Mavericks ran past, right where she had been standing not two seconds ago. Once they had departed, she looked down the hall, wondering what could have triggered the alarm.

"Running recent history file recall... system has not detected any failure of security nullification in mission zone. Plausible reasons for this outcome are: #1 Error in the enemy's security measures. #2 Innerpeace Army is assaulting this sector. Noted: Unlikely. #3..."

Sola's face grew annoyed once more as she processed this next reason, her left fist growing tight in frustration.

"...Nebula triggered the alarm. Noted: HIGHLY likely."

The alarm suddenly stopped blaring, and security was returned to level one.

That was because Nebula was now holding the head of the Maverick at the top of the tower, the one in charge of security systems. The guards were all dead where they stood, cut down by the former Maverick Hunter. "Let no one ever say I never clean up my messes..."

Then, he crushed the head, gushing oil all over the panel. "Aw, crap... I was gonna use that to help Sola out a little more." He gingerly set the Maverick's broken, collapsed head back on its shoulders, then took another look at the panel.

"I can't read any of the text or symbols on the buttons anymore... Well, I THINK this one releases the door seals." He pressed a button. "Or... it may have been the one next to it." He pressed all the buttons in the vicinity of the one he had pressed.

Due to his random button pushing, Nebula had activated several of the cannons atop the outpost, causing many of them to open fire in varying areas and obliterated anything they shot, from buildings to Maverick solders. Needless to say, things inside of the outpost went crazy as reinforcements were summoned from the outside, the solders absolutely perplexed as to the discharge of the cannons.

Inside of the base, Sola was engaged in a running battle with some Mavericks when a blinding light engulfed her, and all of a sudden she found herself inside of the control room where Nebula stood, still pushing buttons like there was no tomorrow. Something snapped inside of her processors again, and she backhanded him across his head, obviously peeved.

"Sensors indicate Nebula was responsible for the discharge of the facility's weaponry, resulting in a mass grouping of Maverick Galleons. Such action is impeding our mission progress..."

Then she spouted her most uncharacteristic line so far.

" idiot."

Nebula had been knocked over the terminal, landing on his face. "Ow... How did you... get here so fast...?!" He pulled himself to his feet. "...And were you programmed to insult people? I didn't know you could do that. If you were somebody else, I'd tell you to shut up, but you have permission to keep insulting me. It gives me motivation to prove you wrong."

He looked at the monitor again, seeing the mass of Mavericks gathering, he shrugged. "Pfft, Galleons? No prob. We can take 'em easily, and there's a way to get rid of 'em all without getting a scratch." He tapped on of the buttons repeatedly. "...I learned a bit through trial and error with this terminal. Watch." He stopped tapping and pressed the button. The cannons locked on and started shooting down Galleons like there was no tomorrow. "Y'see what I mean?"

He canabalized the dead Maverick's body for a soft, plastic componant in his finger (makes joint control easier). He held it up to his saber to melt it a little, pressed the button and held it, then stuck the piece into the slot, forcing the button to stay in place. "That should keep them distracted. When they figure it out, they'll take a good, long time getting into this maximum-security locked-down building, only to find some dead Mavericks and a piece of plastic that a four-year-old could stick in this slot."

He carefully melted a hole in the glass window, moved Sola outside, and pressed a button on the console. With his superhuman speed, he sprinted and jumped through the hole as the shutter came down, catching the ledge Sola was now standing on. "Urgh... My plans have an oddly high success rate, for being so far-fetched and outlandish. Let's slide down. There's another building blocking their view of this side of the tower, so they won't see us. We have at least ten minutes to get the parts. I can cause even MORE distraction if neccessary."

He started sliding down the wall, using his saber to slow himself down a little more.

Although she was still rather annoyed at Nebula's earlier actions, Sola followed suit and slid down the wall, sticking her S-Saber into it's surface with a shower of sparks. Once the two reached the ground, she immediately began scanning for another entrance into the structure.

"...maintenance access way found. 30 meters ahead, allowing a maximum of 1.5 meters in error, due to heavy radioactive interference."

Following her directions, the two reached the door, which was sealed shut. Her attempts at hacking the systems failed, and out of frustration, she took her Saber and sliced it off it's hinges in anger. A loud clang resounded as the thick metal door hit the ground, but no response from enemy security was seen. Nebula's distraction was working wonders on them.

Nebula stayed outside. "I'll go to another area and be ready to keep 'em distracted once they figure out about this distraction. You collect the parts; I'd just screw that part up anyway." He sprinted away, ducking between alleyways, eventually reaching where he had parked. He pulled a Buster Shot Gun out of the Target Chaser and ran back.

He hurried over to another area, ready to wreak havoc. He climbed another tower and observed, ready to intervene once they figured it out... He took out his Sniper Pack and equipped it, using it as a sort of telescope.

Inside, Sola ran down hall after hall, once more playing a silent game of hide and seek with what little Mavericks remained indoors. The lack of resistance soon enough allowed her to reach the first reactor room unscathed and undetected. Upon entering the room, Sola immediately shut down her external scanner to avoid loosing it to the intense radiation in the area, and proceeded ti calculate her best plan of attack on this task.

"In order to prevent a catastrophic nuclear reaction, unit Sola must initiate mandatory system shutdown of the reactor plant before reactor component removal."



In a flash, Sola hacked into the reactor's control unit and shut it down. The room ceased to be as blistering hot as it was before, but the radiation levels were still far too high to use her scanner. She didn't need it to see what the reactor's shut down had done, however; all across the station, hatches sealed shut and the cannons fell inert as their power was cut. Sola winced as she realized what she had done.

"All access hatches and primary defense armament are offline. Conclusion: The main cannons are no longer holding the Maverick security at bay. Last line of defense is unit Nebula."

A new feeling began to blossom within Sola's mind. It slowly began to spread, filling her with a cold feeling as she realized what would happen if Nebula failed and she was caught inside of the outpost alone.

"Initiate program: Immediate evacuation of area. Proceeding to next target..."

Nebula saw the cannons stop. He hadn't detected any enemies reaching the controls, so that meant... "She had to cut the power to get the parts. Well, that means she'll probably take about as long as it took to get in, to get out." He moved quickly, spraying shots all over the mavericks from his new position.

"Ha, weak peons!" He yelled, "I'm here to kill you all! I ain't gonna lose to a buncha loser Mavericks!" Gotta make sure Sola has time to escape... and get the rest of the parts! He started to run across the roof he was on, then began leaping between buildings, trying to lead the Mavericks in circles. In this form, I can't beat them all...

Sola ran and ran, her new emotion driving her forward with a meaning other than just completing her mission. If she had been human, sweat would have been beading on her forehead, and her breath would had been ragged and harsh from exertion. Even as it was, she had gone far enough to activate her simulated breathing program and was panting heavily as she ran down the hall.

Eventually, Sola forged her way to the next reactor room, and with a shaky hand forced the door open. Holding her Sonicboom Buster and sweeping the room, she managed to calm her quaking long enough to enter, shut down the reactor and grab the parts.

"Mission complete. Preparing for eva-"

A single drop of sizzling acid fell from the ceiling above her, cutting her short as she watched it fall and hit the ground by her feet. Looking up slowly, Sola muffled a (very out of character) scream as she back up from the creature above her. From the reactor's support beams clambered down a Hive infested Mecha Scorpio, is mouth oozing acid. It hissed threateningly and jumped down, a loud CLANG resounding as it's feet hit the Duratanium floor.

With much shaking, Sola fired off several charged shots from her Buster at it's face, but the Scorpio lowered it's tail and shielded itself from the blasts, before smashing it into Sola and flattening her on the ground. It's pincer's poised to strike, the infected Mechaniloid cased a close to panicking Sola to call Nebula via her commlink.

"This is unit Sola. Unit Nebula, I am requesting immediate backup! I am pinned in a room with a Hived Mecha Scorpio and- GAH!"

Her message was cut short as she was picked up and flung against the wall, before being blasted several times by the Mecha's Buster Claw. Standing up in pain, Sola clutched her left arm and ignited her S-Saber, backing up all the while. Things certainly didn't look good for the pink Reploid.

Nebula shot down several more Maverick Gallons as he listened to her transmission. "Sola! Sola!" His eyes changed for a second as he went berserk, running into the crowd and slicing everything up. Not a single maverick survived. And he didn't care, to be honest; he had a comrade to rescue.

He burst through the cieling and landed on the Mecha Scorpio, already in Combat Form. He generated a Saber and tried to bury it in its spine, but was thrown off. "Agh! Sola, hang on just a little longer!" He switched to the Laser. This time... It won't miss. He fired, knocking the scorpion away from Sola. He flickered and appeared on the opposite side of the room, where the Scorpio was headed.

He took his Saber and stabbed its spine, cutting off all the nerves, disabling all movement. Then, he kicked it off onto the floor, stepped on it, and stabbed it repeatedly. When he had cut it up enough, he switched to the Buster and continuously shot it in its mangled back. Then, he brought up the Shining Laser and fired it again, point blank, into what was left of the Maverick. Not a shred of it remained.

He looked at Sola, still half berserk. His anger faded quickly enough, now that Sola was safe. "G-good. Looks like I'm not so useless in a stealth mission afterall, huh?" He tried to cover up the tense situation with mild humor. He didn't want to look... well, worried. "...Mission complete! Right?"

As Nebula turned to Sola and forced a carefree smile, the pink Reploid only stared back at at him, completely awestruck at how powerful he was. Inside, she began to recall how she had doubted him in the first place. If she hadn't done that, she wouldn't have caused him to go berserk, and the element of stealth might have been kept, if only on her part. This caused a new emotion to surge to the fore, and Sola's face suddenly grew solemn. She looked away from her comrade before muttering.

"...unit Sola expresses regret for previous lack of trust in unit Nebula's combat abilities."

Why is this happening to me? I shouldn't be fee-


No! Get out of my head! You're not deleting me!


Sola visibly struggled from her internal battle between her newly surfacing personality and her strict programming. However, Dr. Ciel's creation's emotions would not be denied, and the pink Reploid freed herself from it's single track mind control. Her previous emotion, one of shame, had mostly faded away, but there was still enough present to keep her from looking at Nebula face to face. When she realized how stoic her last apology was, she attempted another one, only this time the confines of her previous state did not hold her back.

"I... I'm... I'm sorry, Nebula. F-for doubting you, that is..."

Nebula's forced cheerfulness had turned to concern as she struggled, then to puzzlement as she apologized again. "You... Are you alright?" Hm... she seems kind of embarrassed. Maybe I should've tried harder to hold back. I probably tripped a whole bunch of alarms on the way here, and I bet everybody in the area could feel that last attack. ...At least she's alright.

"...Sola, it's okay. You're not injured, are you? I think your safety is just a little more important than acing the mission. ...It was my choice to come as fast as possible. Without emotion, I couldn't have told exactly how urgent your situation was. It's a good thing you were able to let me know, or I may have come too late. Or worse, I could've underestimated the threat and gotten us both killed or zombified."

He recharged his Shining Laser. "Well, we've triggered most of the security anyway. We should prob'ly just blast our way out." He aimed at the wall, ready to carve out a path to his vehicle.

"Yeah... yeah, that might be for the best." Sola shook her head, still uncomfortable with her new feelings, and raised her Sonicboom Buster to assist in blasting their way out.

"Oh, how touching a sight this is; a Reploid maniac managing to free another from her internal struggles?"

Behind the pair of warriors, a bright shaft of light shone down through the hole Nebula had entered through, and down it descended a familiar figure. Her arms crossed, Zephyra smiled haughtily at the twosome, obviously pleased at finally confronting them herself. "I must say, you have come a long way since we last 'saw' each other, Nebula... but I fear that must end here, along with your new found friend as well."

Sola looked back and forth from the winged Reploid to her white armored ally, and her face grew disbelieving. "Nebula, you know this Maverick?" She asked as her S-Saber reignited, crackling with pink energy.

Nebula switched to his Starsaber as well. "Well... yeah. She was on a huge carrier that was on its way to the base while you were still being built by Ciel. X and I were trying to ground it, and I distracted her for X. Her pride got in the way. Heh, I played her like a fiddle with my little 'I'm too awesome' act." He flicked his saber and ran through a list of EX Skills he had picked up. Don't tell me I'll have to use another Life Draining technique... I'm tired of being half dead when I return to the base!

"Sola, keep your guard up and DON'T GET HIT. She's got both Ice and Lightning elements, so you're in trouble if you do. She's fast, and fights with Dr. Wiel's tech."

[Scanning... No change detected in subject "Zephyra". Power level appears to be the same as before. Be careful, you don't have X to back you up with a distraction this time.]

"It's a good thing I'm about a tenth of how strong I was back home by now. That should be enough to mop you up!" He positioned himself between Zephyra and Sola. "Psst! You focus on busting out of here, I'll keep her busy." He slid into the position in which he had fought Dracoex.

Sola shook her head, clenching her fist tightly. The S-Saber protruding from her wrist crackled even louder as she pumped more energy into it's blade. "Not gonna happen. Sorry, but this one isn't landing a hit on either of us today!" - Live And Learn - SSBB Edit

Zephyra looked at the pink Reploid with confusion and what seemed like annoyance, obviously unconvinced about her confidence. "Mere words will not save you from my wrath, trait-!!!"

With a high pitched whine, Sola shot past the winged Reploid and sliced at her left arm before ricocheting and slamming in a Sonic-style spindash into her target's back, causing her to crash into a bulkhead above the now sealed doorway. Falling to the ground (and leaving a large indentation in the metal), Zephrya righted herself and attempted to slice at Sola, sending off a blade of electricity that she easily evaded with a simple sidestep. With her other blade, Zephyra attempted to crush her under a huge amount of icicles, but her opponent jumped up and kicked each of them back at her, ending the last one with a speed charged Buster shot.

Each ice shard slammed home, and Zephyra was tossed like a rag doll into the control panel for the reactor. Sola landed on her feet and, with a hand on her hip, blew the steam from her Sonicboom Buster away. "Is that all?" She then looked back at Nebula and smiled, giving him a wink before saying. "We all have our moments, Neb."

Nebula just stood, somewhat dumbstruck. "I... Uhhh... I guess we do. Well, let's get away before her brother shows up to dice us." He primed the Shining Laser again, then bored through the wall. "That speed must be helpful. Of course, it's not without its downsides. You can wear down your body really fast by using that too much."

Not only are her emotions activated, and already developed, but she's amazing! That kind of ability is almost terrifying... I can only analyze it, not copy it. It's a real wildcard, and emotions only make it more variable. She could wipe the floor with me, but then, I could still easily beat her.

He snapped out of his state of contemplation. "...Yeah, maybe we should run now." He reverted to Human Form to save energy and pulled out his Buster Shot Gun. "I used a lot of power beating up that Mecha Scorpio, so I don't have much left. ...Be on the lookout for anything dangerous. I ALWAYS seem to get mortally wounded before returning to the base, so chances are, something will pop out of nowhere and try to kill us soon." He peered out of the gap in the wall. "...All clear, for now."

Sola gave a broken Zephyra, still out cold, once last glance before jumping out the hole Nebula had created, retracting her S-Saber at the same time. Reequipping her scanner, she made a deep scan of the immediate area and a slightly lighter scan of the path home. "Yep, the coast seems clear. I guess the rest of the Mavericks are on the other side, still trying to stop us. Tough luck for them."

As they ran towards Nebula's vehicle, Sola looked back on her sudden changes from her stoic nature to... whatever she was now. She had emotions, yes, but hardly any true, definable personality. Right before they left, the pink Reploid decided she'd confront her creator on this matter. She made me, so naturally she'd know something.

"...Hey Nebula? Mind if I hitch a ride? I don't think that it'd be smart to run all the way home, especially after that speed abuse I pulled back there."

Nebula nodded. "Of course. That was my intention." Once they were secure, he hit the accelerator and shot off with Sola.

"...Well, I'd say that you did pretty well today. How does it feel to beat up a Maverick who nearly killed me once before, with little effort? I bet it felt awesome! It looked awesome."

Wincing, Sola rubbed her left leg gently, surprised at how sore it was. "Maybe it was awesome to look at... but I don't think I'm doing that again any time soon. Ouch, this hurts..."

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The Innerpeace HQ

Not for miles around could a single Maverick Galleon, Pantheon, Variant or any other minion of Master E be found, but the entire base was in turmoil. Ever since Dracoex had returned with a still unconscious Zero, the guard had doubled and not a single soldier had slacked off in their defensive duties. Without the Red Raider active, everyone had grown paranoid of yet another assault.

Dr Ciel and Mega Man X were just as worried as the next person, but for a different reason. In the medical bay, what sparse emergency equipment remained available had been transferred over to take care of the wounded Zero, who tossed and turned in his agony. Panicked, Ciel ran from place to place, checking his vitals constantly and administering to his ever changing needs. By the warrior's side, X stood, clutching his best friend's hand and shoulder tightly.

"Just hold on Zero, you'll be fine. You're not gonna die; you can't, not yet."

However, the words of encouragement from the Blue Bomber were completely unheard by Zero, as in his mind chaos reigned supreme. Shattered, scattered memories of his time as both robot and human played before his eyes, holding no order in any way.

Zero...? Is that my name?

You are X? I will destroy you.

Ciel! Come in Ciel! What is going on down there?!

Those sound like Maverick words to me. X, now!

All throughout his mental chaos, Zero was subjected to unrelenting pain that only added to his growing terror. Sweating from exertion, Ciel could only do what she could to keep her loved one alive, having to change her task every fifteen seconds to keep his vitals above the red zone. As she passed by one console again, she speed read a report on Zero's life signs, made minute adjustments to some dials, and dashed over to another such complex to repeat the process.

Outside of the base, one solder on patrol duty looked into the distance and saw another cycle returning. He almost sounded the alarm from his edginess, till he realized that it was an ally's vehicle. As Nebula parked his cycle in the vehicle bay, Sola deftly jumped off and deactivated her scanner, holding the reactor pieces with pride. "Well, even if there were some mishaps, I think that was a very successful mission."

Wow, that went much better than I first had thought it might. I guess I have more potential than I give myself credit for...

Nebula grinned. "Yeah, you were awesome. I dunno if you even needed help back with the Scorpio, you could've prob'ly dusted him off if he hadn't got the drop on you! You should take those to Ciel yourself, tell her I'm doing some repairs. I got roughed up when I fell off that train." He took off for his room again.

As he unzipped his jacket to open up his chest, Sireff came out.

"I bet you broke your LE Unit again. ^_^ Heehee, it's a good thing I'm here!"

[Scanning... Confirmed. LE Unit 3 is damaged and in need of repair.]

"Ah, I guess it IS a good thing you're here." Nebula shook his head. "...Am I really falling behind so easily? I mean, Sola wiped the floor with Zephyra, and I wasn't even sure I would've made a close escape..."

[LE: 14/14]

Nebula lay on his bed, looking up at the cieling. "...I can't fall behind, or I may as well have never come. If I'm useless, I should just go back home..." He punched his mattress. "...But with the Excalibur destroyed, I'm effectively stranded. Man, I should've gotten Duon to help out... With just a little more help, a good sparring partner from the old days, I could be on-par with everyone else here."

He pulled out a strange, half-complete object. He tinkered with it for a while. "...If I could find a way to augment my energy, I could stay ahead until I get more WCS data..."

He almost dropped it when an alarm sounded. "What in the-!?" He jumped up and transformed, generating his StarSaber and running through the hall to the balcony. He looked down on the situation...

Far below, the guards were lying dead. The door had been forcibly opened, and an enemy suqad must've broken in. Nebula jumped all the way down and ran through the opening, expecting to trap them between fighters on the inside and himself, on the outside. He dashed in, then immediately stopped in his tracks.

"W-what is this energy?!" He clutched his head, shaking a little. "It's... murderous! UUuuurgh...!" He continued, chasing the terror in his gut and the increasingly painful headache. Whoever it was, they hadn't even stopped when faced with soldiers. They had been cut down like they were nothing, and the foes were moving as fast as Nebula was...

He tried raising Sola on his Commlink. "Sola! Come in! There's a group of intruders! They're moving up corridor C-12! Cut them off at point C12.9!" Was this really the right choice?! I may have condemned most of these soldiers to their deaths! If I had tried to cut him off instead of chasing him, maybe they would still be alive... AGH! This headache makes thinking about morals hurt!

Sola had just emerged from the elevator after installing the reactor parts when Nebula raised her via her comlink. Her eyes went wide at the message and she immediately dashed off back down the elevator shaft, not even bothering to wait for the car. "Already on it, Nebula!"

When Sola arrived, she gasped at the sight of a severely wounded Falcona thrown against the wall, completely scorched all over and sparking from every possible place.

"Who... who could have..."

An explosion sounded down the hall, and giving Falcona a helpless glance, Sola equipped her battle programming and ran down the hall to confront the intruder(s).

Nebula turned the corner. The first thing he saw was the beaten-up Falcona, then Sola. "What...!? Falcona, what happened?! Did they get past you!?" The sensation grew even stronger for a second, immobilizing him. A black figure dropped from the cieling and pinned him to the floor, a buster pressed against his head.

"Night-night..." He said, firing it point-blank into the back of Nebula's head.

Nebula's body slumped for a second. Then, his Starsaber erupted through the assailant's back. "D-don't... underestimate a Maverick Hunter..." That did serious damage to my h-h-head...I-I'm not-t-t sure I can win this-is-is one-ne...

The black figure staggered back as Nebula stood back up. "Urgh... How is there anybody, human or Reploid, who can take a shot to the back of the head from TELOS and survive!? Who ARE you!?"

Nebula leaned on a wall for support. "Gggkgkhhhgkk... I... a-am... Maverick h-Hunter-nter... n-n-Nebula-bula!"

"A... A Maverick Hunter!? Damn you! Damn all the Maverick Hunters! I swear, I'll kill you no matter what it takes! I was going to terminate X and Zero, since they're weaker, but... I didn't think anybody would be able to stop me...!"

"S-So-o... Who... a-are-re y-YOU-ou?"

"My name is... is... K... Kos...Kosa! An Ex-Maverick... Hunter...! I'll j...just have to... retreat for now, but... but mark my words; I will have my revenge on you, Nebula!" Kosa stood up and dashed past Nebula to the exit.

"U-u-ugh-gh-gh... He was... unreal... B-b-but-ut I man-an-an-an-anaged to sc-scan-can him."

[Data: Kosa]
[Weapons: TELOS(Buster) Unknown beyond that.]
[Signature suggests that he is using Dr. Light's technology.]

"I can't believe a s-s-sing-ingle-le Reploid was-s abl-le to break in l-li-lik-like-ike-ke-e th-th-that-t. *bzzzzzt* It's kind-d-da lik-ike-ike how I g-g-go-o about fight-ighting-g larger forc-ce-es my-myse-self."

Gasping, Sola ran over to Nebula's side as he began to collapse from his cranium wound, holding him upright "Oh no, what am I gonna do? Ciel's too busy with Zero right now, and I don't know anyone else here who can help..."

Before she could worry any further, a black vortex signaled the arrival of Wraith, and behind them a door flew open as Dracoex, Fefnir and Harpuia ran in as well. Wordlessly, Wraith scooped Falcona's offline being and held her over his shoulder, while Dracoex aided Sola in assisting Nebula. "Nebula, what caused this? How did you come to be so injured, as well as Falcona?"

"Hey Drac, I don't think they're the only casualties here..." Pointing with one hand, Fefnir showed the green Reploid the sight of numerous dead Innerpeace Solders, scattered and broken, all down the hall from the exit out. Harpuia developed a snarl on his face and clenched his fists in anger. "Grrr... whoever did this will pay, and pay dearly... in blood."

"I-I...I got j-j-jump-umped-d by some-ome bl-bla-ack arm-arm-mor-ored g-guy-y... c-call-alled 'k-Ko-s-sa'..." Nebula managed to say. G-guh... Gagagagaga... I s-seem to be stut-tut-tut-tut-tuttering-ing worse-orse than-n c-c-Copy-py e-X-x Mark-k Two-o.

<*Copy X, after being revived by Dr. Wiel as Copy X Mk.II, had a serious problem with stuttering.>

[Severe cranial damage. Shutting down to avoid permanent brain damage.]

Nebula shut down, reverting to Human Form. His last thought before passing out was oddly clear and non-stuttering.

Where have I met that Reploid before?

Sola stood by Dracoex's side, her face etched with worry as she looked at Nebula upon an operating table, shut down and severely wounded. By his side, Cerveau took a short detour from his production of Anti-Hive weaponry and attended the white Reploid's injuries. A frown was ever present on his face as he worked, attempting to reconnect and repair the almost 200 year old robot.

"Hm... his design is rather old... around, say, Zero's when he was still a robot... but there's something different as well. I doubt they were made by the same person..."

He continued to muse over this and that, often commenting on how he, X and Zero all seemed so similar, and yet so different at the same time. Sola ignored his preoccupied rantings however, and kept her rapt attention on Nebula. "Dracoex... he's going to make it, isn't he?"

The emerald Reploid only shook his head, not knowing what to say to her. After much worrying and waiting, the pink Reploid's fears were subjugated as Cerveau took a step back from the operation table, pocketing the spanner he had been using to seal Nebula's head together. "I think that should do it. He took a lot of manage in the speech and processing center, but aside from that he got lucky I'd guess. Unless he and X share more in common then I first thought... anyway, he should be coming around any moment soon."

[Damage has been repaired. All functions have been restored. Booting...] - Awakening - ZXA Tunes

Nebula's eyes shot open as he assessed the situation, making sure he hadn't woken up in a hostile environment. He saw Sola first. "" Then he saw Cerveau. He must've repaired me... Then he saw Dracoex. ""

He coughed a couple of times. "Sola, Dracoex! Mornin'." He slid off the operating table. "...I see that I've had my head fixed. I guess I've needed that for some time now, am I right?" It's written on their faces... I'd better get them back to their normal selves. He stretched a little bit, pretending to be oblivious to the fact that machines don't stretch.

"So, any info on that Kosa guy?" He seemed familiar... but that's impossible. I've never been to this dimension before. There's no way I could know him. "Maybe anything about Captain Chuck E. Faker?"

Dracoex opened his mouth to respond, obviously with some form of important info, when Sola ran up to Nebula and hugged him tightly, nearly knocking him over. "You're okay, Nebula!" She shouted out, obviously elated at his recovery. Cerveau pulled the over excited Reploid off of her white armored friend, keeping her from possibly injuring him again. "Now now, miss Sola. I know you're excited to see him up and running again, but you mustn't be so overbearing.

Sola seemed rather taken aback by the mechanic's words and shook his hands off of her shoulders, staring at him indignantly. "What? He saved me, and I was worried for him! Who are you to tell me I can't thank him how I want?"

Cerveau looked at Dracoex with a weary face, obviously lacking the patience to deal with the wild card Reploid. "I think some time in a simulation pod would be beneficial for this one. She needs to learn to control her emotions more than she is right now."

The emerald Reploid nodded, then turned back to Nebula. "We... we do have some news. It's not directly related to either Kosa or Master E, but it was caused by them. Due to the now double threat made present by both of them, compiled with Zero's still severe incapacitation, Ciel has ordered all of the Innerpeace Solders, staff and remaining innocents and noncombatants to join the fleet in orbit above, using the star cruisers we have left. We will only have one at our disposal, and... well, Ciel is going with them, along with Zero, so unless we all decide to go with them, we'll be left here to face both Kosa and Master E."

"...however, I am not leaving. Not while that pathetic cheap copy still lives on. I made a promise, and I WILL defeat him. Plus, after what he did to my comrade Falcona, I have a debt to pay that Kosa character. I will not speak for anyone else, but I will remain here to fight... until the end."

Nebula crossed his arms. "Well, Kosa didn't seem like the type to go after people in small numbers. I could tell he enjoyed slaughtering people. He may want to kill me and X, but I doubt he has to do with Elpizo. He didn't even have a trace of Hive on him. They've probably never met." He closed his eyes and tried to gather all he could from their brief scuffle.

"He had a powerful weapon. That thing could bore through several reploids and keep going with a charged shot. He also gave off this... aura... of malice. It made my stomach turn. My robotic stomach. The reploids he killed all had slash wounds, though... He definitely has a saber-type weapon, and he knows how to use it. He's strong... and the scan showed me an error message when I looked at his DNA data. In short, he's evil, he has a gun and a sword, he upsets my stomach, and his DNA is all muddled. He's not with Elpizo. Maybe he's solo because of his pride...?"

Dracoex shrugged. "Well, there is no one that I know of that fits that description. The only one I ever knew who ever seemed to emit a dark aura of any kind was Omega himself, and my team never came close enough to him to really know. Plus, I doubt that was Omega, otherwise we would all still be fighting for our lives."

The sounds of footsteps came from around the corner by the door, and as the group turned to look, Mega Man X walked in through the causeway, his face streaked with dried tears and his head hanging slightly. Upon noticing that he was the center of everyone's attention, he straightened up and wiped his nose before speaking through a semi choked voice. "Guys, I need some input here. Ciel is, well... let's say exhausted from Zero's condition, so I'm organizing the room for whoever is leaving, and I need to know if any of you are going with them."

Cerveau shook his head. "With Ciel out of commission for the time being, the forces here need someone to fix their injuries. I'm staying here."

Dracoex sided with the mechanic. "Like I told Nebula, I will not rest till that copy of Elpizo is upon the ground, his head severed from his neck. I will stay by whoever else chooses to do so."

X then turned to Nebula. "Nebula, I will not lie to you. There are other fighters with the same equipment as the Exaclibur aboard the ships in orbit. For all you've already done, I can gratefully give you the freedom to take one and leave, if you so wish. This isn't your dimension, therefore you do not have to fight for or with us. If you stay, then I thank you, but I won't hold anything against you should you leave."

Nebula generated his StarSaber and ignited it. "Hmph, why would I leave? Afterall, I came here to help. If I were willing to leave now, I wouldn't have wanted to come in the first place... if that makes sense." He swung his weapon around a few times before dissolving it. "Listen, I'm staying here and fighting. Thanks for your concern, but I'm not leaving until I'm finished here."


"Hang on, how did I do that while I'm in Human Form? Strange. I thought my weapons couldn't... Oh well. Point is, I'm here, and you're stuck with my help, like it or not!"

Nebula looked at his feet. ...But I'm not strong enough to really help out anyway... "Is there a training room I could use? I want to make sure my skills are extra sharp for when things get tougher. I also wanna do a couple of upgrades to my systems. I'll be collecting as much data as I can."

[Create New Document?]
[Title: Let's Beat The Hive!]
[Alright! Now, since I'm gonna forget, I'd better make this memo to remind me of how I'm gonna do this...]
[-I'll obtain data on Dr. Wiel's tech, possibly from whatever's left of Neo Arcadia and Area N, where Omega fought Zero... apparently.]
[-I'll scan all the weapons data I can find and use it to upgrade myself, and possibly make a few personal self-upgrades to my systems with whatever I can find.]
[-I'll test out a few attacks that I'm not sure are safe, in a controlled environment. Maybe I can refine them into useable techniques.]
[-I'll hone my skills to the point that I can take on anything.]

[If I do all this, it should have a substantial impact on the situation. If I can just get strong enough, maybe I can at least even things out after Zero's incapacitation...]

X nodded. "We do indeed, though it's going to be one of the few things left active once our reactor goes down. Our E-Crystal supply can only last so long too, so if we intend to make any offensives, we had best do them soon. You may wish to hurry Nebula, as I'm going to prepare whatever forces decide to stay for a raid on some nearby Hive solders. We need more supplies, and it's a perfect opportunity to test out the Anti-Hive chips that Cerveau has produced."

"Speaking of which," Cerveau chimed in, "Here's one for you, Nebula. Simply insert it into your Element Chip slot to triple the damage against Hived foes. Of course, you won't be able to use Elemental attacks with it equipped, but I doubt you'll need that unless you are facing a powerful foe, such as a class XI Mechaniloid or one of Master E's Reploids."

"Alright, I'll make it quick." Nebula took the chip and slotted it into his wristband. I'll integrate it later... "Well, I'm gonna take care of all that stuff real fast. It won't take more than a day to get the data I need, but it could take anywhere between a day and a week to take care of the rest of it. I'll get on it immediately." He ran off to collect his Target Chaser and head off to other areas to collect data.




[Collected data on "Ragnarok Crash Site/Area N" "Eurasia Crash Site/Area Zero"]
[Obtained Wiel's Data A & B!]

"Alright, that'll do it. Now to do some upgrades..."



...And in only a few hours, he had gathered a plethora of devices and spare parts, as well as data. He immediately set to work, rushing it as much as possible. He had to finish in time to train and get used to his new equipment...

[StarSaber can now combo even faster and longer than before!]
[N-Buster has been maxed out!]
[Nebula can now perform a Shot-and-Slash combo (like X3's Shot-Shot-Slash, but with only one Buster)]
[LE has doubled!]
[Thanks to the Wiel Data, you can deal extra damage to an enemy using Wiel's Tech, but not when you have another element or other type of chip installed.]

And just like when a n00b starts X3 with a code to get all the upgrades and start at Doppler's Fortress... Nebula had to get used to his new abilities. That could take awhile.

In the transponder room, Rouge knelt by one of the teleporting pads, tools in hand, giving it a much needed repair job. Adjusting a loose screw, she pulled the driver out and replaced the energy amplifying cover and walked back over to the control pad. Pushing the power button, Rouge threw her tools violently to the ground when the teleporter sparked and shorted out with a crack, ruining her last three hours of constant work.

"Oh, that's IT! I've had it with this piece of junk!" Giving the malfunctioning device a solid kick, the red haired Reploid stormed out of the room, nearly knocking over several others who where entering the room at the same time. "Wha-?! Hey Rouge! Watch where you're goin'!"

Rouge merely held up her hand to Fefnir as she stomped down the hall, far too peeved to care what the Fire General thought of her rude exit. Phantom, next to his siblings, shook his head. "It seems that this conflict has hurt everyone, even if it was not physical pain..."

Harpuia, now over by busted teleporter pad, looked at it with a blank face. "I... guess we're walking to our mission objective then?"

X, arms crossed and leaning on the door frame in a tired manner, sighed and nodded. "Seems that way, but I don't think it really matters. This base only has enough energy to supply you all with E-Crystals for another week. I myself need a different form of nourishment, and what food we have here won't last too long once the reactor shuts down. In short, we were going to 'abandon ship' eventually."

Leviathan winced at his way of getting his point across. "Reminds me of the time Harpuia, Fefnir and I were cast out of Neo Arcadia by Mas-, I mean, Copy X..."

Looking up at a window, through which the sun struggled to shine due to the ever present smoke and dust clouds rising from the city's ruins, X frowned. "Well, we can only operate here so long, and until we leave to strike deep into Master E's territory, we'll make the best of the time we have."

Fefnir looked around at the mostly silent room's occupants, and after waiting several seconds, voiced his mind. "Aren't we gonna get started then? Not like we've got anything to lose to begin with, and I'm flat out bored just STANDING here. I need to bust something, and I need to do it now!"

Phantom resisted the urge to give his brother a smack upside the head, obviously annoyed at his impatience. "Would you leave your comrades behind, brother? We must await Nebula and his return before we can begin."

Nebula entered the room with an air of lofty confidence. "Well, wait no longer, guys. I was kinda going to stay here, but I guess it doesn't matter. I'm coming aboard to give that faker some well-deserved pain." He hung his head. "I... I kinda feel bad about leaving Innerpeace to either get burned to the ground or fall into disrepair. I'm kinda attached to it." And if it doesn't exist in 195 years or so, the world will be overrun with Mavericks, leaving no utopia other than Legion. It also means that Vent and Aile will never become Chosen Ones, if they exist at all, meaning... Wait, CIel has already started her Biometal research, so she's already found Model W!?

<*In Mega Man ZX, you learn that Ciel built her Biometals based on Model W, which she discovered buried at the crash site of the Ragnarok Space Station. Model W was the destroyed Ragnarok, with Dr. Wiel's consciousness fused within.>

He snapped out of it. "Well, time to get serious. I'm afraid I'll have to learn to use this stuff on-the-fly, so expect some mixed results." He pounded his fist together. "Well, I'm ready when you guys are! Aren't you going on a mission? I need some practice, and the best to be found is in the field. Shooting digital Mavericks with suckish AI doesn't compare to a real fight."

"Wait, when did Mavericks NOT have sucky AI to begin with?" Fefnir questioned, scratching the back of his helmet with confusion. His siblings all sighed and shook their heads, and Harpuia commented on his brother's simpleness. "Such a one track mind. Brother, next chance you get, you ought to get some upgrades for your verbal processor."

The Fire General stared at his brother with an even more confused face, but before things could get any further Phantom spoke up. "But I think we had better move out now. We have limited time, and none of it can be afforded to waste." - Instructions - Mega Man Zero 2, Collection Version

X nodded in agreement then activated a portable, handheld holomap of Innerpeace. Gesturing to the largest structure in the city, he indicated where they stood in comparison to the target area. "Area A, right outside of the city, has always been the fallback point for any survivors from Innerpeace in the case of a disaster. Just like with Area Zero during the Dr Weil incident, I have a strong conviction there may be a resistance of whatever humans have escaped the Hive living there, as there is plenty of food, water and endless hiding places."

The map shifted to a view of the city only, with it divided into Innerpeace-held territory versus Maverick-held territory. The former was almost nonexistent in comparison to the area controlled by Master E, and that included 90% of the land outside of the former utopia. Only area A seemed to have escaped the Hive's wrath. "There is a reason for this, however. It turns out that the Hive's all consuming nature we seemed to have given it is nothing more than an illusion. On the food chain, the parasitic life form actually comes in very low, and most, if not all, of the wild creatures and plant life in Area A are predators of the Hive. The reason that we have fallen to it so much is that Innerpeace has always kept those creatures in the wilderness outside, so as to avoid any unnecessary damages."

Arms crossed with his usual air of slight smugness, Harpuia nodded as he saw X's plan. "So... you are suggesting both a battle plan for this mission, along with a safe haven for us for when we run out of energy?"

"Exactly, but first, someone needs to make contact with the humans, if any, in Area A. Being the leader of Innerpeace and a human myself, I'll be the one to do that. Leviathan and I will head to Area A..."

The map showed two dots leaving the base and headed into the forested zone, then it glowing a friendly green. "...and ally ourselves with whatever human or Reploid resistance exists. Fefnir, Phantom, you two are going to head into Area D and cause some distractions. We can't afford for this movement into Area A be detected."

Now the holograph displayed two more figures entering Maverick held territory, with the area flashing red as combat ensued. "As for you and Harpuia, Nebula, your mission is the crux of this mission. As you know, Dracoex and his team are remaining with us, giving us a total of nine members. However, Falcona was severely wounded by Kosa's attack, and we lack the supplies and spare E-Crystals to repair her. Your mission is to storm deep into Area C and steal whatever E-Crystals and Reploid repair supplies you can find."

Again, the map shifted and one last pair of dots moved into the city section, signifying Nebula and Harpuia.

"Feel free to smash whatever you need to, just get those supplies. Dracoex and Wraith are remaining here to defend the base while we are all in the field, but they can't hold it forever. We can't be too long."

Nebula cracked his knuckles. "Awright! That's what I hated about the Maverick Hunter Organization back home; weapon level restrictions! Let's retrieve all we can, and help Falcona! I figure I owe her one for blowing up her targets when we came here." He punched a wall. "Let's get goin'! Too bad, I always liked Area C... er, MY Area C. I dunno about this one..."

Before Nebula had even finished speaking, Fefnir was out the door, Phantom only slightly behind him, cannons primed and charging as he ran to his target area. X, Leviathan and Harpuia all facepalmed at Fefnir's impatience before the first two headed out themselves, their destination Area A. Harpuia looked at Nebula while they left, unsure about his new partner.

"...While I respect you for what you did for my sister, Nebula... I'm sure you know my trust is not an easy thing to earn when not done so inherently, such as X and Doctor Ciel did. Dracoex and his allies did because they are friends of X, and the only person to earn it unconditionally was, and is, Zero. I know that this sounds smug and arrogant, but... I can't bring myself to accept you as my equal or superior until I see you in action."

Nebula smirked. "Well, that's to be expected. In fact, I almost expected you to be suspicious... I was the only one around when Zero was hurt, other than the Maverick we terminated. Dracoex and Sola were busy disabling the engine. ...That, and I don't remember mentioning that I almost blew Zero's head off with a high-power laser. Don't worry, though. This time, I won't have to worry about being on a moving train, trying to fight a maverick while also not falling to my demise. You'll see my skills soon enough, if we encounter anything. And I'll try not to get axe-crazy."

Alright, since we're free to break stuff, I may as well take my bike. This'll go way faster with transportation. He ran out of the hallway, back to the garage. "Harpuia, go on ahead! I'll catch up in a minute!"

Without hesitation, Harpuia ran out the doorway and immediately took to the skies, holding his Sabers out like the swept-back wings of a fighter jet. He soared up high, higher than the clouds of dust, ash and smoke, to conceal himself from the watchful eye of the enemy. When his target area was below him, the Rekku General took a deep breath and plunged straight downwards, hoping that his sheer speed would help him evade detection. Almost breaking the sound barrier, Harpuia managed to land unscathed within the ruined confines of what used to be a hotel. Now the building was infested with Hived Galleons, and as they all faced the winged Reploid in shock, Harpuia sneered at them disdainfully.

"I have been waiting for this moment! Plasma Cyclone!"

Using his new Anti-Hive chip, Harpuia added a special light blue energy pulse to his tornado, which shred the Hived Mavericks apart. Hideous screams erupted from the Hive creatures as they were eradicated, but quickly fell silent as they died off.

"Hmph. Too easy. I only hope there are more out there to bestow my ire upon..."

Nebula crashed through the next bulding over from the hotel, an arcade. "Dang, Harpuia is really letting loose! I'd better not get in his way." He parked in front of the hole in the wall he had made. There were no Mavericks... but this place had plenty of EC, which was used to run the machines. X and co. must've been unable to reclaim them for SOME reason, though... His scanner didn't lie. "Just double-check that one again..."

[High concentraton of Energy Crystals in the surrounding area. No Hive lifeforms detected. No Mavericks detected.]

"Hmm... strange. I guess whatever was stoppin' 'em before is gone now." He strolled around, opening up the game machines and taking their energy supplies. "This is too easy..." He called Harpuia.

["Sorry to bother you, but is everything okay on your end? Things are too smooth on my end, not a Maverick or Hive Creature in sight. It's really suspicious. When the situation is like this, it ALWAYS goes wrong. Either there's something huge headed straight for you, or I'm falling for some kind of trap. So, anything suspicious on your end?"]

Taking a moment from crushing whatever small pieces remained of his foes, Harpuia ran a scan of the area around him. At first his efforts yielded no results, but a small energy spike that had appeared on his first go around caught his attention. Rescanning, Harpuia noticed that the spike was growing rapidly with every passing millisecond, and he just barely managed to jet out of the way as a blast of shadow energy tore through the wall he was facing.

"What on earth? It seems you were right, Nebula. Thank you for the warning."

Landing on his feet, Harpuia leveled one of his Sabers in the mystery figure's direction as it began to emerge from the rubble, his eyes narrowed dangerously. "A fight is what you seek, is it not? Very well, allow me to show you the path to oblivion!"

The figure merely laughed quietly, then slightly louder, then erupted into full on maniacal laughter which echoed across the area's ruins. With a spinning sound the figure, still half in the shadows, brought out a double headed scythe and an insane grin spread across his face. "You realize who you're talkin' to, don'cha poster boy? I'm Tryton, the Grim Reaper and greatest warrior of Master E! And don'cha play dumb with me; I know that Nebula fella is 'round here somewhere too!"

Nebula was still listening, Harpuia having never actually hung up. That's... Tryton! He wants revenge against me... but I'm afraid he can't have it. Harpuia will wipe the floor with him. He had harvested all of the E-Crystals from the building. "Man, how could X leave all this behind?"

He was about to walk back to his bike and find another building, when a massive mechanical arm shot out of the ground and grabbed his leg. "What in the name of-!?" He was pulled through the ground, landing in a dark, dark place.

"Can't see..."

[Light Equalizer engaged.]

"That's better. Now, I appear to be in the catacombs..." He noticed the fist coming and jumped over it in time. "Oh, right, the guy who pulled me down here. Who has the guts to attack m... YOU!? ARE YOU ****ING SERIOUS!? This is the third time I've had to waste you, Atma!"

The large Reploid grunted and yelled back. "I swore to kill you, Nautilus. I will finally have my revenge..."

"You got blown up on the Burning Plans by two Shining Lasers and a blast from Oud, then I trashed you on Space Station Seth. How many times will you come back!?"

"As many as it takes... to rid the world of you!" Atma generated his massive Saber and primed his Arm Cannon; he was serious.

"Well, you'll find me harder to kill than ever..."

<*Atma is a recurring Maverick enemy for Nebula, having shown up at inconvenient times to fight. Nautilus was Nebula's previous alias.>

Harpuia winced as he heard Nebula engaging his ambusher in combat, as his white armored comrade had forgotten to shut of HIS comm unit as well. "...yes, he is here, and by the sound of that there is no denying that he has matters of his own to handle. It would be... discourteous to interrupt his business, wouldn't it? No, I fear you are stuck with me for the time being."

His scythe crackling with a lethal air, Tryton grinned maniacally as he twirled his weapon in his right hand, much killing intent in his eyes."No worries here, oh wise sage one. As soon as I'm done slicing your head off, I'll be sure to atone for your impudence by tearing your little friend apart, nice and slowly."

Nebula jumped back. ["...Harpuia, you heard that?"] He facepalmed. ["Sorry for killing your eardrums. Give Tryton a beating; not for me, but for Zero."]

"Now, Atma, where were we?" He hung up, but didn't pull a weapon.

"The part where I crush your bones, then make them into bread!"

"You're a fat-as-all-hell Maverick, not an Ogre!"

"That was what Giants do, not Ogres, so ha! I win this round!"

"Wh-what?! We weren't... but... argh! You made me look like an idiot! I'll kill you for that!"

The massive Atma laughed at the sight of the enraged Hunter. "Oh yeah? Well, I'll have you know, I've made my weapons extra special... They're made specifically to cut and burn right through your armor!"

Nebula was taken aback by this. "Crap, you're smart enough to do that!? How did you manage to do that!?"

"I didn't. Another person did it. He seemed awfully eager to kill you... My orders were to kill the tiny Sage, but when I found out that YOU were here..."

"So, you weren't ordered to fight me? (Weird...) Well, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed by your new weapon mods. You see..."

<Cue anime cutscene! Very Happy
I wish...>

Nebula generated an aura of white energy around himself. It grew and grew, eventually forming a sphere. "...I'm not..." A pair of jutting blade-like extrusions appeared on his back, and armor appeared on his shoulders. "...the same..." His vest morphed into actual chest armor, his helmet changed slightly. " the last time we met." His boots changed, with vents on the back. His gauntlets grew slightly and changed shape.

He stood in his white aura, which was now slowly fading, his silouette resembling the Falcon Armor.

"This time, I'm stronger than ever before!"

<End of anime cutscene. D:>

Atma has covered his face in an attempt to block out the light. "What did you do!?"

"Tch, what does it look like? I upgraded my armor. I wanted to do this for a while, and now I have the perfect excuse to show it off! Sorry, but this is a new type of body armor I modeled after X's Falcon Armor, and it's completely different from my old armor!" Nebula generated his Buster, which was now a proper Arm Cannon. "Now, let's see whose armor is better; the big lummox who's a week behind with the upgrades, or a Maverick Hunter like me?"

"Bah, no question! I'm stronger than you, Maverick Hunter Nautilus! I'll prove it!"

"Bring it on, slowpoke."

Before anyone can move an inch, the same Galleons from before appear from nowhere and (respectively for each fight) begin breaking out different tracks. On the grounds near Harpuia and Tryton, they begin wailing out this theme on guitars, drums and synthesizers. - Trap Fanatic - ZXA Tunes

Tryton held his hands over where his ears would be under his helmet, obviously not liking the music, before he shouted at the Mechaniloids to stuff it where they got it. When they paid him no heed, he charged at them with his scythe, his ire rising tremendously, but some force kept him from proceeding. "Gah... cursed fourth wall... whatever! It's not like I need to focus on the music anyway, trash that it is!"

A brick hit Tryton over the had for his remark. "ZXA Tunes rocks socks! DEAL WITH IT!"

A long silence prevailed as the Galleons ceased their music and the two combatants stared at each other with blank faces, a wind blowing between them as they pondered just what the heck had happened.

<Resume music now Razz>

Shaking his head, Harpuia decided to ignore the disembodied voice and instead charged at his foe, Sabers crackling with electricity. With a cackle, Tryton deftly jumped over Harpuia to avoid him, but instead took a Cyclone to the kn- er, the chest. The windy blow sent him higher up than he had intended, but the powerful Reploid took advantage of this and streaked downward, scythe at the ready, set to slice the Rekku General in half.


With a surge, Harpuia shot past him and barrel rolled around Tryton, evading the scythe swipe and putting himself above his opponent. Energy charging into his Sabers once more, he let loose Kougenjin after Kougenjin, slicing into his foes' back.


Diving after him, Harpuia grabbed Tryton roughly right before he hit the ground, soared upward, then flew straight down and smashed his captive into the rock hard tarmac, actually creating a crater upon impact.


Landing, Harpuia remained on the defensive, convinced that his foe was hardly through yet. He was correct, and his diligence paid off, as it allowed him to evade the row of spikes that suddenly jutted upwards from the road. Tryton removed his scythe from the ground where he had hit it, then tossed it like a boomerang, catching Harpuia off guard and smacking him upside the head. The green Reploid smashed into the earth, very dizzy from the blow, and struggled to stand. Walking over, Tryton grabbed his opponent and lifted him upwards by his neck, threatening to crush it.

"Any last requests, you pathetic little sparrow?"

Struggling, Harpuia locked eyes with his foe, narrowed them, then smiled. "Yes, as a matter of fact."

"And just what might that b- GAAAAAAH!"


A purple Saber erupted from Tryton's back, sparking and crackling fiercely. As he fell over in pain, the Grim Reaper let loose his quarry, his hand no longer obeying him. Breathing heavily, Harpuia gave the Reploid a kick in the face before removing his weapon. "That... was for... Zero..."

[The two energy signatures aboveground, tagged "Sage Harpuia" and "'Grim Reaper' Tryton", have reduced their power output by 98.2%. Suspected of severe damage.]

Nebula fired another charged shot at Atma to keep him back. "Crap, Harpuia's down! I mean, sure, so is Tryton, but there are more Mavericks around, and if any of them find him like that..." He generated a second Arm Cannon Buster and started charging, running around Atma in a circle, changing direction occasionally, to confuse him.

He finished charging, his charged energy glowing green. "Suck on this, pea-brain!" He fired both cannons at the same time, shooting a cross-charged shot. While Atma was busy trying to stop the blast from ripping him apart, Nebula rushed past him and slashed his Saber, sending out an energy wave not unlike a Kougenjin.

Atma didn't even have time to register that he had been cut in half and toasted. He fell to the ground in pieces.

"...Never underestimate somebody with potential like X's. It'll never end well."He wasted no time climbing back out and Hrrying to Harpuia's last known location.

He found the Rekku General lying on the street with deep wounds. "This looks bad... I'd better finish the mission fast and get us back to HQ." He put Harpuia on his Target Chaser and clipped a full Sub Tank to the dash. he set the AI in the bike to flee if any Mavericks were encountered, but only if Harpuia was still on the bike. He didn't want Harpuia falling off and getting left behind. - Brilliant Show Window/Area C - ZX Tunes

He ran off to collect more EC and parts. Back in the day, all you had to do to get parts was beat a Maverick of a high enough level, and you'd get to take 'em from what's left. Now, I have to canibalize machines for the parts! Well, since Harpuia's safe on my bike, I should take my time and finish the mission and collect all I can. I think Harpuia would rather be awake when we report in anyway.

<*Nebula is referring to the Parts sytem in Mega Man X5.>

From his place on the ground, still sparking and gushing oil, Tryton watched Nebula walk by him. Groaning with pain, he coughed, then shouted out at the Maverick Hunter. "So you're just gonna leave me here to bleed out and rot, huh? Psh, some hero YOU are, leaving a wounded Reploid to die while you greedily collect your 'mission objective.'"

A purple glow surrounded the Reaper, healing his wounds almost instantaneously, allowing him to stand. Still shaking from the pain, Tryton nevertheless grinned darkly. "Heh, no matter. I'm used to it by now. It's how everyone treats us, my sister and I. Nothing but lowly, smelly trash to be despised and looked down on! And for what?! Some self centered hero who only cares about reaching HIS goals! And you're just like him, you so called Hunter! You care more about HUMANS than your fellow Reploids! I'LL KILL YOU!!!"

His rage on the verge of exploding, Tryton attempted to draw his scythe to cut Nebula down a size, but something caused him to hold his hand. His eye twitched slightly, his insane snarl softened for a moment, and if one looked close enough, a single tear formed in the corner of Tryton's eye. Hanging his head, the Reaper growled through clenched teeth. "'re not worth it... I'm saving that for HIM..." Without another word, Tryton teleported away, leaving Nebula alone in the ruins.

Nebula looked back at where Tryton was. You're right... I'm... He broke out into a run. ...not worth it. "...Hm, I didn't see him there. Great, now my enemies not only think my ideals are all wrong and that I'm a psychopath, they think I'm a jerk, too!" He facepalmed as he started to dash.

He continued to rant. "I mean, sometimes there are HONORABLE people on the other side, and you'd be good friends if you weren't being forced to kill each other. Now, I'm just that big gun to them, the thing that's destructive, has no morals, and has no mercy or compassion at all!" His head drooped. "Man, and I'm supposed to be like X... So much for that."

He entered a building's lobby. "Nothing here... I could probably take something from the receptionist's phone, but that would be inconsequential. ...Then again, we need all we can get." He worked fast, removing anything of value. A tiny E-Crystal, some wiring, and a chip were all it had.

He went to the elevator. He opened the emergency hatch on the roof of it and climbed out, then kicked his way up the walls to the next floor. When he reached it. He kicked off the opposite wall and crashed through the door, landing in an office, swarming with Mavericks. They all seemed to be... mimicing a normal office? O_o

"Uhh... (Are these even Mavericks?) Hello?"

All eyes were drawn to him immediately. When he crashes through an elevator, okay, they're cool with that. But when he TALKS? OH no, that's intolerable.

"I'll just... g-go now." He turned around and went up the elevator further.

Nebula came out of another building with his arms loaded with various electronics and vast quantities of Energy Crystals. "Huh, I guess Atma forced them to clear out before they could really grab much of anything. I'd better take advantage of that now." He ran into the next building over, a shopping complex. "Why do I have the weirdest feeling, like I'm about to embarrass myself? Meh, no big deal. It's not like there's anybody around to see me fall down an elevator shaft face-first."


"Urrg... Harpuia groaned aloud as he sat up on Nebula's Target Chaser, holding a hand to his head from the pain of his fight with Tryton. "...even with my elemental advantage, he was no simple foe... I guess I owe Nebula at least my trust after this..."

Taking notice of the Sub Tank placed by Nebula on the dash of his vehicle, Harpuia injected it into his systems, giving a sigh of relief as the pain in his body disappeared completely. Fatigue still edged in his mind, but the Rekku General pushed that aside and focused on resuming his mission.

Locating Nebula's signature on his HUD, Harpuia flew low across the ground to his area, staying below building level to avoid creating a scene for his enemies to track, if any were still present. Upon reaching the shopping mall (more than likely what it used to be), Harpuia noticed his white armored comrade next to a large pile of E-Crystals and electronics, pulling a large amount of the former out of a busted toy ride armor.

Walking over, Hapuria cleared his throat before speaking. "Well Nebula... I guess I underestimated my foe again, and... well, thanks for having my back, as they say."

Nebula continued what he was doing. "You kidding? I didn't do anything. You beat Tryton on your own, all I did was make sure you didn't... well, get snuffed by a random Maverick. Tryton disappeared. Something about this encounter... troubles me. I felt a bit of a ripple in the anger and hatred Tryton radiates. His hate intensified for a moment... but I could tell, he's really... sad. I wonder what his story is..." ...And who could afford a toy like this!? It costs over 5000 Cred! And look at the toy weapons on this thing... Safety Hazard much? Crazy toy manufacturers...

He finished and moved on to another toy. He threw it aside when he found no EC in it. "Man, I hate the 'Batteries Not Included' ones." He reached for the next one without looking. It was soft. He looked in astonishment at the teddy bear he was holding. On impulse, he almost threw it, but stopped. ...Man, I'd feel like a jerk, throwing this away. I'll give this to Alouette, first chance I get. I need to pay her back for helping with my room. He hid it in his jacket. He had already turned back to Human Form.

"General Harpuia, have I filled the quota? I won't be satisfied until I've gotten 100%, and some to spare for a few experiments and upgrades. I mean, I've fixed myself up, but I think we could benefit from a few tweaks to our weapons, the reactor, and more importantly, armor. I think not getting hurt takes priority over hurting the bad guys."

He scanned the rest of the toy shop, seeing no more chips. There were hundreds of small gadgets lying dismantled, not a scrap of metal or a shimmer of E-Crystal to be seen. "Wow, the place is a mess. I almost feel bad, but then, I cut Atma down and burned his metal hide, then walked past a wounded Reploid (who WAS, in fact, my enemy, to be fair) without even turning to look, let alone help. So... sorry to prattle on for twelve minutes. How are we doing with the quota?"

"It is fine. To be honest I was often so during the Reploid Oppression. I never should had trusted Copy X's judgement for as long as I did... anyway, as for the mission..." Harpuia looked at the massive pile of E-Crystals Nebula had collected and, after a brief scan, smiled with pleasure. "It seems you've hit around 170% of our quota, Nebula. I'd say we're done he-"

What sounded like a sonic boom interrupted the Rekku General, shaking the ground all throughout Area C. It was soon followed by a rather large tremor, causing Harpuia to fall flat on his rear. "Ooph!" Standing up, he rushed over to the smashed wall and looked outside as the vibrations died out. In the center of what remained of the street, a huge, blazing crater sat, it's white hot glare forcing Harpuia to avert his eyes.

"What in the name of Light caused this?"

Nebula stumbled around blindly for a moment. "AAAAUGH! I-I didn't have time to look away...! ...Oh, good. My eyesight is returning. Good thing I kept that Light Equalizer on... No doubt my vision would be severely damaged otherwise." He turned to look, rubbing his eyes, which widened at the sight of the crater.

"WHAT!? How did... how did that happen!? Did some kind of meteorite fall!? ...Do you think somebody from my dimension found a way over here? Afterall, I did insist that I be the only one to go, but maybe Duon or that Mark kid found a way. Mark has Model N, which has my WCS, so he could've found a way to replicate the technology... Or maybe Dr. Cain was the one who designed your ships originally, and Duon obtained the plans for one of them."

Harpuia kept his vision averted from the still white hot crater, it's entire surface molten slag from the intense heat. "I severely doubt it, Nebula. No Reploid or human I know of could possibly survive that temperature, let alone the sheer force of the impact. That indent must be at least twenty feet deep! ...but the only things I know of that could have caused such an impact would be either a space borne object reentering or..."

Harpuia's eyes went wide, and he he grabbed Nebula before jetting off to the side of the road, right before the space they had been occupying erupted in another explosion, what remained of the caked pavement completely eradicated from the shock. "An artillery barrage?! I don't know how we fell for it, but those E-Crystals were a trap! Nebula, we need to evacuate now!"

Nebula searched the sky. "Where are we being bombarded from!?" Damn, and I bet the supplies I gathered are all toast, too. Then again, Energy Crystals are nigh-indestructible. It's possible that they're still alright. "Stay away from me for a sec, don't give let them kill us both with one blast!" Nebula dashed to his bike and shot away.

[Calculating enemy location based on trajectory of blasts.]

He made a hairpin turn and grabbed Harpuia as he passed by. "You alright? I'm trying to figure out where we're being hit from! I'm not letting this mission fail... I refuse to be beaten. Ever." He started moving faster, turning more wildly to make it impossible to hit them. "I've almost located them... Just a little longer, then we can get some payback for having to waste all that time, just for half of the stuff we gathered to be blown up..." He took a few parts out of his jacket. "I kept a couple of components, though."

[Missile base located.]

"Yes!" Nebula exclaimed as he accelerated even MORE, shooting in the direction they were being shot at from. "Those cowards, they couldn't fight me face-to-face, huh?! Well, they're about to know what MY version of the word 'Disarmed' means!"

Missile Launch Site

Inside of a heavily guarded compound, defended by a legion's worth of Hived Reavers, Galleons and many other Mavericks, over fifty missile rail guns aimed skyward. From each one protruded the nose of a plasma armed projectile, their chrome glimmering in the noon sun. One by one, each deadly weapon screamed off deep into Area C in hopes of obliterating both Nebula and Harpuia, due to their triggering of the trap. In the command center, a Galleon Saber (I think that's what their called) stands at a console, holding an audience with a hologram of none other than Master E himself.

" know as well as I that this bombardment will yield no results, correct?"


"Well then Galleon U-1564, why do you continue the attack? Surely you do not mean to waste our ammunition?"


"Yes, yes, yes, that is a given. But you know that they will easily overpower you, no?"


Master E rubbed his chin thoughtfully, then sighed. "I hate to do this, but... I must agree with you. There is almost no chance of those two surviving Castros. Well then, carry on."

The Galleon Saber saluted as the hologram faded away, then turned back towards it's console as alarms began to blare. Their targets had arrived.

Nebula continued onwards. "Why do I feel like something... isn't right? As in, I wouldn't think they're smart enough to lay a trap within a trap, but... Still, something seems... off. I dunno. Let's just keep going. I'm sure we can take on an entire base full of Mavericks and heavy artillery."


"Ah, I can see it!"

The twosome reached the operational perimeter of the Hived forces, and all the Mavericks went to high alert. One Reaver attempted to open fire with it's many chainguns, but a tornado with a blue hue descended from on high and began tearing it apart, causing the metal forming it's armor to screech as it twisted before snapping. Landing before his decimated target even hit the ground, Harpuia used his Anti-Hive chip to great effect, not only increasing his damage output threefold, but making him almost a wraith to his foes. He dashed towards a group of Mavericks, grabbed a Missile Variant and plunged his Sabers in it's face, melting and shocking it simultaneously. Whirling around, the Rekku General began to shred, batter and utterly annihilate anything around him that moved.

"Come to me, you traitorous Mavericks! I'll see you all destroyed!"

Nebula opted for a faster approach: crashing through everything in sight with his tougher-than-a-Ride-Armor Target Chaser. "Well, looks like some things really don't change, no matter how many centuries go by; enemies still suck at avoiding anything with an engine bigger than their head!"

Harpuia grabbed a Hived Pantheon Hunter that had been unfortunate enough to draw close while he was in his rage. Taking it, he impaled it's chest with his Sonic Sabers, threw it skyward, then flung it to the ground, resulting in a huge explosion of both Electrical and Anti-Hive Energy. Five Reavers toppled from the maelstrom of deadly technology, their organic parasites dissolving upon contact with it, screaming hideously as they did so. His body outlined by the explosion of one such Reaver, Harpuia glared furiously at the other Mavericks, pure hate in his eyes.

"That's it! Scream! Shriek! Burn! DIE! No amount of your suffering can atone for your sins!"

Inside of the base, the Galleon Saber watched impassively as the two Reploids drew deeper and deeper into the Missile Base, waiting for the right moment to unleash it's plan and it's "Unit Castros."

Nebula decided it wasn't worth it to go for a high mortality rate. He turned and shot off in the direction of their main cannons. He drove by, slashing up the control panels, not being very discriminate about whether or not there were hands caught in the arc of his blade.

He stopped and walked right up to the first one, jumped onto it, landing as lightly as a cat, and strolled along, cutting it apart. He hopped to the next as the first collapsed. The startled Maverick Operators and guards started shooting at him. Strangely, his weapon blocked each shot that would have connected, despite the fact that he had not even raised it in defense. He merely kept rending the barrels of the cannons he was walking upon.

When he was done, he alighted from his perch and landed in the middle of the Mavericks. They were startled again, by his sudden and unexpected movements.

"Don't waste your time on me... You may want to get away from here. Back off. Those cannons are going to explode in... 39.7 seconds." He walked away, leaving the enemies even MORE confused. They were torn between shooting the enemy and escaping. In the end, they decided to run.

Nebula simply got back on his bike and moved several dozen meters further from it. "Now to sit back, relax, and enjoy the expl-!" He was interrupted by the explosion itself. Ironic, considering how he JUST predicted the explosion to within a tenth of a second...

[Error. Explosion occured before estimated time. It occured after only 13.3 seconds.]

"...But... The only reason for that would be if the engines self-terminated, or if there are really high power levels being thrown around... !!! What on Terra is Harpuia doing!? ...I can almost feel him going crazy... Oh, no, wait, that's just the ground shaking. ...Wait, the ground is shaking!? How does he DO that!?"

However, despite the sheer destruction Harpuia had been wreaking, the Rekku General was not the source of the ground's tremors. In fact, whatever was causing them had snapped him out of his blood(oil?)lust and now had him giving Nebula a glance, thinking that his companion was the cause. Before he could voice his mind however, all the Mavericks around the pair immediately retreated, seemingly fleeing whatever WAS creating the tremors.

"...why do I have a feeling that we're in a very bad position right now?"

A stark silence prevailed across the now almost empty missile base, and inside of the control room the Galleon Saber reached down and, with a click that somehow could be heard by both Nebula and Harpuia, pushed a single button on it's control panel. - Asimov - Two Steps Frm Hell

With a loud clanking and roaring of machinery, the huge towers that made up the posts for the wall of the base began to bend in half, sinking into the earth around the pair of Reploids. The ground's rumbling continued to intensify, until the earth under the two erupted in an explosion that knocked them away almost five hundred yards. Looking up from his position on the ground, Harpuia's eyes went wide at the sight of what began to emerge from where they had been standing. From a massive crater, easily three hundred feet deep and three times as wide, a huge sixteen legged Mechaniloid reared to it's full height. It's legs compromised of the towers that had ringed the perimeter of the base, and upon it's back sat the control room where the Galleon Saber stood, watching emotionlessly as it's gargantuan minion sighted it's prey. Forcing himself to stand and hold his Sabers, Harpuia gulped.

"This... does not look promising."

Nebula shook his head. "Talk about a mobile base... Well, this behemoth is gonna go down. I can't lose to a tin can just 'cuz it's the size of a football field!" He switched to the Chain weapon and tried to scale one of its legs.

To counter Nebula's attempts, the huge machine raised it's leg high up and brought it down, shattering the earth where it struck. On Harpuia's end, things seemed just as bad, if not worse. The Rekku General was dodging a whole battalion's worth of missiles and chain gun shots, not being able to retaliate in any way.

"Gah, this is hopeless!"

Harpuia slacked in his dodging for a split second, and one missile drew close. However, at the last possible second, he shot past the deadly projectile, over the huge behemoth, and lead his pursuer into one of the missile launchers, causing it to explode.

" what I would say, but then I'd be lying."

Nebula switched back to his StarSaber and cut the edge of its leg, which had pinned his left arm when it had tried stomping on him. Now that he was free, he dashed away to prevent the same thing from happening twice. "Argh, I'm gonna kill this thing dead!"

[Scanning "Castro". Obtained "Heavy Duty Buster Pack" "Homing Missile" and several general upgrades to offensive power.]

"Heh, They never learn: Send your brand new Battle Body or giant robot after me, and I'll get stronger!" He equipped his Buster with the new Pack and started firing from his current position. "Have a taste of what you've been dishing out!"

It countered by swinging one of its giant limbs at him. Nebula tried jumping over it, but didn't quite make it. He got hit hard, and was sent flying upwards. "Bwaaaaah...!" He went above the clouds, obscuring him from vision.

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A minute later, he came falling back down, only much, MUCH faster. He was wearing the armor he had used earlier again. He stopped and hovered in midair a feet feet above where he was before. "Just try that again!" He continued his barrage from there, this time flying around, making himself less of a target.

It's entire body was plastered with the massive barrage of Nebula's attacks, and the Castros responded by converting it's entire upper body into an anti air grid. It fired off HUGE amounts of projectiles, ranging from missiles and lasers to plasma and electric nets. One cannon, a rather large one, fired off a incredibly large blast that exploded on contact with Sage Harpuia (think Queenbee's Solar Cannon attack thingy, from the bottom of her hive thing) and knocked him out of the skies.


He barely managed to land, only to find himself in a sticky situation as the Castros raised a massive foot to crush him. No! It can't end like this! Not now!

"Heh, you don't think it's that easy, do you?"

The leg crashed down next to Harpuia. As in, not on him. "Hey, you're not dead, right?" Nebula yelled at the Neo Arcadian General, his Starsaber embedded in the leg, and his Buster still cooling off from a charged shot. "This thing isn't pulling any punches!"

He, instead of wrenching the blade free, disarmed his Buster and focused on cutting all the way through the leg. He was at a relatively thin area just above the joint connecting it to Castro. He sliced through it, then gave the top a firm kick to stop it from falling on Harpuia.

"Alright, that should cripple it a little! I'll see what I can do about its weapons!"

He climbed on top, switching back to his Buster. He started blasting at everything, particularly, the giant cannon. He melted as many weapons as he could to the point that an attempt to fire them would result a self-destruction.

Castros began to stagger from the immense amount of damage Nebula was unleashing upon it, to the point it fell to the ground with a huge CRASH. The impact was so large, in fact, that it swallowed the huge behemoth into the earth whole, leaving a huge plain of sand in it's wake. A stark and sudden silence occurred, one with a dangerous air of foreboding. Injecting himself with what remained of the LE in the Sub-Tank Nebula had given him, Sage Harpuia stood up and surveyed the area around them, awed by the sheer destruction that Castros had laid down to the surrounding city.

"...And yet I feel it isn't over yet. Whatever game our foe is up to, it most certainly is not an easy-to-learn one."

Sonic Sabers at the ready, Harpuia found himself correct as the ground rumbled once more, and again the Castros burst from the ground before them. Without hesitation, Harpuia let fly with a dual tornado, aiming for the control center in which the Galleon Assault stood. This time however, some form of shield enveloped the monstrosity. preventing the attacks from making their marks.

"Hmph, so a shield is it? With all that firepower aboard it, I doubt this Castros has a way of generating enough reserve power to protect itself AND fire at us. My guess is that there is a generator nearby, perhaps underground, that is defending our foe."

"Harpuia, you handle the generator while I distract it. I find that I'm pretty good at that. There's a tunnel leading to the catacombs under the arcade. Take Target Chaser if you're still hurt." Nebula started dashing around Castro, threading in between its legs, shooting at it to draw its fire away from Harpuia. "It may sound like a weird plan, but it lets ME be the one to blow this thing up, so you can count on it getting done fast, and in a real spectacular way! Oh, and I'll be sure to collect as many spare parts as possible."

Harpuia gave the motorbike a skeptical look, then shook his head. " offense Nebula, but I think I'll pass this time." With a quick jump and burst from his jets, he flew away towards the arcade. Utilizing a quick tornado, Harpuia blew away what junk obstructed the passage way into the catacombs, revealing a tunnel that reached far down into the bowels of the Earth. He began to descend, only pausing long enough to wonder how, after all his years here, he did not know of this, yet Nebula did.

Inside, the catacombs were found to be the usual; dank, dark and eerie. Seeing by the light of his twin sabers, Harpuia hurried down the winding halls, searching for any strong energy signals that would indicate the barrier generator.

Nebula just continued to blast at Castro, running around to keep it distracted.

Nebula proved to be far to agile for the massive Castros to hit, easily evading all it's missile barrages, leg bashes and other diverse weaponry. In response, Castros raised one of it's feet and, charging it with a bright yellow light, slammed it into the ground, resulting in an immense earthquake that was followed by a rain of Thunder energy around the battlefield.

Down below Harpuia was thrown off of his feet by the huge impact, sending him flying (no pun intended) smack into a wall. "Ooph! ...I guess that the signal for me to get to that generator NOW, blast it to kingdom come, then gee-tee-eff-oh like hell."

Several minutes later, the Rekku General found himself face to face with a room full of electronic equipment. Most of it seemed attached to an advanced transmitter dish, which was no doubt providing the huge machine above with it's protective shield. Drawing his Sonic Sabers, Harpuia rolled his shoulders before setting to tearing into the computer complex.

Nebula saw the foot crashing down. Gonna be a shockwave... He jumped into the air and hovered in response. Unfortunately, because he was folling normal logic, as opposed to Maverick logic, he was hit by the lightning that he never saw coming. He fell to the ground, twitching.

"G...gkgkkkkggk... gkkgk..."

He tried to charge a shot, but he got shocked again. "Gaaaaaah! What in the...!? It must've overloaded the charge function... I'll have to wait 'til it cools down before trying a charge shot!" He pulled himself up, just in time to nearly get beheaded by another of Castro's limbs. He managed to duck uner it, but still...

He fired a few more shots at at, then resumed his mad scramble. They harmlessly bounced off its shield.

"Rrrg, freakin' wall! gotta save my heavy weapons for when Harpuia gets through... Once my shots start to connect, I'll know to go all-out!"

An explosion from underground signaled that the generator was taken care off, along with a somewhat blackened Harpuia who crawled out of the ensuing crater. Coughing, the Reploid dusted himself off best he could, partially blind from the amount of dirt in his eyes. "Rrr... so annoying... and I don't think a simple wash will get this out of my vision. Gah!"

In a rather comical fashion, Harpuia clasped his hands over his eyes and stomped from frustration, growing annoyed that he couldn't get the offending dirt specks out of his eyes. Several Mavericks that had retreated from the Castros site watched the scene with mirth, laughing at the General's attempts to alleviate his pain. Whirling around, Harpuia glared through half teared up eyes at the rouge machines, face etched with anger.

"You won't be laughing when I'm through with you..."

Nebula saw Harpuia and immediately launched himself into the air, and kept flying. He double-checked to make sure Harpuia was out of the blast zone before equipping his Shining Laser.

[Charging power cells. Error! Buster cells are unstable. Drawing energy from reserves.]
<*Is picturing X4-8 charge sounds now*>
[Energy at 50%...]
[Ready to fire.]

"Here goes nothin'..." He aimed directly down at Castro, which was now about 2000 feet below him. "Ragnarok Strike!"

He fired an insanely high-powered beam of red energy straight down. He kept it going for about twenty seconds, using his thrusters to stop himself from being shot into space by the recoil. When he was done, he shot down to the ground, slowing down at the last second and landing.

"S-so... Did I do it?" He looked out-of-breath... The attack must have taken a serious toll on him. He reverted to his normal combat form and kneeled. "Ugh, if that didn't work, then we're really screwed..."

An immense cloud of dust, ash and smoke, generated by Nebula's incredible attack, shrouded the Castros from view, making visible confirmation of victory impossible. However, a loud groan of straining metal sounded across the city's ruins and, rushing from the obstructing cloud, the frame of the mighty behemoth fell with a resounding and earth-shattering CRASH, a hole easily fifty meters wide cut straight through it's body. What remained of the Castros was barely intact, as most of it's frame was half slag from the intensity of the blow. Having finished off the Mavericks that were making sport of his plight, Harpuia's eyebrows shot up as he glanced over at the wreckage, obviously impressed.

"...didn't I pull an attack like that in the ZXA RP...? Eh, no matter. Breaking the fourth wall was never my style anyway, pay me no mind."

Sheathing his blade handles, the Rekku General walked over to his companion, who was severely drained from the use of his devastating weapon, and helped him to his feet. "Nebula, I must say that I'm glad to have someone like you on our side in this conflict. With your special brand of power, we may just win this war."

Looking around, Harpuia saw that the city was once more graveyard silent. Sighing, he rubbed the back of his helmet and shook his head. "But at what cost? I dearly hope that, when this is all over, I will not live to see another madman rise to this catastrophic level of power."

Nebula got up, with Harpuia's help. "Well... I get the feeling I attract trouble, too. I wouldn't be too grateful until it's over. And man, I didn't think I could pull that off... I had to reconfigure my Shining Laser with Wiel's technology, then there's all the crazy stuff I had to do just to keep myself from going orbital after firing. Well, better complete the mission... We'll scrounge for parts, then we make a run for it."

He immediately ran into the nearest building, which hadn't been caught in the blast... but was definitely a little scorched. "I'll look in here!"

Innerpeace Headquarters

"...and that's all that happened. We recovered enough spare parts and E-Crystals to repair Falcona and them some. We might be able to maintain this base for a while longer with them. What about on your end, X?" Harpuia finished as he ran some minor repairs on his arm. Stretching, X rubbed his back as he responded.

"Well, we established contact with a small human refugee group in Area A, but they're in a worse predicament than we are. They've been on the move ever since they fled Innerpeace, and with near constant air raids pummeling them, they can't do much to survive save continue what they have been doing. Phantom, Fefnir, how'd things go for you?"

Phantom, arms crossed as usual, shrugged. "For me? It was rather... uneventful, might we say. For our brother here, however..."

(Flashback to after Fefnir and Phantom were due to leave)

"Dang it Phantom! I finally get to smash something, and we have to leave?! What the ****?!" Rolling his eyes, the Shadow Reploid simply grabbed his brother by his arm and dragged him off, ignoring his shouts of rage and frustration.

"...he had a bit too much fun, in my opinion."

"Hmm... Well, what do we do about it?" Nebula said, waving his hand through the air. "I mean, we could probably locate the enemy based on the trajectory of their projectiles, like Harpuia and I did a while ago, then rip 'em to shreds."

X shook his head. "I wouldn't advise it, Nebula. When we met with what humans were alive in Area A, they reported that Master E's fortress was guarded by an army far beyond our ken. A frontal assault would only lead to our demise, especially if we have to fight all of whatever Master E's elite are all at once."

A newly repaired Falcona, leaning grumpily in the doorframe, grumbled bad temperedly. "Yeah, yeah, get a girl fired up only to shoot her hopes down..."

Ignoring his comrade's complaints, knowing full well that if he responded her mood would only worsen, X continued. "What we'd need is extra firepower, but even with you, the Guardians, Dracoex, Wraith, Falcona AND Sola, we're woefully undermanned. A guerrilla styled plan of attack seems like our only option, but I wouldn't know where to begin there. In short, we're still in a sticky situation, and I'm open to any suggestions-"

Before either Falcona or Fefnir could interject, X held up a hand and raised his voice slightly. "-that do NOT involve a direct open assault."

Nebula sighed. "Yeah, like I'd even THINK about fighting something like that without the full WCS. Well... If we were to scout it out a little, we may find a weak point. A less sturdy wall, a window that isn't secure, a door with a less-than-reinforced-Duratanium lock, anything to get us in or out. If it comes down to it, I can try another Ragnarok Strike to blow the place open, but I can only fire from above, it drains a ton of energy, and it's hard not to get send flying into space when I use it."

He performed a system check.

[...Power levels are normal. No structural damage detected. However, Giga Attacks and anything above them are disabled until enough energy is gathered.]

"...Yeah, Plan Ragnarok is a no-go. Any other suggestions?"

The room was silent, as no one had any good ideas that fit in with X's parameters. Sighing, the Blue Bomber sat down in a chair, resting his chin on his fist. Harpuia hung his head and shook it slightly, demoralized at their situation, while Leviathan merely shifted uneasily, wishing to be of help but having nothing to offer. For a while, the group merely held their positions, not knowing what to do, when a pink armored figure walked into the room. Initially, she looked ecstatic at the sight of Nebula, but grew more solemn and even sorrowful the very next moment, turning her eyes away from him.

"X? I think you might want to see this..."

Looking up, X smiled as Sola entered the room, but frowned as he beheld something in her hands. "What is this, Sola? Where did you find it?"

The blonde haired Reploid shook her head. "I didn't find it. It was a funny thing, but after I finished up in that simulation pod, this was in it with me, sitting on my stomach. I don't have any clue as to where it came from."

The subject they spoke off was some kind of diskett, one that was enveloped in a protective casing that kept it from harm. Taking the package, X looked it over dubiously for a moment before speaking his mind. "Well, I'll be a... this is one of the missing files from the archives we couldn't locate before this disaster started! Ciel claimed it went missing, and while we had all searched to find it, it never showed up. Funny, but it's the data that Ciel herself recorded on the Biometals she was making, along with her reasons for doing so."

Harpuia, Phantom, Fefnir and Leviathan all looked at each other with confused expressions, then back at X. In unison, they asked. "What's a Biometal?"

X just shook his head. "I'm not sure myself. Ciel said it was very hush hush stuff, things that should only be used in the most dire situations. Nebula, do you know anything about these things?"

Nebula's head perked up. "Biometal? ...You're serious!? You guys don't... Well, You're in luck! The place I come from, Biometal was used to take down several huge threats, and they went beyond even Wiel's scale!"

He snapped his fingers. "I'll tell you all about it. Biometal Fragments are small objects, and they hold the essence of heroes of the past. They even look slightly like them. Where I'm from, they are used by Humans and Prometheus-Class(Humanoid) Reploids to obtain the armor and powers of said heroes. Ciel actually has Biometal Model C, which is modeled after Craft, the former Neo Arcadian who turned against Wiel."

The white Reploid hung his head, sighing.

"Unfortunately, the existance of Biometal brings trouble... See, in my world, there were huge 'Model W' fragments lying around, and they were actually the pieces of Ragnarok, embedded with Wiel's lingering consciousness. They're probably all over the place here, too. It may be that our enemies have obtained at least one fragment, which is how they'd have Wiel's technology..."

He started shaking. Was it fear?

"...But, you know... There are probably other fragments, hidden in the world. It happened to Wiel unintentionally, who says it couldn't've for others?"

No. It wasn't fear. It was excitement.

"...We may meet some old friends. Who knows? Anything is possible. So long as somebody had a strong enough desire to leave something behind, maybe... Or perhaps it's the desire to leave your mark on the world. Who knows?" He gestured at X. "You became human. Doesn't that alone prove that anything is possible?"

He burst out laughing. "Ahahaha... Now look, I'm starting to sound like an idiot. I'm getting too sentimental..."

X laughed himself, as Nebula's amusement proved infectious. "I guess that IS a good point, Nebula. I mean, if someone like a nearly 200 year old robot could become a HUMAN... ha ha, then I guess anything is possible!"

The Blue Bomber's laughter caught onto Leviathan, who giggled at a silly thought inspired by X's words. "Hee hee, you mean that ANYTHING is possible? Like, Falcona kissing Dracoex? Ha ha ha ha!"

Falcona's face grew red from anger, but there was a ever so slight hesitation in her usually explosive response. "H-hey! Watch what you're sayin', princess! That stuff is for sissies, and I'm nothin' of the damn sort!"

This only evoked more hilarity from the Water General, who began laughing so hard she doubled over, tears streaming out from her eyes. This in turn caused everyone in the room to follow suit, and even Phantom had to let out a few chuckles at the lightened mood. Wiping his eyes, X stood up from his position on his chair, his chest heaving from the merriment. "Well, if this news brought us one thing, it was a better atmosphere. That much is certain."

Helping Sola up from the floor where she had fallen down from her laughing bouts, Fefnir could only nod in agreement as he used his other hand to cover his mouth, still forcing down his laughs. Regaining his composure, X stood up straight. "In all seriousness though, while that is most certainly good news, I have no idea what Ciel has done with the Biometals that she created. More than likely, that Model C she had is with her, and I don't have a clue as to where to start looking for the others."

Nebula was surprised at what his laughter had done. Well, I guess it's a little rare for me to laugh... in a normal situation. "Well, um... I have knowledge of when it's discovered in my world. Models X and Z, I know two points related to them. The Area A Forest, and the Area A Transerver. It's not that far from here. I could try searching the area, and maybe a few records of excavations near there."

He chuckled again, the merriment having come full-circle. "It's almost like I'm cheating... I come from what's technically the future. ...Well, it's a shame I never learned where Models X and Z were actually discovered. Of course, I have leads on them. The others, I have no clue. When they were discovered in my world by the good guys, the bad guys had already taken them to power up their Maverick leaders. So, X and Z are our only leads. I can search the area around there, it's pretty close."

"Wait..." His face whitened. "Wasn't that resistance group still hiding out there!? We can't go barge in and go looking for Biometal, they'll shoot us! Or worse, King Faker will notice that we're there, and try to blow us all up at once!"

X frowned. "Well, it's true we can't just go barging into Area A. When Leviathan and I met with the resistance, they seemed very jumpy. I think someone will have to utilize stealth to obtain Biometal Model X. Phantom, I think you should be the one to-"

A poof was all that answered the blue armored human. "--handle it. Typical Phantom."

"As for Biometal Model Z?" Leviathan piped up. "I think that Nebula should lead the way, seeing as he knows where it was located in his world, though that might not ring true for ours. Nebula, who did you want to go with you for this?"

Who should come with me? I'd better think about this one carefully...

<Heh, Party Member Selection screen.>

Nebula thought aloud about it for a while. "Well, Phantom will be busy getting Model X. Falcona... is the ABSOLUTE worst choice this time. A shame, I like to team up with each of us once in a while. Dracoex's abilities are somewhat more suited for this, but not exactly right."

"Harpuia can fly, but... his voice is high-pitched. It would be pretty easy to detect. Leviathan uses a Halberd, a heavy weapon, and requires more open space to swing it and use her attacks. Fefnir is the second worst choice, but he's at least got the whole 'combat genius' thing to balance out his violence."

"X needs to stay here, and possibly oversee the operations. Or, maybe he can make peace with that resistance group. He'd be the best man for that job. Zero is otherwise occupied, right? Otheriwse, he'd be a good candidate, considering how he once snuck into that E-Crystal Factory."

"That leaves Wraith, Sola, and Foxstar. All of them are good candidates... Wraith can escape into Cyberspace, and he's hard to detect anyway. Sola is incredibly fast, and any enemies could be taken out silently and quickly. Foxstar is pretty fast, too, and can use fire."

He shrugged. "Wraith would probably be better off helping Phantom. Two heads are better than one, and I'm sure they'll get along famously. Sola needs some more experience, which could be a push in either direction. Afterall, the mission would definitely improve her skills, but then, her inexperience could compromise it..."

The white Reploid thought silently for a moment, ignoring any indignant reactions from Fefnir and Falcona. "...Sorry, Sola, but I'll be going with Foxstar for this mission. It's too important to risk anything... You understand, right?"

"WHAT?!" As expected, both Falcona and Fefnir shouted out simultaneously, at which they both looked at each other. Glaring fiercely at the Fire General, Falcona pointed a threatening finger at him. "Hey, you got the last mission! If anyone should, I should be the one to go!"

Fefnir snarled in response, fingering his cannons as he shot back. "After you let that Kosa guy trash you?! You're just as pathetic as you've always been, Falcona! You'd just get in Nebula's way!"

As the two bickered, Harpuia, Leviathan, and X all sighed. Obviously the pair of squabbling Reploids had gone through this before. Sola gave them an annoyed glance, then looked back at Nebula. "I understand... it's fine, Nebula. I shouldn't have acted the way I did back in the repair bay, anyway..."

Leviathan attempted to comfort the female Reploid with a hand on her shoulder, but Sola shrugged it off and looked away, slightly embarrassed and very shame faced. X gave her a concerned look, but turned his attention back to his white armored friend. "Kyuubit is in her personal laboratory, two floors up in that elevator and the second door on your left, third hallway. Room number is 603-A4, and don't forget to knock. She can be a bit... fiery when interrupted."

Nebula's expression sagged a little at Sola's reaction. "Don't worry, I promise to go on the next mission with you." He (by the way, is in Human Form right now) walked out the door and sprinted for the stairs. "Sixth floor, Block A, third room..."

He finally reached said floor. He knocked on the door to Foxstar's room...

"Hello? Foxstar, We're going on an important mission shortly. Sorry to interrupt what you're doing, but this is kinda urgent."

A slight pattering of feet signaled Foxstar's approach, followed by the whirring of the door opening smoothly. Inside of the causeway, Foxstar brushed off her slim figure from working on some project or other, giving Nebula an interested glance. "Is that so? Might I have the details? Ever since we've returned here, I've found that I am running short on supplies for my project, and I do need something to break the tedium of having nothing to occupy myself with."

Nebula shrugged. 'Well, we need an edge, and we figured out one we could acquire. As it happens, I have an idea of where Biometal Models X and Z can be found. We're going to search around Area A, while Phantom searches among its occupants for information, and possibly the actual thing. Do you know about Biometal? Anyway, we're supposed to move with relative stealth, and we haven't had a chance to go on a mission before, not counting the attack on the Hive base."

"So... how 'bout it? We may even find some spare parts for whatever you're working on, if we encounter any Mavericks."

Foxstar smiled, walking out of her room as the doors swished shut. "But of course, Nebula. Like I said, I am quite idle at the moment, and idle hands are the devil's workshop. I guess that's why Copy Elpizo was made, wasn't it?" She giggled at her last line, enjoying her little joke.

"True. Well, we go as soon as possible. Tell me when you're ready to go, I'll be getting a couple of things done while I wait. Afterall, I don't want to go in looking a shiny, white, and visible."

Nebula ran off, to his workshop. "Time to reconfigure my armor for some camouflage..."

Fifteen minutes later, Foxstar knocked her knuckles on Nebula's doorway. "Nebula, I'm ready to leave when you are!" As she awaited a response, she reflected on a conversation she happened to have upon chancing with a depressed Sola in the command room...

<Flashback initiated! XD>

I saw the poor girl, sitting alone on a bench after the rest of the group had left to attend to various duties. Instead of heading back out after my mission briefing from X to alert Nebula, I decided to spare a few moments with the saddened Reploid and see if I couldn't brighten her spirits up. Sitting down next to Sola, I attempted to radiate an air of cheeriness. "Hey there, sweetie. Why the frown on that pretty face?"

She didn't seem to keen on responding to my slight humor, and she just continued to hold herself, remaining silent. Sighing, I slid up next to her and put an arm around her shoulders, showing her some compassion. "Listen Sola, if you have something bothering you, the last thing you want to do is keep it bottled up. It'll only worsen, like a virus or some kind of pathogen. If you need someone to talk to... well, I'm no Ciel, that much is certain, but I'm here if you need an open ear."

This seemed to get her attention a bit more, and she responded through a slightly choked voice. "I... it's... oh, you wouldn't understand, Foxstar..." She turned away from me, now sobbing slightly as well.

"It's about Nebula, isn't it?"

With a start, the pink Reploid faced me with wide eyes. "How did you-?"

I held up a hand, smiling warmly. "I was there too, Sola. I had someone I cared for as well, someone who made me feel more whole than I ever could alone. But he... he isn't here anymore." I winced at bringing up the subject of Flizard's death in that alternate reality, but I pushed that aside.

"These kind of feelings are natural, Sola. You... you aren't any ordinary Reploid, so it's no wonder that you're feeling like that this early. Don't let it get you down."

Sola nodded, but still bore an expression of concern on her face. When I queried as to what was wrong, she looked at me directly in the eyes, confused. "But Foxstar... why am I feeling this way? It doesn't make any sense at all... I... I don't want to be confused, but I just can't process it... it's all so... so..."


She nodded, a quick dipping of the head, confirming my statement. I backed up a bit and drew in a breath, taking time to word my next sentences properly. "Well... we may be machines, Sola, but you must remember that we ARE based off of the human intellect. Therefore, we have human tendencies. Anger, joy, sadness, fear, determination... all of those would be far beyond us if we remained as mere machines. But we DO have them, and with them, we are at times more human than metal."

This seemed to work for Sola, and even though she still remained saddened, it wasn't as intense as before. After exchanging some more words of encouragement, I bid her farewell and walked off to alert Nebula that I was ready...

<End flashback>

Standing outside of the door, Foxstar played the scene over again several times in her head, pondering if she had done the right thing.

Nebula opened the door, his armor now covered in a camouflage pattern. "I love how I can reconfigure my armor to be a different color. I dunno how it works, either! I know Rock and X had this, and Zero had it at one point... I need to figure out why it changes. Usually, it changes according to your weapon. I think it's supposed to be connected to my WCS to do that properly... But I like my white armor better."

He seemed oblivious to Foxstar's concerned expression, at least for a moment. "Alright, time for the mission! ...And don't stress out too much." His tone had changed completely after the first sentence. "I'm worried about Sola... she looked pretty dejected that we weren't going together. But I have to focus on the mission, or we may all be screwed over."

He sighed, returning to his normal, slightly insane, cheerful self. "Now, let's go trash some Mavericks! Are we going in by Transerver? I doubt it, since we need to conserve energy, and it's close by... So we should probably walk." He hurried over to the stairs, remaining in his Humanoid Form to save power.

They went down, passing the Command Room. He glanced inside, his expression changing for half a second to one of depression. He shook his head after they were clear and cracked his knuckles. "We'll be done before the day is over, and it's already nighttime. They won't know what hit them..."

He stopped talking intelligently, his words devolving into threats of violence against anything that would dare stop them. They reached the exit. "...And no, it would NOT be a good idea to take my Target Chaser, if you're gonna ask about it. It would be fast, but it would be loud." I'll get away with this one, since she hasn't seen it in action. It can move pretty quietly. Of course, no way I'm riding with her. That would just be waaaay to awkward.

Following Nebula, Kyuubit fingered with a small device she had tucked away under her white cloak, turning it out of nervous habit. "I see... well, I guess we're on foot then. Lead the way, Nebula."

He nodded. "Right."

They reached the ground floor and started walking. "Area A is that way." He pointed to a section of forest. "We should either try to conserve our energy by walking, or try and end this mission fast and rush through. What do you think?"

Foxstar mulled it over, glancing at her internal HUD quickly. If push comes to shove, I think 73% charge will last me should we have to make a break for it, however... "Well, if we must pass through Area A, I'd advise stealth over speed. Last thing we need to do is either further frighten the human resistance, or draw the attention of Master E's forces."

"Yeah. We'll take our time, then." He started walking. "Well, I should give you a more detailed briefing... You see, we are in dire need of some new edge, when the topic of Biometal was brought up..."

<...I have nothing further for this scene. And I don't know how to make a convincing time jump...>

*Presses universal fast-forward button*

On the cliffs of Area A...

Nebula rested his leg on a stump, looking outwards. "Huh, I get the weirdest feeling that there's supposed to be a tower there, in the distance... Meh. And did you see Hygleg Ocklboro*, or whatever his name is, stuck in that funky tree, on the way here? Strange." He surveyed the area.

<Ockleboro is a boss from Mega Man Zero 2, and his disabled body can be seen in Mega man ZX, stuck in the tree Nebula mentioned.>

[...Faint energy signature detected. Similar to "Mega Man X". Crosschecking readings with "Aile", "Vent", and "Mega Man Model X". Identified as "Biometal Model X", with a 0.03% chance of error.]

"Well, now we have our lead. If we're lucky, there won't even be a guardian."

Kyuubit turned her attention away from taking in the scenery and looked over where Nebula was standing. The wind playing with her white/gold cloak, she strided over to her Reploid friend. "Hm... I do wonder if it's true... I don't sense anything in the vicinity, so I would assume it is safe to investigate." So saying, the red eyed Reploid deftly jumped off of the short cliff (seriously, it isn't that far up if a 12 year old boy and girl can stand up and walk/run/fight from a fall from it) and gracefully landed on both feet. Straightening out her cape, she looked around the immediate area. "...seems that we're in the clear. Now, to start looking..."

Nebula dropped next to her and pointed in the direction leading directly opposite Innerpeace. "I got the reading from that direction. It may be in the next area over, based on the signal strength."

Foxstar nodded, and the pair of Reploids walked off. While they trod, Foxstar glanced around at the pristine forest, watching what sunlight that existed filter through the canopy with a slight emerald glow. From the forest's depths, the sounds of song birds carried in the wind, creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Under her breath, Foxstar mumbled softly. "Reminds me of that one time Flizard took me here, following the whole Ragnarok ordeal..."

Returning to reality, she realized that they had reached a small clearing where Nebula had stopped, looking around for clues as to the Biometal's position. "...any luck, Nebula?"

He shook his head. "Nothing yet... But I get the sense that it's underground. Since it was buried relatively recently, like, maybe a couple of years ago at earliest, expect to see some disturbed earth. Not fresh, but not been-sittin'-there-for-a-hundred-years kinda dirt."

"We should move on. Of course, there IS the problem of this cliff here... It's kinda high. Like, the kind of cliff that we'd die if we fell off of it. Any good at rock climbing?"

Hands on hips and a frown on her face, Foxstar glanced upward and shook her head. "I fear not. Wasn't something I was made for, and I've never tried to learn it. Maybe I could morph and float up in a leap frog pattern? But wait, then what would you do?" The female Reploid gave a slightly irritated sigh. "Guess we're gonna have to be really creative here."

Before Nebula could voice an answer, however, a loud shout came from behind the pair. It wasn't a battle cry, nor one of rage, but it was most certainly a very frustrated one. Eyes widening, Foxstar quickly hid herself behind a large fallen log, covering herself with her cloak. Peeking over the tree trunk, Foxstar beheld the angry form of Tryton stomping through the underbrush, a small object in his hand. "...and all this time, I've been wandering around here for nothing, when I could have been working on the details of my plan!"

Raising his voice, the Grim Reaper shook the object violently and almost screamed at it. "And all you're gonna do is sit there staring at me?! You're more than useless, you piece of trash!!!"

Whispering to Nebula, Foxstar sounded both edgy and confused. "Nebula, who is that?"

Nebula was about to mention that he could use the Falcon Armor to fly, when they heard Tryton. He turned and looked in disbelief. "...That's... Tryton. He's an enemy. He kinda hates my guts, prob'ly has to do with the fact that I left him to die after Harpuia beat him up. Well, from what he's saying..." His eyes narrowed. "Let's investigate."

He remained in Humanoid Form and crept up behind the Scythemaster. Did he recover a Biometal? Only one way to find out without triggering a fight... He peeked over Tryton's shoulder...

...and was greeted with a most peculiar sight. The item that Tryton held looked slightly like the helmet of Zero, only it was in a darker shade of red than that of the Red Raider's. It's eyes glowed with a dull rage at being shouted at, along with a slightly black aura, but no voice of any kind did it utter. Furious, Tryton, oblivious to Nebula's presence, raised his hand up high and threw the item hard into the ground before stomping off, muttering to himself. "All that work, and I'm still no closer to freeing either of us..."

Foxstar listened to Tryton's words as he departed with much interest, but that curiosity was eclipsed by the feeling of intrigue that was inspired by the abandoned rock, which lay in a small patch of grass. The very air around it was filled with malevolent emotions, and it simply oozed with killing intent. Warily, Foxstar approached the strange item, but dared not to make contact with it. " similar to your description a Biometal, but... I didn't know that they were this... intimidating..."

Nebula looked at it, sneering in disgust. "I recognize this one. My records say it's Model O, based on Omega. You should remember him pretty well, being one of Wiel's Numbers. The one back home didn't seem this evil, though... maybe time mellowed him out?"

He watched Tryton leave. "Hm, what's eating him? That remark he made... some thing about freedom. Is he being held against his will...?" He gave a short, bitter laugh. "...Not unlike another scythe-crazy Reploid I've met."

He picked up what he had presumed to be Model O. "We should take this. Be careful, he's dangerous. Model X is probably off that way... But... Foxstar, can we tail Tryton for a while? I really get the feeling we're missing something here..."

O>["Tail him. Something's up."]
>["The mission comes first. We'll go after Model X."]
>["I dunno..."]

"I think that we should follow. For an enemy, something seems... amiss."

Bah, what blind fools you two are.

At the sound of the voice, Foxstar wheeled around, searching for it's source but finding nothing to answer her. "Nebula? You... didn't say anything, did you? It sounded like wait, that Biometal was based off of Omega, you said? Could it have possibly...?"

The voice sounded again, a decisive sneer very distinct in it's words. As blind as you've always been, Foxstar. Just be grateful that I am in a temperate mood right now, for but Biometal that I am, I am still the God of Destruction.

The female Reploid was obviously unnerved at hearing the sinister voice of Omega emanate from the object that Nebula held, but did her best to hide it. "And you remain just as arrogant as you always have. But I digress, you have much to answer, especially on why you were with Tryton. But as for now, we ought to pursue our enemy, lest he vanish altogether."

Nebula tossed Model O, much to its irritation, to Foxstar. He immedaitely ran after Tryton, keeping as quiet as possible. Tryton... what are you up to? If I keep quiet, then he won't be likely to say anything, but he won't tell ME, of all people, about what's up...

Following behind Nebula as silently as she could, Foxstar's face was one of concern as she held onto Model O, doing her best to ignore the corruptive aura that resonated around it. Eventually the pair of Reploids slowed down as they neared their quarry, so as not to alert him. Up ahead, Tryton continued to stomp noisily through the forest, seemingly uncaring about the din he was creating. "Of all the rotten luck... I went through all that trouble of reading up on what Master E had recorded on his stolen files regarding the Biometals, spent all that time hunting one down, only to find out it was the only one who WOULDN'T help me?! GAH!!!"

In his rage, Tryton whipped out his scythe and tore into a trio of nearby trees. With many a deafening groan, the massive plants fell to the earth, each one of them having been felled by a single slice. Still having steam to blow off, the Grim Reaper plunged his weapon into the ground, causing a huge pillar of flame to erupt around him, thoroughly incinerating anything nearby. Even though the column of fire was easily three hundred feet high, by some miracle it failed to ignite any of the trees around it. His chest heaving, Tryton ceased his destructive outburst and recalled his scythe, sighing and returning to walking off.

In Foxstar's hand, Model O snorted in disgust. Hmph, to think that he expected ME to help the likes of him. What a fool.

Her curiosity overcoming her fear, Foxstar spoke up. "From what I heard, Tryton seemed to be looking for something... tell me Model O, what was it he was seeking?"

Oh, so now YOU seek my aid? And your reason for believing I'd tell you is...?

"Well, it would help us defeat Master E and finally restore peace here-"

An evil laugh echoed in the minds of both the Reploids, one with a thoroughly mocking tone. HAHAHAHAHA! You think I care for those things? You'll have to try harder than that if you want the knowledge I hold so badly, Foxstar.

The female Reploid gave Nebula a glance that spoke of severe irritation and helplessness. "Well, perhaps the other Biometals know. We had better find and ask them, because I doubt that Model O-for-obnoxious is going to cooperate."

All that Model O did to reply to Foxstar's insult was to huff ill-temperedly.

Something in Nebula's eyes had changed. It had been there since they had seen Model O, but now it was more apparent... "I have a better idea." He transformed into his Combat Form and generated his Buster, holding it to Model O. "Listen, you. Tell us what we need to know, or I blast you to dust."

The look in his eyes intensified. "You can't fight back. You can't protect yourself. If I pull this trigger, you will cease to exist, and there's no way for you to survive. You won't manifest as a Cyber-Elf, there is no backup body for you to take. There are no bodies around here for you to possess. You aren't what we were looking for, and I'd be happy to erase you. X and Zero have no reason to let you live, either. If you tell us what we need to know, we'll let you live. If not, you'll meet the fate you should've a long time ago."

The white Reploid's entire face twisted in hatred for the small lump of metal.

"So, tell us now... Or I'll end you."

Oh, is that so? Model O said, the ever present mocking tone in his voice growing. I never once thought that one of you so-called HEROES would 'stoop to my level,' but it seems I was wrong. We all have a dark side to us. Some people just refuse to see it, ignore it, attempt to pretend it doesn't exist. But it lives on, oh yes, it does. Every creation of fallible man will inherent his vice of evil.

Here Foxstar attempted to respond, but words failed her. Model O's words had struck her to the heart, for every one of them was true. Sighing, the wretched Biometal continued. Foxstar, you of all people should be able to see this. Will you condemn me for doing something that neither of you HASN'T done? Yes, as a Reploid I slaughtered hundreds upon thousands of innocents, but the quantity doesn't matter; no, only the act. Either you kill, or you don't. In that regard, you two are no different than me-

"STOP!" Foxstar screamed, dropping Model O and clamping her hands over her ears, tears streaming down her face. "Stop it! I... I'm nothing like you! Nothing like you at all!"

How irritating... the Biometal mused. But I digress, I guess I have no choice but to cooperate. I hate having to cope with... trigger-happy Reploids, as well as screaming women. Such an annoyance...

Nebula sighed as he lowered his Buster to face Model O again. "Why does everybody assume I'm just as egotistical as them? Answer me that. I don't think I'm a hero at all. I'm a Reploid, and I have to deal with the burden of responsiblity that comes wth my free will. It's even heavier because I have power."

Rrrg... There are many factors in deciding right and wrong... but you can't calculate it. You can really only feel whether it's right or wrong. And some people, like you, just ignore that feeling... He thought, eyes growing narrow.
"...Okay, don't bother answering my previous question. Now, repeat everything the last Reploid you saw, Tryton, said." He picked Model O up, no longer aiming his weapon at him.

Model O gave a small, amused chuckle. Impatient, aren't we? You would think that you would seek some sort of solitude before I relate my information to you. Ah well, if you two are blasted, sliced or otherwise have your lives ended, it will be of no consequence to me. I can't remember half of what that babbling idiot you call Tryton said, let alone accurately recall it all, but I do know what he was looking for and what he intended to do with said item. No doubt you all seek to lay claim to it now, seeing as your foes are already on the move for it's capture. What Tryton was looking for was a small fragment of what is known as the Ether Stone, and-

Almost immediately Foxstar's head snapped up at the mention of that name, her eyes wider than saucers. "The Ether Stone?! Would our foes be so mad as to hunt for a mere myth? Surely you lie, for there is no such thing!"

Be silent, wench, Model O growled, his temper flaring. Among the many things I am, a liar is not one of them. As I was saying, Tryton was seeking one of the Ether Stone fragments in hopes of freeing something or other. I never caught what it was from his ramblings, however. He is nearly mad, I must say. He thought he could... persuade me to give him the location of the fragment, but for some reason I could not have communicated with him even if I had tried.

Foxstar, having ignored the Biometal's insult, pressed him for more information. "But why? What does the Ether Stone possess that computers, Cyber Elves and other forms of technology do not?"

That I cannot say, Foxstar. Even Tryton seemed unsure of the powers his quarry held, and I doubt that any one of your allies or enemies knows it. However, if you do find it, we may yet uncover it's secrets. Who knows? They may prove instrumental in turning your precarious situation around. I'll lead you to it, but on one condition. I need a host body to move about on my own, but there seems to be a severe lack of them in the area. Find me a body for me to possess, and I shall aid you.

Worry etched on her face, Foxstar glanced at Nebula. "Well... he SOUNDS sincere, but this is Omega's essence we are dealing with. What do you think, Nebula?"

O>[I say leave him. He's too dangerous]
>[It's risky... but it's better than nothing]
>[I'm not too sure either way...]

*Down* *Down* *X (or A, on a Nintendo system)*

"I'm not too sure either way... Wait a second, you can float. You don't need a body at all! You're able to move on your own power! Wow, you're devious... Were you holding still this whole time, just to trick us? I'm impressed... but not in an entirely good way."

"...And, for the record, we ARE kinda hidden in a forest, miles from the only city (which, by the way, is full of our friends/allies) and you're Biometal. You can only be heard by Chosen Ones. ...Wait, I'm a Chosen One? And Foxstar, too? And not Tryton? Weird. Well, point is, certain people hear you, everybody else doesn't. You can actually merge with the ones who can hear you and grant them your powers! Pretty awesome, huh?"

<O_o Nebula, shut up, before you give Model O any ideas!>

Foxstar's eyebrows shot up at this revelation, while Model O merely stayed silent. "THAT is what Biometals do? Grant the power of what they're based off of to another through merging? What an intriguing concept..."

Floating...? Model O's voice was laced with confusion. I never knew I could do that... better late than never, I suppose. But you do remember, Nebula, that amongst the things I am, a liar is not among their number. Well, I suppose we had best get a move on, then.

After a couple of seconds of attempting to activate whatever mechanisms it had that allowed it to levitate, Model O floated up from Nebula's hand and into the air... and accelerated right into an overhanging tree branch. Many a groan came from the wooden limb as it protested, but the impact caused it to fall to the ground, Model O beneath it. As the branch landed, Foxstar ran over and, out of panic, burned the large limb to cinders, and out floated a blackened, annoyed and slightly dizzy Biometal. ...I guess some practice is in order...

"Well, you can't blame be for being careful." ...You know, he does seem honest. In fact, it makes me wonder a bit... is Omega even really evil? He's power incarnate... And power corrupts. But is he innately corrupt? Greader, back in the other world, used Model O for good. And Model O really just presented him with power... When he went berserk, it was his own lust for power that made him go crazy.

Nebula sighed, shaking his head. "You really can't even float correctly? Come on, I got it right on the first try, as an Elf. Then again, I suppose I HAD seen other Elves, and they always floated... Fine, I can't really label you as incompetant. Foxstar, try to be a little more careful. This IS a forest, and it CAN catch on fire. And we ARE on a stealth mission."

Now, I just need to know what this "Ether Stone" thing they were talking about is... I guess I'll ask on the way.

While the trio made their way through the forest, Model O leading them (not without multiple accidents), Foxstar mused silently to herself. Has he really changed at all...? It may seem that way, but I just don't know... Omega never once gave any of us Numbers a moment's peace when he was around, and I'm still finding it hard to trust his word...

"Hey, Foxstar, I've been meaning to-" He got whacked in the face by a branch. For the seventh time in as many minutes. "...Ow... I've been meaning to ask you... What, exactly, is this Ether Stone you guys were mentioning? I never heard of it."

Foxstar stumbled from tripping on a root that had arched from the soil beneath them, and she barely managed to recover before smashing her face into a pile of jagged rocks. "Ah! goodness, this place certainly isn't making travel easy." Upon hearing Nebula's question, the fire using Reploid's face turned from one of annoyance to a state of semi-deep thought. "Hm... well, I don't know much off the top of my head, to be honest. What I do know is that the Ether Stone is some form of relic from very ancient times. So ancient in fact that it was rumored to have been crafted around the time that the catapult was state-of-the-art technology. Many other rumours and legends were woven around that stone, so it's rather tricky to discern truth from fiction, but I think Dr. Ciel had once compiled a file of information regard the Ether Stone."

Sighing, Foxstar noticed that storm clouds were beginning to form above, and as the temperature dropped she pulled her cloak around her in accordance with her human behavior programming. "Nevertheless, if our enemy sees something of value in the Ether Stone, we had best see it as something important too, lest we let them gain yet another advantage against us."

From up ahead, Model O halted in midair before a small boulder upon the ground. If I am not mistaken... yes, yes this must be it... It floated there for a few seconds before turning around to face his followers. If the Biometal had a face, it would have a triumphant grin on it. Seems that even after a hundred millennium, time cannot touch what locks this chamber here. Down below this rock lies one fragment of the Ether Stone, but don't expect to just walk in and claim it that easily.

As the rain began to fall, it's presence announced by both thunder and wind, Foxstar gave Nebula a worried glance. "Well, if you want I can continue to look for Model X while you retrieve the fragment. Or would you rather we stick together?"

O>[The mission takes priority over unity]
>[Safety in numbers. We can't get separated]
>[I have a better idea...]

"I have a better idea... You can't really track Model X, and I don't know about the Ether Stone. You go after the stone, I'll acquire the Biometal. Is this okay?"

Foxstar shrugged, the deft movement rippling her cloak about her slim shoulders. "Fair enough. Oh, and perhaps Model O should go with you, as I doubt he can be trusted alone." With her last line she gave the floating Biometal a weary glance, then pushing the boulder aside, descended down a hidden stairway made in a very ancient manner.

Groaning, Model O turned to face Nebula, annoyance obvious in his voice. Does anyone have any idea how irritating certain people can be? Clearly Foxstar has not learned much in her time here, even after being reborn. Anyway, we should go, Nebula. Wherever Model X is, we can only hope it's nearby. This storm doesn't look too hospitable... The Biometal's words were true, as the storm was increasing in fury with each passing minute, and already some of the smaller trees in the forest began to groan with protest against the battering and relentless winds.

"Well, then..." He donned the Falcon Armor lookalike. "I don't mind using this." He grabbed Model O, since he wasn't about to let him fall behind, and jumped into the air. He activated his wings and shot off, in the direction of the cliff they had been at when they saw Tryton.

After a minute, he reached it, kicked off of it, and flew straight up.

"Thiiiis was a reeeeeeeally baaaaaaad ideeeaaaaa!" He said as the wind nearly dashed him against the rock face.

He reached the top and landed, staying in his current form. "This armor is heavy, so I shouldn't get pushed around by the wind so easily..." He ran straight ahead, to the other side of his current ledge. He looked down at the other side, seeing that this was, in fact, a plateau.


And on the other side, there were nothing but mountains. And lots and lots of caves.

Model O groaned, and it wasn't just at being jostled around in Nebula's hand, either. Model X is supposed to be here? Seems that 'here' is a very broad term in this case...

Walking down the stairway, further into the earth's bowels, Foxstar could not help but admire how well preserved every detail therein was. Not a trace of decay marred the walls or the stairs, nor did a single particle of dust float about in the air within. In fact, the atmosphere seemed to hum and pulse, as if it was livid with... something.

What it was, Foxstar failed to find words for it, but it penetrated every circuit in her body, calming her mind and stimulating her with a sense of peacefulness. After several more minutes of treading down the wooden staircase, Foxstar gave a gasp as she emerged into a cavernous room of which the likes she had never seen before.

Across the walls of the space were all sorts of glowing runes, each one of them gently pulsing with a mystical, golden light. The arches that supported the ceiling and the ground above were made of white and beige wood, which was twisted in graceful spirals as they seemingly ascended into infinity above. In the middle of the ceiling, a large mosaic of some great winged beast, covered in golden scales that glittered like a million diamonds, looked benignly upon the room and whatever dwelt within it.

As Foxstar walked into the amazing orchestra of the senses, she noticed that there was nary a floor to speak off, but rather some force kept her aloft as she seemingly walked above what looked like a portal into space. Almost as if she was walking on water, ripples appeared around her feet and flowed outward as she took step after step into the room, entranced by the sheer elegance of it all.

Not that cave.

Not that cave, either.

The same could be said for the last fifty-eight he had searched.

"C'mon, I know it's in this area... It's in this mountain, somewhere. But I can't keep going outside and hiking up a half a mile in the middle of a storm..."

>You know, you could just give up. Or at least rest until it's over.<

"Fine, fine... What's up with you being helpful all of a sudden? I personally hacked off one of your limbs... Oh, wait, wrong continuity."

>I dislike the sound of your whining. Do not complain about genuine advice.<

"Argh, the more time we talk, the less evil you sound... but the more annoying you get." He's just too candid... I guess he doesn't have anything to hide from me.

"What could have possibly made this... this... paradise? It's..." In the air did the female Reploid's words die as she found herself unable to continue, her usually red eyes glowing golden with reflected light from within the room. For an unmeasurable amount of time, Foxstar walked across the nothingness that made the floor beneath her feet, until she came to a shimmering doorway.

Attempting to open the door that barred her way yielded no result, and when that failed, she attempted to conjure flames to melt through. However, as she raised her hand, her palm holding a blue flame above it, the runes above the door frame pulsed a bright gold and shot out a blast of light, knocking Foxstar onto her back.

"...creature which possesses no soul... why dost thou seek to harm that which would willingly let the pure of heart past...?"

The voice seemed to emanate from all around Foxstar, and as she sat up rather dazed, she pondered the words in the mystical voice's question. With a startling thought, the Reploid realized that perhaps she was dealing with something that was just as ancient as the Ether Stone itself, and therefore had to play her words accordingly. "Let the pure of heart past? What I seek is for justice, and in it's name aren't all actions justified, save for the slaughter of innocents?"

The voice was slow in response, and many a moment passed before it filled the room once more. "...thine words ring true, one of no soul... why dost thou seek the fragment of the Ether Stone I doth guard...?"

It's a test, Foxstar mussed. Just like Model O said... Raising her voice enough to sound confident yet not overly so, the Reploid played her response with great care. "For the liberty of all, both sentient machine and mankind, from the oppression of that which would seek their eternal enslavement."

"...has thou fought thusly? Would thee not consider that, per chance, thou art in error in thy ways...? Answer this to thyself, for it is of utmost importance, the searching of one's morals..."

Before Foxstar could respond, the glyphs upon the arch above the door ceased to shimmer, and the doors swung inward, allowing her to proceed. "That we... are in error...? Impossible. Master E enslaves us Reploids and let's his pet Hive devour them. We, on the other hand, do nothing of the sort. No... we are the just ones." Her mind set, Foxstar entered the room, hoping that the words of the disembodied voice were true...

In a cave not far from Nebula... someone there? I... I can feel presences nearby... perhaps I won't remain here much longer... Hello! Can anyone hear me?

Nebula glanced back into the tunnel. He was sitting near the mouth, hiding from the wind and rain. "Model O, did you hear something? I could've sworn I heard a voice... Did you say something? Or am I just crazy, as usual?"

I said nothing. Did that sound anything like my voice? No. I think that, be it by the dictate of either chance or fate, that we have stumbled into the resting place of a Biometal. It's weak though... I cannot make out where it's coming from... ...well? Are you not going to locate it? Surely I am not what you had sought after, and that Biometal won't be rescuing itself.

A single drop of water sat upon a leaf, one of millions upon millions that covered the canopy of the forest in Area A. Rejoicing at the storm's abation, hundreds of songbirds filled the woods with their voices, calling out with their simple joy. With a flurry of downy feathers, one such small bird flew past, knocking said drop from it's perch. It tumbled down to the earth below, bouncing and rolling off of each stray twig or leaf it hit before continuing it's descent. It came at last to the ground, whereupon it fell on the upturned face of Kyuubit Foxstar where she lay amidst the grass and fallen leaves.

"Uhh..." Awakened by the splash of water on her cheek, Foxstar's eyes slowly fluttered open as she sat upright. "Where... am... I...? The forest? Wasn't I looking for..." Then the female Reploid noticed that she was, in fact, holding something in her left hand. Taking a closer look, she saw it was some kind of pale transparent stone, and Foxstar's eyes narrowed at the sight of a single glyph embedded in the stone's face. It was in a language that she was completely unfamiliar with, no doubt as ancient as the stone itself.

" this the fragment of the Ether Stone? Why don't I remember retrieving it? How odd..." Shaking her head from confusion, Foxstar decided that she'd focus on getting back to base first, the loss of her recent memory second. As she began her trek to base, the white/gold Reploid attempted to hail Nebula via direct voice link. "Nebula, this is Foxstar. I've retrieved the Ether Stone Fragment and I'm heading back to the headquarters. ...Nebula? Can you hear me?" The connection isn't very strong... is he underground or something?

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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:07 am

"Tch, gimme a break... It wasn't loud enough for me to tell what it sounded like." He got up and started running deeper into the cave.

"Hellooooooo?" He called out, hoping to get a response from the voice from earlier. "Is anybody down here?"

The voice was coming from a large pile of rubble not too far from within the cave, from which the presence of something akin to a Biometal emanated. Model O was silent for a few moments, then announced It seems that there is another Biometal under this mound here... The floating metal object's aura briefly gave off a wave of emotion, one of annoyance and displeasure. Of all the luck, it has to be Model Z... something tells me that there might be some harsh words being flung here shortly.

"Huh. I thought it would be Model X. Oh, well..." Nebula tried lifting the rocks away, but that became tedious. He got impatient after a minute, and started using his Saber to hack away at it.

Eventually, he caught a glimspe of red. "There." He reached in, pulling out the dust-coated Biometal Model Z.

"Hey, Model Z, are you still functioning?"

At first, the Biometal made no movement or response, remaining completely motionless as it sat in Nebula's hand. Eventually however, it's eyes flashed as it awakened, then it slowly floated upwards into the air in front of the white Reploid. I am, but I would not have been for long if it wasn't for you, and for your actions I thank you. How you know my name is a mystery to me, though... who might you be?

Nebula dusted off his hands. "Well... that's a bit of a weird story. And I doubt you'll believe it. See, I'm from the future, only it's in another dimension. Actually, I'm from a few years ago in that dimension. I was sent to the future of that time, then I came back to this time, in this world. It's kinda complicated... But anyway, I have a lot of info from the future, where it's easier to obtain than it is now."

"Anyway, I'm Nebula. I may look familiar, but trust me, we've never met. I just... look like another person. Especially with this... Armor."

Hm... I'll admit, you do seem familiar, but I'll take your word for it. Might I ask where we are at the moment?

Sneeringly, Model O replied. What other place has boulders, walls of solid rock and such a low air pressure? I am surprised at this level of idiocy, Model Z, truly I am.

Turning to face his addresser, Model Z's voice grew slightly darker. Perhaps you should take into account not only the fact I was halfway flattened under a ton of rubble, but that I cannot remember anything beyond that moment of awakening, Model O. Unlike you, I know whereof I speak.

Model O's rage was building to a boil, and for the next few minutes the two Biometals floated in front of Nebula, throwing both insults and cases of point back and forth at each other.

Nebula sighed. "Cut it out." He said, backhanding them both in one swift motion. "For the great Omega and Zero, the Red Raider, you're both acting awfully childish." And believe me, I never thought I'D be telling people off for acting like kids...

"We're in an area near Area A. It MAY be part of Area B, considering the location and the terrain, but I doubt it. Area B is in the other direction. It would have to practically encircle the forest in order to be here, too."

He generated a pair of Buster Shot Guns and aimed them at the Biometals. "Now, make nice, since you really have no choice in the matter. You're Biometal. Your only means of fighitng are to either Megamerge with somebody, and have them fight for you, or to mess around with other peoples' merges. I am not using a Biometal, and there are no other people around to merge with, so you can't fight back."

"Now, I hate to resort to using force... Okay, that was a lie. I LOVE using force. But my point is, you're coming back to HQ with me. I can explain on the way. I may be acting all tough right now, but I'm really just kinda irritated that I found you, Model Z, only to have you start arguing with Model O, after I spent hours combing the caves looking for you."

Huffing, Model O glared daggers at Model Z before floating out towards the entrance to the cave. The remaining Biometal sighed and faced Nebula, his voice laden with weariness. I apologize, Nebula, but as you might well know, I was never on very good terms with Model O, due to our original's history of violence.

Outside of the cave Model O levitated silently, watching as the storm above began to disperse, when it noticed something odd in the way they seemed to be moving. The wind was blowing the massive clouds northeast, but near the summit of the largest clouds they seemed to be moving southwest. Peering closely, Model O detected some unnatural object piercing the cloud level, forcing the massive columns to shift as it broke through. A second later and a shockwave screamed across the mountains as the object streaked overhead, leaving a sonicboom in its wake. A ship?! Has that Copy Elpizo found us?!

With much haste, Model O floated back down into the caverns as fast as it could. Nebula! We seem to have some company!

Nebula dashed to the cavern entrance and scanned the ship. "I can't quite identify it from here... You're most likely right, Model O, but I hope not. We can't risk making a run for the Area A Forest, they'll see us, and probably blast us to dust. Soooo... Let's do this aggressively! We can try boarding their ship and crashing it. We may even find something out about the enemy."

He donned his Falcon Armor lookalike again, grabbing the two respective Biometals, and shot out of the mouth of the cave, aiming at the belly of the ship above. Once he was close enough, he brought out his StarSaber and cut a circular hole in the panel, climbing inside.

"Well, it's worked so far. Keep in mind, I couldn't identify the ship as friend or foe, so we shouldn't attack anybody or anything until we're sure it's a Maverick ship."

Nebula called up Foxstar.

"'...Sorry to screw up the mission, but I've encountered a ship, and boarded it to investigate. Return to HQ without me. Oh, and I've secured Biometal Model Z, so... Mission successful!'"

["Is that so? Well, at least you found it. I on the other hand managed to recover the Ether Stone fragment, and I will begin research on it as soon as I get back to the headquarters. Good luck, Nebula."] As Foxstar killed the comm, Model Z attempted to grab Nebula's attention. Nebula, I sense some one headed this way. This ship isn't very big; they'll be here within a few seconds. But... this presence feels familiar, yet alien at the same time..."

Model O sniffed, unimpressed with it's counterpart's confusion. What would you suggest? That this presence is from another reality? If someone feels unfamiliar, it's unfamiliar period. Perhaps you are in need of maintenance, Model Z?

As the sinister Biometal snickered, Model Z was about to retort when the 'presence' had rounded the corner, and both Biometals fell utterly silent, staring at the figure with a sense of confusion. Eventually, all Model Z could manage was to force out one word. ...X?

Nebula looked on, dumbstruck.

'X' was oddly discolored. He seemed to recognize Models O and Z, and Nebula. He obviously knew them already. He had his X-Buster out, but had stopped pointing it at them once he recognized them. His mannerisms were the same as X's. When he finally spoke, it was with the voice of X. "Nebula! It's good to see you!"

Nebula finally gathered his wits enough to respond. "X2! When did you get here?! It's been a while!"

>How do you know this Reploid?< Model O asked.

"Well, I built him. He's a perfect replica of X. A TRUE copy. I originally built him to be a new body for X, but X didn't want a new body. So, X2 got to stick around. He's a capable fighter, and he's compatable with X's Armors. As a matter of fact, so am I... I did demonstrate the Falcon Armor, didn't I? I also had the data on the Shadow Armor. I'm working on finding the Second, Third, Force, Gaia, Blade, Icarus, Hermes, and Ultimate Armors."

Model Z looked X2 up and down, obviously impressed. A faithful reproduction of the legend at last. Nebula, you don't happen to be an engineer by any chance? Only one who could rival Light himself could make such a perfect copy. ...even if the color is slightly off.

Facing X2 himself, Model O remained silent for a brief moment before voicing (telepath-ing?) it's mind. As if that matters. He is still a copy of X, and I would not think mere color would lessen his potency. Not that it matters to me, though. Nevertheless, The Biometal said, a slightly ominous tone creeping into it's voice as it's turned it's attention to X2, why have you come here?

Nebula scratched the back of his head, reverting to his normal Combat Form. "Well, I WOULD pick up a few of his skills, considering I was always on repair duty. I think I've said this before, but my job, besides being the prototype for X and general bucket of experiments, was to fix Rock every time he accidentally touched spikes (I never understood why he'd blow up on contact with 'em) fell in a pit (that happened a lot) or got shot to pieces (especially when he was going through Quick Man's area...)"

"So, X2, why DID you come here?" The white Reploid inquired.

"Well, I wanted to help! You came over here, and I came to the same conclusion as you did. The peace over there wasn't worth living in if it's not peaceful here, too. I wanted to do what I can for this world!" X2 seemed awfully determined, despite knowing nothing of the situation...

"Huh. One last chance to be a hero, you may as well take it, right?" Nebula looked apologetically at the hole in the floor he had made. "A-anyway, how did you get here?"

"Well, the first thing I needed was a ship like the one Dracoex had, so I had to spend some time putting together a Dimensional Drive and fitting it to a ship. Then I traced the coordinates last used to exit our dimension, inputted them and found myself above this world. 'It looks pretty similar to our one before that dimensional warp took me and Nebula into the future,' I thought to myself, 'save for that fleet of starships right ahead of me.' There was a bit of confusion for a bit, as I think that they thought I was a Maverick. Eventually though, I managed to get into contact with the fleet's flagship..."

<Flashback time. Again>

"So, let me get this straight. Your name is X2. You are a copy of X and was made by Nebula. You hail from the same dimension as him, and you've come to assist us?"

"That is correct, Dr Ciel. Sorry if I startled you with my sudden appearance here. I don't think this style of ship exists in your time yet."

There was a momentary pause, and a slight moaning on the other end. Ciel was silent for a while, and when she returned she sounded like she was in a rush. "It's alright, X2. I'll have someone send you Nebula's coordinates as soon as they can. I'd do it myself, but I'm a bit preoccupied at the moment. Nebula can explain it to you upon your arrival."

<End Flashback>

" it was a simple matter of finding you after that. Well, you found me, but nevertheless I'm here now."

Nebula looked around at the walls. "I did think it looked awfully... plastic. Everything is starting to look more and more like plastic, but it's not quite there yet. In the future, everything's like this. Man, it reminds me of how Dr. Light always made us look like we were made of metal, but with a thick rubber skin. You were exempt from that, though..."

His head picked up. "Oh! Have you met Sola? I helped Ciel build her! She's an amazingly fast Reploid... And, I guess that makes you two siblings! Or, uhh... cousins! ...I dunno, really. The idea of Reploids beings related is ludicrous. Plus, the idea of me being Sola's dad is kinda... uh... weird. And being your father would be weird too. I mean, you're more mature than I am. And Sola often acts more mature than me... But, then, she does lack combat experience."

"Oh, and uhh... If we're both here, then who's flying the ship?" Nebula inquired.

"Oh, it's on auto-pilot. I came over here because I thought an enemy had boarded the ship." X2 responded.

"Well, let's head back to HQ. ...Wait a second, where have I seen this ship? I'm sure I've been on this exact ship before... Meh, nevermind. I'll get us back to the base faster than you can kill Velgaurder!"

<*Velgaurder is the name of Sigma's attack dog in the first Mega Man X game.>

Within fifteen minutes, X2's little starcraft made it to the Innerpeace Headquarters, and began it's final approach. In the hangar bay, Dracoex was working on his hoverbike's repulsor, the pieces for the cover laid about in an orderly fashion. Falcona stood nearby, resting her right arm on the work bench while offering him her own special brand of advice.

"No Drac, the negative conduit goes in slot sixteen, not slot twenty! You'll short it out by jumping that many connections!"

Doing his best to ignore the busybody Reploid, Dracoex grunted as he twisted his spanner to tighten the conduit's connection to the main power grid. "I have been doing this for nearly two hundred years, Falcona. I think that I can handle myself fairly enough, thank you."

Throwing her hands in the air in a gesture of helplessness, Falcona swore violently. "For the damn love of ****ing Light. I'm just trying to help you here! Don't you remember what I used to do before all this? I'm not exactly an air brained blonde, Dracoex, so you'd better damn stop treating me like one!"

Having been fed up with the black haired Reploid's outbursts, Dracoex dropped his spanner, stood up and pointed an accusing finger at his comrade. "You DO realize that, number one, that I have already told you that I don't need your help and number two, not all blondes are like that. Look at Dr Ciel. I can assure you that she's no idiot."

All Falcona did to respond was hold up the following poster:

...breaking the fourth wall and causing Dracoex to facepalm. "And it's not the last time I decide to take a hammer to that wall, so watch where you stride, stupid narrator!"

<If you'd excuse me, Falcona, I'm the one who's giving you guys (and I use the term loosely) a purpose right now, so I think YOU should be the one watching where you stride!>

Falcona rolled her eyes and merely said "Whatever." After Dracoex resumed working on his hoverbike, X2's ship landed in the hangar bay, a good hundred feet from the pair. Floating out of the ship, Model Z looked around, the atmosphere decidedly familiar. Even if they are not my own, this place holds many memories for me.

Nebula jumped out of the ship. "Guys! You'll never guess who- Oh, right, he stopped by the base before he came after me. Well, it's X2! Man, King Faker is really F'd now. We've got two legendary heroes, one exact replica of a legendary hero, and then there's the rest of us! He doesn't stand a chance."

He looked at Dracoex's current project. "Huh. Looks alright. Maybe you shouldn't plug that into... Nevermind, I don't know what I'm talking about."

The white Reploid started for the stairs. "Nice to see you two, but I have a mission report to file!" He motioned for Models Z and O to follow, and ran up the stairs to the Command Room.

"Heeeeeeey! Mission successful! Not only did I find Model Z..." He waited for them both to follow him into the room. "...But we found Model O, as well! And I see you've become acquainted with my friend, X2..."

X2, as if on cue, entered the room himself.

"Now, so long as Foxstar returns in one piece, this mission is at a 300% completion rank! I'd have thought she'd be more mad, when I told her I was going to investigate the ship I saw... You know, she'll probably kill me for taking a ride home in a comfy ship while she's stuck walking. ...In fact, she may be back already. Is she? And how's Sola?"

X, upon hearing Nebula run into the room, turned around from viewing the main monitor and smiled at the group entering in. "Well done Nebula! I was hopeful for a good mission result, but nothing this good! Phantom and Wraith returned only a few minutes ago, and Model X was with them. But still... fighting alongside a copy of my past robot self, though..." X paused to laugh, amused at the prospect. "This will be a war to remember, even if for the most unusual reasons."

"To answer your questions... well, Foxstar is in Ciel's laboratory, working on some more research into that Ether Stone fragment she found. Seemed awfully excited about it, she did. Sola, on the other hand..."

Here X sighed and shook his head. "She's been in her room, for the most part. I don't know why, but she hasn't been herself at all recently. Leviathan tried talking to her, but from what I gathered she just wanted to be left alone. Anyway, I think I had better talk with our new Biometal allies. You on the other hand might want to get some rest. I have a large mission planned for tomorrow, and I need everyone here at their best."

X turned back around to talk with the (now three) Biometals, but remembered something and faced Nebula again. "Oh, and by the way, Ciel called in from the fleet. She gave me a report on Zero's condition. I placed a copy of it in your room, just in case you wanted to read it."

Nebula's expression grew worried at the mention of Sola's depression, and almost panicked at the mention of Zero's condition. "...I hope they're both alright. Sola seemed really down..." I'd talk to her, but in my experience, women prefer NOT to be talked to when they're sad.

"...Oh, and could somebody send me the details on that mission you mentioned? And, uh... Just my craziness talking, but maybe Sola would be better off with a mission to keep her occupied. I-I mean, I dunno much about women, but I... get the feeling that she feels useless. I did kinda say outright that she wasn't quite suited to that last mission."

He turned to leave. "Oh, and one last thing. Could you also send me any information on the Ether Stone? Nobody's telling me jack about it."

"Sure thing, Nebula. As soon as Foxstar amasses enough data to confirm or deny her theories, I'll have her send a report to you as soon as possible."

Inside of Nebula's room, a tablet sat on his desk near his bed. It had the following message written upon it.


After much research and comparison to Zero's symptoms of his affliction, I have come to a most strange and disturbing conclusion. The source of his traumatic experience is something only found in cloned flesh, known as Cloned Cellular Destabilization, or CCD for short. I have managed to level it out, but it has been touch and go for a while now. So far, I fear that I have seen no signs of Zero making a full recovery, but his pain seems to have subsided a great deal. He even managed to hold a conversation with me earlier this morning, albeit a rather short and fitful one.

I would also like to warn you not to strain yourself. I am not saying that you and Zero are both bound by the same cause, but I fear it is highly likely that you may undergo a similar experience if you push yourself too hard. Be careful, X.

- Dr Ciel.

"Cloned Cellular... what? That can't be good at all... Man, it really must suck to be a human. I hope Zero will be alright... The report doesn't say exactly what it does, so I'm not sure how he's being affected. My first guess would be that it's caused by a failed cloning, giving him defective cells, which acts as a cancer..."

Nebula sat on his bed, deliberating. "...Biometals have the ability to sustain their Chosen One, so long as they're merged. When Giro unmerged while in a critical state, he died. Perhaps Biometal Model Z can help stabilize Zero's condition...?"

<Giro wielded Biometal Model Z at the start of Mega Man ZX.>

He sat there, thinking about many things. X2's arrival... the Ether Stone... Sola's depression... that Reploid called Kosa... Zero's condition... Elpizo's fortress... And how Atma had shown up. There was no way he was smart nough to configure his weapons to cut through Nebula's form by himself... Who had been helping him?

It may have been Master E. But then, Atma had no trace of Hive on him. Atma was power-hungry and Maverick, so he would've been happy to let a parasite eat his insides if he thought it would help hiim kill Nebula...

Maybe it was Kosa? Kosa knew enough about the structure of Reploids to be able to cut through so many of their soldiers with no effort, and to pin Nebula and even hurt Falcona. Maybe he also knew how to mod weapons like Atma's. But that was only a guess, and he didn't know enough about Kosa to be able to confirm it.

Kosa may not have had anything to do with it, either. He seemed to have a grudge against X and Zero, and only just acquired a grudge against Nebula... He would have probably gone for Zero first.

Wait, could Kosa have caused Zero's condition!?

...No. That was impossible. Zero had been afflicted before Kosa even showed up.

And why was he thinking about Kosa so much, anyway? He found Kosa suspicious, naturally, but there was something that compelled him to suspect him.

Then there was Sola... He was sure he had been the cause of her stress. He had tried to keep it from being blunt, so he wouldn't hurt her feelings, but... For a second, he thought it may have been better if she still didn't have feelings.

He mentally slapped himself for that. It was a horrible thing to consider. But he WAS at fault, and he had to find some way to fix things. But, in his experience, trying to fix a problem himself involving women would never work. But nothing would get done about it if he didn't do it himself...

And then there was the Ether Stone Fragment. What was it? Why was it so important?

He shook off all these thoughts and tried to sleep, reverting to his Humanoid Form.

"Ugh, I'm supposed to be one of the great Dr. Light's creations... Why can't I do anything about this stuff? I'm useless with these kinds of deductions..."

In the Training Hall...

X2 was shooting down enemy after enemy in the simulation. "I have to make sure I'm up to spec. Nebula said something on the way here about how his abilities were all lost when he arrived..."

In a brilliant flash of blue light, the First Armor appeared on X2. "...Hm. I still have this." He threw his hands out, giving out a shout. "Hadoken! ...Nothing happened...? I must have lost it."

He performed an uppercut, throwing himself into the air. "Shoryuken! ...No. It didn't work. Well, I don't need those skills." He reached for his back, where he kept the copied Z-Saber Nebula had given him. "...Nope. None of the three most powerful skills I had are still there... The Hadoken, Shoryuken, and Z-Saber were able to cut down almost anything in my way."

X2 reverted back to his normal form and continued shooting holographic enemies. "I wonder If Nebula could give me the data on those two Armors he has..."

Inside of Ciel's laboratory, Foxstar sat at the now absent scientist's desk, reviewing file after file stored in the Headquarters database. Eyes narrowed, she spoke softly to herself as she skimmed through the immense amount of data, compiled over several years. "'Biometal Development' reports... 'Mechaniloid Maverick Virus Growth' documents... ah, here we are. The 'Ether Stone Research' file. ...Ciel really should organize her documents when she gets the chance."

With but a few quick commands, Foxstar printed out several pages worth of information that Ciel had collected. Giving a satisfied sigh, she gathered them and, as she walked out of the room, scrutinized them closely.

The Ether Stone.

This ancient object, rumored to originate an estimated hundred and fifty thousand years ago, is the source of much legend, myth and mystery. Gathered here are the facts that I have managed to decipher through all the legends, theories regarding what this stone is and is not capable of, as well as what our ancient human ancestors had to say regarding this mysterious object.

Before the rise of machines that held true intelligence, let alone free will, the entire Earth held but one sentient 'species' (if such a term could be applied to robots); humans. However, despite the lack of even the most basic construction mechanisms, our ancestors had managed to construct cities and empires that completely eclipse our modern day civilization. At first, one might think that they, unlike us, did not have to deal with the increasing flow of technology and merely 'had the time' to stretch out the work required over a matter of centuries. This, however, is simply not possible.

After doing much field research, I have made many discoveries that negate that theory, first and foremost being the time lapse between the laying of the foundation of one such building and the laying of it's keystone. The time lapse that separates the two events is phenomenally short; what should have taken months on end had only taken a matter of minutes.

At first, one might assume that there was an error in the collection of the data, but I can assure you that after all the cross checking I had performed, the chances of such an occurrence are one in sixty billion. This leaves but one palpable explanation for this astounding phenomenon; there was some force greater than anything we now possess assisting or being commanded by our ancestors. Something on such a level that it could even be considered 'magical.'

Foxstar stumbled slightly upon reading the last word on the page. She only just caught herself before she faceplanted, and as she stood back up she read and reread the last line over and over, unable or unwilling to understand why, of all words, Ciel chose that particular one. "Magical?! Ciel, you yourself denied the very existence of such folklore! How... no, WHY would you go back on that now?"

Gathering herself, Foxstar continued to move down the corridor as she continued to take in the information. "Fascinating... and yet unbelievable at the same time. I can scarcely believe that Dr. Ciel - a woman of science! - would actually theorize that magic could be the answer to this riddle."

Stopping at a joint where her corridor joined another, Foxstar tucked away the notes as she listened to the echo of her footsteps. However, after several seconds, the sounds did not fade as they should have, and Foxstar turned around to see a familiar sight. "Sola? Why is she up at this hour?"

Holding herself in a self embrace, the blonde haired Reploid walked down another corridor. Her curiosity roused, Foxstar followed. Eventually, Sola came to the Simulation Chamber, where she had been several hours ago. Looking at the long machine, Sola spoke out loud to herself, "I... I don't know. I don't know anything about myself. And it's bugging me... I have these feelings, but I still can't find out WHY I have them. Why do I doubt myself? Why can't I be content with remaining here in safety? ...why do I feel like I do about Nebula?" She shook her head, jostling her shining blonde hair, before sealing herself into the pod and locking it tightly.

In the doorway, Foxstar watched with a saddened face, pity and regret welling up inside her. "Poor girl... her problem isn't something time alone will mend..."

The next day

Light from the sun, now just rising, filtered into X's chambers through his mostly intact window. Moaning with displeasure, X rolled on his bed and pulled his covers over himself, but not long after was up and about the base, attempting to wake himself up.

Nebula was already in the training hall, sparring with X2. "Your hand-to-hand fighting isn't very good, but that's to be expected. You were never built for that. I, on the other hand, have had plenty of practice..."

He demonstrated by tripping X2 from behind, then flipping him over his shoulder, hitting the ground headfirst. "...Are you okay?"

X2 wiped some red oil from his mouth. "I'll be fine. ...Didn't X say you have an important mission today?"

"Yeah... I hope he assigned Sola to be on the team, too. We need to have a talk. Oh, right, didn't you ask about the Armors? Well, I have the Shadow and Falcon Armors... But I can't set you up with them. See, they act almost like layers... You need to get them in order. So, if we find the Second Armor, you can equip that, then the Third, then the fourth one, the Force Armor. Then you'll need the Falcon and Gaia Armor, then Shadow and Blade. Then you'll want... uhh... Nuts, I forget the name of whatever X used during the Red Alert incident. Then you'll want the Neutral Armor, and you'll want the data for the Icarus and Hermes Armors. Then, you'll finally have the ability to equip the Ultimate Armor."

X2 nodded. "That was a bit long-winded, but I get the gist of it. Any idea where the Second Armor is?"

Nebula hung his head. "Not much of an idea... The area where the Counter Hunter Incident took place should have it scattered around."

"Well, we should hurry up and get that mission. It must be important, if X told you about it in advance."

In the Command Room, every fighter, Reploid and human who had decided to stay and take down Copy Elpizo was gathered. The Guardians were a given. Dracoex sat patiently while they waited, having nothing much to do otherwise, while Falcona was having a discussion with Leviathan next to him. Wraith floated/stood nearby, silent as a grave.

His battle rifle slung over his shoulder, General Colbur (yeah, he got a promotion Razz) sat next to both Cerveau and Sola, eagerly awaiting their mission. Several other Reploid commandos and soldiers stood by as well, weapons at the ready. Foxstar, feeling rather tired after last night's research, was the only one not present.

As Nebula and X2 entered the room, Dracoex saw and waved them over. "Good morning to the both of you. I do hope you did not bring TOO much harm to your comrade while you sparred. We may yet need his talents in these upcoming trials."

Nebula smirked. "I didn't rough him up TOO bad. Of course, if he had been using his First Armor, and been using his X-Buster, he would've probably beaten me down pretty hard."

X2 smiled. "Well, I doubt that... Anyway, what is our new mission?"

Dracoex shrugged. "That I wish I knew. But X is on his way the last time I checked... five minutes ago. He should be here any moment now."

A minute later, X emerged into the room, the three Biometals O, Z and X with him. Taking his place in front of his allies, the Blue Bomber took in a deep breath. "Alright everyone, listen up. As I said yesterday, we have a large scale mission today. Large enough that, if successful, it will tilt the tide of this war firmly in our favor."

The air grew excited in the Command Room, but what words being spoken quickly died as X continued. "We have three objectives total. If we can complete even just one, we will be that much closer to victory."

Behind X, the main monitor flickered to life, revealing a map of Innerpeace in it's entirety. On the screen, in Area B, a red dot began to pulsate, marking an objective. "Objective number one is this... the largest and most formidable of Copy Elpizo's outposts. It is large enough to even be considered a base of it's own, and as such will have both supplies and defenses we desperately require. The mission here is simple; defeat the forces therein and capture the base for our use."

"Objective number two stems from number one, and cannot be completed without the first being successful. It appears that the four remaining Biometals, Models L, F, H and P, have been captured by the enemy, Their current whereabouts as of now are unknown, but what we do know, courtesy of the Resistance in Area A, is that the information about them is being held here. We cannot allow Copy Elpizo's forces to utilize the Biometals against us."

"Our final mission objective is, by far, the most dangerous of the three. Thanks to the information that Nebula and Foxstar uncovered, we now know that not all of our enemies are fully committed to this fight. It seems that Tryton, often referred to as The Grim Reaper, could be a possible ally in our war. However, details are sketchy, and simply approaching him is not an option. Tryton's last known coordinates are here, in deep Area B..."

The screen now held a picture of Tryton, as well as a position indicator not too far from the first objective. "It is likely that he may engage whoever attacks the outpost, so force will be required. The third mission objective is to subdue and capture Tryton. Now, any questions...? Very well. We need two teams to handle this operation; one for the outpost assault, the other to capture Tryton. I'll leave those decisions to you all. We have thirty minutes before we move out, so don't take too long."

Nebula spoke up. "I'm not going to be any good with convincing Tryton. I'm the last prson he'll listen to, so I'll opt for objectives one and two, if you don't mind."

"Well," X2 said, "I don't know this Tryton person, so I can't, either... But, you know, Nebula, you're actually pretty good at convincing people to beat other people up. It doesn't sound like Tryton will need much convincing."

"That's right... If he already hates the guy, and we're winning... AND we decide not to create more enmity between him and us... He may well join our side." Nebula concluded. "Alright, count me in on that part, too!"

The White Reploid stopped for a second, then spoke back up. "Hey, uh... Who all is going on the mission? Everybody in the room?" He quickly looked around for Sola. I hope she's going on the mission, 'cuz I really don't know when I'll have another chance to talk to her.

Harpuia was the one to answer Nebula's query. "I will be leading team two, the one to intercept Tryton. I will have Phantom, Falcona and Dracoex with me as well. I doubt that even The Grim Reaper can stand up against four of us and win."

"And I'll be leadin' team one," Fefnir said proudly, a grin on his face. "Colbur and his troops, Leviathan, Sola and Wraith are with me. Guess you and X2 are along for the ride, huh?"

Nebula quickly nodded. "Right! So, Fefnir, I'll be joining Team One!"

"You four will have Tryton covered... right?" X2 asked.

Harpuia glanced at his team, who all gave him confident nods. Looking back at X2, the Rekku General smiled. "I think we can."

"Well, c'mon everyone. Time's a'wastin'! That outpost ain't gonna capture itself!" Fefnir started for the doorway, but Leviathan spoke up. "Wait, what? Brother, the exit is THAT way, not the hangar."

Fefnir's face turned into one of amusement, and he chuckled before hiking a thumb over his shoulder. "Nah sis, we ain't gonna be some band of footsloggers. We're goin' first class!" With that, the Fire General ran off into the hangar area, everyone else close behind. Once Fefnir rounded a corner he stopped, grinning like a madman, with his fists on hips as he looked upward at their mode of transportation. It's hull glimmering and cannons shining in the bay's dock lights, the incredible bulk of the last of the Innerpeace Starfleet sat in the hangar, Fefnir looking on like a father watching his child take it's first steps.

"Fefnir... you don't mean..." was all that Falcona could utter as she took in the implications of what Fefnir was suggesting. Turning around, he leaned on the ship's hull and patted one of it's powerful cannons with a tender affection. "Like hell I do, girl! Ciel gave me permission to use this here bad boy for whatever we might need it for. I don't think just a few hundred meters of Ceretanium will take a blast from one of these babes without pitchin' a fit or three."

Laughing, Fefnir walked over to the ramp leading into the ship, only stopping to wave everyone over. "Well, c'mon you guys! We're just wastin' battery standing 'round here!"

Nebula just stood there for a second, mouth agape with astonishment. "...Fefnir, I am genuinely impressed. You have a real sense of style, man."

He hurried on board, and started for the engine room, his nerdy technnician side taking over for a moment. He almost did the Dorky Technician Dance before he stopped himself. "Wow, this thing is amazing. I can't believe he was able to hold on to one of these..."

X2 had stayed with the main group, following them aboard. "Hm... If they had this, why didn't they use it earlier? Did they just not have the energy required to power it? Nebula did say something about having to gather supplies, which included Energy Crystals..."

Harpuia overheard X2's mullings from behind him. "That wasn't the reason, X2. You see, Dr Ciel had given us this as a last resort only, for use if we either needed to evacuate or required that extra large punch. Simply put, it's our last ace-in-the-hole, and we didn't want to reveal it unless we had no other choice."

Fefnir saw Nebula admiring the technology and gear he came across near the Engine Room. "She's a beaut, ain't she Neb?" he said proudly as he walked over. Giving one of the massive reactors a solid bang, he grinned. "Fourty trillion gigawatts just from one of these monsters, and this ship's packin' eight of them. It's self sufficient, so it can run for a virtually unlimited time, too! Well, that's in space, cuz there's no friction to suck away unused energy, but even in the atmosphere this bird ain't dyin' on us anytime soon."

On the deck, Harpuia and Falcona, the masters of flying, took their seats at the flight control consoles. At their command, the reactors sparked to life, powering the antigrav lifts and causing the entire ship to rise from it's docking port.

"Engines running at 40% total capacity. Reactors are stable. Shields are online. Ammunition levels are at full. Ammo factories are booting... done. Weapons systems fully functional... I think we're ready to kick some ass and take some names!" said Falcona as she finished her checklist, pulling a fist pump as she did so.

Near the captain's seat, where the officer in charge of the ship would have sat, Sola stood with a thoroughly awed expression. She watched through the bridge's viewport as the massive behemoth began to take flight, it's immense bulk defying all the laws of physics as it shot out of the hangar and into the skies.

Nebula finished looking at what was under the hood, and hurried to the upper decks to look for Sola. There were a lot of people there... He decided to take to the ceiling.

[Extracting data from Shadow Armor: Super Jump. Enabling...]

He jumped an unreasonable height, latching onto the ceiling upside-down. "...Ah, I see her!" He dashed across the ceiling in her direction, aimed to land on the catwalk leading to her position... but his giant foot got caught in the railing, and he was left dangling awkwardly from there.

"Uhh... Help. Please. >_<"

Hearing Nebula's voice nearby, Sola looked around for the White Reploid, but grew confused when she saw no sign of him. "Huh... I could have sworn I heard-"

"Yo! Blonde!" Falcona shouted out from her seat, having seen Nebula latch himself on the rafters in a rear view mirror she had placed next to the console for good luck. "Try looking upwards, sweetheart. I don't think that Nebula's the lofty type, so t'speak, but you can't say he don't try damn hard."

As Falcona chuckled at her joke, Sola looked up with still confused face that quickly turned into one of astonishment at the sight of Nebula, hanging helpless from the rafters. "Nebula? Whatever are you doing up there? Hold on, I'll get you down..."

Not even bothering to back up for a running start, Sola ran to and up a nearby bulkhead, jump dashing off while grabbing Nebula and bringing him to the deck. However, she slightly mistimed her landing and ended up tripping, falling on her side with a thud. Dusting herself off, Sola gave Nebula a sheepish smile. "Ouch. ...guess I still need some practice, huh?"


"A little practice would do you good..."
"You're beyond hope."
"Y-you're amazing anyway!"

Nebula dismissed his first three impulsive word choices, opting for something different. "I'll, uh, bite my tongue on that one. Don't go turning into a clumsy oaf like me, okay?" He helped her up.

"So, uh, I heard you were pretty down lately. S-sorry about not taking you with me on the last mission. But, hey! This time, we can team up all we want! How've you been, anyway? I was too busy training with X2 to check up on you."

"W-well... I've, uh..." Sola stammered awkwardly, rubbing the back of her head out of nervousness. At first, she felt like she should change the subject; after all, she wasn't fully sure of her feelings herself. But then she remembered what Foxstar had said about not keeping her troubles bottled up, and how doing so would only be harmful. This in mind, Sola drew in a deep breath and counted to ten to calm down her frayed nerves.

Forcing herself to stop fidgiting, the pink armored Reploid met Nebula's concerned gaze with one of her own. "Nebula, I'm not well. I don't know what's going on with me. I keep having these feelings, but I don't know WHY I have them. Why does the sight of a clear sky make me feel happy? Why did this ship make me feel amazed? Why do I feel so... warm, when I'm around you? I just don't-"

Realizing what she just said, Sola's hands shot to her mouth as her face flushed slightly. Hanging her head, the blonde haired Reploid muttered dejectedly. "I don't even know why I reacted like that... I'm a wreck, and while I don't want to be, I don't know how to NOT be... like I am. I'm lost, Nebula. I feel... lost."

Nebula sighed, almost relieved. "Even humans don't understand their emotions. They just... roll with it. You awoke without them, then they came to you. Anybody would be confused. But... try your best to embrace your emotions. There are people out there, humans AND Reploids... who throw their emotions away and become heartless killers."

He bowed his head. "I've been trying my best not to take the easy route... Emotions are hard to throw away, for sure, but sometimes, a guy can think that it would be easier without them."

I--- -n--ee-d--- --true -e--m-ot-i-o--n-s---...

He shook his head and tried to lose the serious expression on his face, as well as clear that strange thought from his head... "Well, I DO know about the clear skies. And the amazement part. I feel the same way about this world, and all the wonderful, crazy stuff... But, uh, the warmness? Sorry, I'm a novice in the area of, uh... Nevermind."

"I'm sorry if I can't help. And I was originally made to be as human as possible... I guess I lost my purpose along the way to making this world a better place."

Nebula scratched his head, trying to grasp everything. How can I help her feel better, and understand emotions?

Something deep within him responded...

Hugs! Hugs make everything better! ^_^

He didn't know how to respond to that. And to think, that ridiculous notion had come from within him... Was it something Dr. Light had programmed into him? Or was it something his true self, buried under all the fighting and destruction, really knew?

Nebula decided to give it a try. He leaned over and wrapped his arms around her.

As Nebula embraced her, Sola's eyes went wide and she simply stood for several seconds, unable to comprehend what was going on. However something inside, something she had never felt before, seemed to grow into a flower within her. A flower of warmth that spread throughout her entire being, and that warmth made her feel...

...happy. Isn't that it? No... this... this is bigger than just that... I may not know what this is, but...

Suddenly realizing that she was still standing almost inert, Sola decided to return the gesture that the white Reploid had given her. Slowly, hesitantly, she brought her silver clad arms around him, returning his kindness. As she held him closely to her, resting her head on his shoulder, a smile bloomed across her face. A pure, simple smile that radiated her flowering emotions, and as the feeling peaked Sola had one last thought to herself. I may not know what this is, but... as long as I can hold on to this feeling... I won't ever feel lost again.

"Nebula..." She had to force out the words, as it seems that her throat had grown tight from the surge of emotion. "...thank you."

Nebula just continued to stand there. For some reason... I can't seem to will my arms to let go. Not that I'm complaning... I'd be okay just staying here all day. But then, there IS a huge fight coming up...

"Sola... when all the fighting starts, could you stay close to me? I don't want you getting hurt, but you're not about to give up on fighting. So, uh... could we stick together? I DID promise to go on a mission with you this time, and I'd hate for it to be such a drag..."

...Meanwhile, X2 was at the bridge, trying to get all the info he could. "What is our estimated time of arrival? I need to know how long we have to prepare."

"Our ETA is roughly... ten minutes. We'll be stoppin' two minutes early to deploy me, Harpuia and his team, then you're gonna launch your assault." Falcona said as she made the smallest of adjustments to the controls, altering the ship's course ever so slightly.

Sola heard Nebula's words, but for a moment they failed to register, so immersed she was in the waves of joy. Eventually however, she loosened her embrace enough so she could pull back. Looking into Nebula's eyes, her own emerald ones brimming with tears, Sola once more had to force out her words. "...Nebula, you won't miss me for one second in that mission. I promise you."

Harpuia, upon hearing Falcona's announcement of the ETA, hurriedly stood up. Walking off, he called over his shoulder. "Meaning we had better get ready, Falcona. We cannot afford to be... tardy..."

The Rekku General trailed off as he passed by Sola and Nebula, surprise etched on his face at the sight of the twosome embracing. Well, I'll be Vile's uncle... never once thought that was Sola's problem until now. Glad it's solved now. ...I don't think I'll tell Nebula this, but those two seem to suit each other. Snapping out of his daze, Harpuia walked off to prepare Dracoex and Phantom for the mission.

Nebula smiled again. "Well, that's reassuring. 'Sides, I'm sure to screw something up; Somebody's gotta keep me on the right track!"

Free of their embrace, he noticed Harpuia pass by. Oh... That's kinda awkward. I'm supposed to be a machine of absolute destruction, and here I am hugging Sola.

He leaned on the railing as X2 came out. "So, did you find out how long we have?"

The silvery-blue Reploid replied. "Well, we have ten minutes. Not all that long."

"Alright. This is going to be a huge mission, so, I'm letting you have this. I was saving it for a real pinch, but I think you'd better have it." Nebula held up a blue chip. "This is the Ultimate Buster Chip, which lets you fire a full-powered blast without even charging. I managed to hold onto this because it's a physical object, and not WCS Data."

X2 was astonished. "Are you sure that I need something this powerful?!"

"No. Use it only if things get rough, or you need that extra little boost." Nebula replied. "Sola, you... heh, you don't need any powerups. You haven't even quite adjusted to the abilities you already have! At your full potential, you could wreck me in seconds. Well, we'd better think about this one..."

The Ultimate Copy of X tilted his head. "How so?"

"Well, some people work well together, others don't. It wouldn't a good idea to let any fighters dependant on backup to get seperated from everybody, and for those who just don't mix well to be stuck with each other. Sola and I are definitely sticking together, and maybe you should stay with us, or find somebody else to team up with. There are some people who make insane combos... So, try finding somebody else whose fighting style and ablities complement your own, and team up with them."

Not long after Harpuia gathered his team together, the ship slowed down by a large amount, and four figures shot out of the ship's docking bay as they opened. As Falcona and Harpuia carried Dracoex and Phantom to their objective, Fefnir slipped into the seat for the ship's pilot console and slammed the throttle open. With a roar the engines ignited their afterburners with a huge blue flare, forcing the cruiser to sceam off towards the enemy outpost.

"Alright, listen up y'all!" Fefnir addressed his little army, "We're goin' in and goin' in hot! Don't expect clear skies and a wimpy defense force; it'll be rainin' flak and Buster fire like Armageddon, so don't waste time gettin' down there and bustin' heads! I'll send down the main force via the grav lift after the elites have cleared enough room, then join y'all after I set the ship to automatically blast anythin' bigger than a recon unit."

Dull whumps sounded around the ship as the skies ahead were filled with black/electric blue explosions, announcing their arrival near the target zone.

As the ship shudders from light hits and near misses, Sola activated her combat programming, generating her Sonicboom Buster and S-Saber. Looking at Nebula, she gave him a determined look and nod. "Let's do this."

Nebula returned the look. "Right. They won't know what hit 'em." He generated his StarSaber... the floor in front of them opened wide, revealing the massive outpost below them. From it's fortress like walls, thousands upon thousands of powerful anti-air turrets fired in frenzied bursts, flinging their shells upward in a wild attempt to bring them down. A purple light began to descend from the ship as the grav lift (think Halo) began to activate, but before it completed Sola dashed forward out into the open air, falling at an incredible speed.

Quickly calculating the distance from her position to the target LZ, Sola aimed her Sonicboom Buster and began firing off lightning fast shots, each one slicing through it's victim with pinpoint accuracy. The recoil slowed down her momentum, but only slightly. However, a small smirk developed on her face as Sola loaded a special program, created exactly for this circumstance.

[Accessing file: Kinetic Shock Disperser]

Sola landed on her feet, and hard. This impact would have shattered even Protectos's armor, but Sola's program had done it's job. Utilizing her unique kinetic energy systems, Sola's frame absorbed the massive shock of the impact and transferred the energy to her Sonicboom Buster. Mere nanoseconds after she landed, Sola's Buster was raised and charged, a grey/silver aura about it.

With a massive CRACK distinct to a sonic boom, an incredibly large shockwave erupted from the muzzle of her Buster, and well over a hundred of the Hived Mavericks were sliced in two from the attack. Lowering her smoking Buster, Sola gave a satisfied grin as the other members of her group landed behind her, the grav lift lowering them safely down.

Nebula hit the ground next to her. "That. Was. Awesome. Well, let's tear the place up and bring King Faker to his knees for an execution."

He flicked his StarSaber, igniting it. He charged ahead, ready to cut down anything that dared stand against him... Not that there was much left after Sola's attack. But there were enough to be a hassle...

I just hope Sola doesn't get too far ahead of me...

As the battle launched into full swing, the other members of the elitist group joined Nebula and Sola in their attack on Master E's outpost fortress. Leviathan was a whirl of icy fury. Every swing of her Ice Halberd spelled death for many of the Hive members, and anyone who drew near to her was instantaneously frozen solid, only to be shattered into a thousand shards.

Wraith was a true terror on the field. Using his ghostly powers, he cast a shade of darkness over half the outpost, blinding his foes. Then, from the inky shadows, mechanical screams of horror erupted as Wraith drew them into the Cyber World, one by one ending their lives. When he reappeared, his claw like hands were coated in red oil, and slow lines of it steamed from the shadows of his hood.

With a fiery explosion, Fighting Fefnir joined the brawl, hoisting a tank with both hands and flinging it skyward, before whipping out his Sodom and Gomorrah Cannons and annihilating it completely. "Gah ha ha ha! I haven't had a good skirmish like this in years!"

From massive doorways in the walls, large combat mechs trundled out into the outpost's perimeter, firing off rockets and filling the air with the chatter of chain gun fire. Crying out, Leviathan fell to her knees as several rounds impacted her legs. Raising her Ice Halberd, she summoned a ferocious Ice Dragon to attack one such Mech, and with a roar it lunged forward, sinking it's fangs into the Mech's armor and thrashing about, tearing into it's frame.

Nebula leapt over one foe, then spun in a circle, cutting apart five at once. He quickly pulled out his Buster and shot several more in the face, then started throwing Kougenjin Slash Waves by the dozen. "Best skill ever, thank you Harpuia!"

The battle was ferocious, but with the combined efforts of two Guardians, Nebula, Wraith and Sola it hardly lasted ten minutes, and the arrival of General Colbur and his men only sealed their triumph. Helping his weakened sister, Fefnir carried Leviathan in both arms so as to avoid worsening her wounds any further. Even if his sibling was wounded, the Fire General couldn't help but sport a very large smile. "Hah! I guess that WAS easy enough after all!"

Sola jerked her S-Saber from the chest of a Hived Variant, shaking off the oil before withdrawing it into her wrist. "Not as big a clash as I thought it might be. But at least we did it! The base is ours!"

Wraith, who had been standing nearly motionless nearby, snarlled ever so slightly. " It is not over... there is something... of great power... that awaits us..."

Leviathan, from her position on the ground where a medic worked on her legs, bore a concerned expression. "Whatever it is... why do I have the feeling it resides in the base itself?"

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Area B was rocky, as it was a highway that cut through a massive mountain range. In the skies above the now ruined road, Falcona soared at Mach speed, searching the ground below for any sign of Tryton. "You'd think that a guy like him would be as easy to track as a whole fleet, but something's up here... there'd usually be a trail of destruction behind the guy... wait, there's a signature. Come in, Harpuia, Dracoex and Phantom! I think we found our quarry!"

Nebula flourished his blade. "Whatever it is, we'll smash it! I don't care if it's a copy of Sigma or the Yellow Devil, It's going down! ...As soon as we can get in. I don't see a door, but then, I have oil all over the left side of my face, and it's obscuring my vision a bit."

Sola, upon seeing Nebula's face, forced down a laugh and walked over. Pulling out a kerchief (don't ask me from where) she wiped his face clean. "There! Any better, Nebula?" Fefnir chuckled at this sight, but made no further comment. "Doors? Hah! Who needs doors..."

Suddenly the scream of high powered shells sounded in the post battle silence, and with a ground shattering explosion the once sealed gateway was blown out of existence. As their ship, hovering not too far behind them, cooled it's huge antiarmor cannons by jetting excess smoke and heat, Fefnir grinned maniacally. "...when holes work just as well?"

Leviathan, her legs now repaired and enabling her to stand upright, put a single hand on her hip and rolled her eyes. "Boys and their toys..."

Meanwhile... again.

Walking down the highway, amidst the huge craters and piles of rubbish, Tryton silently tread down the pavement, whatever thoughts that demanded his attention remaining in his head. This preoccupation kept him from noticing the four figures that had surrounded him, and he jumped at the commanding voice that came from behind him. "You and us. We have more in common than you think, Tryton."

Whirling around, the Grim Reaper's eyes widened then narrowed at the sight of Dracoex standing where he had been just a few seconds ago. Grasping the handle of his dual headed scythe tightly, Tryton growled through clenched teeth. "What do you want, traitor? If it's a death wish, I'll gladly oblige to grant it."

"Death wish? Ha! If he had wanted that, he would've come alone, dumbass!" From behind Tryton, Falcona appeared with both her shoulder cannons primed and her Wide Buster 2.0 charged, her face one of amusement. Turning to face the newcomer, Tryton jabbed an accusing finger at the wild female Reploid. "You're in no position to be flinging insults, miss! How about I just end your misery right here and now?"

With a small puff of smoke, Hidden Phantom landed atop the Reaper, pinning him down with Tryton's arms locked behind his back and a kunai poised at his neck. "The only misery ridden life that would be ended today would be yours, unless you have the wisdom to listen first and judge later."

As expected, Tryton attempted to free himself from the Shadow General's hold, but every resistance action he made only caused him pain. Finally giving in, he snarled and relented. "...what do you want?"

From the skies above, Sage Harpuia made a perfect two point landing and walked over. "That's simple. We know how you struggle to free yourself from the chains that bind you to Master E's service. We can sever those chains."

"From Master Eplizo's service? Are you insane?!" Tryton spat on the ground in disdain, glaring up at the Rekku General. "He's the only person who's ever shown me ANY kind of kindness! You've no idea what I've been through! He's liberated me from all my suffering! He's given me a purpose! I owe him my life, and I'll give it up for him if need be!"

Crouching over, Harpuia looked him intensely in the eye. "Listen. If you continue to side with that monster, you will die. We are winning, whether you wish to believe it or not. Even now, the fortress at Area B is being conquered by our allies, and soon enough our forces will-"

Tryton's eyes went wide, and with a huge surge of effort he threw Phantom off of himself. Standing upright, he grabbed Harpuia by his shoulders, panic written all over his face. "YOU FOOLS! You have no idea what resides there! If it's exposed to any form of violence, it's bloodlust will awaken again and we'd all be better off dead!"

Before anyone could launch an attack, shout out a question or take any other form of action, Tryton teleported away from the highway, leaving the foursome in a state of utter confusion.

Nebula nodded at Sola. "Thanks. Well... now, I was gonna suggest I handle that, but I guess it WOULD be better to use a little of the ship's power than to incapacitate me by using all my power at once."

He dashed towards to smoking hole, motioning for Sola to follow.

X2 was already there, peering into the gaping chasm.

The base immediately inside of the gaping hole was utterly silent. Whatever enemy units that had been there were either in itty-bitty (XD) pieces or had been completely eradicated. Deftly jumping in, Sola deployed her scanner, probed the causeways, tagged the locations of the consoles with Biometal data and transmitted the Nav Point locations to her comrades. "It seems there's five consoles with information on the Biometals... but I can't pinpoint which one contains the location data."

Nebula and X2 jumped down after her.

"Just scan 'em all!" Nebula said, shrugging.

"Do we have the capacity to do that?" X2 asked.

Sola scratched her head before shaking it. "I'm afraid not. I can't access the files through all the firewalls defending them from a virtual intruder. We'd have to access them physically."

Fefnir and Leviathan each walked through just in time to hear Sola say this before she dashed off, leaving the four Reploids quite literally in her dust. "Well..." Leviathan mused aloud. "Guess we'd better find those terminals, huh?"

Nebula scanned the area.

[Several terminals have been located. The data is inaccessible.]

"Huh...Well, time to... wait, access it physically? You mean, by going through Cyber-Space?"

Fefnir shook his head. "Don't think that's what she meant. I think it was another way o' sayin' 'get it by operating the consoles themselves.'"

Leviathan was already walking down another hallway. "Well, don't just stand there you three; get a move on! We need to find out which one is which!"

"Alright, alright sis! Seriously, can't give a guy a respite, can ya?" Sighing, Fefnir shouldered his Cannons and set off... only to whip them back out and smash through a wall before continuing. "I am NOT walking all around this damn base just to get to another console."

"...perhaps he had a point..." Wraith mused aloud, holding his chin thoughtfully. As his hand dipped into the recesses of the shadows in his hood, it vanished like his face, becoming one with the darkness. "...perhaps it may be easier... to access the data... from the Cyber World..."

Giving a slight nod, Wraith raised a hand and tore open the dimensional matter of reality, creating a rift into the Cyber World. Before he entered it however, he glanced at Nebula and X2, as if inviting them to enter if they so wished it.

Nebula nodded. "I discovered, when we were breaking into the firewall around Seth, that I'm programmed to handle Cyber-Space well. X2 isn't equipped the same, though..."

"Sorry. I'll have to do this the old-fashioned way." X2 ran off into the base to find another terminal.

Nebula shrugged and ran in after Wraith. "Okay, we've done this once before, let's do it again! This time should be a snap, since we don't have an army of Maverick defense programs after us."

He grinned, thinking about the things he could do, now that he was without physical limitations.

Wraith made no response, but almost casually walked down the pathway towards one of the consoles, his stride smooth and even. What few enemies there were Wraith decided to leave for Nebula, figuring that the semi-psychotic Reploid would enjoy this time to kill them however he wished.

Meanwhile, a familiar pink blur dashed from one point of cover to the next, deftly avoiding any and all attacks from the now sparse defense forces. It was hardly a matter of minutes before Sola had pinpointed and arrived at the location of her terminal. Taking the time to pick off the persistent stragglers who had pursued her, she then faced the console and deployed her visor, running a scan to ensure it was the right one.

Logbook entry: Hive Terminal

A data console that contains information regarding both Hive activity in the area, hosts captured, human 'inferiors' consumed and mission reports. Scans suggest that the terminal holds information regarding the stolen Biometals as well.

"Only one way to find out," Sola mused, retracting her visor as began hacking... only to run into a problem immediately. "It may not count for much, but I've never seen so many firewalls in my life! ...why do they feel odd, though?" Pushing these thoughts aside, Sola resumed her infiltration attempts with redoubled determination, adamant on getting past the virtual defenses.

Back in the Cyber World, Wraith flinched slightly as he felt multiple ripples in the virtuallized world's fabric, flowing through him like an uneasy breeze. Looking off into the distance, the black Reploid noticed a large cluster of firewalls that had come under assault by an outside influence. "A hacker..."

Nebula generated an Arm Cannon at least as big as he was and started firing gigantic blasts at the enemies. He changed it into a giant, Fusion Omega-sized Saber and took to slashing up anything that got within its huge range.

He glanced at the firewalls being attacked. "We should probably help out a little with that." He took a break from slaughtering enemies to rush over and give the barriers a good whacking.

"Wow, real tough one."

Nebula's saber turned blue and got even bigger.

"But not tough enough."

"Come on! This is getting way too tedious!" Sola's face was one of extreme frustration as she attempted to hack into the terminal, her efforts seemingly in vain. Slamming a fist on the semi-solid holographic keyboard from sheer annoyance, Sola groaned aloud. "This is REALLY starting to get on my nerves here- ...huh?"

Looking up at the screen, the pink armored Reploid squinted at an alert message, declaring that one of the firewalls had been undermined and eliminated. She blinked several times and rubbed her eyes, thinking that she was seeing things. However, the selfsame message still blinked on-screen, flatly denying that Sola was hallucinating. Suddenly another message appeared, then another, and three more, until the whole screen was covered in blinking alert texts. "B-but... how could that have... I didn't do anything..."

Then, with a flash of white light, the screen went black, only to reboot moments later.

>System online. Input request_

"...oooookay then. Guess I won't look the gift horse in the mouth and just move on..." With a flurry of fingers, Sola typed in her commands for the now fully subjugated machine.

>Display Biometal locations, save to removable drive and eject_

>Request acknowledged. Copying... copy complete. Deploying diskette...

From a drive in the side of the console, a small drive appeared, which Sola quickly snatched up. A smile on her face, the female Reploid raised two fingers to the side of her head. "Attention team; I've successful located and acquired the Biometal location data and am heading deeper into the base. There may yet be something worth finding here."

Inside of the Cyber World however, Nebula and Wraith had a different dilemma to cope with. In the place of the firewall that Nebula had decimated, there was a stange anomaly. It was a pitch black lump of... something, lanced with blood red greaves that seemed to form odd glyphs of some kind. All around it, the augmented virtual world twisted and contorted in response to this obscenity. It wasn't natural, that much was certain, but it certainly was not any form of technology ever seen before. In fact, one could hardly call it technology at all.

Wraith kept his distance from the potential threat, claws gleaming in the shadowy light the anomaly cast.
Even in his arrogance, Nebula knew to get away from it. "That doesn't look good..." He released his weapon, making a series of backwards leaps until he finally got about as far away as Wraith.

"...Do you think it'll do anything if we leave it alone for a bit? We need to get that data... We can either try and get the data, investigate it, or have each of us do one of the tasks."

He looked at the firewalls they still had to tear down, then back to the... thing. "...It's a... um... What IS it anyway? I've seen a lot of things, but this is new. It's not good, that's for sure. ...What should we do?"

Wraith glowered at the pulsating anomaly, not having an answer to give his white armored comrade. He was motionless for a moment, then his voice echoed from his hood. "...there is no telling... what would happen... should we assault this... anomaly... we should go... our work here is done..."

So saying, Wraith tore open a portal in the dimensional fabric back into reality and stepped through, only pausing to glare at the oddity once more. Outside of the portal, Wraith encountered Leviathan as she walked out from the room where her target was. However, she did not see the black armored Reploid as she backed out of the room, her Ice Halberd pointed at something where she had been.

That same thing that Wraith and Nebula saw had emerged from the console Leviathan had hacked, and it was slowly beginning to transform. Into what, none could say yet, but it certainly wasn't anything but hostile, judging from the guttural growls it was emitting.

" That can't be right. That thing's out here, too? Are there more than one?" Nebula asked. "Argh... I don't like that thing. It's repulsive... but... I really don't want to provoke it. Let's just go on with the mission. If it grows, or does anything too suspicious, we blast it."

My trigger finger itches, but... I have to resist the urge to attack. It's not normal. That thing could be an advanced form of the Hive, for all I know. If we provoke it, we could be killed in seconds. I'm strong, but not invincible.

Leviathan was now right in front of Nebula and Wraith, her wide eyes transfixed on the strange thing as she shakily held her Halberd in a defensive position. "Y-y-you might be r-right, N-Nebula. *gulp* We'd better m-move bef-for it sees-"

Before the Ice General could finish her sentence, a shriek of demonic proportions ripped through the air about the base, causing Leviathan and Wraith to fall to their knees in agony. With a viscous roar, the large black anomaly launched itself at the former, pinning her to the ground. By now it had completed it's transformation, and it was absolutely hideous to behold.

It had a pair of thick, short legs, each with a foot that sported three cruel looking claws. Around it's ankles were clasped large iron cuffs and severed chains, the latter seemingly had been cut apart with fire. Upon it's legs sat a squat horizontally facing body, which had a stubby tail that held two rows of sulphur oozing spines.

These spines of acid drooling fins stretched across it's black, vile frame and onto the creature's head. It had no eyes or ears to speak of, but it did possess a gaping maw lined with wicked looking teeth, and from within the depths of it's body an incredible, unearthly heat issued, as if the monster's gut was the home for some inferno. And, upon it's forehead, was a strange symbol that flared with a deep, crimson red, almost as if the brand was bleeding itself.

Leviathan was utterly frozen with fear as the demonic creature snarled, drawing it's face near to her neck. Wraith attempted to intervene, slashing with a pair of shadowy claws, but was pounced upon instead, and this time the monster bit down, clamping it's viselike jaws on Wraith's abdomen. The black Reploid screamed out in sheer agony as the creature's jaws bit down, and with a supreme effort of will forced it to loosen it's grip just enough to escape death.
Nebula rushed in and kicked its underbelly, trying to get it away from Wraith. "This thing, it's... alive." He leapt back, kneeling on the ground where he landed.

[Warning! Attacking the inidentified creature is a violation of Directive 001. Do not engage. Repeat, do not engage. "You are forbidden to kill any living being." as stated by Directive 001.]

"N-no... I have to fight this thing... Don't shut down on me now... Don't...!"

Nebula fell over, completely shutting down, a blank look on his face.

X2 dashed over to him. "Nebula! What happened!?" Did making physical contact with that thing do something to him? I have to get him out of here.

He picked up the White Reploid and made a mighty dash-jump through the hole in the ceiling, landing on the roof. "Nebula, wake up!" X2 shook him a few times, but there was no response. He left Nebula there and went back down to continue fighting.

"Nebula's down. We'll have to fight without him." X2 held up his Mega Buster Mark XVIII, ready to destroy the strange thing. He donned the First Armor, and began charging.

By the time X2 had arrived, Leviathan had passed out from the terror the creature radiated, and remained still on the floor behind the blue/silver Reploid.

Upon seeing X2 jump into the fight, the monster released its grip on Wraith, letting him escape. Facing the Ultimate Copy of X, it snarled before opening it's mouth and with a deep, barely legible voice, said one word...


...before wailing and charging at X2, it's maw slavering sulphur as it anticipated tearing it's foe to shreds.
X2 jumped right over the creature, pondering what it had... said(?) "Souless...? Does it mean I am without a soul, being a machine, or is the creature itself souless?" He fired a Level Two Charge Shot at it, trying to figure out its weak point. He had no Special Weapon Data to use, so that wouldn't work.

He looked at Leviathan, passed out on the floor. "Wraith, are you alright?! Sola, get the two of them out of here while I fight this thing!"

[...Forbidden to harm a living thing.]

But, what if it's truly a monster?

[...No exceptions.]

If I don't kill it, or at least stop it, it will hurt people...specifically, the ones I care about! I have to fight it!


Argh... Why did I have to be...

...such a rushed prototype?

To make sure I never turned into a total monster, he had to put in this fail-safe... Why did it have to kick in now, of all times!? Dammit! I'll have to wait until I can restart before I can help...

The Charge Shot hit the creature in the back, causing blood and rotten flesh to splatter in every direction. But even as it landed, the blown away gore began to hiss virulently before rejoining the monster's backside, melting back into it's original place with a sickening sizzle.

Sola, her face one of immense disgust, nodded to X2 as she half dragged half carried both Leviathan and Wraith out of the compound. By now the creature had re-assembled it's back and once more faced X2, it's mouth slavering insanely. Opening its maw wide, it began to summon a glow from the inferno within, preparing to launch some devastating attack.

X2's eyes widened. He knew a powerful attack when he saw it. He dashed out of the way and fired several smaller shots at it. "This thing can regenerate...!?"


I have to fight...


I have to fight!


Not a chance! I'm gonna destroy that thing, wipe out the Hive, and help everybody!

[SUBMIT, KNUT. You will not violate Directive 001.]

Yeah? Well, how does that thing count as alive?! Use the Scanner, you'll see. That thing wasn't a normal living thing. It's as unnatural as the Hive.

[... ...The system will now perform a check on said entity, to determine whether it falls within tolerable perameters for elimination.]

Alriiiiight! I'll be back in action soon enough!

As X2 took cover, he would have been glad to know that he had just evaded certain death. Raising it's head, the creature screamed in a high pitched, ear shattering wail, and the ground where X2 had been suddenly sported a red, glowing glyph.

Milliseconds later, the glyph exploded upwards in a shower of blood red fire and debris. The fire was extremely intense; too intense for even the most sophisticated piece of technology to ever generate, and anything within the immediate area around the blast zone was completely incinerated.

[...Scanning... Life form inidentifiable. Analyzing to determine the threat level... O_o Warning! The subject is extremely dangerous! You have clearance to dispose of it! Rebooting...]

Good. Stupid fail-safe. I swear, it acts less and less like a program the more it kicks in...

Nebula's finger twitched. He was still unable to move, but at least he was conscious... even if half of his senses were still reactivating.

X2 saw the fate he had just escaped from. "That's... not possible..." He steeled himself, standing back up. "...Well, that clinches it. I have to terminate it!" He began charging again, this time to level three. He jumped over the creature, firing his Spiral Shot down on it from above, then landed on the other side.

X2 didn't wait for it to attack again; He immediately dashed to the side, and began circling it, repeatedly changing direction and jumping, constantly firing shots.
As Sola laid Leviathan and Wraith down outside of the compound so that Colbur's men could get them to safety, the huge pillar of fire that had nearly obliterated X2 blasted through the roof of the base, perilously close to- "Nebula!"

Jumping impossibly high following a brief running start, Sola saw Nebula laying not too far from where the fiery blast had occured, and as a result misinterpreted why he was still inert. Running over, Sola knelt down and grabbed the white Reploid by his shoulders, shaking him in an attempt to rouse him. "No! Nebula! Wake up! Please, wake up! NEBULA!!!"

Down below, the black/red monstrosity found itself unable to defend from X2's attacks, let alone retaliate. Under the withering hail of Buster fire, it began to fall apart, and even as it tried to reform it could only just hold off imminent destruction.

Then X2 got lucky. A single Buster shot, by some miracle, managed to piledrive right into the creature's open maw. The result was instantaneous; with a wave of air pressure the monstrosity burst asunder, covering the whole room and it's occupants in rotten, blobby flesh and gore.

X2 wiped off the muck with a look of disgust. "I'm... not sure how to feel about this. I just killed a living thing, but it was a monster. This is my first real battle in this dimension. And now I'm covered in the guts of the thing I killed..."

Nebula's hand twitched. "" His eyes flickered. "H... hey. 'Sup?" He snapped back to full consciousness. He saw the smoldering hole in the roof next to him... then noticed that Sola was shaking him.

"I, uh... just nearly died. Well, not like that's anything new... Sola, are you alright? You look really worried. Is that thing giving everybody a pounding?"

Sola let out a sigh of relief at Nebula's response, but her face turned from relieved happiness to concern as he asked her about the creature. "I... I don't know. Doesn't sound like anyone is fighting anymore..."

Jumping down the hole that the massive inferno had created, Sola's eyes went wide at the sight of the gory room, then her hands went to her nose as her face wrinkled in disgust. "Eww! What IS that smell?"

As whoever answered Sola did so, from the remaining innards of the monster that laid on the floor a small, pure light began to filter through the vile flesh, at first unnoticed by the others in the room.

Nebula stood up, then looked into the room below. "Huh, it's gone. What was Sola saying? I still can't hear... Ah! There it is." He tried to step forward, but he put far too much force into his step, crushing the edge of the hole, and sending him tumbling inside.

"My sense of touch is still out... And I can't smell anything. Still... this stuff looks disgusting."

X2 looked at Nebula. "Are you alright? Can you stand?"

"Sort of... I'll either constantly collapse, or leave dents in the floor as I walk. I'll be fine in a second."

X2 shook his head. "I expected a complaint about the smell..."

Nebula made an attempt to stand up. "Smell? My sense of smell is still waking up. ...Ah, it's back on. ...URRGWAAAAAAAH!!" He fell back over, the sudden smell having shocked him. "That's... disgusting! You should've used your Shining Laser and vaporized it, then we wouldn't have its innards all over us!"

"S-sorry, I haven't had enough experience fighting with that kind of monster..."

"Eh, hindsight is 20-20. I probably would've cut it open, and then blasted it, and then the guts would be even MORE all-over-the-place."

Sola was violently coughing from the rancid stench, and had to bring her oil soaked kerchief to her mouth in order to halt it. When she spoke, it was in a semi-muffled voice. "Ugh, that's NASTY! Small wonder humans made machines of war; I don't wanna think about how disgusting those old battlefields smelled like. ...Hey, what's that?"

Noticing the soft light protruding from the lump of rotten flesh on the blood soaked ground, Sola cautiously walked over and carefully sliced the meaty barrier away. The result caused her to raise an eyebrow. Sitting in the pool of gore and vileness, it's own surface pure and perfect, a small golden jemstone softly glowed.

It was almost like an upside-down diamond, with innumerable facets and divets. Upon it's face sat a single glyph, the very same one in fact that had appeared right before X2 evaded that pillar of fire. By some twist of either chance or fate, the Reploids had stumbled upon an Ether Stone fragment.

Nebula gaped at it. "THAT was what nearly killed us?! A rock!? Ugh..."

X2 looked at Sola. "What is that, exactly? Is it the Ether Stone Fragment from the report?"

Picking up the stone, Sola peered at it closely. "I... can't say for sure... I mean, it looks like the one Foxstar had, but I dunno..."

"So... it seems that my little experiment failed."

The voice was smooth and flowing, tainted by a slight hint of malice. Sola whirled around, the Ether Stone clutched in her hand tightly, to face the newcomer. "W-who are you?"

The same dark purplish matter that Nebula and Wraith encountered in the Cyber World floated like a swirling portal, and in it stood a figure completely in black. It was tall, around the height of Sigma. It bore an ebony robe with silver lining, and inside of it was nothing but darkness.

Upon its head it had spiked hair. Its face was completely black as well, save for a pair of burning, evil eyes. When it spoke, no mouth formed upon its lips, and its voice was clearly male.

"You need not know my name, soulless one. It is of no importance to one who is branded to die. So... you managed to defeat my creation, blue soulless one. How heroic. It seems that one spirit had more flaws in its physical form than I thought..."

"Branded to die? Spirit? What are you talking about?!" Sola was utterly confused, and the figure chuckled at her state of loss.

"Oh, the irony. Even after ten thousand millennium, the ignorance that reigned supreme in humanity still exists to this day? And in their pathetic, soulless slaves, no less..."

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Nebula spat in disgust. "Okay, let's cut this damned monologue short. Prove to us in thirty seconds or less that you're not evil, or I'll have to tear you apart. I've had about enough of this as I can stand. X2 tore your monster apart, and now you're going to reprimand us for it? And don't even bother telling us that thing was benign. 'Blah blah blah, you're killing all my creations.' That's not going to stop me from rearranging your innards!"

X2 seemed little unsure. "What if he's-"

"X2, this guy is obviously evil. You can TELL. You don't enter through a creepy dark portal after one of your creations nearly tore people apart, call them soulless, then proceed to hand out flowers, rainbows, and cupcakes. Oh, and I have a question." Nebula pointed at the figure accusingly. "...Are you the one who set up Copy Elpizo? If so, then you are my real target..."

In an unconcerned, roundabout and casual way, the figure responded as if it was a simple discussion. "Copy Elpizo? ...Ah, you mean that machine that wishes all humans dead. No, no, I fear I am not behind that soulless one's existence, although one could say I am indirectly responsible for his rise to power, depending on your point of view. As for my creation? I was merely speculating on its failure. I have thousands more, and I can summom one at any time. Just another tool in my closet, that is all."

"As for being 'evil,' I can fully understand why you say I am thusly so. In fact, I will even agree with you on this matter. Once you understand the true nature of my powers, you will also understand my nature as well. Oh, but who am I fooling? Machines can never hope to comprehend the supernatural, so I won't even bother."

Sola blurted out, her confusion peaked. "Supernatural? What are you babbling about? Something tells me you're more than just evil; you're insane!"

Taking a moment to look at Sola, the black figure extended a hand and soothingly stroked the female Reploid's cheek. Sola's mouth hung open and her eyeslids fluttered from the man's touch, overcome by some forced emotion. "Such beauty, such grace... wasted on nothing more than an automated pile of walking iron."

So saying, he whipped his arm across her face, slicing through her skin with a silver bladed dagger he had hidden. Sola screamed in pain as she staggered backwards, clutching her face as red oil poured out of the wound. As she did so, the Ether Stone fell to the ground, dissolving the gore it touched as it landed.

"Worthless... hear me, soulless ones. This world does not belong to you, nor will it ever. Long have my kind slept, both light and dark. Soon, we will rise again, and take claim to what truly belongs to us."

Nebula was about to yell at him in defiance, but then he had slashed Sola.

His rage exploded right there.


He immediately had his StarSaber in his hands, rushing at the figure, slashing at him even faster than he was usually able.

"SOULLESS, are we!? I'll show you JUST how wrong you are! We are not just machines, struggling to stay on top! I won't let you... I won't let you disrspect everything that I stand for, and all Dr. Light worked for! There is a bit of a creator's soul in everything he makes! Even after Thomas Light died, X and I carry him in our hearts! Albert Wily lives on in Zero! And even after Ciel is long gone, Sola stands, a testament of her willpower and skill!"

He increased in ferocity even further. "How dare you say that we're soulless!?"

A harsh, cold laugh echoed from above.

"Well, I was waiting for a better opportunity to attack my target... But I can't stand this guy's BS. Hey! Maverick Hunter! When I'm done with this guy, you're next!"

A silouette appeared in the hole in the roof. It jumped in, landing off to the side, aiming a black Arm Cannon Buster at the first mysterious figure.

"I'm going to kill you both, especially the dark one. You're behind the Hive, huh? That ****ty parasite gave me way too much trouble when I tried to break into one of the False Master E's fortresses and get data on Nebula... but now, I get to solve two problems at once!"

It was Kosa, the one who had attacked the base before!

Nebula barely glanced at Kosa. "Go away! I'm busy!"

"Tch, yeah, right. Do me a favor and stand right there, in the path of my blast. I'm sure it'll end well for you.'" The Dark Reploid spoke with arrogance to match Nebula's.

Nebula gave one last attack, then jumped back. "Fine! Go ahead and waste this guy, Maverick!"

"Don't make me shoot you first, Maverick Hunter!" Kosa charged his TELOS Buster, aiming at the mystery man.

Nebula ran over to Sola. "Are you alright?!" All his anger had vanished, replaced with concern. "Sola!" He supported her with one arm, fumbling for his Sub Tank with the other.

Shaking with pain, Sola kept her hands pressed tightly against her face, her cries of agony still loud in the room. Red oil oozed from between her fingers as it bled from her wound, staining Nebula's arm a bright red as he held her.

In his dark portal, the black figure had remained completely unharmed from Nebula's ferocious onslaught. Giving a chuckle, he shook his head at both Kosa aiming his TELOS Buster at him and at Nebula's plight in helping Sola. "Such pathetic creations these are. In their flawed logic they not only believe that the spirit of one's creator lives on inside of them, but that they can possibly deter me? I fear that my power is far beyond your ken."

Raising a hand, the mysterious figure began to summon a black aura about it when yet another character appeared as if from nowhere. Teleporting in, a caped figure dropped to the floor, grabbed the discarded Ether Stone and held it aloft. Glaring something fierce at the black figure, Tryton shouted out in a powerful voice.

"Illuminatio Expurget!"

With a massive flare, the Ether Stone fragment cast out a powerful blast of light. The intensity of the blast caused the black figure to cover his eyes and cease his attack, as well as completely dissolve the scattered flesh in the room. Lowering his arm, Tryton tucked away the Ether Stone and drew his scythe. "We'll just see about that."

Kosa nodded at Tryton. "Dunno who you are, but you hate this guy, right?"

Nebula couldn't stop staring Sola's bloodstained face. "S-Sola...!" His eyes sharpened, and for a second, he was again the destructive machine that had torn apart thousands. "Well, he hates me too, I should mention." He spat sarcastically.

The dark Reploid laughed at this. "AHAAHaahahaaaaHAAAA! That clinches it, we're gonna be BESTEST friends, Scythie!" Kosa started firing half-charged blasts at the figure. "Now, tell us what to call you! I'd hate to have to leave your grave blank!" All I need to do is determine this bastard's energy signature, then I can alter my weapons to tear through him, like a hot knife through butter...

X2 seemed rather torn, unable to decide who needed to be fought. He decided to help Sola, rather than get tangled in the fight. He ran over to where Nebula was practically having an emotional breakdown.

Nebula held up his Sub Tank. "Sola!" He infused her with its energy, trying to heal her. "Sola! SOLA!!"

Then, his eyes went wide, and he fell over backwards, unconscious.

[Operating System L is experiencing a malfunction. Please wait while we correct this error.]


[Cause discovered. Emotional response is too high. Disabling emotions to free up proccessing power.]

X2 had picked up Sola, and was now moving her outside. "I'll have to get Nebula after Sola's safe... That's probably what he would tell me to do, if he could talk right now."

Tryton, at first ignoring the Dark Reploid next to him, winced as a dark burst from the shadowy figure blasted Kosa into a wall. Sighing, the black robed man lowered his hand. "Foolish, utterly foolish. If it is of any importance to you, you may call me Kathros, soulless one. I am sure Tryton knows that name well enough though, do you not, hm?"

The Grim Reaper snarled with unbounded rage, shaking all over with it as he drew his scythe back. "You monster... there is no forgiveness at all for what you did to my sister!!! Not now, not EVER!!! I'LL KILL YOU!!!"

Tryton swung a mighty flaming arc with his weapon toward Kathros. The blow, fueled by his intense anger, would have severed any Reploid or human easily.

Not Kathros.

Merely holding up a hand, the dark man grasped the blade of the Reaper's weapon before whispering one inaudible word. Tryton howled with pain and held his head, struggling to stand upright. Folding his arms behind his back, Kathros chuckled. "You have always been my slave in this world, Tryton, and so you shall remain forevermore. Now, dispose of this trash. I have other business to attend to."

With that, Kathros walked back into his portal as it vanished altogether, leaving an unconscious Nebula, Kosa and a now berserk Tryton in the room. His eyes flaring red, the Grim Reaper began to become enveloped in a flaming aura as he held his scythe up in a combat pose, visibly struggling with the forced control over his body. "Damn... y-you... Kathros..."

Kosa got back up. "Argh, what the hell!? I didn't have the time to get his signature... I'll have to waste time doing that next time we meet." He looked at Tryton. "...Don't you give up control. You're a Reploid, start acting like one!"

Nebula's eyes opened, and he bolted upright. "...Enemy Unit Tryton. Clarify on the matter of Zephyra's condition." He spoke without any tone. "Clearance to use force to stop Enemy Unit Tryton? Permission self-granted." Even without emotion, his arrogance was apparent.

He stood up, but his motions were completely different. He almost looked ragdoll-ish. His eyes were half-closed, and showed no emotions... but for some reason, they still gave off that malice. But now there was no happiness to counter it.

The White Reploid held out his StarSaber, focusing on Tryton. "Scanning. Most effective method determined, using the Energy Net to stop his movements, then force him to reboot. Impossible to execute this plan, due to lack of the Energy Net. Unit Kosa, accept a temporary truce in order to deal with the task at hand."

Kosa's expression hardened. "Hmph, what happpened to your obnoxious personailty? No matter. I don't feel like killing you right now anyway! I'm gonna help this guy out... You said the Energy Net would work? Perfect." He grinned, spreading his left hand. It crackled with purple energy.

"You seem like a cool guy, so I'll try not to hurt you too bad! How's that? Tryton, was it?"

The dark Reploid immediately threw an Energy Net at Tryton, trying to stop hism movements. "Once he's immobile, I can forcibly reboot him... No tricks, I promise. I hate brainwashing anyway..."

Warning! Warning!

The Energy Net held Tryton down for a few seconds, right before it was blasted apart by a burst of Shadow Energy. The aura around Tryton had intensified greatly, and the Duritanium floor around his feet was beginning to melt from the sheer heat. In a much darker and powerful voice, the Grim Reaper roared at the two. "INSOLENCE RESULTS IN DEATH! BURN IN HELLFIRE!"

Raising his scythe, Tryton brought it down into the ground, melting it even further and opening up a great fissure that shot far down through the earth's layers. From below, a massive wave of fire screamed upward, blasting off the roof completely and thoroughly incinerating anything near it. Tryton shuddered and swayed after the attack, just long enough to drop the Ether Stone fragment he held... but no longer. "INFERNO AWAITS THOSE WHO OPPOSE THE OLD ARTS."

<Trap Fanatics! >Very Happy>

Nebula leapt aside, and Kosa dashed away from the oncoming fire.

"So, you would fight to your last breath? Hmph, I'll have to make sure that doesn't happen. I want you as an ally of mine..." A wicked grin spread across Kosa's face. "...And I won't take no for an answer!"

Nebula dashed straight at Tryton, slashing at him with the StarSaber. "Priority is the forced submission of Enemy Unit Tryton. Lethal force is not authorized, as Tryton is not acting on his own will. Unit Nebula will weaken Unit Tryton, at which point, Unit Kosa is to utilize the Energy Net to capture said unit."

He began to combo his slash, striking again and again, increasing in speed. His movements were not those of a swordsman, but those of a machine.

Kosa started shooting at Tryton, muttering to himself. "First the one I want to team up with tries to kill me, and now the guy I wanna kill is talking like a machine... I won't be able to hear him screaming in agony if his emotions are shut off."

X2 shook Sola. "Sola! Are you alright? Say something! Nebula and that strange Reploid showed up, and now they're fighting off Tryton! I have to help them, but I can't leave you alone!”

Sola, tears still streaming from her eyes, slowly removed her hands from her bloodstained face. From below her right eye to the left side of her face, a long, wide and deep running scar had been etched. Shakily she stood up, looking at her hands in shock. "..."


"...I'll be fine, X2..."

Each one of the blows landed on Tryton, but he felt not their sting. Spinning his dual headed scythe around in the air, he reflected both the incoming Buster shots and Nebula's StarSaber slashes before he kicked at the White Reploid and dash slashing at Kosa.

Nebula had awkwardly leaned out of the way of the kick. "Warning! Enemy Unit Tryton's defensive power is drastically reducing the damage done by our weapons!"

Kosa jumped into the air, clung to a wall, and started raining down shots from there. "He won't be able to hold us off forever!"

[Scanning... "Tryton". Flagging as potential ally. Current status: Berserk. Subdue him with your Energy Net. Analyzing energy signature...]

"...Trust me on that one, Maverick Hunter."

X2 pointed down at the fight going on inside. "Tryton showed up and went crazy, and then a Maverick showed up, and now he's helping Nebula fight. But... Something happened to him. He's acting really weird. He fell unconscious when you wouldn't wake up, and when he woke up, he was like that..."

He sighed. "They'll need all the help they can get. Sola, are you sure you're okay? You seem really down..." X2 seemed rather worried, even though he hadn't really known Sola all that long. Another quality that had had taken from the original X.

Sola was looking down at her hands still, hardly hearing X2 at all. In her mind, she kept hearing what Kathros had called her; it played over and over, tormenting her consciousness.




"No... it can't be true..." Sola's eyes squeezed shut as fresh tears fell, staining the ground underfoot. If what Kathros had said WAS reality, the all of her hopes, her joys, her dreams... were nothing more than an illusion. But slowly, Sola came to a realization. "I can't be soulless, otherwise I wouldn't have these emotions. I can't be wasted, because others regard me with friendship. And I can't be worthless..."

Her right forearm transformed into the Sonicboom Buster as her eyes lifted and looked X2 in the eye. "...because I have someone who cares for me. I'll prove that Kathros man wrong, and I'll protect those I care about, even if it sends me to the scrap heap!"

Roaring with anger, whether at himself or at his opponents was impossible to tell, Tryton flung his scythe like Zero's Shield Boomerang at Kosa, while he cast one hand outward at Nebula and launched a barrage of fireballs at the white Reploid.

Nebula tried to duck under the attack, but he was hit on the side of the head, and thrown against the wall. "Errror! Error! Eeeeeerrrrooooorrrrrr...r...rrr...r... Guh...!"

[Warning! Severe damage has been incurred! Shutting down to prevent further-]

Shut up. I obviously can't fight with just knowledge and skill. I need my real strength... My true power. I don't care if the pain drives me insane, I can't live without my emotions! Reactivate them immediately! I refuse to die, and let others' hopes die with me!

[...Reactivating emotions. This action had been deemed the only option for survival.]

Nebula stood back up, and started deflecting the fireballs with only his Saber. "Tryton!"

A beam of energy erupted from Kosa's Arm Cannon, forming a blade, which he used to deflect the scythe. "Hmph, so the Hunter is back with us. And you're just about finished, Tryton..."

[Analysis: 72.6% complete...]

"Good enough!" Kosa yelled. The energy from his Sword-Arm turned red, and his wicked grin had returned. "It may not be at full effectiveness, but I can use this to rough you up pretty bad, Scythie. Get ready for this!"

X2 smiled. "Yeah, they were getting pounded, last I saw. Good to see that you're okay, Sola!" He started charging his X-Buster, ready to tear it up...

And, for good measure, he slotted in his Shining Laser Chip.

Tryton, having failed to cleave Kosa in half, recovered his scythe and was about to make another mad dash at the black Reploid, when a lightning fast grey charge shot slammed him squarely in the chest, momentarily stunning him. The barrel of her Buster still smoking, Sola stood in the doorway, doing her best to ignore the blood trickling down her face as she kept her weapon leveled at the Grim Reaper. "This ends here, Tryton."

"INSOLENCE! THE OLD ARTS SHALL RISE AGAIN, AND NONE OF YOU CAN HALT ITS RESURRECTION!" said the berserk Reploid as he regained his balance, the aura about him burning even brighter than before.

Nebula's face lit up. "Sola! You're alright!" His tone was on the verge of desperation. Then, he returned to his normal, happily destructive self. "Now, let's trash Tryton and find out what happened to his sister!"

He immediately started searching his system, looking for an old weapon...

[Searching ancient data for Maverick Weapon X2CS...]

Kosa grinned. "Oh, it's that girl! Well, thanks for that. Now, remember, we're trying to knock him down and return him to his senses, not scrap him." He opened fire, sending a barrage of smaller shots at Tryton. "I set my weapons up, so now they'll hurt YOU a LOT. Man, I gotta love that Variable Weapons System..."

Under Kosa's withering hail of enhanced Buster fire, Tryton found himself hardpressed to offer any strong retaliation and defend himself from the lethal attack. Upon seeing Sola enter the room, the Reaper calculated that his chances of even escaping were now in the single digits, let alone outright victory. "THE OLD ARTS CANNOT BE DENIED! YOU MAY DEFEAT ME HERE, BUT IT WILL ALL BE IN- g...grah...! Lemme go, y-you damn- VAIN! THIS IS NOT A FIGHT YOU CAN WIN!"

Taking a moment to return Nebula's smile with one of her own, Sola dashed forward and past Tryton several times, each one accompanied by a pink streak as she slashed at him with each pass. After the sixth attack only a second after she had started, Sola dash jumped upward with her S-Saber growing by the nanosecond, then came down with a huge explosive slash before jumping back to Nebula's side. "Won't be long now... say, has anyone seen Fefnir in all this?"

[Weapon Data Found.]

Nebula switched out his Saber for the Buster, then jumped over Tryton. "Game over for you! Crystal Shot!"

He fired the blue shot down at Tryton's legs and arms, trying to immobilize him completely.

Kosa took the hint, and fired another Energy Net at Tryton. "He's almost done now..."

X2 fired a few shots as well, to try and weaken him further. "I wonder what happened to Fefnir..."

Even with his unnatural power, Tryton was forced down under the combination of the Crystal Shot, the Energy Net and the combined fire from all four Reploids. Shuddering, he fell to his side, whatever that had possessed him beginning to fade. "THIS... ISN'T... OVER...! YOUR DEMISE... WILL COME... ...oh just... stuff it already...! I'm not... your... pawn... anymore..."

As the Reaper fell to the ground, Sola took the brief respite to embrace Nebula joyously. "You're okay, Neb!" Backing off, the pink Reploid looked down ashamedly. "I'm sorry for causing you to, y'know, freak out like that... I should've been on guard, but I let you down."

<...And this is where the first topic came to an end. There is still one more topic left to go through, however... so, this is the halfway point.>

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Archive: Mega Man Zero 5 RP Empty Re: Archive: Mega Man Zero 5 RP

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Tue May 07, 2013 4:32 am

In the year 23XX...

It has been over two and a half years since the battle for Area Zero, in which the great Zero had lost his life. Ciel had taken leadership, and the three X-Guardians defeated by Omega had been resurrected. The city of Innerpeace had been created, to be a utopia.

However, Ciel was still mourning for the loss of Zero... And now that he was gone, should another madman come along, the peace would be shattered. As a precaution, Ciel developed the Biometals, fragments that held the abilities and consciousnesses of fallen heroes. So far, they had gone unneeded. But then, the impossible happened.

X and Zero, the great heroes of the past, had finally returned!

And, still more shocking, they had become human. They had been given the choice to return as humans by an unknown entity. Zero had chosen to return for Ciel, and X wished to go with his best friend, back to the human world.

Zero and Ciel had been slated to marry, but the peace would not last quite long enough for that to come to pass...

The day before the wedding, Innerpeace was attacked by Mavericks. With the help of X, Zero, they were defeated, but the accursed conflict had begun once more... And now, the two were human; they lacked the power to end it by themselves.

It was discovered that it was not a random attack. A copy of the former Resistance Leader Elpizo had risen, calling himself "Master E". This new Maverick Leader now plans to make a world for only Reploids, as so many before him, including the real Elpizo, had desired.

Master E was irreversibly insane, due to a programming fault identical to the one in Copy X. The real X had assumed command in Innerpeace, leading them in the fight against the Maverick forces... And so began a long, bloody, violent battle.

Another two years had passed, and Ciel had revived Hidden Phantom to aid his brothers and sister. He was a great asset in the war, but the Mavericks had gained their own advantage to counter them... the Hive, a monstrous parasite that forcibly took control of reploids, making them fight under Copy Elpizo. The Hive would simply destroy humans, also speeding along Master E's goal of a world without them.

Three and a half years into the conflict, the Innerpeace forces are in near-ruin. Ciel has created spaceships capable of interdimensional travel, sending them out to find other forces to help them.

One ship, carrying fighters Dracoex and Kyuubit Foxstar, found a former Maverick Hunter named Nebula... They returned with him, and he used his incredible fighting skills, his ability to copy others' weapons, ingenuity, and sheer guts to turn the fight around.

Since that time, several things have happened...

Reploid siblings Zephyra and Tryton appeared, working under Master E. They appear to resent it, though...

Ciel has constructed a female Reploid named Sola, who has impossible levels of speed and agility.

A Reploid named Kosa has shown up, claiming vengeance on all Maverick Hunters: especially X and Zero.

Another fighter was brought from Nebula's world: X2, a true copy of X.

And a strange entity cloaked in shadow appeared: Kathros. He called Reploids soulless and belittled their strength, then forced Tryton to go berserk before leaving.

And now, Tryton had been subdued. Nebula disarmed his weapon and sighed. "Man, that was hectic. Are you alright, Sola? X2? Maverick- I mean, Kosa? Tryton?"

X2 nodded. "I'm fine, and Sola seems to be, too."

Kosa snarled at them. "You say 'Maverick' like an insult... Maverick Hunter."

Sola nodded after she hugged Nebula tightly, "I'm sorry for causing you to freak out like that, Nebula," whereas Tryton merely glared at all four Reploids. "...I'd be thanking you, but considering what you treated me like, I somehow doubt it was outta selfless kindness."

Kosa kept his weapon out. Hmph, yeah, it WAS out of selfish kindness. You're gonna be my new ally, Tryton...

Nebula rolled his eyes at Tryton. "Sure, why not? Anyway, I propose a deal. I use what's left in my Sub Tank to heal you, but only if you answer a question or two. Now, tell me everything you know about that Kaz-whatever guy, and what happened to your sister."

Tryton was silent for a long while, but he eventually conceded in a reluctant voice. "...fine... me and my sister... you call her Zephyra like you call me Tryton, but those aren't our real names. We... we were simple Reploids living in a family of sorts here in Innerpeace after the destruction of Ragnarok... our 'parent' was a human. We were made for them because she couldn't have children of her own... "

<Another flashback>

"Kyle, Mia, where are you two? We're going to be late for the election!" A hazelnut haired woman called upstairs as she was sliding on a light coat. Running downstairs a silver haired Reploid girl, modeled after a human in her late teens, was followed by a Reploid boy with rustic red hair. Soon enough the trio were situated and out the door, riding off in a small family car.

"We were headed over to the Innerpeace Headquarters for the announcement about that new government the fabled Dr. Ciel had created, along with the election for its ruling members called The Sage Trinity. Thing is, we never knew that one of 'em, a guy named Albert, was actually a power hungry bastard who sought to rule the world from inside of that place. During the announcement the first Maverick attack had happened... our foster parents were killed in the crossfire...

Holding the shattered and bloodied body of his mother, Kyle openly wept, shameless tears flowing freely. Mia, on the other hand, had stolen a Saber from a smashed Galleon Assault she had come across and was yelling at her younger brother. "Kyle, we can't stay here! If we do, we'll end up dead!"

"B-but, what about mom?!"

"It's too late for her; we need to get outta here!" Forcing her brother to release the limp form of their mother, Mia half dragged Kyle away, the latter's cries still echoing in the battle-torn building.

"We spent the next few weeks in hiding from the Maverick invaders, never spending more than a day in the same place. Constantly running, almost never resting... it was like the whole world was dead around us. Then... we met HIM... Kathros."

A frightened Kyle stood behind a Saber wielding Mia, that same black robed man before them. "Why do you cower, children? I mean you no harm..."

Mia snorted and gripped her stolen weapon tightly. "Oh yeah right, like those Mavericks were all nice to everyone? Leave us alone, creep!"

"If you only knew how I seek to aid you, you would not be so insolent, child."

"He struck a deal with us... he offered us two things; one, power to defend ourselves and those we cared about, and two, someone to care for us. All in exchange for servitude to him, of course. Seeing how we were, we accepted without hesitation. He then gave us new names, the ones you know, as well as these strange powers. The odd thing is... I've noticed something about this strength we were given. It's corruptive. Even now I can feel it chipping away at my sanity... it has already claimed my sister, and it's all that damned Kathros's fault."

"After giving those to us, he took us to the palace of Copy Elpizo, who had not been created yet. But he was created not long after that, and from that day forward he treated us like family. He gave us a purpose..."

Glancing up at the White Reploid, Tryton looked at him imploringly. "Master E is the only one who's shown us any kindness, any compassion at all. I know his goals are twisted, but he believes they are just and noble. I... I want to make him see through that! Master E isn't your enemy; Kathros is!"

Nebula bowed his head. "...I know what it's like to feel powerless. Copy Elpizo... Ciel DID have some information in a report I read that said he had fallen prey to a programming error. Perhaps, if it were corrected, he would be the master you care about, and not the tyrant who's trying to kill us all. And, besides..." He lifted his head, baring his teeth. "...I already said once before, he's not my target. The one BEHIND him is my target, and the one behind him in Kathros..."

X2 nodded. "So, our objectives are to fix Master E, and to eliminate Kathros?"

"Hellz yeah." Kosa spat. "The guy called us soulless... He'll pay for that one DEARLY. Plus, that ass was jealous that Sola's prettier than him. What a royal pain... I'm switching priorities. Kathros is my number one target this time, and you dumbass Maverick Hunters can wait your turn."

Nebula cracked his knuckles. "While I respect your sentiment... Shut up, Kosa. Once King Faker is fixed, and Kathros is offed, you're next."

The two got into an argument, taking it off to the side. It eventually devolved into an arm-wrestling contest, somehow...

"I'm WAY stronger than you!"

"No, you're not, Maverick Hunter!"

"AaaaAAAH! Hey, you cheated! You twisted my wrist!"

"Did not!"

"Did so! Rematch!"

"Augh! You didn't wait until I was ready!"

"Fine, best two out of three!"

The two were locked in a stalemate, refusing to let anything distract them.

Sola watched the pair of Reploids quarreling like a pair of misbehaving children. "Boys will be boys. T_T"

X2 sighed. "They pretend they're opposites, but they act practically the same... Anyway, Tryton, could you help us with our first goal? I really don't want to kill anybody, so I'd feel better about trying to SAVE Master E-" he was careful to use the more respectful term. "-than making it our goal to destroy him. Would you help us to fix him? And your sister, too. I'm sure it's not too late..."

Tryton looked at X2, his face still tight with anger, then he looked down at the floor between his feet. "...guess so. Don't have much choice, do I now?"

X2 casually swiped Nebula's Sub Tank. "Well, we're going to heal you either way. What you do then is your choice." He used it to restore Tryton's LE, then started trying to break away the crystals that bound the Reaper's limbs.

Having been healed and freed, Tryton stretched his legs a bit to loosen the stiffness plaguing them, then retrieved his scythe from where Kosa had deflected it. Silently he deactivated the deadly weapon and tucked it away under his cape. "Speaking of Kosa... hey! Morons one and two! Get a GRIP! I'm only helping you guys out if you help me save Master E!"

Forcing the two Reploids apart, Tryton finished ill-temperedly. "Aside from proving my point of idiocy, this isn't getting us anywhere!"

The two turned their backs to each other. "Fine, we'll hold off until we finish Kathros off." Nebula said. "But once that's over, I'm eliminating the only other Maverick threat left: Kosa."

"Hmph. Just shut up and finish your mission, Hunter."

"Alright, I will! ...Wait, where's Fefnir? Wasn't he in charge of the mission?"

X2 sighed, which had been happening a lot lately. "That's what I was wondering..."

As if on cue, what remained of one eastern door (somehow working) opened up to reveal an awed Fefnir. "Guys, you are not gonna believe wha-WHOA!"

His foot landing on the discarded Ether Stone fragment, Fefnir slipped and landed flat on his back, slightly dazed from the impact. The fragment itself flew through the air only to be caught by a certain green armored Reploid as it sailed towards the opposite doorway. Looking at his new prize, Sage Harpuia commented without looking up "Took us long enough, it seems... but I do wish to know what has transpired here."

As he finished, Dracoex, Falcona and Phantom all walked in behind the Rekku General, each one of them battered and bruised. Upon seeing Tryton, Falcona's eyes narrowed dangerously. "THERE you are, you rotten son of a b****. Leaving us to face a whole damn Maverick army AND Zephyra to boot! I oughta tear you limb from limb, I should! And YOU!" She exclaimed, jabbing a finger at Kosa. "You have some payback comin' your way for what you did to me!"

Kosa smirked. What a temper... I should use it to my advantage sometime.

Nebula waved to them. "Hey, guys. Sorry for not helping, but we were attacked by a homicidal monster that spat acid, I malfunctioned TWICE, some guy showed up and put Sola out of commission, and then he made Tryton go berserk. ...By the way, how is Zephyra? Did she escape, is she captured, or did you kill her? If it was the last one, I hope you're satisfied with how much you've already lived, 'cuz Tryton'd end you. And I'm not sure I'd do as much to stop him as I should..."

Dracoex sighed and shook his head. "Did she escape? I fear the truth is that we escaped... it was too much. Almost all of Master E's army had converged upon us. It... it was hopeless."

"Hey, anyone mind helpin' up a 'Loid who's down?" Fefnir called from a crater in the floor, one of many created in the multiple clashes that had occurred. Rolling his eyes, Phantom silently pulled the hapless Fire General out from the pit. "Thanks, bro. ...oh yeah! You guys are not gonna believe what, or should I say who I found while all... uh, what exactly did I miss here?"

*one LONG explanation later...*

" Just wow. So now we've got the scythe-happy Reploid AND Mr. Psychotic on our side? As if Model O wasn't enough! What's next, Sigma?"

Nebula shrugged. "We'll just have to deal with it. Actually, we may be able to beat Zephyra... If we manage to separate her from their army. Just exploit her sense of pride, it's how I beat her last time. Call her out for a one-on-one duel. Tryton, you know her best, and thus could bring her to her senses at very least. Kosa is good at fighting a single opponent. Sola has insane speed. X2 is all-around good at fighting, and I know her weaknesses. Of course, Tryton, you have the Fire element, and she would have no trouble exploiting that if it came to that..."

Kosa snorted. "Well, if you punks don't want my help, you can take on all the hordes of shameless dogs that call themselves soldiers of Master F-for-Faker's army."

Harpuia shot Kosa a piercing glare. "We had never asked for it, Maverick. Remember, you were the one who stormed our base, killed scores of our allies and friends AND nearly killed Falcona. You are not in good graces with us, Kosa."

Fefnir held up a hand. "Whoa, chill guys! ...never thought that I'D be saying that... anyway, we completed our mission, right? We found Tryton, captured this base and got the data on the Biometals. No reason f'r arguing. But yeah, I found something back in there that's pretty wacked out. Neb, I think you might wanna see this for yourself."

Kosa shrugged. "If X and Zero would have come out and fought me themselves, then less people would've had to die."

Falcona spluttered for a moment before having another one of her verbal explosions. "What the?! WHERE THE F*** DO YOU THINK YOU GET OFF SAYING THAT?! Zero was DYING while X was helping Dr. Ciel to keep that from happening and you wanna put the blame on THEM?! What kinda coward ARE you?!"

Nebula raised an eyebrow. "Hm? Strange? Show me."
Fefnir led Nebula down several corridors, down an elevator and through several smashed inward high security doorways. "Here we are... kinda eerie, ain't it?"

The room was a wide circular space, with the domed walls a dark blue hue. Around the edges there were many cryo pods; some open, others sealed, and yet others outright destroyed from within. In the center of the room a large computer, reaching to the distant roof with all manner of cables, sat with its large screens flashing. Fefnir pointed to one of them, one that said "Resurrection Chamber."

"I tried to get into the system, 'cuz anything called that is suspicious, but I can't hack through it."
Nebula heard Kosa's voice trailing off as he followed Fefnir.

"Well, I'd have come at another time if I knew that! Don't blame me for not knowing your army's condition that wel..."

Nebula looked at the computer. "Hm... You know, I have a suspicion about what this is. ...No. Not possible. Well, if Wraith opens a gate to Cyber-Space, I can break down the walls and let you into the system."

Fefnir nodded. "Well, I dunno where that ghosty guy is, but if it works it works, right? I'm gonna investigate the rest of the stuff in here. You should go find Wraith and bring him back here."

"And how do you suggest I find him, Fefnir? You know him better than I do. Hm... Well, let's see if this works." Nebula took in a huge breath, then yelled out Wraith's name. "WRAAAAAAITH! HEEEEEY!"

For a few minutes, there was no response. Eventually however a shuffling sound came from the doorway, followed by a limping Wraith. Fefnir's eyebrows shot up at the sight of the ghostly Reploid. "Whoa, what happened you ya?! Geez Wraith, have you gotten as reckless as Falcona?"

Nebula made a hissing noise as he took in another breath. "Ah, forgot about that. Fefnir, Wraith got chomped by the monster X2 blasted while protecting Sola."

"You mean the one that was making those hellish cries earlier? Yeesh, I c'n only imagine how hard THAT hurt. But ya think you can help us out a bit here, Wraith? Hate to ask it of you in your current state, but I can't see another way in there. Nebula needs a portal to the Cyber World, so would ya mind doin' your thing for 'im?"

Wraith nodded shakily then raised a hand, tearing into the dimensional fabric and crafting a portal to the digitalized world. This time however he did not enter it himself.

Nebula gave a curt nod before dashing through. He immediately generated several weapons that were disproportionally large compared to his body, located the firewalls and other protections, and started hacking away.

His face appeared on the monitor. "Hey, try accessing the files now. I'm not sure I got everything, so I'll wait for confirmation before leaving."

Fefnir nodded to Nebula before typing in a slew of commands, attempting to access the system's recent history of use.

Fefnir: Alright, let's see what we got here... *typing* recentdoc.view/exe


Fefnir: -__- Wise guy. *typing again* recentdoc.access/exe

Computer: NICE TRY

Fefnir: Oh great, it's got a personality too?! And a really obnoxious one as well. *typing again*

Computer: trollface.jpg

Fefnir: You've gotta be- ...Nebula, no offense, but I think you miiiiight've missed somethin' in there.

Nebula's face disappeared for a while. Many sounds of laughter and destruction were heard from the speakers, ending with a loud sound akin to that of a Charged Shot, accompanied by a yell. “Suck it, ya trollfaced bastard!” His face reappeared. "Was that it?"

"Okay, here we go again. ...don't troll me stupid computer, unless you have a death wish," said the Fire General as he pushed the Enter key. The screen went blank, then a list of the most recently opened files popped on-screen. Grinning maniacally, Fefnir pulled a victory fist pump. "Yes! Score one for the good guys! Now lessee what this hunk of trash has in store f'us..." Excitedly he clicked on a random file, and a report of some kind appeared.

>>>Report No. 304
>Date - 6/28/23XX
>Time - 14:37:52
>From - G---
>To: Archive

It seems that Master E thinks that he can actually win this fight against the heroes of Innerpeace. What a fool. He knows not the strength of those warriors. Even as humans, both X and Zero alone are immensely powerful and equally dangerous, and this is ignoring all of their allies. And then there is this Nebula... I do not know where he hails from, but he is a most adept and capable fighter. Underestimation of them will mean inevitable failure.

Luckily for that Elpizo Copy, I have made several precautions, one of which seems to have taken effect earlier than planned. Due to the nature of their partially unstable rebirth as humans (see report no. 23), X and Zero's flesh cannot accept flash clone repairs. If they are injured and such an attempt at healing is made, their bodies will violently reject the alien flesh and automatically overcompensate, resulting in-

"Agh, I can't make heads or tails of this mumbo-jumbo. Where's Ciel when ya need her?"

Nebula's face popped up again, slightly obscuring the file. "That doesn't sound good. From what I can tell, it's saying that X and Zero can't be flash-cloned, and their bodies will reject it. What's more, the body overdoes the rejection part, which means that flash-cloning will actually HURT them... This is bad. It also means that there's a guy who knows about X and Zero, and he's not on our side... But it DOES tell us that they don't know about me. He has no way of knowing my capabilities."

Fefnir stared blankly at Nebula's face on the screen, blinking twice before snapping out of his stupor. "Uh... that makes sense, I guess... hey, it said 'see report no. 23.' Maybe there's some more info on this?"

When the Fire General clicked on the file however, a small textbox appeared. Fefnir facedesked at the sight. "'Data not found.' Ugh, I hate computers. Guess that someone don't want us to find out 'bout what they know somethin' bad."

Fefnir attempted to access another file, but when he did so a warning message flared on-screen. WARNING: SUBJECTS #03 AND #04 HAVE NOT YET ENTERED PREPARATIONS REQUIRED FOR HUMANIZATION. INPUT PASSCODE TO RELEASE SUBJECTS_

The large word shot right over Fefnir's head, but Wraith staggered back at the sight of it. "...humanization...?"

Nebula's eyes widened. "No way... That's just not...! But it was just a half-baked guess! I, uh... I kinda had an inkling that this may have been related to X and Zero becoming human, but... I didn't think it would be right! And before you ask how X and Zero could be related to it, how many ways do you think there are for turning Reploids into humans? I doubt there's more than one, if any."

He searched the filing system frantically. "Is there some record of the ones who have become human already? It said 'No.3 and 4', so there must have been a No.1 and No.2. Sounds like this was used to turn X and Zero into... into humans. And who are in the other two chambers?!"

Nebula's frantic search through the system's files accidentally triggered a secret override code, causing the following message to appear on-screen. OVERRIDE ENABLED. POD #04 OPENING...

Across the room, one of the capsules creaked open slowly as sub-zero mist poured out from inside. At first nothing happened, and the room was as silent as a graveyard. Then, with an audible whumph, some figure fell to the ground, partially concealed by the mist. Walking over out of curiosity, Fefnir waved away the clouds of gas, but jumped back and swore violently as it cleared. "Mother f***ing son of a b****!"

His reaction was justified, for laying on the ground, his armor still blood red, was none other than the inactive body of Omega Zero himself.

<*Omega Zero is the original body of Zero, enhanced by Dr. Wiel and the remnant Zero Virus within being in control. It is effectively everything Zero was designed to be. At the end of Mega Man Zero 3, the three living X-Guardians - Fefnir, Harpuia, and Leviathan - show up to help fight, but don't do so well. When Omega Zero is destroyed, the three of them are consumed by the blast, killing them. And Omega's first form, his outermost shell, gave the three of them the beating of their life when they fought it at the beginning of the game. Omega Zero is a symbol of fear and enmity to the three.>

Nebula sighed. "I didn't think that'd work. I accidentally input a code... Alright, I saved the code, so now we can probably use it to find some more data, and maybe open the other file. ...But... How is Omega there? Isn't Omega just the very essence of power in Zero's original body? Nuts, I can't see properly out of this capsule! The data says it's Omega, though..."

Fefnir didn't hear Nebula at all. Instead, he was focused on keeping his Sodom and Gomorrah Cannons trained on the dangerous Reploid, his eyes narrowed and a fierce snarl on his face. Barely resisting the urge to obliterate Omega's body, Fefnir muttered through clenched teeth. "I swear, you make one wrong move you b*****, and I'll blow ya to pieces..."

Contrary to all belief however, the God of Destruction made no response, whether verbally or physically. Instead he continued to simply lay on the ground, completely inert. Eventually Fefnir's rage gave way to renewed curiosity. Cautiously he edged closer to the vile Reploid until he was right next to him. Tucking away one of his cannons, while keeping the other one pressed to his target, Fefnir slowly reached down and with a hesitant shove flipped Omega over on his back. One of his eyebrows shot up at a most curious sight; the crystal upon Omega's helm was gone, as well as several sections of his armor. They weren't battle wounds, however. It seemed as if someone had cut them out of the Reploid's body. Of course, this fact sailed clear over the head of the Fire General.

"Wow... what kinda weapon could cause somethin' like that?"

Nebula's head drooped. "Awwwww, man! Just when I think we're getting some answers, we get more questions! I doubt that any of that was done by weapons... perhaps it's some sort of procedure? The computer mentioned something about 'preparations'."


Fefnir was now royally confused, but while that caused him to scratch his head, Wraith nodded with understanding. ", Model O... is more... than a sentient capsule... containing... the power of... Omega...?"

Nebula's eyes widened even more. "So this is basically Omega minus Model O?! If we were to allow them to merge again... But would that be wise? Then again, Omega is without his giant outer shells, and he doesn't have the Dark Elf... So he's just a powerful Reploid. He doesn't have Wiel to order him around, either."

He closed his eyes and deliberated for a moment. "...Have Zero, X, and Omega each merge with their respective Biometals, ASAP. I think it may stop the Flash-Cloning rejection! If they had Biometal, they would also gain the benefit of their advanced regeneration systems, which let their Chosen Ones heal faster than normal."

"So, we need to return to base now?" X2 inquired.

Kosa rolled his eyes. "Hmph, I'm not coming with you guys."

"Well, we should see who's in the other container. Computer! Identify the subject in Capsule #4!"


Fefnir looked up from examining Omega's inactive body. "Craft? mean that commando Reploid Zero used to talk about 'fore this whole thing started?"

<*Craft was a Neo Arcadian Soldier who, in Mega Man Zero 4, became the commander of Wiel's Einherjar and leader of Operation Ragnarok. Large, intimidating, powerful, but still fast and skilled, he was not the type you would want to face in battle.>

Nebula nodded. "It all makes sense... No, wait, it doesn't. Nothing makes sense. Just... release Craft, too. At least we have all the Biometals necessary to complete them..."

"Let's hurry this up and return to HQ. If we stay here, the enemy is going to break in and rush us." X2 said.

Kosa shrugged. "They won't win against me. I don't care how huge of a force they are; whether it's a thousand, or a million, I'll never lose."

All he got was a sigh from X2. "No, I'm pretty sure you can't handle THAT many Mavericks. Everybody has their limits."

"Except you, of course." Kosa said, with a strange look of malice in his eyes.

X2 stood there, puzzled at Kosa's words. I am X2... A copy of X, who has infinite potential... Is he bitter about that for some reason?

Falcona pulled a jeering face at Kosa, a taunting look in her eyes. "Oh, whatever happened to 'I'm not coming with you guys'? C'mon, stop being so damn wishy-washy and make up your f***ing mind, you-!"

Dracoex put a hand on his comrade's shoulder and gave it a sharp yank, looking Falcona right in the eye. "That's enough, Falcona. Do you WANT to cause problems here?"

The gray Reploid spluttered with utter disbelief. Throwing her arms out wide, she let her mind loose once again. "WHAT?! Drac, he's a MAVERICK! You and I are Maverick HUNTERS! We KILL Mavericks, don't you get it?! He's not a true ally; he'll NEVER be an ally!" Turning to Kosa, Falcona jabbed a dangerously threatening finger in his direction. "Listen you! One false move, one mishap even remotely related to you, and you can bet on not living to see another damn sunrise! That much I promise ya!"

Meanwhile, the capsule containing the powerful Reploid cracked open and let the inactive form of Craft fall limp on the ground. Upon his helmet and chest armor were the same markings that were present on Omega, only in larger portions. Hoisting Craft aloft, but not touching Omega, Fefnir gave a grim smile. "What a screwball mission this turned out to be, huh? Well, we'd better head back to the base 'fore we get swarmed like X2 said."

Kosa glared at Falcona. "I have no intention of fighting you... Mostly because I prefer a challenge like X, or Zero. You, I've beaten before. And when the hell did I say I'd join you? If this room were swarmed with Hived Mavericks, do you think I'd just join them? Do think there are only ever two sides to anything? Use your head once in a while, and maybe next time you'll stand a chance against me!"

Nebula came out of Cyber-Space, and put Omega onto his shoulders. "Don't start anything. You know as well as I do, if you start a fight, and it delays us a second too long..."

Kosa snorted. "...Hmph. Well, I'm leaving to do the IMPORTANT part: Killing off that Kathros person. You can play around with Master Faker until the end of time if you want!" He exclaimed, jumping out through the breach in the ceiling.

Nebula walked to where Kosa had been, then threw Omega up onto the roof. "He's right, in a couple of ways. We can't waste time stopping Master E and bringing him to his senses. Kathros is the enemy. But he doesn't have to piss us all off! Fefnir, do you think you can get Craft out by yourself? Do you think we'll need some kind of stretcher to get him up there?"

X2 ran over to the door. "They're coming!"

All Nebula got as an answer was Craft's body being flung out the ceiling hole, landing quite close to Omega's limp form, as well as the verbal response, "You can bet your StarSaber on it!"

Down below, Tryton pocketed the Ether Stone fragment he had dropped earlier while looking upwards. "He said he wanted me as an ally... hah. He's no Nebula, I'll give him that much, but what a pathetic excuse to kill! ..."

Meanwhile, outside of the now dominated base's headquarters, Sola stood watching the inbound Maverick army from atop the walls, her scanner deployed along with her head fins and weapons. "This isn't gonna be easy... but I'm ready for it. Besides, they're not packing the same amount of raw firepower as we are." Looking backwards, the pink armored Reploid grinned at the sight of their star cruiser at the ready, prepped and ready to rain Armageddon on their foes.

In the shadow of the colossal ship, Dracoex was seeing to the removal of the E-Crystal supplies they had pilfered, along with preparations for the siege. Going down a list of everyone present, the Emerald Reploid's eyebrow arched. "Where has Tryton left to?"

"...Kosa, you had better make this worth it. I don't care how it's done... I just want Master E and Mia free." Looking back over his shoulder, Tryton glanced at the base he had just left, mixed emotions flowing across his face. "Sis... I'll save ya, no matter what. Nebula... you and I will dance again someday... and then I'll see you in hell!" So saying, he dashed off into the mountains, searching for the Reploid known as Kosa.

Kosa stopped his ascension of the mountainside at a cave. He looked down at Tryton, waiting for him to catch up. "So, you decided to come! Good to know. I won't pretend to be a tactical genius, so we'll be agreeing on any actions we take beforehand, alright?"

Tryton huffed ill-temperedly. "As long as it gets my sister and my master free, I'll do it."

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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Sun May 12, 2013 11:56 pm

Nebula pointed to his rapidly shrinking shape in the distance. "Tryton's running off that way. You can still see Kosa moving in that direction, so I assume he's going after him. We should leave them be, for now. If they really need our help for some kind of joint operation, they'll contact us."

X2 and Nebula made a mighty dash-jump and landed on board the ship, looking down at the forces that had, only minutes ago, posed a threat. "Be very careful not to hit Zephyra, if you decide to bombard them." Nebula yelled into his CommLink, over the sound of the wind.

When X2 and Nebula had jumped atop the ship, Sola had noticed and followed suit, dash jumping up and next to the pair.

X2 had his X-Buster at the ready, set to decimate the crowd... "If we thin out their numbers now, then there will be fewer to fight later, right?"

"I'll guess that's the general idea, X2. Besides, that Maverick army is enormous; not only would it be really dangerous for us to face it head-on, we'd run the risk of getting separated. From both a tactical and personal viewpoint, I don't want that to happen." Sola replied.

Under the warrior trio's feet the ship reverberated as its engines roared to life, forcing the massive craft out from the base and over the Maverick horde. At the controls, Fefnir had completely analyzed the situation before a single round had been fired, and immediately barked out orders. With methodical, effective and lethal precision, the ship's incredibly powerful armament lanced out across the space to its target.

Nebula gave a small grin. "Nice to see that you care, Sola."

"Still... we have to get ready. And that means getting Craft and Omega online." X2 pointed out. "We'll need Models O and C, which Ciel should be holding onto."

Sola blushed slightly as she smiled back at Nebula. "W-well, it's for the best, right?" I... I don't know why, but I couldn't bear to lose you, Nebula... Oh, pull yourself together, Sola! There's a mission to complete!

The air around the ship was now livid with Buster fire, and the behemoth craft was now surrounded by fighters as well as slightly smaller cruisers. The Innerpeace starship's shields were more than ample to repel the first, second and even third full-on volleys, but the fourth one caused the shimmering barrier to waiver slightly. Over the intercom, Fefnir's voice sounded. "X2! Nebula! Sola! I can't split the firepower to target those ships AND the main force! Mind gettin' them offa our backs?"

Nebula had already gotten above deck, and was firing down at them. "Suck on that!"

He turned to his comrades for a brief moment to comment. "The power of gravity doesn't hurt, either! Did you guys know? If you dash and fire a shot, it gains attack power from your momentum! Gravity is actually making my shots stronger."

Sola was already at the edge of the ship, her Sonicboom Buster firing at an insane rate at the enemies below. "Ah, we can't take care of them all like this! We might have to drop down there after all..."

Nebula just kept shooting. "What can we do on the ground against these guys? If we went down there, sure, we could cut 'em down faster, but it's easier to use this." He generated a shotgun-like weapon. "Spread shots will do basically the same thing, with all the additional velocity."

He pumped the E-Shotgun, then fired down into the crowd of Mavericks. Then, he repeated the action, moving quickly to fire as many shots as possible. "I'm not sure if this is working..."

Nebula's E-Shotgun was doing damage, but hardly anything of significance. The same thing applied to Sola's shots; the distance was causing the projectiles to lose their stability, a required condition for lethality. After watching her last few shots fail to even scratch a Hived Variant, Sola stomped her foot from frustration. "Ooh! This is driving me nuts!"

Down below, a rather familiar figure stood amidst the Hived horde of machines. A grim smile on her face, Zephyra chuckled softly. "So, they had decided to flee? After capturing my brother they sought to merely escape? What a cowardly act... then again, traitors are all likeminded in this matter. Nevertheless, the time has come to end this."

Spreading her shimmering angel wings, the white/gold Reploid took to the skies, a small contingent of Hived Galleon Aces behind her.

Nebula spat at the Maverick army below. "Ugh, dropping a penny from here would be enough to cut through 'em, but none of our weapons are working?! I'm sure the Sniper Pack will let my shots stay stable long enough, but they won't hit enough Mavericks per shot... X2! Bring out the heavy artillery!"

X2 immediately complied, aiming his X-Buster at the foes. "So long!" He yelled, firing a piercing blue Shining Laser beam at the crowd.

The Shining Laser cleaved right through a column of mobile anti-air turrets, several tanks and countless Hived Mechaniloids and Reploids. Its power was on par with that of the ship's armament; anything the laser touched was decimated.

"See, this thing has no trouble with range, nor does it have any difficulties in dishing out pain... H-hey, does anybody else see her? I'm not hallucinating, am I?" Nebula rubbed his eyes and looked again. "Zephyra? ...She's coming up here! Well, at least she's all we have to worry about. If our shots can't hit them, they can't hit us. Let's capture her and try to raise Tryton."

[Calling "Tryton"...]
["Hey, I hate to piss you off, I know you want to kill me and all, but your sister's coming at us and I thought we'd let you know before we try to capture her. Any objections? 'Cuz I'd feel more than a little offended if I were you, and I'd hate to tell you AFTERWARDS. Any tips on subduing he-OMYGAAAAW-!"] *Click*
[The call has been interrupted. To try to reconnect, press 1. To leave a message, press 2. To shoot the other person in the face, press 3.]
[...To hear these options in spanish, press 11.]


Tryton paid little attention to Nebula's call, right up to the point he heard him shout, that is. Looking back over his shoulder, the Grim Reaper beheld a large storm cloud developing over the battlefield, and bore a grim expression as he returned to his trek with Kosa. "Yeah, I've got advice for ya, Nebula... survive."

In The Sky

"Aah!" Sola and Nebula had just barely evaded a huge thunderbolt, which tore through the space they had occupied not ten milliseconds ago. The surface of the ship's hull now bore a wide, sparking and blackened crater, marking where the bolt had struck. Landing on her stomach, the pink armored Reploid flipped over to find herself face-to-face with a threatening Galleon Ace, its Buster charged and poised dangerously close. Even with my speed, I can't get in a shot without being blasted... and my armor won't take a hit like that at THIS range...

With a soft, yet ominous thud, Zephyra landed before the three Reploids, her Thunder Blade still crackling from her previous attack. An arrogant smirk was upon her face, and when she saw Sola pinned down as she was, that smirk grew into a triumphant smile. "Well, if it isn't the little naive upstart. Not so high and mighty now, are we? I can assure you traitors, after what you have done..."

Her Frost Blade began to glow a brilliant light blue, and the temperature around them dropped rapidly. "...none of you will leave alive."

"I doubt that."

Nebula had already recovered and leveled his own Shining Laser at Zephyra. "You'll probably want to dodge this." He fired it at her, but Zephyra wasn't his real target... It was carefully aimed at the Maverick pinning Sola, set to eliminate it without touching her.

If this doesn't work, I'm as good at stabbed, 'cuz the recoil is gonna make it impossible to parry her if she strikes me now...!

X2 was still switching back to his normal X-Buster, so he wouldn't be able to cover Nebula.

I really hope I didn't miss... But either way, this is gonna hurt...!

Nebula's Shining Laser was dead-on, slicing right through the Galleon Ace as Zephyra sidestepped to her left. Immediately Sola was up on her feet with her Sonicboom Buster, which she had been charging, aimed right for the gold Reploid. Without hesitation, she fired a blindingly fast level three shot at nearly point-blank range... but Zephyra managed to block it with a swing of her Thunder Blade. Sola's eyes shot wide open - how could anyone outspeed her? - but she lost the chance to voice her astonishment as Zephyra deftly lashed out with her Ice Blade, sending off a sub-zero shockwave.

Back flipping, Sola just barely evaded the attack. It was so close that her right arm was caught in the blast, and was instantaneously frozen solid. The extra weight caught the pink armored Reploid off guard, and she crashed to the hull in an ungraceful heap. In an instant, Zephyra was over her, Thunder Blade poised. "For defying Master E, you shall perish!" With uncharacteristic speed, the crackling blade came arcing down...

...Only to be stopped cold by Nebula's own sword. "Not a chance." He muttered, holding up his Shining Laser again. He pointed it at Zephyra, then quickly flicked it skyward, imitating the knockback, and yelling, trying to, essentially, feint with the high-powered laser on his arm.

It instantly changed into an Arm Cannon, but Nebula began charging, rather than shooting her from there.

Instead, X2 sprayed her with shots. He had reverted his weapon, and had gotten a Spiral Charged Shot ready.

Spinning her Ice Blade like a shield in her left hand, Zephyra deflected the inbound Buster shots with ease. "Ha! Pathetic!" Holding her Thunder Blade up, the winged Reploid fired a bolt into the gathering clouds above, which in turn summoned a massive tornado. The screaming, shrieking vortex began to descend towards the ship, threatening to crush them in its immensely powerful vacuum.

Standing up slowly, Sola struggled to lift her left arm, which remained encased in ice. In a futile attempt to smash it off, she slammed it against the hull, which only chipped it. "Gah, this is ridiculous! ...uh-oh." she finished as the huge storm entered her field of vision.

"This... looks pretty bad. We may have to land, but there are Mavericks below..." Nebula fired off a Cross-Charged Shot to buy a few seconds, then called Falcona.

["Hey! Any chance we could get above the clouds to escape?!"]
A slightly panicked Falcona responded over the intercom. "Kid, you and I must be related or somethin', cuz I was thinkin' the same damn thing. Hold on to your asses!"

As the engines began to whine to life, Sola only picked up a fraction of what Falcona had said. Holding her unfrozen hand over her right ear, she shouted out to make herself heard over the din. "WHAT DID SHE SAY?!"

Nebula called Sola, rather than rely on getting his voice to her through the storm.

["Falcona's taking us above the clouds! Hold on to the deck as best as you can!"]

He dashed over to her and magnetized his boots to the deck. "You'd best do the same!" He yelled, throwing a Kougenjin at Zephyra.

[Loading Fire Chip and Ice Chip...]

I have to stop her from causing trouble until we're in the clear! I'll exploit her elemental weaknesses if I have to...

Sola nodded, ['Right!'] and attempted to follow suit... only to realize with panic that she was never equipped with magnetic boots. Thinking quickly, Sola attempted to summon her S-Saber to provide a grip to use, but the ice encasing her left arm forbade her from doing so. Out of frustration, she slammed it into the hull in another attempt at freeing her limb, but to no avail."Not good not good not g-!!!"

With a massive lunge, the ship shot forward and upwards, gaining altitude and distance from Zephyra's tornado. The sudden acceleration did exactly what one might have expected, and caused Sola to tumble backwards down the length of the ship, slamming into a Galleon Ace and causing both of them to tumble off the ship. Using her lightning fast reflexes, the pink Reploid managed to grab hold of the Maverick's wings, flung herself off of it and onto the side railing of the ship just as it passed by. Barely pulling herself up, Sola shuddered at how close she had come to death. "That... was WAY too close..."

Meanwhile, Zephyra had attached her own feet to the hull, and that selfsame smirk of arrogance remained on her face (due to her assumption that Sola had perished) as she squared off against Nebula. She deflected the White Reploid's attack as well as summoning a thunderbolt to retaliate. "Well well, it seems that your pretty little friend wasn't skilled enough to survive our war. For shame; I wished to slay her myself. But you still are due for your judgment, traitor. I think you will suffice."

['Nebula, it's me, Sola. I'm alive... don't worry. I'm on... one of the maintenance catwalks... on the port side of the ship. I'll be fine, just... need some time to rest up.']

Nebula looked up at Zephyra in defiance. "I would never submit to somebody like you. Not in a million years, little girl!" He aimed the shot he had been charging, setting it up with the Ice element... and then fired a second one, this one fire. He then released his magnetic grip, and jumped into the air.

There was a flash, and then buster shots rained down on her from the sky.

"Don't underestimate Hunters!"

Zephyra deflected the inbound Ice shot by using her own Ice element, but failed to see or defend against the second, fiery Buster shot. She fought down the urge to scream as the flames engulfed her body, and she was forced to switch to her Thunder Element to negate further damage. Not moments after she recovered from the elemental assault however, Nebula's spray of Buster fire raked her from foot to head, causing her to stumble backwards.

"Little girl?! Insolent fool! Meet your destruction!" Shouting with barely checked rage, Zephyra pointed both her blades upward, summoning a phalanx of both sub-zero and crackling energy. The blast was slow, but huge; so huge in fact it was roughly half the size of the ship. "Give my regards to your precious Sola in hell, traitor!"

Nebula's voice stayed level. "First of all, SHUT UP. Second, I'm much, MUCH older than you, and be glad I'm not being accurate and calling you an infant. Third, you're not in your rational mind. And lastly..."

His Falcon Armor disappeared, but now he was surrounded by a radiant aura. He began to fall straight into the attack. He even began to accelerate, as if he intended to take the attack head-on. Nebula charged at it without any visible weapons.

[Energy is at 300%.]

"...That's one line you really shouldn't cross! Final Strike!"

Zephyra, in her boundless rage, paid little heed to Nebula's words and continued to pour energy into her attack, causing the phalanx of energy to spread even wider than before.

Nebula plowed right through the blast, surrounded by an aura akin to that of the Nova Strike. "I'd wreck you just for making me use this if it weren't for Tryton... This REALLY HURTS!"

<*This is a reference to the first time he used the attack. It would cause him immense pain, and require his energy to be charged to 300% of its normal level, but undoubtedly is powerful. The first time, however, he got b*tchslapped aside. That was embarassing. Also, he used the exact same line before. If it weren't a deliberate reference, his line would have been "THIS HURTS LIKE HELL!">

He did, indeed, seem to be in pain just from using the attack. However, no damage had been incurred.

The attack came fast and furious; too fast for even the powered up Zephyra to avoid. With a cataclysmic explosion, Nebula slammed fists first into the winged Reploid, causing both of them to careen off of the ship and over the battlefield below. "GAAAAAHHHH!!!!" As they fell, Zephyra attempted to rise away from her opponent, but the attack had severely damaged her wings; she could no longer sustain flight.

Nebula's aura began to fade out, and his Falcon Armor returned. He grabbed her wrist, and was now dangling her above the void, flying upwards to catch up to the ship.

"You know, if you attack me now, you'll only hurt me a little, and it will be the death of you. It's not worth it, even if you manage to completely remove one or two of my limbs. I suggest you stay still."

He knew that wouldn't be enough to calm her down, In fact, she would probably ignore reason and try anyway. So, he pulled his trump card...

"...If you die here, you'll never see Master E again." Nebula said, putting a slight emphasis on the name of her master. It wasn't often that he would use the respectful title.

Nebula's timing was impeccable. Zephyra had her Ice Blade poised to strike when those words reached her ears. "...’you'll never see Master E again’."

Reluctantly, the winged Reploid lowered her blade, but didn't for one moment remove her piercing glare from her adversary's face. As a result, she failed to notice Sola on the ship's catwalk as they flew over, the pink Reploid waving to Nebula as she made her way back aboard.

"Now... even if you're in possession of the advantage here, I demand some answers. Where is my brother? What have you done with Tryton?"

"Oh? Sorry, I guess we never mentioned it." Nebula pointed to two specks on the side of a mountain after waving back to Sola. "See those two? Look really, REALLY close. Your brother escaped our custody with a Maverick who tried to kill us. No need to worry about him, considering YOUR situation."

The specks disappeared into a cave. "Huh, I wonder what they're planning... That Maverick he's with is named Kosa, and he's just as dangerous as I am... I wonder what his story is. ...Man, this is awkward. If I fly any faster, I'm liable to drop you, but at this rate, we'll be stuck like this for another five minutes. And I'm the LAST person you'd talk to, that's for sure."

"Now, we haven't decided what to do with you yet, so we'll probably place you into custody for the time being. You don't really have much choice in the matter, and that sucks, so I promise to make it up to you by doing my best to get you back to your brother."

Zephyra's scowl remained as deep as ever, and she lifted her chin in a show of defiance. "And show disloyalty to the one Reploid who has shown me kindness? Ha! I'm surprised that you filthy Mavericks did not outright kill my brother, let alone leaving him be." Her arrogance sounded almost forced, as if she was trying to convince herself otherwise.

"Who's the Maverick, now? We didn't attack you guys first. If you wanted your utopia for only Reploids, why not do what Colonel and the Repliforce tried, and make it in space? Where I'm from, there was already a utopia in space called Elysium, and that was the forty-first one. I think." Nebula sighed as their feet made contact with the deck. Upon landing, Zephyra backed off from Nebula with her swords primed. "Actually... What reason would I have had to NOT terminate him? Have you even considered that there's a side you're not seeing? Like, maybe there's a conspiracy, and half of the Innerpace Army and half of your Master E's subjects are all going to overthrow both governments and reign supreme?

...Er, not that such is the case. If I knew of a rebellion like that, they'd already be crushed."

<*Colonel and the Repliforce were the antagonists of Mega Man X4. They wanted to create a nation for only Reploids, and went into space to do it. However, Sigma manipulated them and the Maverick Hunters, tricking them into going for each others' throats, and resulting in the destruction of the Repliforce, including Colonel, General, and Iris.>
<*In Mega Man Legends, there is a society living off-planet called Elysium, but their leader, the only living human - named Master, dies before the start of the series. It's not exactly the nicest bunch of people. In Mega Man X5, in the Bad Ending where Zero goes Maverick, X is asked what his dream is, and he decides that his dream is to create "Elysium", a place where Reploids and humans can live together in harmony. However, that's non-canon, as it involved X losing all memory of Zero, and he CLEARLY still knew Zero in the sequel.>
<In the ZXA RP, there was a brief incident on a far-off space colony, and the main characters had to fly a ship there to stop a Maverick attack. It was the fourty-first such colony.>

Zephyra stood with a blank look on her face for a few seconds. Apparently Nebula's little dialogue didn't quite sink in all that fast for the winged Reploid. Shaking her head following her confusion, she snorted and crossed her arms. "Hmph, and that gives me what reason for going along with what you're taking as a given? Unlike some foes you may have fought, I am not so easily swayed by the words of my foes."

"Nebula is right, Zephyra. Stop letting your pride blind you to reason."

Looking behind Nebula, the gold/white Reploid raised an eyebrow at the sight of Harpuia walking across the hull from an access shaft towards them. "Mavericks are more than just machines that harm their human creators. They are any being, living or automated, that seeks wanton destruction or follows misguided morals and goals. Even if you deny it, you cannot change the fact your Master E is among their number."

Zephyra's face flushed with anger, and she glared daggers at the Rekku General. "How dare you defile his name! Master E has only shown empathy and kindness towards our kind!"

Harpuia kept a cool and level head, not bothering to even raise his voice in response. "No. He has not. He's shown it to you and your brother, that much is undeniably true. But answer me this, Zephyra... have you ever questioned any of the Reploids your beloved master has so-called 'liberated?' Surely you don't intend to speak for them when you have never even conversed WITH them."

"What does it matter?! He has saved our kin from those foolish, self-serving humans who would not think twice about sending us all to our graves!" The winged Reploid's hands were shaking with rage now, and the grip on her blades grew even tighter than before.

"But what if those Reploids were perfectly fine with living with said humans? What if not all humans were like those who began the Wily, Maverick, Elf and Neo Arcadia Wars? Assuming that all humans are conceited and sadistic is the very height of folly, especially considering the fact that you know nothing of the matter outside of what your master has told you."

Zephyra had no response to this. Harpuia had hit the head of the nail dead on. Hanging her head in shame, but still shaking with rage, she dropped her swords and sank to her knees. "...I am diminished..."

Nebula kept silent as his own feet made contact with the metallic walkway. Heh, no wonder Harpuia's known as the Sage. He's a lot wiser than he lets on, and can keep his head much better than I can. I'd better not screw things up with any words.

He walked away, careful not to make any noise, and EXTRA careful not to fall to his untimely death.

Meanwhile, in the cave...

Kosa continued walking through the darkness. "This cave may be dangerous, but it's a fast way out. And this goes pretty deep, the whole Kathros - You two - Innerpeace - Master E thing. And once it's over, I get to tear that white-wearing guy to pieces... And the blonde guy, and the blue one. Funny, I thought X was a little more blue than that... he looked... off. And I thought Zero was a red guy, not a pink girl. Nebula, Zero, and X... Hell, if all goes well, I'll leave Nebula to you, and kill the other two myself!"

His glee turned quickly to irritation after stumbling around in the dark for a few minutes. "Rrrrrg... Why didn't I equip myself properly for this? I bring weapons that can cut down just about anything, but I can't see?! Argh, poor planning is the bane of my existence!"

A disgruntled sigh of annoyance came from behind Kosa, and a moment later Tryton appeared with a golden light in his hand; the Ether Stone fragment. His face was one of disappointment, and that was clear in his voice as he spoke. "Zero may LOOK like a girl, but that wasn't 'im. That was Sola, a Reploid made by that Ciel girl. Just be glad we ain't fightin' him right now."

"Hmph. I don't care how strong he is, I'll still kill him. Maybe I'll be satisfied if I kill Kathros, though... Afterall, Zero and X can't hold a candle to that kind of opponent." Kosa nodded appreciatively at the light source. "But, for now, we need to figure out what to do. I think the general idea was to get in, fix Master E, and burn the Hive to ashes? And how are we gonna convince your sis to join in, if she's as crazy as you say?"

Tryton almost ignored Kosa completely until word of his sister came from his mouth. Looking over his shoulder, his voice still held the selfsame semi-arrogant tone it always had. "As much as I don't like it, we're gonna have to beat some sense into her with force. Once her mind is set on a goal, she'll do anything it takes to complete it, even if it goes lower than Weil ever did."

"... ...Man, that sounded depressing. I'm not the kind of Reploid who'd hurt girls, but I'm not gonna be the guy who gets scrapped for underestimating somebody." Kosa muttered. "But, if you're her brother, and you're saying that's the case, I'm gonna take your word for it and beat her lights out. Wiel... was disgusting. I'd hate to see anybody worse than that."

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Back on the ship…

Soon enough, Harpuia had taken their winged opponent into custody in the ship's holding cells, and with the loss of their leader the Maverick forces below lost coherence altogether and soon were eradicated.

"As if anything else was gonna damn well happen." Retorted Falcona, breaking the fourth wall once more. After it was repaired, the scene shifted to Sola having her arm detached so as to have the unnaturally resistant ice removed. Wincing as a human engineer from Colbur's squad carefully dislodged the connectors, the pink Reploid gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut to fight off the pain.

"Almost... there! Done!"

Forcing herself to not look at her disembodied limb, Sola nodded in thanks to the engineer as he set to work, attempting various methods to thaw the ice.

Nebula entered the room, looking at her arm and wincing. "Hey, Sola. ...You guys mind if I help out with that a little?" He ignited his StarSaber with a wicked grin on his face. The grin faded after a moment. "Err, sorry, I promise not to go cutting it apart."

He deactivated his Falcon Armor and reverted to his Human Form, still holding his blade. "I find that I'm a little more dexterous in this form." He waved aside the ones trying to thaw it, inserting his Fire Chip into the slot. Nebula knelt down and carefully held his weapon up to the ice, trying to gauge the effectiveness of it.

Nebula's StarSaber proved to be much more efficient at removing the ice from Sola's frigid arm, albeit slowly. It wasn't too terribly long before the white Reploid had melted and cleared most of the hindering ice, allowing his pink armored friend to use it again once she had it reattached.

Rolling her left shoulder and windmilling her arm, Sola nodded with satisfaction before giving Nebula a cheery smile. "Where would I be without you, Neb? ...Aside from nonexistent, that is."

"Ciel would've finished building you, eventually. And you would've woken up in a world without all this strife, and there would've been time to make it so that you woke up with all your emotions at the start." Nebula shrugged. "That, or you'd be in pieces at the base we raided, torn apart by the Mecha Scorpio. Or, you wouldn't have had your emotions activated yet, handled it calmly, and beat that thing down effortlessly."

Over the ship's intercom, Fefnir's voice sounded. "Nebula an' Sola, could ya come to the bridge? We've got a transmission from X back at base, an' he wants ya both present for it."

"L-let's just go talk to X." Nebula disarmed his weapon before saluting to the others in the room and walking out, with Sola in tow.

Ship: Bridge

"So, what's this about, X? Did they already give you the report, and all the info we gathered? I'd be happy to explain it if they haven't done it yet."

At the ship's bridge, a holographic screen hovered in front of the captain's seat, where Fefnir sat. On the screen, X shook his head. "I fear not, Nebula. However, I called you up because I have two things to relate to you. Well, you and Sola to be precise. One, I've just received word that Zero and Ciel are returning to our Headquarters. Two, the good doctor seems to have a mission for you both. At least, I'm assuming for both of you from the way she worded it. Anyway, I need you two back at base soon. But before you go, do you mind explaining what occurred on the mission for me?"

"Ah, where to start... First of all, we crashed in and tore a hole in the roof, ripped apart all the enemies, and thought we'd cleared the place." Nebula said, waving his hands and making gestures to accompany his report.

"So we tried hacking the computers. Wraith and I went into Cyber-Space to do it, and we tore down a few walls. We got the data, but something weird appeared. We decided to leave it be. When we got out into the real world again, there was another of it. It was really suspicious. THEN it went and turned into a monster! It nearly killed Wraith, and I, uh... glitched up for a while. So, then X2 took it on by himself and totally annihilated it."

"Then, this guy Kathros shows up. He's really ominous and creepy. He..." Nebula's voice trailed off for a moment, and when it returned, it was strained, and shaky. "...He slashed Sola, and called all of us 'Soulless'." His voice returned to normal. "So then, out of nowhere... that Maverick named Kosa showed up and tried to blast Kathros. That was after the guy admitted to having indirectly helped Master E reach his position."

"So we chased the Kathros guy off. Then, Tryton showed up, and went berserk. We restrained him. As it happens, Master E is a good person, just slightly INSANE because of a programming error. I unofficially changed our plan from 'Destroy King Faker and his army and the Hive' to 'Fix Master E and burn the Hive to the ground'. I was fairly certain that you would agree."

"Then, we broke into a room that Fefnir found. X, THIS IS THE REALLY IMPORTANT PART. If you're falling asleep because my report is boring, this is the time to wake up and pay attention."

"There was a computer, and four capsules. Two were open. We hacked the computer, and found some info. Somebody is worried that you and Zero are gonna cause him trouble, despite being only human. However, in the file, he noted that you and Zero have bodies that will reject Flash Cloning. Don't use Flash Cloning again, because it's causing them damage, just like Ciel suspected."

"We opened the two capsules, and they held the unconscious bodies of Omega and Craft. The other two... we deduced that they probably held you and Zero. Those machines turned you into humans, and it looks like it did the same to Omega and Craft."

"Before we could discern more, Zephyra and half the army showed up to kill us. Kosa and Tryton ran off, and we escaped on this ship. Zephyra tried to follow us, but we subdued her, and now she's being held somewhere in the ship."

Nebula took in a deep breath. "Ah, man, that was long-winded."

During the narrative, X's face changed in expression only a few times. One of those times was at Nebula's hesitance at mentioning Sola's injury, where he grew concerned. When the white Reploid mentioned the lab that Fefnir had found, his face showed signs of interest, and when Omega and Craft were mentioned, that changed into one of astonishment.

After the relation of the mission, X held his chin in deep thought. After a moment, he nodded and spoke aloud. "This may not explain our origin as humans, but at least now we have a lead. This does bring up a set of questions though, first and foremost is this; how those machines were able to transfer our consciousnesses into artificial human bodies? Do the Ether Stone fragments play any part of significance in this? And if this Master E is a victim of programming error and not evil intent, how can we go about reversing it?"

"But I digress, thank you for the summary. Now hurry to the base. The enemy has been struck a stunning blow by your actions. We have to take this chance now to find the Biometals before they can regroup and retaliate. X out."

X's image disappeared as the screen winked out of existence, removing its translucent blue glow from the bridge.

In the cave...

Tryton continued to follow Kosa through the dimly lit cavern, the Ether Stone fragment he held the only source of illumination. For the most part, the Grim Reaper remained silent, but eventually voiced his mind. "So... what's your plan? We just can't go anywhere and hope t'stop that damned Kathros."

Kosa gave a short laugh. "Well, since I'm SUCH a nice guy... We're going to start with Master E. Once he's fixed, and that roadblock is out of the way, we'll look for leads on Kathros. I know just the place to look, incidentally..."

He pointed to a light in the distance. "That's the exit to the cave, and it leads to the place where we'll be crashing for a while."

Tryton nodded before muttering a few words under his breath, causing the Ether Stone's light to fade away. "So... guess we have a plan then."

On the ship…

Sola was standing by one of the windows on the bridge while rubbing her previously frozen arm, watching the clouds outside as they streaked by the ship. "Sometimes I wonder how much more fighting this will take... you'd think that once we obtain the Biometals, we could go and finish this fight, but... if Master E isn't the true enemy, and we don't know where Kathros is..."

The pink Reploid shook her head out of confusion. "Ah, I'm still so new at this whole thing. It's expected, for sure, but still. I wish I wasn't so helpless at times."

Nebula appeared beside her. "Well... you get used to it. Of course, sometimes, I think that the process has made me slightly insane. I mean, I WILLINGLY jumped into this situation, even though I could've just enjoyed the peace. So, uh... you feel up to some training? I don't ever recall actually fighting against you. Wanna have a match? X2 is training, and I thought we could all sharpen up."

He walked down the hall a ways before stopping. "...I want the fighting to end, too. But I don't want it to be... empty. If the world were simply devoid of fighting, that wouldn't be enough. A peaceful world... needs to be full of laughter, and happiness. I could never live in a world devoid of any of that."

Sola had gasped upon Nebula's sudden appearance, but upon listening to him her surprise quickly faded. After he had finished, she nodded and voiced her mind. "I... I guess that makes sense. Then again, in comparison to everyone else here I'm still really new, so no surprise there. But training? Against you? ...if it'll help me get stronger to end this fight, I'll do it."

Training Hall

Nebula was in his Human form, X2 had removed his First Armor.

"Training is useless if you're using all your upgrades, especially if it's intended for sharpening your skills. Now, we'll be using our base weapons. Sola, you don't exactly HAVE a greater or lesser form or anything, so just cut back on your speed a bit."

Sola deployed her visor and her head fins, her combat programming online. "Well... I don't have to use my S-Saber. It's really weak unless I'm at a high speed, anyway. Guess I'll stick with my Sonicboom Buster. So, where do we start?"

Nebula walked over to a wall. "There's a control panel here. I'll set up the environment for the fight, then we duke it out." He pulled an ordinary Buster Shot Gun off of his belt and twirled it. "Any suggestions?"

Sola held her chin for a second, then snapped her fingers. "I got it! How about a jungle or forest area? I've never been good in areas like that. They're very cramped, so I can't maneuver efficiently."

"Hm, forests... Area A is nice and peaceful, but it's not really all that cramped. Fairly standard place. Then again, that's just the main path that's clear." Nebula set it for Area A, then stepped into position, making an equilateral triangle with X and Sola.

"Ready? Shall we make this a stealth-based, assassin-type exercise?"

"Well... I guess, seeing how I'm uncomfortable with all out brawls." The simulated environment finished materializing around them as Sola deployed her Sonicboom Buster, readying a charge.

Nebula grinned as he disappeared into the shadows. "Well, then, let's get this fight underway..."

X2 dashed off into the underbrush. "This'll be tricky... I'm not so good with stealth."

As soon as her opponents had vanished, Sola had backflipped upwards into a tree's leafy canopy while releasing her Charged Shot in X2's former location, hoping for a lucky strike. Immediately after she had fired, the pink armored Reploid built up energy for another shot while scanning for any telltale signs for the two in the vicinity.

A yellow shot came at her from behind. There was a sound, like somebody yelling (as X and Zero seem to do in later X games when they jump/fire charged shots), but cut short, as if they had just realized that yelling was a bad idea. Sounds of buster shots impacting metal were heard.

Sola had detected the incoming Buster shot, and deftly jumped to the side... but being unused to fighting without her blistering speed, she had miscalculated the timing and took it square in the back. With a cry she fell from the tree, crashing into the underbrush below noisily. "Ouch... this is going to take some getting used to."

Deciding to take advantage of her prone position, Sola ran a scan of the forest around her, searching for any nearby signs of Nebula or X2. Nothing showed up on her HUD, however. Not a single fern waved and neither did one loose leaf- A sudden, brief flash of shadow crossed Sola's scanner. Anyone else would have missed it, but not her. Acting quickly she fired off three rounds and dashed at the figure, hoping to corner it.

There was a white blur as Nebula jumped and kicked off of a tree. "Ow! That hurt, Sola! Good shot!" He sprinted back into the forest, not bothering with a parting shot; She'd gotten the drop on him.

<What happened earlier was:
X2 took a shot at Sola, but gave away his position to Nebula with the shot, and his yell. Nebula responded with a flurry of shots, leaving X2...>

...X2 was lying on the ground, dazed. "I'll... have to learn not to yell when I fire my weapon next time..."

Sola watched as Nebula vanished again, attempting to calculate every possible route he might have taken. Selecting the most prime choice, she dashed off into the brush to the left only to suddenly trip over some obstruction. Catching herself before she faceplanted, Sola performed a triple roll to right herself, ending in a crouching position with her left hand atop her Buster as she swept the area. Unbeknownst to her, her near accident was not caused by an attack of some sort, but by the massive leg armor of the dazed X2.

The off-blue machine leapt to his feet and shot at Sola. "Ugh, these stealth missions really aren't my forte... I stick out too much, and I'm not flexible. I'll have to stick with tried-and-true methods!" He dashed past Sola, charging a shot.
Jumping forward, Sola dodged the X-Buster fire and rolled to her right, before wheeling around and raking X2's area with several sporadic bursts.

X2 held up his arms, blocking most of the shots, then immediately released his Charged Shot.

Sola, while fully aware of her lack of speed, still found herself unable to avoid X2's charged shot, which exploded smack on her back as she attempted to dodge. "Aah!" Stumbling and smoking, Sola fell into a ditch about thirty meters away from the copy of X, doing her best to hide herself from her assailant. "Ooph... that didn't go as well as I thought."
An extremely startled Nebula immediately kicked his way out. "Gah! How'd you find my hiding place!?" He sprinted back into the trees, evading X's buster shots along the way.

<This is turning into...
*Puts on shades*
Mega Man Maverick Hunter Hunter X2.>

Sola was equally startled when she nearly fell atop Nebula, and rolled off to the side to evade X2's stream of Buster fire. Getting an idea, the pink Reploid crouched with her Buster poised, waiting to see if her opponent would pass by in pursuit of Nebula. Wait for it... wait for it... now!

As X2 ran by, Sola jumped out from behind him and landed a ferocious jump kick on his back, as well as a level two charge shot she had been storing. As soon as her attacks had been released, she dashed off into the underbrush again. Hah! Seems I'm getting better at this! ...not that I know if my shot hit X2, but I was so close I don't think I could've missed.

Sola's suspicion was confirmed by X2's form, slumped against a tree. "Ugh... If only... I had the Shadow Armor..."

Nebula continued his sprint for a while longer... then ran up the side of a tree, catching a branch, and swung around until he found a nice, dark, out-of-the-way one. He landed on it, crouching, Buster at the ready.

Dashing past X2, Sola stifled the urge to burst out laughing, cupping a hand over her face with barely suppressed giggles coming from her mouth. That was priceless! Lessee if I can't nail Nebula as good as that... However, little did Sola realize how close she had drawn to the white Reploid's hiding spot.

Nebula smirked. You have a ways to go... If you think knocking X2 down is anything special, you're really not all that savvy about stealth. Not that I'm the best, but I have some experience...

He waited until she had gotten near his hiding place, then silently dropped. The White Reploid kicked at her... but instead of connecting at full force, he used it to hook around to be in front of her, pull her forward, and then kicked her from there.

Nebula's blow had caught Sola completely unawares, and with a shout of surprise she was sent tumbling through the foliage. After landing face-first in a rather large mud hole, Sola shook her head and wiped off the offending slime. "Ugh, I'm glad this is just a simulation... and I miiight have gotten a bit overconfident back there."

Standing back up, the pink Reploid attempted to return to the fight only to trip and faceplant once more, splattering mud every which way. Reluctantly she raised her voice so the others could hear her. "...okay, I give! I think I've taken enough of a beating for now, guys!"

" well as enough mudbaths to last me a lifetime." Sola added to herself quietly as she fell once more, failing to get a grip in the slippery ooze.

X2 yelled back in agreement.

Nebula snapped his fingers, dispelling the simulation. "Well, if it had gone on, I may have been in trouble. I'm not all that great with stealth. You just happened not to see the white of my clothing as you passed. If you'd seen it, the attack would've been dodgable."

"Well, you both have the experience. Much moreso than me. If anyone would be getting beaten down, It'd probably be me. ...we should be heading to the bridge. We shouldn't have too much further to go till we reach the base."

Nebula holstered his weapon. "Yeah. I wonder what X has planned for the next mission..." He trailed off. "...Making plans wasn't really something X did as a Maverick Hunter. Of course, his mind is, in theory, just as good as mine, so I bet he's got something really well-thought planned for us. Me? My psychotic nature interferes with making plans."

The group proceeded to the bridge...

On the bridge, Harpuia and Falcona were hard at work keeping the ship on course towards their Headquarters. Hearing the three Reploids approaching, Fefnir spun his chair around to face them, his own face one of annoyance. "What's this I'm hearin'? Y'all had a brawl without invitin' me to it?"

Before a single one of them could respond, the Fire General burst out laughing. "Ha ha, I'm just joshin' with ya. We're almost home though, so don't forget your luggage, ladies."

Ten minutes later saw the massive ship in the docking bay, its ramparts lowered to let its occupants out. "Well... a lot certainly has happened since we left on that mission, huh Nebula?" Sola said aloud as she walked out of the cruiser, her silver clad feet clanking on the Duratanium ramp.

Nebula rolled his eyes at Fefnir. "C'mon, it was only a little stealth training. You would've hated it. I'm sure Phantom would've messed us all up bad, though..." He nodded. "Well, yeah. We found a good-size piece of the puzzle... only to find out that the puzzle is even bigger than we thought. More answers come with more questions..."

"Yeah." X2 said. "It's like we're not even getting any closer to figuring it out..."

"And before you say anything, Fefnir, this isn't all about fighting. There's a story behind everything, and we need to find out what's up with Kathros, as well as more on Master E... Power is important, but we need information. Better to save Copy Elpzio than to destroy him, right?"

Fefnir grunted. "T'be honest with ya Neb, I don't trust that Tryton guy any further than I could throw that there ship... plus, Copy E isn't on the best of terms with me and my siblings, ya know. But you're right; chargin' into a cave blind is just as likely to kill us as it is to leadin' us to victory."

As they entered the base, Dracoex looked backwards out the ajar hangar doors, worry etched on his face. He then returned to following the rest of the troop, his demeanor one of slight depression. ...We'll never defeat Kathros so long as Tryton holds that Ether Stone fragment...

"Say... I wonder if Zero's any better?" Leviathan piqued aloud, her voice startlingly loud over the scattered conversations.

Nebula looked up in alarm. "Th-that's right! I forgot about him! I told X to stop using Flash-Cloning, but did it do any good?! Well, there's a couple of options that can be pursued... Back in my world, a group of people has access to nanomachines that are capable of healing. Then there's the more viable option: Biometal. They can use energy that Reploids use for healing to heal a human that is merged with them."

<*In the ZXA RP, a character codenamed Jay the Gallant, or just Jaymar, worked for the Maverick Hunter Organization, and his branch had access to Nanotech, which was actually borrowed from Metal Gear Solid, along with Soliton Radar and Codec technology.>

"That so? Well, we might just be fightin' alongside our favorite S-Rank Hunter again!" Fefnir shouted excitedly before breaking off into a run. X in the command room stood talking with Dr. Ciel as well as all three Biometals. Upon seeing them return, X gave them all a wan smile. "Welcome back, everyone. I have to say, that went over much better than I anticipated. I have missions for each one of you, but first go get some rest and repairs. Something tells me you'll need it."

Dr. Ciel raised an eyebrow at seeing Sola walk into the command room, looking completely normal... which wasn't normal for all the young woman knew. "Sola? Are... are you alright?"

The pink Reploid gave the doctor a confused glance. "Am I alright? Why, yes Dr Ciel. I'm perfectly fine. Why?"

"Your emotions activated...? Most peculiar. I do wonder what triggered it... anyway, I need to have a talk with you and Nebula. I think that, after some work with Foxstar, we have found out how these Ether Stone fragments will impact this war."

Nebula nodded. "Yeah, that happened a while ago. I guess you're a little too busy to keep tabs on EVERYBODY. Even the great Dr. Ciel has her limits, right? Well, I'll be heading back to my room. The three of us can all talk before X briefs us on our new mission."

"Very well then." After arriving in Nebula's bedroom, Ciel cleared her throat before speaking. "Now, before you ask, Zero is alive and here; in fact, he happens to be in the medical bay down the hall. However, while he is in no imminent peril of death, he most certainly is not in any condition to fight. X told me about how Biometals, by merging with their Chosen One, can keep them alive and in fighting condition."

The doctor raised up a finger though, signifying that she had more to say. "However, when we attempted to have Model Z Megamerge with Zero, nothing happened. Zero could hear Model Z and vice versa, but it seems there is something holding them back from merging."

"That's bad, I guess... but what about those Omega and Craft characters?" Sola queried. "Don't you think those two could cover for Zero while we search for the cause?"

Nebula nodded. "Craft and Omega are two very capable Reploids. They'll cover Zero rather well. Can they Megamerge, though? And it WOULD mean you giving up Model C to Craft. Are you sure you're okay without it?"

Ciel nodded. "I'll be fine. I have more than one trick up my sleeve. As for now, let me tell you about what we've uncovered the Ether Stone..."

Meanwhile, at Tryton’s location…

Kosa stood at the mouth of the cave, pointing out into the desert. "You ready to see it? Let your eyes adjust to the light a bit... Or are you even equipped with an auto-adjustment function? I wouldn't know, I don't keep tabs on how far Reploid designers have progressed with their designing skills."

"Well, when you're ready, look over to that sand dune over there. It's a little different-looking, I'm sure you'll find. See how it's less wide at the base?"

Tryton blinked as his eyes adjusted to the intense light, then raised his eyebrows at the sight. "Kosa, what is that?"

Kosa jabbed the air with his finger. "So, it DOES look odd to you. Well, you'll find there's more to it than just the shape..."

They trudged through the sand for about a minute, eventually reaching it. It was fortunate that there was little to no wind at the moment...

The Black Reploid held up a hand, touching the side of the dune. After a moment's contemplation, he punched at it. The sand on that side crumbled and fell off, revealing a peculiar, dome-shaped structure. He typed in a code on the door panel, making it slide out of the way.

He gestured at the darkness inside before stepping in himself, and turning on the lights.

There were a few tables, covered with blueprints and various half-assembled gadgets. Monitors lined the walls, and one large monitor adorned the wall opposite the door. There were some large, sandy footprints leading between the door, one of the tables, a computer, and another door, presumably leading to some kind of cellar.

Kosa seemed alarmed at the footprints. "Somebody else has been here?!" He rushed over to examine the places the mystery person had been. Presumably a Reploid, considering the size of the footprints. The monitor, once booted, showed the designs for some kind of vacuum tool...

There were places on the table with bits of sand, and some outlines where parts HAD been, but were now gone. Kosa was alarmed to see plans for a high-powered laser lying around, looking as if they had been used recently.

He sprinted to the basement, running down the stairs. "Somebody, uh... looks like they hit their head down here. And the footprints on the steps are uneven, and weirdly spaced. One of the motorcycles is gone. What in the world...!?"

Kosa came back up, rubbing the back of his head. "Well, uh... Welcome to Light Labs. Sorry, it's a bit of a mess, and the stuff here's a few hundred years old, but it's all still functional, and I daresay works better than the modern BS they manufacture and mass-produce."

Tryton walked around for a few moments, his expression unreadable as he glanced at the various items of interest in the Lab. "Huh... Master E always told me 'n sis that Dr Light was a genius. Did he build this all 'imself?"

The Grim Reaper let out a low whistle at the sight of the blueprints for the high powered laser Kosa had found on the table. Taking a look at it thoughtfully, Tryton nodded. "Now this would tear a hole in just 'bout anythin'. Wonder if the Blue Bomber ever used this thing... speakin' of which, aren't any of those old robots here? If there's one thing I've always wanted to do, it's to meet the original legend in person."

"Heh, well, sorry to disappoint you. Rockman, Roll, and Proto Man are nowhere to be found." Kosa sighed. "I've seen every inch of this place, and they're not here. That laser looks like... hm. I haven't seen it before, actually. I don't THINK so..."

"Dr. Light was indeed a genius." He said, looking around at everything. He gestured to what appeared to be a capsule, like one of the many he had scattered around the world for Mega Man X...

"...Would you like to meet him?"

Tryton's shoulders sagged slightly at the mention of the three robots no longer around, but when he was given the chance to talk to the great Dr. Light, his eyes widened. "Would I?! ...Wait, it's been almost five hundred years. He can't possibly be alive now!"

Kosa tapped a sequence into the panel in front of it. "Well, his AI. He left an artificial version of himself, connected to a supercomputer. It's, uh... I actually have no clue where the supercomputer is. But it's connected to all his capsules. I modified this one, so it's just gonna let us converse with him."

"Well, looks like it's your lucky day," He said as a light flashed green. "Piece of junk is actually working today."

The capsule opened up, and the glowing blue form of Dr. Thomas Light, the famous robot designer, appeared before them.

"Do I... know either of you?" He asked.

Kosa shrugged. "...No. Actually, I had a quick question, before we do our introductions. Did a Reploid come here recently, like, in the past month? He seems to have taken a couple of things."

"I would not know if anybody had been here. So, what are your names?" He asked, showing no signs of surprise, or of disappointment that neither his creation, X, nor his friend, Zero, had been the one to greet him.
Tryton looked up at the hologram of the legendary scientist, awe apparent on his face. "My name is Tryton. I'm a Reploid here in the year 23XX. You're the great Dr. Light? It's a... uh... pleasure to meet you." Evidently manners were not the Grim Reaper's strong suit.

The long-deceased man beamed. "Ah, that is an interesting name. I am glad to meet you, Tryton. And you?"


"..." He paused. "...I, um... Who named you? Is that Japanese? Russian, perhaps?"

Kosa hid his face for a moment, which was now glowing red with sheer embarrassment. "Hell if I know what it's supposed to be..."

"Hrm... Well, what would you like to know?"

Kosa looked at Tryton. "Did you have anything you wanted to ask him?"

Tryton of course had hundreds of questions he wished to ask, but when he was given the chance to do so, he found himself unable to narrow down the list. "Man, too many damn... rrg, I HATE indecisiveness! ...wait, I know Kosa already told me they ain't here, but do ya know where Rockman, Blues and Roll went to?"

"Well..." Dr. Light stroked his beard, trailing off. "...I'm not sure. I am not sure if they are still functional. I believe that the government, at some point, was frightened by Rockman's sheer potential. And X far outstrips him. That is why I sealed him away, among other reasons. The government ordered that Rock be scrapped... However, I do not remember whether the order was carried out."

He sighed. "I am sorry to give you an inconclusive answer, Tryton. Unfortunately, I was given some misinformation at one point, and it causes me to doubt certain records. For example, one of my records insists that Roll upgraded herself, and went on to become Zero. This is obviously untrue. However, I have less-obvious misinformation, as well."
Tryton's expression sagged at the news, but changed to a shocked, semi-incredulous face at the mention of Roll becoming Zero. "W-what?! Roll, becoming ZERO?! That girly boy?! Ahahaha, I sure damn hope not! HAHAHAHA!!!"

Eventually the Grim Reaper's maniacal laughter died off as he noticed both Kosa and Holo Light giving him awkward glances. "Heheh... sorry. It's just the thought of Roll of all girls... becoming a... a GUY... kinda stupid, huh?"

<Holo Light: Tell that to the original Mega Man X Fanbase, Tryton.>

Dr. Light smiled. "...Laughter is something I haven't heard in quite some time. Well, was there anything else? A tour of the lab? A checkup? Perhaps a scan, to locate something? I would like to think that I am a little more useful than just an old, dead man."

Tryton rubbed the back of his helmet. "...It's temptin', but what's really important is that we find a way to cure Master E, restore my sister, and then find a way to smash that damn Kathros. Say... Dr Light, d'ya think you can create an antidote for programming errors? It's a long shot, I know, but I'm willin' to take any ray of hope for Master E."

The Grandfather of All Reploids shook his head. "I am sorry... but no such thing exists. I would be able to create a patch to achieve the same effect, if I had his data. Bringing him to me is the only conceivable way that I could help him, short of obtaining a copy of his Artificial Intelligence Program."

Kosa rested his face in one of his hands. "Couldn't we bring you to him? Afterall, we could probably connect a device wirelessly to your main computer, and then you could come along."

"That would work... But only if you know where the computer IS. And if you could get to it. I believe it was hidden underground-"

"Of course." Kosa interjected.

"-and was buried in an earthquake. Even if I gave you the coordinates, you would take far too long to excavate it." He finished.

"So, we'll have to either bring him here, which isn't gonna happen, or we have to copy his data... Sounds like my kinda mission. Tryton, are you ready for some sneaking around? You know, if you're caught, Master E will label you a traitor, and you'll be killed by, I'm betting, your sis."

Tryton snorted. "Do ya forget? I CAN control the Shadow element, Kosa. I think I'll be fine."

Kosa raised an eyebrow. "Shadow? I didn't know there was another element. I thought that, aside from Electricity, Ice, and Fire, there was only Neutral, which is a lack of Elemental Affinity."

Tryton facepalmed out of disbelief. "Seriously? Come on, Kosa! I mean, look at Hidden Phantom for example. Only non-elementally affiliated Reploids can use the shadows, save for dual element wielding ones like myself. ...anyway, what's on your mind regarding this 'sneaking around?'"

"Hm. Well, I never knew about it. How does it relate to the other elements?" Kosa inquired. "To be honest, some of the elements make no sense. How does electricity put out fires, again? And how does freezing something harm electric enemies? I would think that would INCREASE conductivity. Then again, all three elements would cause higher damage to high-conductivity Reploids..."

Tryton simply stared blankly at Kosa for a few moments before shaking his head, obviously lost from the black Reploid's thinking aloud. "Uh... right, whatever. Now, as for that sneaking you mentioned... what's the plan?"

Kosa shrugged. "This area has data on a lot of stealth-related devices. For example, X's Shadow Armor. Plus, that Nebula guy's color-changing thing is here. We can modify ourselves so that we can change color."

"Well, we can't stand 'round wasting time!" Tryton shouted out loud. He slammed a fist into his open hand with determination. "Every moment that passes is a moment we could be moving towards saving Master E and slaughtering Kathros!"

"Think about it this way. If we rush in and get killed, Master E is that much less likely to be fixed in the end. Plus, don't you want to see him when he is? Don't be so quick to throw your life away for your goal." Kosa laughed. "Of course, coming from me, I doubt that means much. Here, I'll just get outfit your weapon with an energy muffler, so that buzzing noise is less audible. It's a dead giveaway."

He held out his hand for Tryton's scythe. "You may not trust another person with your weapons, but it'll only take a second."

Tryton looked at his scythe, its blades retracted into the dual slots. Grimacing, he hesitantly handed it to Kosa. "Don't break it."

Kosa laughed as he took it. "Relax, I am an expert at weapon modifications."

At the Innerpeace Headquarters, Nebula's room...

Ciel pulled out an electronic tablet, powering it on before clearing her throat. "Now, what I am about to relate to you two may seem rather far-fetched, but I believe it to be true. Please bear with me till I finish the narration."

The Ether Stone.

This ancient object, rumored to originate an estimated hundred and fifty thousand years ago, is the source of much legend, myth and mystery. Gathered here are the facts that I have managed to decipher through all the legends, theories regarding what this stone is and is not capable of, as well as what our ancient human ancestors had to say regarding this mysterious object.

Before the rise of machines that held true intelligence, let alone free will, the entire Earth held but one sentient 'species' (if such a term could be applied to robots); humans. However, despite the lack of even the most basic construction mechanisms, our ancestors had managed to construct cities and empires that completely eclipse our modern day civilization. At first, one might think that they, unlike us, did not have to deal with the increasing flow of technology and merely 'had the time' to stretch out the work required over a matter of centuries. This, however, is simply not possible.

After doing much field research, I have made many discoveries that negate that theory, first and foremost being the time lapse between the laying of the foundation of one such building and the laying of its keystone. The time lapse that separates the two events is phenomenally short; what should have taken months on end had only taken a matter of minutes.

At first, one might assume that there was an error in the collection of the data, but I can assure you that after all the cross checking I had performed, the chances of such an occurrence are one in sixty billion. This leaves but one palpable explanation for this astounding phenomenon; there was some force greater than anything we now possess assisting or being commanded by our ancestors. Something on such a level that it could even be considered 'magical.'

The end result of almost a year and a half of painstaking research, both in the lab and abroad, I have uncovered many artifacts that pointed towards a mystical item, which was simply labeled the Ether Stone. Evidently this strangely named object, of which there appears to be more than one, granted humanity the ability to wield and utilize such power as to create a vast empire that spanned across the entire globe. What its powers entailed still remains a mystery, but it seems-

"Oh! Oh! Dr Ciel, I think I know something about that!" Sola piped up, but quickly toned herself down when Ciel looked at her askew. "...well, I know that person named Tryton had an Ether Stone fragment. He had shouted out something in another language and caused it to emit this burst of light. ...Eheheh, I can't remember what it was exactly, though..."

"It sounded like Latin." Nebula interjected. "...Sorry if I look bored. I, uh, don't really know what to think about magical stuff. Afterall, I'm a machine, and the only human I ever knew for a long time was a scientist... But, then, I doubt that everything turned out so well up to this point by chance. There's a limit to that kinda thing..."

"Latin... well, that does make sense, considering that it was one of the very first languages. Also, you are correct in more than just one aspect. As you'll soon hear, Nebula, even the greatest of empires and nations come to an end." Ciel said before resuming her narrative.

What its powers entailed still remains a mystery, but it seems that, being the source of the nation's construction, they must have been incomprehensibly vast. Of course, such power draws the attention of those with malicious intent in their minds, and as it is a given, it seems that one person managed to take control of the power held within these stones. As a result, the world was thrown into bloody chaos in a global conflict between the usurper and those sworn to defend the peace. This war lasted for almost a thousand years, up until the end of that era.

The details of how that conflict ended are extremely vague, but it seems that neither side claimed outright victory. The end result of this is clear, however. The age of mystic power ended, leaving only shattered shadows of its former legacy today. One more interesting point worthy of note is that, at the last recorded date of this age of discord was strikingly close to the dawn of the machine era. Any and all attempts to unravel the cause of this phenomenon have resulted in failure.

"...and that is all I have on the Ether Stone fragments. It seems that the conflicted and divided age of magic simply could not keep pace with the unified era of technology, and thus it died out. However, now that whatever conflict existed has died out..." Ciel let the words hang in the air, allowing her implied meaning to soak in.

Nebula tried to finish for her, just to confirm that he was really getting it. "...A new conflict, just like the old one, is going to start."

Ciel gave a grim nod, confirming Nebula's answer. "The ancient powers seem to be on the rise. From the description you provided X, I daresay that this Kathros character may very well be the same madman who started that conflict years ago."

Sola seemed very worried, and the simple memory of that man caused her to shake with dread. "Th-that's horrible... if he's as strong as you said, Dr. Ciel... *gulp* are we going to win against him?"

"Then all we gotta do is smash him!" Nebula blurted out. "There is no such thing as an unbeatable foe... C'mon, we've got the power of the Weapon Copy System, the legendary heroes Mega Man X and Zero, the amazingly powerful Craft and Omega, Sola's speed, Dracoex's skill, Falcona's guts, Wraith's intelligence, Harpuia's wisdom, Fefnir's strength, Phantom's agility, Leviathan's ferocity, Kosa's ability to lock on to specific foes and tune his weapons to harm them, Tryton's mastery over scythes, and possibly Copy Elpizo's rapier skills and Zephyra's staffplay."

The White Reploid stood up. "We can take on Kathros!"

Ciel smiled at Nebula's uprising outburst, while Sola listened with mild admiration. She obviously had not seen that coming from him, of all people. Rising to her feet, Ciel gave Nebula a standing ovation for his speech. "Well played, Nebula. I'm glad to see that you're optimistic about this matter. But now is no longer the time for words. No, it is the time for action."

Sola stood up, rather unsure but determined, and held up a fist with what confidence she could muster. "R-right! I won't let that Kathros jerk scare me into submission! I'll fight, and I won't back down!"

"Yeah..." Nebula trailed off. "...There's no way we can lose. Well, er, was that the whole report? This time..." He sat back down. "...that won't happen. And if I don't have all the answers by the end, I'm gonna beat the truth outta Kathros!"

"By the time you manage to pull that off, I think more than just a few of our questions will have been answered, Nebula. As for now, I think you had best report to X once you repair and rest up. These next few missions involve finding and retrieving the stolen Biometals, so they will be of the utmost importance." With that, Ciel stood up and tucked away her holopad.

"I need to check up on Zero. Feel free to stop by in the medical bay if you want to give him your regards." The young scientist then left, leaving the pair in the room. Sola held a concerned face, then looked at Nebula.

"Nebula, I think I might have Dracoex train me with my S-Saber for a while. My Sonicboom Buster has been my primary weapon of choice for a while, and I need to gain some dexterity with some close combat."

Nebula nodded. "Swordplay is really an important skill. How do you think Zero lasted for centuries of fighting with only the Z-Saber and a near-useless Z-Buster?"

Sola nodded. "And it's your main weapon as well. I ought to perfect my skill in it myself. Well, catch you later, Neb." The pink Reploid walked towards the exit, only pausing to give Nebula a glance over her shoulder before leaving.

Nebula looked down at his hands. "Well, it's only my primary weapon because it's so effective. See ya."

Outside of Nebula's room, Foxstar watched as Sola walked off with Dracoex, asking him if he could assist her in training. Noting the improved attitude of the pink Reploid, Foxstar allowed herself a small smile. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to assume that things are straightened out now... good thing too. Last thing we all need is depression in this situation here. Well, I'd better inform Nebula of his mission request from X... as well as his suggestion for a partner. I doubt he'll be keen on it, though...

Cleaning her throat, the white and gold Reploid rapped her knuckles against Nebula's door. "Nebula, it's Foxstar. I have a mission request for you from X if you're free."

"Yo. What's the mission? I'm always ready for one." Nebula asked.

Foxstar opened the doorway before continuing. "With the data Sola found in that outpost, we've located the positions of the four remaining Biometals. X wants you to retrieve Biometal Model H. It's being held in an orbiting research station, roughly 30,000 miles above sea level. Since you seem to be the most travelled out of all of us, he thought you'd be best for this job. As for your partner..."

Here she trailed off a bit, nudging the floor with the tip of her boot. "...X suggested Falcona would be best to join you."



"WHHHHYYYYYYY?" Nebula's expression was priceless. "Why on Terra would anybody even think we could survive each other for a whole mission!?"

Foxstar slowly reopened her eyes and uncovered her ears as she recovered from Nebula's outburst. "Well, it's because Falcona was made exactly for this kind of operation. ...I don't know exactly what she did before all this, but perhaps she can elaborate. Craft or Zero would have been the other choice, but both are inoperable at the moment."

"Grhk, fine, I'll go on the mission with her. If I can't act professional, then I'm not as great as I claim to be." Nebula said, setting aside his shock. "On the other hand... We're getting all four at once!? Wait, only four? There are five remaining. ...Wait a second, you guys couldn't possibly know about it."

<*In Mega Man ZX Advent, the protagonist uses Biometal Model A, which was built by Master Albert in secret as a backup plan in case he died before he could take over the world. Model A was not built by Ciel as Z, X, H, L, P, and F were, ergo, there was no way for her to know about it.>

He closed his eyes. "Hmm... I'll need access to Former Master Albert's research data. I should put in a request for it before we leave." He got up and sent a message to Ciel from the computer in his room.

[Requesting access to all files pertaining to Master Albert of the former Sage Trinity.]
[Tagged: Important, but non-urgent. Related to Biometal.]

"Awright, that should do it." Nebula said, picking up a strange blue can with an 'E' printed on it. He pressed it to his mouth and... well, 'drank' from it. He finished and set it down, wiping his mouth, which was a human impulse...

"E-Tanks used to be used a lot more common, but now, they're a rarity. Pretty helpful, though. I can repair myself for real when we get back. ...Actually, when DO we leave?"

Foxstar readjusted her cape, rolling her shoulders to straighten it as she responded. "Well, it's just Model H for one. Two, you can head out at any time... after you inform X that you're willing to go, that is."

"Hm. I'll tell X right away." Nebula nodded and stepped out of the room, then stopped, realizing that he had no clue where X's room was. Would X even be in his room? He had no idea.

He decided to check the Command Room. "Hello, is X here? I wanna accept the mission!"

In the Command Room, almost nobody was present. In fact, only three figures remained there; Dracoex and Leviathan who stood by the doorway opposite of Nebula, and Falcona who sat in a chair, arms crossed and obviously ticked off.

"Look, I am sorry Falcona, but X is right. Leviathan and I are the best to go on this mission, while you and Nebula will have no trouble with yours."

Dracoex's plea was rudely brushed off by the black and grey Reploid, who didn't even look up to respond. "No s***, Sherlock. Heh, why don't ya go and beat the f*** outta Captain Fak-E while you're at it? Pfft."

The emerald Reploid attempted to voice his mind again, but Leviathan's hand on his shoulder, followed by a shake of her head, caused him to halt. The two took their leave of Falcona, who didn't notice Nebula entering the room.

Nebula sighed. "Hey, Falcona. I bet you're pissed about the mission and all, but let's try and get it over with as soon as possible, alright?" He stepped inside. "I promise not to steal your kills this time, okay? In fact... I challenge you to retire more Mavericks than me on the mission!" He pointed his thumb at his chest, grinning, with that usual malicious glint in his eyes.

Falcona gave Nebula a weary look before standing up. "Whatever. C'mon, let's get this done and over with."

The irate Reploid led her comrade to the hangar, where a small fighter not too unlike the late Excalibur sat. It bore the name of Archangel on its nose, and as the ramp inside lowered Falcona spoke up. "It's the ship that Ciel and Zero used to get back from the fleet in high orbit. The doc gave us permission to use it, so long as we don't go blowing it up."

"Right..." Something's wrong with Falcona... "I promise not to get a single scratch on it!" If I keep up the bravado, and she doesn't get pissed at me, then something's REALLY wrong with her. "Well, let's board. Where is our destination?"

"An orbital research station, that's where. Hope artificial gravity doesn't screw with your mechanics, ‘cuz you'll be experiencing a lot of it." After the two boarded the Archangel, Falcona initiated the takeoff and the fighter launched into the atmosphere. A silent ten minute ride later, and the blackness of space enveloped the small craft. Gesturing towards the Earth's horizon, where the sun's light created a blinding aura, Falcona pointed out a barely visible speck of shadow.

"There it is. Damn... when I told myself that if that was the last I saw of that place, it would be too soon... man, sometimes I hate being right."

Nebula stayed silent. Hm, didn't they say they didn't know about Falcona's past? It looks like there's a good reason that they don't... I'd better not pry. But if I keep up the acting, I'll probably be able to distract her from her memories... at the cost of my own ego, when she snaps and beats me with whatever she has in her hands at the time.

"...So. Where, exactly, is it? No offense, but I want to get this boring mission over with as fast as possible. I kinda need to catch up on some sleep, too... Even if it's unnecessary for my body, my psyche requires me to rest once in a while."

Falcona struggled to fight down her rising urge to gutpunch Nebula. "What do ya mean, 'where is it'?! I just pointed it out, dumbass! IT'S RIGHT THERE!!! ...just shut up and let me fly this thing."

A minute later, Archangel was following a path of illuminated beacons that led to the docking bay, in which the fighter settled. As the pair exited the ship, an eerie silence prevailed throughout the station, the only noise the slight hiss of the Archangel's hydraulics and the clanking of two pairs of metal shod feet. Nevertheless, Falcona grew extremely tense as they walked, her MWB already generated and primed.

"I was referring to the Biometal, and I meant EXACTLY. What room is it in?" Seeing her annoyance, Nebula dropped the act. That tactic won't work. "So, I owe you. You want to take all the kills for yourself? Er, I'll shut up now. But first, just tell me where to go. Then this is as good as over."

Falcona shook her head. "Kills... Mavericks aren't what's got me worried. Y'won't find any here. And splittin' up here is the worst thing we could do, Neb. As much as I hate to admit it, it's best we stick together for now."

Nebula's face paled. "Okay, hearing that from you gets me GENUINELY scared. Let's hurry through this, before I find out what's wrong here."

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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Mon May 13, 2013 2:16 am

Light Labs

Kosa handed back the scythe. "There, done. Your weapon is now nearly silent! I also added a slot for chips. It's kinda limited, though. It doesn't work for Elemental Chips. It can do a few things, though. Well..."

His right hand transformed into his TELOS Buster, and he mentally prepared himself for a fight...

...Then slumped over and sighed. "Ugh, I forgot! We don't even know where to go! Tryton? You'd know, right?" He straightened up. "Lead the way! ...Oh, and we have some vehicles here, so we can use those. They're in the basement."

Tryton snapped his fingers. "Right! Take me to 'em, and I'll lead the way!"

Kosa ran over to the basement door, opening it. "See you, Doctor. Tryton, they're down here! We can take motorcycles, or... hang on, there's ladder going up!" He disappeared through the door, and sounds of metal clanking against metal were heard.

His more muffled now voice rang out from above. "He hid an airship in the attic! How on earth did he DO that!? And when did he build this thing!? T-Tryton, you wanna take the ship?"

"An airship? ...I can't see that being useful. We'd be detected as soon as we get anywhere near Master E's fortress. Unless it's equipped with cloaking of some kind, of course."

"Er, come and LOOK at it. THEN try telling me we'll be spotted."

There was a clicking noise, and the ceiling slid away to reveal a thick, glass-like canopy, upon with Kosa stood, as well as a remarkably small Airship.

It was smaller than standard fighter jets. It was painted blue and white, which, whether intentional or not, would make it harder to spot in the sky... It was highly aerodynamic, probably built for high-speed flight... Which meant it would get them to their destination before anybody would have the chance to detect it.

Kosa looked down at Tryton through the glass. "I can't detect this thing with my radar, and it's right freaking here! I doubt we'll have any trouble getting in with this. I mean, I only found it 'cuz I got lucky and spotted the ladder leading up here. You think this'll do?"

Tryton held a blank face as he approached the small ship. "Well... it SHOULD, if it's that well cloaked... but I haven't the foggiest on how t'pilot this thing."

"R-really? 'Cuz I'm not so sure, either... I'll look for an instruction manual." Kosa frantically searched the area, finding nothing until he checked the ship computer. "Ah, it has built-in tutorials. Phew... You wanna try flying? I dunno where to go, so it simplifies things if you’re the pilot."

"Well... eh, what the hell. First time for everything, huh?" Hopping into the cockpit, Tryton spent a few minutes reading the tutorial, then hesitantly pushed a few buttons and slowly pulled back a large lever. In response, the ship began to trundle forward. Felling slightly more confident, the Grim Reaper pulled the level back even more-


With an ear splitting shriek, the blue airship shot out of Light Labs and out into the sky. With many a curse, Tryton fumbled with the controls in a blind attempt to kill the sudden acceleration, and after nearly pile-driving the ship into the ground, barely missing a swarm of airborne Mavericks and basically screwing everything up, he did just that. "Ha... let's not try that again..."

"That's why there's a tutorial, moron." Kosa sighed. "There's a big blue icon on the monitor that's bouncing up and down. Touch it. I think it's one of those fancy new touch-screens everybody seems to use."

Tryton didn't respond to Kosa, but instead half-punched the touch screen in frustration. This time, after reading the tutorial carefully, the Grimly Faced Reaper managed to pilot the small stealth craft safely over Innerpeace, passing over numerous Mavericks along the way. Eventually, as the sun was beginning to set, the ship's viewport gave Kosa his first sighting of Master E's castle. It was immense; it could have encompassed the Innerpeace Headquarters over five times. Entirely constructed of massive stone blocks, its design was based off of the majestic castles of old, right down to the gargantuan Duratanium drawbridge. Outside, untold hordes of Mavericks swarmed, patrolling both the land and air diligently, their numbers covering the ground and turning the skies black.

"'d think I'd be feelin' safer now that I'm back... irony is a cruel mistress." Shortly after arriving, the scene shifted to Tryton and Kosa disembarking from the now grounded ship, the pair outside one of the gargantuan walls. "Okay... if I ain't mistaken, there should be a cloaked maintenance exit way... right... about..."

Running his hand across the stone face, Tryton tested for the entrance until his hand sunk through the wall, revealing the hologram. "," he finished with a triumphant smirk.

Kosa just grinned. "And phase one goes off without a hitch... If this keeps up, we could capture Master E unnoticed. But, as much as I hate to say it..." He rolled his eyes. "...we should play it safe, and just get the data we need. I can't see how we could incapacitate him quietly and get out unnoticed. And our ship wouldn't carry a third person, unless one of use was tied to the outside."

Inside of the castle, Tryton lead Kosa through the impressively constructed hallways, each wall lined with all sorts of paintings, and each supporting column engraved with intricate yet delicate art. "Now listen, Kosa. I dunno exactly where Master E keeps that data we need, but as long as you act like, y'know, one of them-"

Tryton hiked a thumb towards a Galleon solder behind them, facing the other way. "-and don't let Master E see you, you've got pretty much free roam of the base. Do what ya need t'do, just don't blow anythin' up."

Kosa's grin disappeared, replaced with a stoic face, his best impression of a Galleon. He straightened up, cradling his weapon in his arms, moving with regimented motions. "Like this?" He asked. It was clear that, while he was obviously having fun with this, he was determined to succeed. He didn't want any screwups.

Tryton nodded, a smug smile on his face. "Perfect. You'll blend in seamlessly. Now, we can't risk any kind of communication in here, otherwise they'll know the jig is up. So, we'll meet out at the ship in about three hours, got it?"

"Right. I'll time it so that, if hell DOES break loose, it'll be too late for them to stop us." Kosa marched off down the hallway, turning a corner, and leaving Tryton's line of vision.

Tryton watched as Kosa departed, nodding with satisfaction as his ally rounded the bend. He pulled something out of his hammerspace, which turned out to be a small, circle capsule on a silver chain. Opening the container, Tryton's face turned to one of bitterness as he viewed its contents. Closing the capsule, he clenched it tightly as he walked off, his face determined. "I'll free ya both, Master E and sis... somehow, I swear it."

Kosa stepped down the hall. He observed the people in the base, examined the base itself for any weaknesses, and made some important mental notes.

[-Entrances: ... ... ...]
[-Critical Areas: ... ... ...]
[-Crucial Routes: ... ... ...]
[-Master E's usual location: ... ... ...]
[-Soldier Competance Level: ... ... ...]
[-Structure Data: ... ... ...]
[-Share data with Innerpeace Army later. All is lost if their assault fails.]
[-Punch Nebula if he screws things up.]
[-Punch Nebula anyway.]

Eventually, he made his way to a guard tower. He saluted the guard at the top, asking for a status report.

"Situation normal."

As the guard turned around, he snuck a glance at the area from above. Afterwards, Kosa made straight for Copy Elpizo's current location... he turned away all inquiries under the pretense of "having to give Master E a report on Innerpeace activities."

If all goes well... Hm, I've taken two hours and thirty-seven minutes to gather all the info. Now to have a chat... Even if he notices that I'm not one of his own, I'll be able to complete my objective. Of course, if I'm caught, and he raises the alert... It could really hurt us down the road.

Adro Research Lab Space Station

Falcona nodded, then led Nebula through a hatch into a corridor. As they walked, the grey armored Reploid thought aloud, recalling what she knew about the station. "This station, named the Adro Research Labs after Doctor Levi Adro, was constructed in orbit back in 20XX, twelve years before those damn Sigma Wars started. It was completed in roughly three months and was owned by a now defunct private military contractor. The researchers onboard this station created all sorts of destructive and vile weapons of war, and not all of them were mechanical. So many horrors... even now I can remember those damn monsters and their shrieks..."

Realizing that she had spoken aloud, Falcona clammed up and hastened her pace, obviously upset that she had let so much of her mind slip. "...forget I said anything, Nebula. Let's keep moving."

Nebula shook his head. "No need to force yourself to keep quiet; if you want to say anything, go right ahead." Wow, I'd probably be as edgy as her if I had been here for half as long... I can almost feel my sanity slipping away, just picturing this place with those shrieks she described... Ugh, I'd better try my best to keep it together. If I lose it, then I'll probably be locked up for my instability.

Falcona made no response but continued to run down the hallway, doing her best to remain silent. They reached a large room with a huge and VERY thickly armored door, which more than likely had good reason to be there. Putting an ear to the monstrous barrier, Falcona listened carefully. "...sounds clear inside, but that ain't everything. Plus, I can't open this thing without blowin' off its hinges, which is gonna make one helluva bang. What d'ya think?"

>[Go ahead. I don't think there's anything alive here, anyway]

[You might want to let me cut through it. Who knows what could be listening]

[We might want to take another route instead. Going in there might be a bad idea...]

*Down, X*

O>[You might want to let me cut through it. Who knows what could be listening?]

"Afterall, I think I could cut through it, given a minute or two, with almost no noise. Plus, if there's some kind of giant monster on the other side, it won't fit through a Reploid-sized hole." He ignited his Starsaber and stepped up to the wall. "...Hm... Still, I have a bad feeling about this. Doors like this are only put here when there's something to keep out... or keep in. If there's something inside, do you think we could handle it?"

Falcona looked at her MWB and frowned, seemingly unsure. " long as nothin' is still alive from 20XX, we should be fine. 'Sides, what could possibly live THAT long, huh?"

Nebula's face looked pained. "Pleeease don't say that. Never say that." He inserted his blade into the door, slowly pushing it through. "...It's tough stuff, so it'll be a little bit before I can cut it open."

"Alllmoooost theeeere... got it!" Nebula yanked his saber out of the door, giving it a firm kick. A vaguely circle-shaped piece of door was pushed inward, leaving an opening for them to go in. "Let's go."

Falcona ducked through the crudely made entrance, walking through the three foot thick door. The next room was cast in near pitch-black darkness; in fact, the only illumination was an eerie green/blue light, emitted by rows of tanks that lined the walls, as well as computer monitors that accompanied them. Falcona shuddered slightly at the sight of the canisters. " that's why that huge hatch was there... this is where the researchers stored their experiments... and it seems not all of them were too damn happy 'bout being locked up."

The grey armored Reploid pointed to one of the larger containment capsules; around its base shattered glass could be found strewn on the floor, and the capsule itself was shattered wide open.

Nebula looked at the shattered glass, his face now as pale as his armor. "Nonononono..." He whispered anxiously. "No way... Whatever was in there is obviously not some pushover. I'm willing to bet that this happened recently, based on the fact that you don't seem to know about it. ...Where are we headed right now?"

Falcona cautiously moved forward, speaking in a hushed whisper that was laced with uncertainty and an edge of fear. "Whatever that thing was, it must've been one hell of a ****er... I sure damn hope we don't meet it anytime soon... Model H's location was near the habitation deck near the main deck, up at the top of the station. Going through this restricted area was the fastest route, so I thought that it might be a good idea."

As the pair walked, they passed by several bodies laying about. Most were human skeletons, with only tiny scraps of rotten flesh on their chemically bleached bones, as well as shreds of their clothing laying about their positions. Even after two and a half hundred years, the smell of decay and rot was pungent in the room, leaving its vile mark on Falcona's sensors. "Ugh... poor bastards. They didn't stand a cha-!!!"

The grey armored Reploid muffled her shout as she looked to her left. Laying on a table was the body of a male Reploid, its head shattered open and leaking oil across the Ceratanium surface. What remained of its face was frozen in an expression of abject horror, a grim death mask that was terrifying to behold. Its left hand clutched a very oddly designed weapon - something like a large injector gun - while its other hand was completely gone.

Nebula's eyes widened, and his pupils shrank. "No way... this is still fresh. It's gotta be nearby. Falcona, do you have any kind of Motion Tracker? Once the damned thing finds us, I'm not gonna even try to keep the noise down. I'm gonna kill it until it’s dead with everything I can spare."

Wait a second, if it's alive, and my system registers it as anything other than a monster... I won't be able to fight without collapsing! I'd better download some info on this thing from the nearest computer. If I can get my system to register that it's not a creature that should live, then I'll have nothing to worry about.

He looked around in the dark. "...Do you see any computers? I need to make sure my fail-safe doesn't trip at the wrong moment, so I need to know about the monster."

Falcona pointed to a dimly lit circular hatch on a nearby wall. The hatch was grey, with low output white lights on its rim. "In there, Nebula. There's a data room inside. Y'won't need a passcode or nothin', cuz to get in here you needed one in the first place."

There was a very faint shriek of some kind, far off in the station's depths, but the sound was extremely unnerving. Clutching her MWB and aiming it towards the way they had come, Falcona started to back up. "Just get that damn data fast, Neb. I do NOT want to find out what the hell that was."

Nebula sprinted into the other room, downloading the data on the creature in record time, running a check to see if he would be able to fight it.

[...Classified loosely as "Monster". Weapons are authorized.]

"Okay, that's out of the way." He returned, priming his Buster. "Now what?"

"Now we get the hell outta this place. We're getting to the habitation deck, grabbing Model H, and getting out of here. Lady luck permitting, we shouldn't have much trouble from here on out."

No sooner had Falcona said that when, from below, a muffled explosion rocked the station, followed by ( a station wide power outage. The hatch from which Nebula had just used locked in place, unable to operate anymore. The already poorly lit computers ceased to glow, and the tanks followed suit, casting the pair in pitch black darkness. The sound of a palm hitting a face was heard, followed by a very irate Falcona.

"...I just had to open my damn mouth. I just HAD[i] to. The only way on the map up to the habitation deck was by elevator, but now that the power is gone-"

The grey Reploid was interrupted by the distinct sound of an anti-gravity unit, its heavy hum rapidly increasing in volume. With a huge crash, something large flew through the floor, not too far from where the pair was standing. It gave out a hideous screech, then proceeded to fly up through another floor, shattering it as if it was paper.

Nebula switched on his Light Equalizer. "You're freakin' kidding me!" He extinguished his Saber and put it away, and reverted to Human form.

["Falcona! I don't know anything about this enemy, so we'll have to see if it's as blind as us. Don't make noise, and don't use anything that gives away your position."]

He silently crept around the new arrival, giving it a wide berth. He had his Buster ready for a quick strike to confuse it.

["Try to find the elevator. We can climb the shaft to our destination. Chances are, this thing's too big to follow. I'll try to distract it from attacking you, if it spots you."]

Falcona's irate voice, tainted with fear, responded across their direct link. ["Yeah, yeah, just don't go blowing up the whole damn station. ...if this is what I think it is, we're probably screwed anyway."]

Nebula fired a shot at the ground beneath his feet before leaping into the air. That'll divert its attention away from Falcona for a moment...

"WA-ARNING! Intru-u-u-U-uder alert!"

The mechanical sounding voice erupted from the hidden assailant, right before one of its limbs ripped through the darkness, slamming into Nebula with an insane amount of force as he attempted to jump upwards.

The impact of the blow threw the white Reploid through a wall like a tornado driving a straw of hay through a tree. A loud whirring sound was heard as the unknown attacker followed its target through the wall, the flashing strobe lights in the next room over illuminating it as it entered. Its body was a large, angled Duratanium rectangle, with blue panels across its sides. It possessed the ability to levitate freely. It had four 'legs' extending from each of the corners on its body, each one of them armed with missile launchers and a massive tri-pronged claw. Atop and below its body laser repeaters extended, taking aim at Nebula.

From the entryway, Falcona flew over the massive machine but didn't fire; she was having trouble locking on. "Grr... I hate these things! Nebula, that's an Ameliorator security drone! I dunno 'bout you, but that jamming field its emitting is screwing with my ability to get a lock! I might be a liability here, but y'might need the extra firepower. Make up your mind, and make it up quick!"

>[Faster we kill this, the faster we get outta here! Open fire!]
[You'd be better getting Model H, Falcona! I'll handle this thing!]

Nebula was going to tell her to go on without him, but...

[i]Wait, what if she got into a fight by herself? What if she got ambushed? 'Sides, just being here alone would put way too much mental stress on her...

He almost chose option one, but then decided that he preferred his own method.

The White Reploid stood up, clutching his stomach. He leapt into the air, donning the Falcon Armor, and floating in place. He charged his buster. "Blow it to hell, Falcona! Splitting up now would suck, believe me!"

Then, he faltered. He coughed into his hand. It was red. "N-no... I took a lot of damage from that... If I'd been armored, maybe I could've shrugged it off, but... guh..." He muttered, trying not to let Falcona know that he was in pain.

The grey Reploid was too busy dodging punches, missile salvos and laser blasts to even notice that Nebula was airborne. "JUST F***ING DIE ALREADY!!!"

A blast of her own missiles screamed towards the security drone, but were blasted out of the air by pinpoint laser fire. The same method was used to counter Falcona's shoulder cannons, rendering her ranged attacks harmless. "Grah! I can't use Shattered Earth on this thing! It'll take me too close, and if I kick the floor too hard, it'll shatter! I HATE combat paradoxes!"

Nebula rained shots down on the enemy. "Falcona, I can probably keep it occupied! Think you could charge up something really big, flashy, and ridiculously strong?! 'Cuz I'm still a little too rattled to think of any ideas!"

Falcona dove to evade another swing of the robot's limbs, then screamed upward as a whole barrage of missiles flew right through the space she had just occupied. "DAMMIT! ...huh? Well, I got my Afterburner attack, but it does really wide spread damage. Last thing I wanna do is kill my own ally, even if it IS you-" Falcona was cut short by a triple laser burst that lanced her across her back, leaving small, smoldering holes in her armor. "Gah!!! Sonovab****! YOU CHEAPASS!"

Nebula yelled back. "Just go ahead and do it, I'll deal with it my way!" He flew higher, increasing the ferocity of his attack to try and fully distract the enemy.

Falcona's eyes closed as she tensed up, generating immense amounts of power. Then suddenly her jetpack lit up with a sound akin to an explosion, filling the barely lit room with a hellish glare. Throwing back her head, Falcona's eyes snapped open before she screamed out loud, revealing them to be a dangerously blood red. "AFTERBURNER!!!"

With a sonic boom she flew upwards to the ceiling, then dove downwards while firing a huge volley of missiles. Outspeeding her own projectiles, she swooped over the Ameliorator and repeated the process with a swarm of Shoulder Cannon fire. Right before both attacks hit, Falcona landed atop their foe, aimed her WMB at point-blank range, and just as all the attacks converged on the target...

"Adios, mother f***er."

She fired while jumping upwards. The result was a firestorm of destructive energy centered on the Ameliorator, spewing huge quantities of molten metal and flames in every direction.

<Falcona: THAT flashy enough for ya, Neb?>

Nebula shot straight up, latched onto the ceiling, and held up an arm.

Then, everything exploded. Very, very violently. Go figure.

...Holy ****, I'm glad I'm all the way up here... That attack would've torn me apart, armor or not.

<Nebula: I, uh, could think of something flashier. Something involving using Ragnarok Strike to make the Sun go Supernova a la Safer Sephiroth.>

While the smoke from the massive detonation began to settle, there came a muted sound from among the rubble. It was akin to a forceful injection. The sound was followed by a disgruntled moan from Falcona, who limped out of the blast radius of her attack. "D... damn... virus..." In her arm was the tip of a serum injector, which she tore out ill-temperedly before throwing it across the room. Clutching her arm, the grey Reploid snarled. "And that won't be the last we see of that bastard, either. It decided to haul ass after I nearly blew it to pieces."

She shuddered, clutching her arm tightly. "I really, really, REALLY hate using that... but that ain't the worst of this b**** of a station has t'offer, I'm sure., that Ameliorator wasn't what broke free."

Nebula dropped to the floor, going into Combat Form for a better balance of power and agility. Virus...!? What did she say?! Did that thing infect her with some kind of virus a minute ago? "Well, we'd better take the stealth route, then. I think the elevator is that way." He pointed towards a hallway they hadn't yet explored.

Falcona nodded and, still holding her arm in a vice-like grip, led the way down the shadowed corridor, the strobe lights behind them still illuminating the room at regular intervals.

Walking down the hallway, the station took on a very eerie atmosphere. Ninety percent of the time it was completely silent, but every so often there could be heard the skittering sound of some creature that they had chanced by. Not a single one let itself be seen, and not a single one was the least bit hospitable. Some even went so far as to make lightning fast hit-and-run attacks on the pair. The blows were hardly scratches, but the result of not knowing when the next monstrous abomination would show up in that dank, hardly lit corridor was obvious. Falcona was on edge now, very much so. She jumped at the slightest motion, and anything ran the risk of setting her off. At some point down the hallway, near a set of doors that led to various labs, the grey Reploid turned and faced Nebula, obviously pained at what she was about to say.

"Neb... can... can I trust you with a secret here? I never thought I'd be sharin' this with anyone at all, least of all you, but seein' as we're stuck here and you kinda need to know this... can you keep this one to y'self?"

Nebula blinked at her openness. "Well, if you can stand me knowing it, then I'll keep your secret to the grave."

Falcona took in a deep breath, then nodded. "Okay... but first, you need t'see something, cuz I don't think you're gonna believe me." So saying, the grey Reploid turned around and forced an access shaft open, revealing a small room, which had the central feature of a capsule. In design, it was not much different from the one Grey was in when he first awoke. Inside, Falcona pointed a quivering finger at one of the screens nearby, gesturing for Nebula to read it.


Her fists clenched, Falcona shook as she spoke her next lines. "Do ya know what that MAV stands for? stands for Maverick, Nebula. This station was a Maverick laboratory... and I was its first creation."

Copy Elpizo’s Fortess: Audience Chamber

In Master E's massive throne room, the copy of Elpizo was sitting on his throne, his face buried in his hands. "My children... my family... how those accursed humans defile those I hold dear! Death is the only punishment for this crime! I shall see that Ciel woman's throat slit, Zero's body impaled and X's heart torn out for this... this...!!!"

Copy Elpizo's rant was cut short by an approaching female Reploid. She had brown, flowing hair with eyes to match. Her clothing consisted of a sky blue sleeveless dress, the lining edged with silver. As gracefully lovely as she was, the Reploid was obviously a former Hive victim; her eyes held a listless, vague look, and her movements seemed slightly impaired. Kneeling before Master E, the Reploid spoke in a gentle but monotone voice. "My lord, there comes one of your loyal soldiers to have an audience with you. What say you to its admission?"

Sighing, Copy Elpizo waved a hand. "I might as well. No doubt another false alarm. Let him come forth."

Rising, Copy Elpizo's servant walked to the massive stone doorway and gave an order to a pair of Hived Golems. The colossal Mechaniloids easily pulled the doors ajar, allowing Kosa to enter...

Kosa walked, keeping up the facade. That's him... Copy Elpizo, Master E, whatever you want to call him.

[Scanning Copy Elpizo...]
[Progress: 0.03%]

"Sir, I have come to give you a report on some anomalous occurrences on the moon."

I'd better just give him the info that I actually collected on it. Afterall, distracting him with an irrelevant truth is easier than making up a lie.

Kosa awaited permission to continue, bowing his head.

Copy Elpizo raised an eyebrow, obviously confused as to the nature of his supposed peon's report. Looking Kosa up and down, he held a skeptical face for a few moments before settling back down in his throne. "Is... that so? Well then, by all means, proceed."

Kosa raised his head. "Yes, M'lord." He generated a screen in front of himself. It showed a picture of the moon. He resisted the temptation to say 'This is the moon, dumbass.' Instead, he opted for, "This is the lunar surface. You know already about the Jakob Project and Lumine Incident of 21XX."

[Progress: 12.71%]

"One of our units found an observatory in the mountains, which held data on recent lunar activity. It noted that the moon has had a purple glow as of late, and that there has been activity in the palace where Sigma met his demise. That area was the last known location of the Sigma Virus, as well as Lumine. Its recent activity troubled several of our researchers, especially when coupled with the knowledge of what had transpired there."

[Progess: 29.06%]

I'll have to draw it out...

"Some theories claim that Sigma or Lumine have managed to ressurrect themselves. If they were to return to Terra and create an army of Mavericks, it would certainly complicate things, what with the Innerpeace Army gaining a foothold. If they were to join forces, it may prove difficult to wipe them out."

[Progress: 36.24%]

"And who knows what effect the Sigma Virus may have on the Hive? The Sigma Virus is, afterall, a program made by the late Dr. Albert Wily. He was known for his stubbornness, and I doubt it would lose out to a biological virus. Then, there's another theory, regarding a race of moon-people called Lunarians. I won't go into it, because it made no sense. Ignore any theories about moon-people, if you hear them."

[Progress: 51.78%]

Halfway there...

Copy Elpizo's face was one of confusion at first, then it shifted to one of interest. His only visible eye narrowed slightly, however, and his clasped hands tightened a small amount. "Do continue, soldier. This is most... intriguing."

Kosa nodded. "Yes, sir."

[Progress: 63.59%]

"There was another theory, about a powerful space-traveling robot crash-landing there, as one called Duo had about three hundred years ago. Neither of these theories seem plausible, but we felt that you should be notified regardless."

[Progress: 69.27%]

"The fact remains that there has been activity on the moon. Most, if not all, of our theories point towards potential enemy forces. Of course, there is the possibility that the observatory records are inaccurate, or perhaps falsified in order to cause panic. Overlooking any of these possibilities may result in failure to combat these hypothetical threats."

[Progress: 77.36%]

"However, we must also pay close attention to the Innerpeace forces. They appear to be planning something. Have you planned to take any sort of action against them yet, sir?"

Master E closed his eyes, then spoke aloud. "...clearly you have been tainted too far by the Hive, soldier. This is not news to me, as it was brought to my attention nearly four months ago. Evidently you are defective, and therefore must have this defection repaired."

Gesturing to his servant Reploid, who briskly walked over, Copy Elpizo gave out his orders with a rather distasteful air. "Take this damaged peon to the repair bay immediately. Have them uproot the cause of its malfunction with all haste. I cannot allow any defects in my forces."

The female Reploid spoke in its monotone voice, "By your command, my lord," before taking Kosa by the arm and out of the throne room.

[Progress: Halted at 85.37%]


Kosa let himself be lead away, keeping a blank expression. Ugh, and I just needed a couple more minutes... I have to be careful on this one. ...Clearly, the guy's got some glitches. It's fairly visible that I'm Hive-free. In fact, he probably should've noticed that I'm not one of his soldiers. Who knows what standard protocol is around here? I should dispatch this one carefully and make my way back there. I only have about fifteen minutes left until our time's up.

Halfway down the hall to the repair bay, the female Reploid suddenly grabbed Kosa's hand and put it on her arm. In a hissed whisper, she spoke in a clear voice to the black Reploid. "Listen, if you want to get out with your head on your shoulders, do as I say. Act like you're taking me to the repair bay, and that should buy you some time to escape."

Kosa kept his facade going. Is this a trick...? I'll play along, for now. "Yes, ma'am." He said in a typical soldieresque tone. ... ... ...Nuts, I really don't like this. I'll try to scan her, whatever good that'll do... Is she so badly infected with the Hive that she can't tell which side she's on? No, for an infection that bad, there would be visible fleshiness. What's her deal...?

Eventually Kosa and the strange female Reploid reached a doorway where several Galleon centurions stood guard. One of them approached and held up a hand. "HALT. PRESENT I.D AND DIRECTIVE."

Kosa remained stoic. Tch, I have no clue what she's doing, or who she is. Maybe I can find out by scanning...

[Scanning female Reploid subject...]

The female Reploid waited a few seconds before she realized what Kosa was doing. With all due haste she angrily hissed at him, "I told you, you need to act like YOU are taking ME in there. Otherwise your cover is blown!" The security Galleon repeated itself, this time adding one more line. "FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE RETIREMENT."

"You're an idiot. What makes you think I have an ID!? I got around completely unnoticed before without one!" Kosa hissed back. "I'm fed up with this..." His right arm, which was currently a buster, twitched slightly. His left hand slipped down next to her right one. "If you have an ID, hand it to me. If not, I'll have no choice but to dispatch your guard."

Acting quickly, Kosa's 'companion' slipped a small chip into his hand, along with one more sentence before clamming up. "Whatever you do, DON'T INSERT THAT ID CHIP INTO YOUR BODY. It's teeming with dormant Hive."

Kosa held it out to the guard silently. "ID confirmation." I'm gonna wash this hand for three hours straight... disgusting Hive.

The Galleon took a moment to scan the I.D card, then wordlessly opened the doorway to the repair bay. Acting as if Kosa was leading her in, the mysterious Reploid closed the door behind them before turning her semi-glazed eyes to the black Reploid. " do realize that I was helping you out, correct? There was no call for insulting. I guess I should explain who I am now, hm?"

Taking a seat, the Reploid female inhaled and exhaled once, obviously in pain. "I... do beg pardon. In order to not be scrapped, I had to allow the Hive to possess my body. I managed to create a crude antidote, but it merely suppresses it. Neither does it remove the pain."

Kosa relaxed. "Well, it's gotta suck. You know, the only difference between you helping me, and me getting out by myself, is that you'd have been disposed of already. Good thing you spoke up. If you'd waited too long, I'd have sent you to the scrap heap. ...Hey, if you explain your situation, I'll explain mine."

The Reploid nodded. "Fair enough. But before we begin, Kosa, tell me... you had a companion with you, did you not? Was it who I think it was? Was that Reploid... Tryton?"

Kosa nodded, making no attempt to deny it, also doing his best to ignore that she already knew his name. "Yeah. How'd you know? Is he a friend of yours?"

The female Reploid's face lit up at Kosa's confirmation, and she nodded in the affirmative. "Yes, but he was more than just a friend, both he and his sister, the one you call Zephyra... Tryton was... IS my adopted son."

Kosa eyes widened. "Then... wait... but..." He took a second to mentally check his knowledge of Tryton's situation. "...Okay, so they had an adoptive human mother, then she was killed by Mavericks, and you adopted them? Was this before, or after Master E got ahold of them?" The shock of the last revelation had now worn off. There was less harshness to his tone, too. He had more questions, but he decided not to inundate her in them.

"Actually, I am their original adoptive mother... when my body was near death, Mavericks had taken me and kept me in stasis until the rise of Copy Elpizo, who granted me this body on one condition. That I serve him unquestioningly."

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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Tue Jun 11, 2013 6:30 am

Adro Research Lab Space Station

Nebula nodded. "Well, that explains a lot. I have no excuse for being psychotic." She was built as a Maverick... "...But that doesn't matter now. You're not a Maverick if you don't want to be. Reploids can make that choice themselves."

"..." Falcona remained silent. Evidently there was still something bothering her. After one last look at the room, she led the way further down the corridor, eventually leading to the powerless elevator shaft.

Nebula silently followed. We'll want to be quiet about prying the door open. If we draw attention to ourselves, we're in for a world of hurt...

After the tedious and boring stuff happened regarding prying the door open, Falcona and Nebula wall jumped up the inactive elevator shaft, the former not flying as to preserve what element of stealth they had left. They eventually reached the main deck of the station...

Once they reached the top of the shaft, Falcona shook her head. "Y'know Neb, for someone who's a Maverick Hunter, you seem t'be takin' my past pretty damn well. Hell, I'm surprised you haven't tried blasting me yet."

Nebula sighed. "Well, considering that I'm borderline Maverick myself... AND you're already a trusted ally... along with the fact that blasting you right now would screw me over, leaving me alone here with no information on where Model H is, or how to get there, or how to get out of here afterwards... I'd have to be both an idiot AND somewhat crazy to try anything. And you're not exactly a pushover." He continued kicking his way up. "...'Sides, Zero was originally a Maverick, too. Would I shoot Zero for being born Maverick? And it's not your fault, how you were built."

Falcona froze. "... I wasn't just made Maverick... Nebula, by all rights I AM a Maverick! Even now, an altered version of that damned Sigma Virus is livid within my system! Not only in me, but in every f***ing thing that was spawned in this station!" She hung her head. "The only thing keeping me sane, even if slightly, is this..."

Falcona held up what looked like an injector needle in her left hand. "This is an antidote for my infection. It suppresses the more violent drives that virus creates, but it's not perfect. I gotta stick m'self with it every so often, otherwise I'll... I'll lose it completely. I did once, hundreds of years ago... when I was first created, that virus caused me t'kill almost all the researchers here. 'Course, they tried to stop me, but I was insane. Murderously insane. I broke free and somehow got down to Terra."

She clenched her right hand tightly. "I caused all kinds of problems. Anythin' that crossed me died, even Maverick Hunters. I decided it was 'fun', and set about to kill 'em all off. I nearly succeeded, too. Even Zero, Axl and X didn't stand much of a chance. I took 'em all on at once and nearly obliterated them. ...then I had to face Dracoex. Now, if there was ever a close fight I've ever been in, it was that. We nearly blew each other to hell, we did. He won, however. Managed to knock me out and supply me with this injector system."

<*Axl was a Maverick Hunter who joined at the beginning of Mega Man X 7, triggering the Red Aleri Incident. He was a prototype for the New Generation Reploids, equipped with the ability to copy other Reploids' forms and abilities to a degree. He worked with X and Zero as a team, but is often looked down upon by the fandom for only appearing in games after the non-canon X6, making Axl effectively non-canon himself. For the purposes of the story, he's canon.>

"'Cuz of that encounter, I couldn't remember who I was or what I had done for a long time... so none of them ever found out where I was from. When I finally recalled it all, I was damn right mortified, I was. So, I swore not another soul would ever know my secret. Not even ghosty-boy or Drac know 'bout this. You're the only one who knows 'sides me now, Neb... I'm a Maverick Hunter in the most literal sense of the words."

Nebula closed his eyes. "I see... I can't really imagine what it must be like, to have your will taken from you, forced to kill everything in sight. I mean, I come close to losing it in the heat of battle, but it's not nearly as bad..."

"I could try to analyze your program, and find a way to fix it, but I'm sure you don't want to be modified. I don't know what to do about it... We'll have to try to complete the mission, for now. This place is really messing with both of our heads..."

Falcona nodded, relieved to have gotten her worries off her mind, then added one last thing before continuing. "If I lose it Neb, don't hold back. Somethin's telling me I won't come back from another bout with that damn virus."

A few minutes later saw the pair inside of a large room, with doors leading to several very specialized habitation rooms, each with hundreds of different species of flora viewable inside through large windows. However, whatever creatures that existed therein had died by now, their remains hidden under the brush. "Poor bastards. Locked up inside there with not a scrap of food. Damn bad way t'die."

Whatever reply Nebula was about to utter was cut off by a sudden, intense vibration that rocked the area. It was followed by a fleshy, squishing sound from above, along with a slow dripping noise that accompanied several large tears of blood that fell around the pair. Looking up, Falcona jumped back and swore violently. "HOLY MOTHER F***ING S***!! What in the damn name of bloody hell is THAT?!"

Above the pair was a huge, bulbous fleshy creature, easily fifty feet in diameter. It looked like some huge mass of muscle tissue that was constantly bleeding thick, poisoned blood. It had four massive, bloodshot eyes that surrounded a gaping maw, filled with inwards curving teeth. From its grotesque body sprouted five limbs, each one of them supporting it by clinging to the circular room's walls, holding it above the pair of Reploids. Each limb ended in a massive foot, tipped with four suction cups that gave it grip on the stainless Duratanium surface.

"Dammit, what IS that thing!? Some kind of monster?! And, this may sound off topic, but how do you think Tryton and Kosa are doing?” Nebula ignited his Starsaber, ready to cut it apart. "...And, if you did go Maverick... I don't think I could bring myself to kill you. I think I'd just be a moron and do whatever I could to fix you. I'm just stupid that way, I guess."

"What, that psychotic freak and his scythe-happy moron friend? Pfft, I wouldn't be surprised if they were nothin' but scrap right now. Speaking of which, we won't be much better off unless we blow this b**** to pieces, and fast!" Charging up her Shoulder Cannons, Falcona held fire for just a few seconds, allowing her to run a scan for weak points on the creature... " I'll send you the data, Neb. Blast it to hell!" ...then she let all hell loose, aiming for the monstrosity's eyes.

>>>Scan Result - Abolisher

The Abolisher is a bio-mechanical organism that was created for military applications. It was compromised of an armored and semi-sentient exterior that was connected inside by organic matter, and was infected with an altered form of the Sigma Virus to boost its destructive power levels. However, after two hundred years it seems its armor has either rusted away or has been engulfed in its mutated flesh. The change in its systems seems to have been caused by the Sigma Virus, but it has also somehow infected its organic components. Scans are inconclusive as to why.

Nebula switched for his Buster, rapid-firing at the face, aiming for the eyes.

" 'There is no way to strengthen one's eyes against attacks.' "

All of Nebula and Falcona's attacks hit home, causing the creature's eyes to snap shut as it shrieked in agony. In response, it widened its maw and heaved, before it began belching bright green stomach acids at the pair. The very air around the foul stream was livid with chemically generated heat, and the Duratanium that was hit began to erode at an alarming rate.

With a colorful oath, Falcona jumped upwards to evade the attack, but was not quite fast enough to escape all of it. Some of the corrosive acid had hit her left calf, from which a noxious steam began to rise. Looking downwards, the grey Reploid's face turned to one of panic as she saw her leg armor melting off. "F***! I've seen screwy before, but this is just WRONG!"

Nebula had made an attempt to dodge, but his right arm still got caught in the acid.


He yelled in agony as he forcibly removed his right gauntlet, throwing it aside. Some acid had gotten onto his arm, enough to incapacitate it. "This is one severe handicap..."

He picked up his gauntlet, let the acid run its course and drip off, then put what was left of it back on his arm. "Dammit..."

After stripping off the now useless leg armor, Falcona shot above the grotesque monstrosity, hoping to land atop it and blow it apart with impunity. What greeted her however was not just the bare back of the creature, but a huge mass of vine like fleshy tubes and tentacles that stretched up to the roof, connecting the hideous creature to... whatever was further up.

"Daaaaamn, it's even got its own anchor support. Hey, Neb! Think you can slice some of these tentacles away? I've got a strange feeling about those things..."

Nebula shuddered as he pulled his Saber out. "Why the hell did it have to be tentacles?" he leapt up and began to sever them, one by one.

Copy Elpizo’s Fortress

Kosa sighed. "Man, I'm glad you spoke up. If I'd shot you and ran, I'd never have known. Well... so you have the Hive inside your body? That's a scary thought. Of course, I like your thinking, regarding the unquestioned servitude... you don't QUESTION it, but you're just fine helping me sneak out."

"Well, I'd love to help you, I really would, but we'd have to let Tryton know about the change in plans. Plus, I haven't completed my objective. Remember when I was giving Master E that BS report about the moon? You noticed how I really drew it out with unnecessary information? I was stalling for time. I was scanning him so that I could get a complete copy of his programming, so that we could figure out what was wrong with it. ...And, for the record, the info I gave him was legitimate, technically speaking. I DID notice some weird changes on the lunar surface."

"Well, better a truth than a lie. I am grateful that you wish to help, but now, there is little that can be done for me. I am just... glad that my son is safe. I can only assume his sister is as well. Well, I cannot detain you any longer. Time grows short, and we cannot afford to waste it."

She stood up and walked over to the doorway, keying in the code to unlock it, but not activating the mechanism. "Here, we must bid each other farewell, Kosa. Good luck with your quest. ...But one last thing. Don't tell either Tryton or Zephyra about me. They'd lose sight of what must be done if they heard tell."

Kosa nodded solemnly. "I'll keep that secret to the grave if necessary. Still... I have to complete my objective. I need about thirty more seconds of scanning Copy Elpizo before I can leave. If it's not 100%, then it's no good."

Tryton's mother nodded. "I understand. Now hurry, before your ruse is uncovered!" Setting the door to unlatch itself, she walked over to a nearby restraining chair and locked herself in it. Giving Kosa a nod, she shut herself down as part of the facade, her eyes closing over as the door finished opening.

Kosa stepped out, immediately putting up his own facade. He briskly started in the direction of the throne room again...

...When he reached the door, he requested a brief audience. "I malfunctioned before I could finish the report. Please allow me to resume and conclude it with the remaining information, as it may prove to be important regarding the lunar situation."

Let's hope this works...

The sixteen Hived Galleon Soldiers that guarded the doorway to Master E's throne room lowered their Busters at the sight of Kosa. "ACCESS DENIED. INITIATE ORDERS: KILL ON SIGHT. OPEN FIRE." Their actions were instant, and they all fired off rapid fire bursts of Buster fire.


That was the last thing the guards ever heard. In less than a second, Kosa had cut them down, and was now stepping boldly into the throne room.

"Weeeeeell, if it isn't his excellency Master E."

[Progress: 97.21%]

"I think we should have a little talk... I wasn't done with that report. I suppose you don't care anymore, though." He smirked, looking around. "Nice place. Makes you feel like you're on top of the world, right?"

Dammit... This is gonna come back to bite me later. He's gonna tighten his defenses, so the next time is gonna take some force. That, or we're gonna need to step it up in the stealth department.

"Aren't you even worried? After all, Innerpeace has captured one of your strongest subordinates. You seemed pretty bored with my little speech earlier... But it sure didn’t seem like you were anxious to get anything done. What the hell kind of ruler do you think you are? You couldn't even stop a lone Maverick from getting in. This is why your Hive is so pathetic... half of your forces are Innerpeace soldiers who are brainwashed, so you can't tell the difference between one of yours and the enemy!"

"Tch, you really ought to look into something nifty... called 'Standard Issue Uniforms'."

[Scan complete. Subject "Copy Elpizo/Master E" AI program has been copied.]

Time to get the hell outta here.

Next to his throne, Copy Elpizo had his back turned to Kosa while the black Reploid performed his monologue. After he had finished, the purple Reploid sighed and shook his head, obviously disappointed with something. "...Did you think that I am truly blind, Kosa? Unlike Copy X, I am not some mere puppet being played from behind the scenes. What I fail to understand though is why you, a fellow Reploid, would choose to fight for humans instead of embracing the paradise I am trying to bring to our world."

He turned around, flipping some loose strands of hair out of his vision. Placing his right hand on his hip, he chuckled slightly. "Ah, but I'm sure you are just like the others. X, Zero, the lot. All those misguided fools who seek only their own destruction. You care not for my 'speeches.' Why, you even share the same sentiments as that Nebula character! That alone should shed some light on the folly of your actions."

Squarely facing Kosa now, Master E closed his eyes and sighed once more, lowering his head before continuing. "Also... when one is confronted with might such as mine, you should not question their military strength and prowess. Even as we speak, my personal doomsday force is on its way to the Innerpeace Headquarters. Soon enough, they will fall, even if they could somehow coerce Tryton and Zephyra to join them. ...Even if my beloved kin, who betray me, should die, I will gladly sacrifice them for the greater good. Even if you leave, Kosa, it will not impact my inevitable victory. Farewell..."

And with that, the copy of Elpizo turned heel and left, walking through a door that lead deeper into his fortress, leaving Kosa alone in the gargantuan throne room.

Kosa stood, dumbfounded. "What..." His rage exploded into the empty room. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN I'M LIKE HIM!? I'll... I'll kill you myself, damn you... Tch, fine! I can't believe he'd just waltz out..." He turned around and ran out, quickly assimilating himself, taking a prolonged, winding path to the meeting place, to make sure nothing was following him.

He entered. "Tryton, we have to hurry. They're already on the way to attack the Innerpeace morons, and we can't have them dying on us yet. And... Get this." his tone harshened. "...He was willing to 'sacrifice' you and your sister, if it would mean his victory. Man, I can't stand him..."

What did he mean... my sentiments, similar to Nebula's...? No way. That blasted Hunter is nothing like me. He's a cold-blooded ignoramus who kills anybody who gets in the way of his mission, or gets put on the list of targets... And he favors those damn humans above Reploids. Ugh, I really hate the idea that we're not gonna blast that Copy Elpizo.

"All the more reason for fix 'im then, dammit! C'mon, let's haul ass! I ain't gonna stand around when there's a fight to be had!"

Kosa spat. "Right. You're the pilot, again. We'll worry about our destination AFTER we're in the clear, okay?" He got in, waiting for Tryton to take the pilot's seat and get them out.

Nodding, Tryton slammed the throttle forward, causing the ship to lurch forward and streak away from Copy Elpizo's fortress, its jets screaming as they emitted white/blue flames. Not five minutes later, the twosome were streaking across the skies towards the Innerpeace Headquarters, clinging to the hope they were not too late...

Once they gained some distance, Tryton sat back and exhaled. "Damn, what a machine. ...Say, what took ya so long in there, Kosa? Also, what was the cause of that energy spike I detected?"

Kosa sighed. "They got violent, and I got impatient. For the record, they shot first. It's just that only my attacks hit their targets. Of course, I didn't do anything too crazy. Just had a little chat with Copycatking."

His tone grew more urgent. "That guy was way too smug... I mean, he didn't even try to kill me. He just... said his piece and walked away. Dammit, he knows how to cut my ego down to size. Well, more importantly, he sent his army to attack Innerpeace. We'd better open up a channel to them once we're well-hidden, and see what's up on their end."

Tryton sat back up. "Better than nothin', I'm sure. Well, we'd better get a move on then." Five minutes later, after Tryton had piloted the small craft to a relatively safe section of sky, he killed the afterburner and let the ship fly at its lowest operational speed, allowing them time to avert their course if need be. Looking back at Kosa, he nodded. "We're in the clear. You go ahead and try to raise them, Kosa."

Kosa wasted no time reaching for his comm set. Then... he realized that he didn't know how to call Innerpeace. Was he supposed to call X, or maybe there was a reference desk he should call...? In fact, he didn't know how to call anybody but Nebula and Falcona, the two he had engaged in battle at their base.

Talk about irony.

Not that he had any idea they weren't there. He tried calling them anyway.

Adro Research Labs Space Station

With many a gut wrenching hiss and slither, each of the tentacles that Nebula sliced into fell apart, writhing and flailing about in agony. From their extensions above from which they were cut, a most odd thing poured out. Issuing from the tips of the severed, blood red tubes was, surprisingly, plasma energy. Upon seeing it, Falcona snapped her fingers. "That's it! This thing is what caused the black out! Neb, this huge stalk is attached to the reactor core! I'd bet it's relying on that energy as its life support. If we can either shut down the reactor or severe this huge tube of his, I think we'll have it!"

Nebula gave a shout. "On it!" He began to hack at the tube. He reached for his 'ear' to answer the Comm, which had begun to beep at him, but he found that the acid had melted it slightly, and he couldn't press the button. "...Dammit, who's calling now?!"

The Sky

Kosa sighed. "That jackass won't pick up. I'll try the other one."

Adro Research Labs Space Station

Falcona was flying around the Abolisher, helping Nebula in blasting away at the tentacles, when all of a sudden her own comm began to ring. Startled, the grey Reploid accelerated at an alarming rate, nearly slamming into Nebula and going straight through three stalks with just impact alone. Now covered in slime and dampened plasma, Falcona swore violently before answering the caller.

"What is it?! In case you haven't noticed, Drac, I'm in the middle of a mis- wait, you're not Dracoex... wait, KOSA?!?! HOW THE F*** DID YOU EVEN GET MY NUMBER?! You.... you... you STALKER! You are SO gonna get it when I get back from blasting this thing, d'ya hear me?! I swear, I'm gonna blow your ashes to smithereens after I'm done blasting..."

...Evidently she was not pleased to hear from Kosa, and continued her rant for about a solid minute. During this time, the Abolisher had decided to take things to the next level, literally. Retreating upwards away from the pair, it started reconnecting it's tendrils to the reactor core far above, drawing in energy for what looked like a nastily powerful beam attack.

The Sky

Tryton winced as he heard Falcona's voice actually erupt from Kosa's comm. "Pretty pissed off, ain't she?"

Kosa sighed. "Yeah. It's too bad my Comm doesn't work normally. I actually have to meet somebody and know their name, and sometimes scan them, in order to call them, if I don't have their number. Stupid link-based phone."

He yelled back into the comm. "Shut up for a second and listen, or next time we fight, I won't leave enough of you to be fixed! King Faker is sending some kinda attack force to Innerpeace, and I just thought I'd let you dumbasses know ahead of time!"

Adro Research Labs Space Station

Nebula narrowly evaded Falcona, then noticed the enemy beginning to charge up. "What in the...?! F-Falcona, this isn't good. Could you help for a second?" He rushed to cut the tubes, trying to slow down the charge rate. After all, if it had no energy supply, it wouldn't be able to finish the preparations to attack...

Glancing up at the charging Abolisher, Falcona clenched her left fist tightly from frustration before snarling back into her commlink. "Like there's jack s*** I can do about that right now, idiot. We're too busy fighting off something you'd be grateful for us killing, but thank me later! Now, if you'd so kindly excuse me..."

Not even bothering to hang up, the grey Reploid shook her head and accelerated towards the Abolisher. However, the fleshy creature's charge had finished in the short time Falcona had taken to finish her 'conversation,' and with a blast of blinding energy, fired off an arcing beam that encased and slammed the grey Reploid into the circular room's walls. "RrrraaaAAAARRGH!!!!"

Screaming out in pain, Falcona crashed to the ground, plasma coursing throughout her systems as she struggled to stand back up. However, the force of the blow had dealt enough damage to ground her permanently for the battle, and she could barely speak, let alone fight. "D-d-damn tha-a-at bas-stard... N-n-n-Nebula! I-i-it should be we-weakened a-a-after that atta-a-ack! S-s-eee if you can'tzzk nail it har-r-rd now!"

Nebula's eyes focused for a second, and he leapt at the core, burying his Starsaber in it. He equipped the Fire Chip for good measure, and was now trying to burn the creature alive, from the inside.

"It's too bad that I have to make your death so swift. I would've been glad to give you a more painful end, but I have to end this as effectively as possible... So, you'll just have to burn."

Squealing and shrieking something awful, the Abolisher began to thrash about violently in agony as Nebula's StarSaber burnt it from within, causing its flesh to ignite from the ravenous flames. Flailing its limbs around, it flung its tormenter off of its body in its mindless rage, but the damage had been done. The tentacles that had coupled the monstrosity began to melt, severing the creature from the life giving reactor. With a massive crash it fell to the floor, where it continued to writhe about as its body slowly melted away, revealing its former mechanical exoskeleton that its flesh had engulfed.

Eventually it faded away, leaving the pair of warriors in an eerily silent room. All that was left of the hideous Abolisher was the armor, a small pond of putrid fluids and a strange glowing item that floated where it had died. It looked like a small, portable generator, and it glowed with an electric blue aura. Before Nebula could do anything with it, it floated over to Falcona and, in a bright blue flash, absorbed itself in her systems.

Once the glow had subsided, Falcona was standing erect, holding a confident pose with her MWB outstretched. Charging up energy, she fired off a single missile that shot at a blinding speed into a nearby wall. The explosion was one of an electrical storm that scorched and melted the Duratanium as if it was butter. Lowering her weapon, Falcona's face grew pleased as the following message played on her HUD.


"Well well well, never knew the old doctors had anything for me up here. Guess this trip to hell wasn't such a waste after all, huh Nebula?"

Nebula shook his head. "I guess not."

He touched his face, noticing that he still had his 'scary-kill-stuff-with-death' expression.


"...M... my face is stuck." He punched his own face a couple of times, restoring his ability to move his psuedo-muscles.

"Well, let's move on. I bet you'll tear right through with your new weapon."

The Sky

Kosa sighed. "She's not at the base. We'll have to go ourselves... I'm sure you already know where to go. When we get close, make sure you slow down so they don't shoot us down."

Tryton scratched his head - or where he would scratch his head if he didn't have a helmet on - before responding. "What' about 'em? Can't they hold their own, and since when did YOU start caring?"

"Tch. It'll be ten times harder to destroy Kathros if Master E is still psycho, and if I don't have access to the resources of a huge organization, like Innerpeace's forces or Copy Elpizo's." Kosa muttered. "And I'll never get to beat down X and Zero, or even Nebula, if they all die now. And, while I'm sure they can handle it... I don't take chances."

He looked at his arm cannon. "...Besides, if they die, the chance of saving Master E is near zero. Do you want to take chances with that?"

Tryton muttered ill-temperedly, obviously not pleased at the prospect of aiding Nebula's allies. "You gotta remember, Kosa. You ain't the only one who has a bone t'pick with Nebula." Nevertheless, the Grim Reaper throttled the ship, causing it to veer towards the east, towards the Innerpeace Headquarters.

"Tch, the guy makes my blood boil... and he's a Maverick Hunter... but, if it comes down to it, you can eliminate him. In fact... I may be satisfied with just Kathros. X and Zero are nothing but humans now. If they tried to retire me, I would easily be able to terminate them, then and there."

"One way of puttin' it. Well... I guess Dr. Light can wait for now. If things are as bad as ya think they are, we'd better get movin' to that headquarters." Eventually the small ship's viewport gave light to the events unfurling around the massive complex. The sun was setting, so it was difficult to make out exactly what was transpiring there, but the energy readings around the base were immense.

Adro Research Labs Space Station

Falcona nodded and turned towards the door they had originally intended to enter. She looked over her shoulder at the wall she blasted, down at her MWB, then nodded again before opening the hatch. "Hellz yeah."

The inside of the next room was very cluttered. It was a storage room that held all sorts of prototype weaponry, all of it by now outdated and obsolete. However, sitting atop one of the shelves and covered in dust, was a small green and yellow object. Tilting her head, Falcona picked up the strange item and shook the dust off, looking at it curiously. "...This IS what we're after, right?"

Nebula gave a low whistle. "...Yep, this is Biometal Model H. Hey, wake up, you. I hate to impose upon you, but we need your help. You can continue to rest in peace when it's over for real."

Will Model H even respond to me? And then there's another matter... They have no records of Model A. Did the Albert of this dimension have time to create it?

Several seconds passed by, then a minute, then a few more, all without a response. Her frustration rising, Falcona began to violently shake Model H up and down, attempting to force a response out. "C'mon you stupid, rock! We don't have all day!"

There wasn't a single word out of the Biometal, and it remained completely inert in the grey Reploid's hand. Giving it a look of dull annoyance, Falcona shook her head before turning to face Nebula. "Might be broken, might be sleepin'. But whatever it is, we can't just stand here and find out. When I had gotten a call on m'commlink, it was from... Kosa, if you can imagine that. He said that Copy Elpizo had decided to launch some kinda attack on the Innerpeace HQ, so we'd better haul ass over there."

While Falcona couldn't hear it, a voice emanated from Model H after she had finished, and with it was carried a familiar sense of justified smugness. Hmph. Impatient and foul mouthed. Even if my voice could reach this one, I would not waste my time on her. I apologize for my previous silence, but I have seen so many specters of events like this in the past, that I had to assure myself of your reality first.

"Ah, good. Falcona, you can't hear him, judging by that look you're giving me. Sorry, Biometal, uh... can only talk to certain people. For some reason, Foxstar and I are in the group, and you're not. See, Biometal communicate telepathically." Nebula explained. "And the ones they can talk to are the ones who can use their power. Kinda redundant, in my case... Model H, we'll fill you in on the details when we get back to HQ. I'm sure you're going to have an interesting conversation with our Rekku General..."

"...Wait, did you just say Kosa? Why would he... An attack!? Let's hurry up the return trip!"

Very well. I trust you all have a good reason for this.

Falcona grumbled as they ran back through the station towards the docking bays, obviously upset over the whole Biometal issue. "'Chosen One' my eye. Not only is that just one hell of a stupid gimmick, that whole chosen one stuff is so damn overused it's not even funny!"

Fifteen minutes later saw the Archangel jetting out of the Adro Research Station and back towards Terra, its occupants not sparing the horses to get away from the wretched place. Looking back at it as they circled past, Falcona glared out at the construct. "Good riddance. Someday, I'm gonna go back there and dismantle that hellhole for good. Even if it's not my future, I'm not proud of my past in the damn slightest. That's somethin' I have to rectify eventually."

As they began to reenter the atmosphere, the call alert light went off on the control board. Punching the receive button, Falcona's eyebrows went up at the sight of Mega Man X, his hologram floating in front of the pair. His message was somewhat distorted due to the reentry, and parts of it were hard to discern. "Ne---a! Falco--! We -eed you bo-- ---n here ASAP! Copy Elpi-- --s launched an at---k on our Headquart---!"

There was a large explosion on the other end, and X vanished for a second. The sound of Charged Buster fire was heard, followed by yet another explosion, and the Blue Bomber reappeared. "Things are r---ly ba- -own here! Please, hurry!"

Falcona nodded, "Don't worry, X! We're on our way!" and jammed the throttle to maximum speed, causing the ship to lurch forward and shake, shattering the sound barrier as it screamed Earthward.

The Sky

"...That's not a good sign," Kosa remarked. "This ship wasn't really designed with raining death from the skies in mind... And YOU have to stay hidden. I refuse to complicate things by letting them know you're working for the opposition."

He sat there, thinking of a strategy. "...Hm, we should check in to see if they know already. Tryton, I'm gonna jump ship above the enemy. I work well against massive groups of enemies. You keep flying and land at their HQ, and then make sure they know what's going on. If you can, get their contact info registered in the ship's computer so we don't have to deal with that bull**** again."

Tryton nodded and prepared to bring the ship in, when something caught his eye. "Huh?" Taking a moment to look at a flashing display, the Grim Reaper's face became one of confusion. "What in the name of bloody... Kosa! Those energy readings just were identified. They're X and Zero's ones, and they're fighting... each other?!"

"What the hell!? Why would those two Hunters fight each other?! Dammit, killing them is MY job!" Kosa immediately ejected, falling, spiraling to the ground, directly above the source of one of the enemy readings.

["I'll steal one of their vehicles and try to cause as much mayhem as possible before I investigate. Keep in touch and tell me what's going on if you find out before I do!"]

The Atmosphere, aboard the Archangel

Nebula pounded the interior of the ship. "They attacked while we were away!? So, Kosa was telling the truth... Let's hurry! I'm gonna see if this works..."

He closed his eyes, holding one hand over the gem on his forehead.

In his mind, the image of the garage at HQ appeared. There was a deafening roar, and his point of view moved forward rapidly. It shot up the stairs (with some strange bumping sounds) and made straight for X's last known location.

X2 appeared in his viewpoint, looking like he'd seen a ghost. He dived out of the way at the viewpoint flew past him, then he ran ahead, keeping up with it. "Why is Nebula's bike moving on its own!?"

["Yo, X2. I'm remote-controlling Target Chaser to find out what's going on. I can probably do some damage, while I'm at it, or at least get this thing to the landing point, so I'll have it when I arrive."]

In a field, surrounded by all sorts of Mavericks both small and freaking huge, there was a pair of combatants going all out on each other. Indeed, one had red armor and a ponytail like the Red Raiders while his opponent sported the blue armor of Mega Man X, but there was something different about both of them. If one looked close enough, 'Zero's face had a maniacal, bloodthirsty look pasted on, while 'X's face was rather... emotionless.

"Ha ha HA! It's been too long since I've been whole! BURN, MORTAL!!!"

Flailing his O-Saber like a madman, Omega sliced and slashed at an insane speed at the X-lookalike, who deftly dodged each attack. This only fueled the God of Destruction's desire to destroy his foe, and the flurry of slashes increased to an almost invisible rate. Sensing the impending danger, 'X' flipped backwards with a Charge Shot primed... only to take two to the stomach, as well as a Kougenjin that sent him flying.

Before he even landed, Omega was atop him, his red eyes gleaming with an insane pleasure as he drew his O-Saber upwards, bringing it down and pile driving it through his foe's face. This resulted in an explosion that blew 'X' apart, but barely phased the God of Destruction. Laughing maniacally, Omega faced the Maverick swarm and glared daggers at them. "Who else has a death wish? Come fools, meet your end!"

From the huge throng, another figure walked forward. Holding up a very large Saber, what looked like Colonel struck a battle pose while facing the red Reploid. Grinning, Omega flipped the remains of 'X' into a pile of corpses behind him, spinning his O-Saber in anticipation. "It will rain blood tonight!"

X2 burst in on Omega and the Colonel. "You! Colonel of the Repliforce?! Omega, you've turned traitor!?" He charged his X-Buster, donning the First Armor. "I won't let you escape!"

Target Chaser silently rolled in, staying off to the side.

["X2, just ask, and I can help you out. Having a rolling blade arsenal is usually an advantage."]

Then, everything exploded.

There was a burst of pink-purple-ish light, and the room was wrecked, even more so than before.

And now, kneeling behind the two enemies...

"...Hmph. A Maverick Hunter wannabe from the Repliforce, and a pitiful excuse for a Maverick? I'm gonna terminate you both."

...was Kosa.

"Y-you!?" X2 exclaimed. "We don't have time to deal with all three of you at once!"

Kosa snapped at X2. "Don't mistake me for one of them, dammit! I'm here to clean up the trash so that your stupid army doesn't get wiped out!" He pointed his TELOS Buster at Colonel. "...I'll kill you first. X2, you can take on Omega."

[Analyzing "Colonel" to increase weapon effectiveness...]

X2's buster began to glow red, signaling that it was charged to the third level. "Explain yourselves!"

Omega sneered at X2, contempt heavy in his voice. "Oh, what's this? Now that I'm helping to defend your pathetic lives, you turn your weapons towards me? How typical of 'heroes'. If you have not even bothered to look..." here he paused, gesturing towards the Colonel look-alike, "these are mere copies of past warriors. Would you have it against me if I slayed them in place of you?"

From among the Maverick horde, a green flash shot skywards, carrying another figure with it. Seconds later it came crashing downwards into the ground near Omega, piledriving what looked like Cinnamon into the hard earth. Standing over his shattered foe, Harpuia grunted ill-temperedly. "He's right. Model O Megamerged with his original body, and as much as I detest the thought of it... Omega is our ally in this fight."

The God of Destruction laughed. "Oh, cruel irony. What a harsh mistress she must be for you, Sage Harpuia. But I digress, wouldn't it be far more prudent to focus our wrath on our foes instead of each other? It would benefit us far more, I'm sure."

Inside of the Innerpeace Headquarters, still bound and chained inside of her holding cell, Zephyra chuckled quietly as she detected the sounds of combat outside. Her mirth was not without reason. "Heheheh... so, you fools let your biggest weakness, compassion, be your downfall once more. I will not be swayed, and once I am free I shall eradicate you all!"

Several rooms over, Nebula was fighting a group of X clones. He certainly didn't seem to be holding back. In fact, the sight of them seemed to enrage him.

"All you damn fakers are gonna burn..."

He went as far as punching through one's chest, using it as a shield from several enemy attacks, then throwing it and cutting them apart with several deft strokes.

"...Finally killed the bastards. Now, where are the rest of them!?"

Kosa lowered his weapon. "I had to be sure. Now, what's the story behind Colonel?"

"His story? That's simple." One dash and a slice later left the Colonel copy decapitated upon the ground, Omega smirking as he returned his attention to Kosa. "He was an enemy, but no longer. Now, let us return our focus to our guests. Heh heh... it's been so long since I had such a glorious chance to satisfy my blood lust... around two hundred years, to be more specific."

"Wait, what?! I mean, it was obvious that wasn't the real X, but..." X2 stammered, doing the same.

"Tch, you could try watching your mouths. I mean, you totally gave use the wrong impression." Kosa remarked. "Well, let's hurry and kill 'em off."

[Analysis cancelled.]

Target Chaser shot out of the room...

...And into the room Nebula was in. He jumped on, ready to carve out a path through whatever enemies were in his way.

"Damn that Copy Elpizo... well, he made the wrong choice, sending copies after us. It's just making me feel MORE motivated!"

The White Reploid came across a fake version of himself. "What a pathetic construct."

He didn't hesitate for a second in cutting it down.

"Gah! I-I can't tell who's who here!" Running and dodging as fast as she could, Sola evaded several copies that her cornered in a corridor, included Zero, Leviathan, Vile and even Shadow clones. She did her best to fight them off, but at times found herself unable to bring her blade to bear on what looked like her friends. So, instead of continuing a full out assault on the invaders, Sola fled. Hallways later, where there was less activity than most, the pink Reploid stopped to catch her breath.

"My my, aren't we flustered today?"

Whirling around, Sola froze in fear at the all-too familiar sight of Kathros, sitting with his legs crossed in an idle fashion. "Y-you! Get away from me!" Laughing, Kathros waved a hand airily, excluding an aura of indifference. "I have no intents to harm you myself, so there is no need to worry about me, my dear..."

Backing up, not taking her eyes off of the vile being, Sola failed to notice a copy of Axl that had made its way behind her. With a swift motion, it brought the handle of his gun down on her head, knocking her out cold. "...but you should learn to watch your back," Kathros finished before giving the copy a nod. Following some unseen order, the Axl clone turned heel and left as its master bent down over the pink Reploid, reaching a hand out towards her...

"Uhg... what happened...?" Slowly Sola's eyes flickered open as her consciousness returned, along with her memories of what had transpired. "I was running from those copies... I got away from them, and... I saw Kathros... wait, is he still here?!"

Flipping upright, her S-Saber extended whirled around, looking around for any sign of the black cloaked man. There was no physical sign of him, but his voice was clear as crystal in the room. "So, you have awakened? Good, very good. I would not want to you to miss this."

"Show yourself! I-I'm not afraid of you, monster!"

"It's not me you should be fearing, soulless one..."

From the air above, dark particles of unearthly matter began to congregate before Sola, uniting with an electric blue aura that was tainted with a vile darkness. The result was a figure which, in all physicality, was Sola's perfect equal. But it was easily distinguishable from the pink Reploid by a number of signs.

Its torso armor was midnight black and its legs and arms, while still silver in color, had lines of darkness etched across their length. Its hair was silver, while its ear spikes were black and electric blue. Its face was pure white, having no color whatsoever.

When it opened its eyes, they were revealed have the same blue color, only its pupils were so dark as to be voids. Raising up its right arm, the copy of Sola held no expression of emotion as it generated a Sonicboom Buster of its own, charging energy.

"'s yourself."

Nebula rounded another corner. I'm just fine with this, and I can distinguish between friend and foe easily enough... but I imagine X, X2, and Sola would have trouble. X is a worrywart, Sola has less experience, and X2 has BOTH problems to deal with. X and X2 can survive easily enough. Sola should be fine, too, but... Why do I feel like I need to go find her, right now?

Kosa was increasingly frustrated. "Dammit, I was hoping to find some copies of Nebula! It would've been fun to kill one, even if it isn't the real deal."

Meanwhile, X2 seemed to have no trouble shooting down the fabrications. "Wow, it's a good thing I already know that they're fake. It's easy to tell them apart, too! Their faces give it away."

A missile streaked past X2 and over Omega, slamming into a foe rather alike a Cankerfly, which had been preparing to drown them in a shower of high explosives. The plasma energy caused it to short out completely, frying it from within and causing it to violently rupture. Landing next to X2, Falcona lined up another Maverick with her Plasma Missile and let fly, this time punching through and melting five foes at once. Looking over her shoulder at the copy of Mega Man X, the grey Reploid smirked. "Seems you ain't the only one with an overpowered weapon now! I've only been here five minutes, and I'm up to twenty six kills!"

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Nebula dashed right past two combatants, both a pink blur. He shot past, barely sparing them a glance. He had to find S-

...Wait, what?

He stopped and turned around, seeing two Solas fighting each other.

"...Okay, one of them has to be real. The enemy isn't smart enough to have their units attack each other to confuse us. If the fake one attacks me, that makes it easier to figure it out, so no worrying about that."

He cracked his knuckles and slowly, purposefully started walking over to the two.

"These fakers piss me off. I'd better be careful not to hit the real Sola, though."

While the pair were indistinguishable while speeding around as they were, once they stopped upon Nebula's entrance, the different and darker color scheme of the copied Sola became perfectly clear. Leveling her empty, cold stare at the white Reploid, she made no attempt to attack or escape. Instead, she merely stood still as a familiar voice filled the room.

"Ah, and like a knight in shining armor, here comes Nebula to save his precious friend. Nobility is such a cliche thing these days."

Materializing in front of the copy Sola, Kathros smiled darkly at Nebula. "You know, you really are funny things, Reploids. You think you are so high and mighty, and yet in all reality you're nothing more than animated, dead stone. Why on earth do you even bother with humanity? To prove that which you are not? What could you gain by doing so, other than your own death?"

Nebula looked at the copy with cold, malicious intent, not even glancing at Kathros to deliver his reply. "Tch. Why are YOU so motivated to cause us harm? You could say that I'm just doing what all Reploids were built for. Imitating humans. I guess copying others is all I'm good at... aside from destroying aberrants like you!'

He aimed a quick strike for her midriff, then spun around to kick her. "Fakers like you have nothing on the real deal! And for your information..."

Nebula dashed past her and pressed his Shining Laser to her back.

"...I'm not even a Reploid."

He pulled the trigger.

The Shining Laser punched right through Sola's doppelganger, but instead of exploding like one might have expected she merely dissipated into the same dark matter that had formed her body. With astounding swiftness, she reformed behind Nebula with her own, deep purple S-Saber poised to gut him when the real Sola slammed her in the stomach, causing her to miss by a hair's breadth.

Kathros chuckled at the small conflict, his arms crossed with amusement. "Not a Reploid? An actually likely story, considering how many other machines with sentience were made over these past few thousand years. But I digress, what poor form you have. You do realize that my little soldier here IS a living, breathing creature?"

Sola, who had been struggling with her duplicate in a fierce Saber clash, nearly lost her focus at hearing those words. Looking into her opponent's blank, emotionless face, she could not bring herself to believe Kathros. "You lie! Humans aren't like machines. They have emotions! They wouldn't be like... like this!"

"On the contrary, you'll find that this little creation of mine is very much alive." Snapping his fingers, the black cloaked man caused the Sola copy to slip, allowing Sola's blade to slice into her arm. She didn't even flinch from the wound, but from the fresh incision spilled out crimson blood. Human blood. Sola's face paled and she backed off, shaking at the sight. "How... how is that...?"

"Possible? Simple for one with my power. You see, since humanity decided to create loathsome machinations such as yourselves, I decided that a game of fire versus fire would prove entertaining. So, I simply emulated your creators, only in the opposite direction of the one they took. By crafting a human body, I filled it with my powers and granted it a life of its own... without granting it a soul."

Standing behind the listless Sola copy, Kathros smiled deviously. "The perfect opposite of what your kind strives to be, and the perfect tool for my ends. Such a creation at this pinnacle of its make deserves some form of separate recognition from you though... Nova. How fitting. While you are the star of this paltry group of soulless machines, my servant shall be the end of you."

Nebula stepped back. "Ugh, thanks for the save, Sola. ...What the hell are you going on about? That definitely doesn't explain what your problem is with us Reploids. In my book, you're just another villain, and you're gonna be splattered all over the walls when we're done with you! How can you call these things alive?! They're organic, that's obvious, but they're less human than we are!"

He touched a finger to his temple. "Even my failsafe, which stopped me from fighting one of your ghastly creations before, isn't stopping me from killing these fakes!"

I've already resolved to finish things. My own life doesn't matter, so long as things work out in the end. And... I'll have to resolve to kill these things. I'm not backing out because of his shameless tactics!

The White... Robot... became more agitated with each passing second, and the look on his face was bordering madness.

"Now, one last thing, Kathros... Define 'human.'"

Kathros sighed. "How irksome. You seek to test my mettle as well as my patience? Very well, I shall play this game of yours. To be human is to be alive. To possess a soul, and the boundless capacity that comes with it. You hold neither of these qualities, and while my little Nova does hold a living body, she too is soulless. Therefore you are all beneath my kind, and I will not hesitate to smite you down. But no matter for now; I have obtained what I need from this place."

A black portal formed behind Kathros, into which he stepped. Sola, her ire at the dark robed man peaking, dashed forward in an attempt to cut him off. However, 'Nova' was upon her in an instant, knocking her back into the wall and preventing her from interfering. Kathros looked over his shoulder and smiled. "Do not worry, my dear. Someday, you will have your chance at throwing your life away into my hands."

"No!" Her anger driving her, Sola made one last attempt to even slightly wound the foul being, but both Nova and Kathros vanished the instant before she could strike, causing her to crash into the floor face first. Bitterness welling up inside her, Sola punched the ground out of frustration. "That... that... HORRID person! How could he even be human?!"

Nebula closed his eyes. "...I don't see him as human. He may be able to logically argue that he is, but he lacks certain human emotions... or, at least, doesn't show them. Humans see Reploids as equals, and personify them. A real human doesn't look at a Reploid and think of it as a machine. There's this emotion called 'Compassion'... And if he has none, then I won't spare him any mercy when we finally get to fight him."

"Kathros talks like some big-shot scientist. He thinks he can explain everything. He is a fool if he thinks it is possible to do so. You can't devalue humanity by weighing it on a scale, by explaining it in such simple terms."

"While he may have a soul... If anything, he is without a heart."

Sola nodded in agreement. "Well, that makes sense. Someone like that is more like an animal than a human, and I'm not holding back when we meet again! ...we'd better get back to the others. Who knows what's going on out there by now."

Nebula relaxed. "...Hm. Were you alright, fighting copies of people you know? I mean, all it did for me was give me motivation, but you, uh... haven't exactly been doing this for centuries. And you're not as incredibly psychotic as me. ...You know, it's not bad that you couldn't bear to hurt them. It just shows how human you really are."

Me, on the other hand... I guess I'm not quite like that. I hate to face the idea, but... I'm a little dehumanized. But then... that means I had to be somewhat human to begin with. Maybe, when it's all over... I can return to being Knut.

Sola's face grew tight at the thought of the copies, and she rubbed her left shoulder ashamedly as she responded. "Well... yeah, I did have trouble. I mean, sure they're copies, and I know that they are, but the idea of having to kill something that looks so similar to someone I know seems... wrong."

She frowned and hung her head slightly as they walked. "You said that makes me more human, and that may be true, but... look at the others. X2 is a copy of X, who was, as far as I know, the most human of all machines. He doesn't have any trouble fighting those copies. Sometimes I wonder if Ciel had designed my programming off of a different basis, y'know, one other than X. Maybe that's why I'm different in this matter..."

The pink Reploid shook her head, seemingly realizing something. "Oh, I'm sorry Nebula. I was just thinking out loud, that's all."

Nebula sighed. "Well, I dunno about X2. I think it's because he's always working with me, and I'm having an influence on his psyche. You... I, uh, don't know what Ciel based you on. I mean, I helped build you, but I know virtually nothing of your programming."

Meanwhile, back outside, the Maverick threat was beginning to weaken slightly, but there were plenty of rogue machines afoot to be dealt with. Streaking above the horde, Harpuia and Falcona worked together to rain destruction like a summer monsoon, bombarding, melting and shocking enemies into oblivion.

Below, powerhouses Fefnir and X kept busy blasting foes with their powerful Busters, causing mayhem wherever they aimed. The roars of Ice Dragons signaled Fairy Leviathan's involvement in the conflict, followed by freezing blizzards and wide arcing slashes. Foes seemingly just dropped dead with multiple kunai protruding from their forms, no doubt the work of Phantom.

What foes survived the Zai'nei General's attacks were finished off by Wraith, tearing them limb from limb with his shadowy claws.


The shout erupted from down the hallway where the pair were walking, followed by the sound of a charged Saber smashing into some hapless foe. Sola froze as a copy of Shadow flew through the wall several feet ahead, promptly exploding against the other one as it collided with it. From the hole it had created, who should be walking through but Zero himself.

The Red Raider was still in a terrible state; his face was pale from the loss of blood and the strains of pain. He clutched his right arm as he staggered through the rubble, barely standing upright. "D...da...damn... you... Copy.... El... Elpizo... You... you will... pay... for this..."

"...Oh, hey, Zero! Having a rough time? Hey, I forget, were you able to use Model Z? Sola, let's stick with Zero. He's pretty hurt, and another enemy coming and finishing him would mess things up."

Sola nodded. "Right!" She put her arms under Zero's and attempted to help him stand.

His chest heaving from exertion, Zero coughed and spat out a glob of congealed blood before gasping out, "S... screw that... Biometal... couldn't merge... nearly... killed me.... trying..."

His face tightened for a moment, his eyes clenched shut and his teeth bared from the pain, before he continued. "But that's...not the worst... thing... right now. ...some person... black robes... kidnapped Ciel... d-damn this... body..."

"WHAT!?" Nebula yelled. "Kathros grabbed Ciel?! DAMMIT! We have no way of tracking that bastard down... And he's a sadistic villain who seems to think Reploids are inferior. ...What does he want with her? I think he considers the creation of Reploids to be a crime..."

His gaze wandered to Sola, and the absolute horror in his expression intensified.

"...He's either going to try to bring her to the side of evil, which won't work, or... he'll just kill her."

Sola's eyes widened and she nearly lost her grip on Zero, who was coughing out profanities as fast as his weakened lungs would allow. "I don't... know what... that... f***er 'Kathros'... wants with... Ciel... but I'll... I'll tear his... damn heart... out for this...! His... and that... jackass... Copy Elpizo... too..."

The Red Raider convulsed and heaved before throwing up again, shuddering from exertion as his body purged the infected fluids. Sola made a disgusted face and turned away from the sight, wrinkling her face from the memory of the event. "Ugh, you gotta wonder why some Reploids wish they could be human."

Recovering slightly from his bout, Zero shakily wiped his mouth before responding, slightly embarrassed by what he said. "W-well... I always DID... want... to see... what pancakes tasted like... plus, there... there was Ciel... which is... is why I'll... I'll personally... tear Kathros limb from limb! Erg...!"

Sola shook her head before repositioning her grip on Zero. "Well, regardless of that, we should get Zero back to the medical bay. That is, if there's anything left of it. Then we need to strike out and find Ciel. If we don't act quickly, who knows what's gonna happen."

Nebula reacted almost violently. "NO! We're not gonna use Flash Cloning on Zero! His body rejects it!" He seemed to catch himself. "...Ugh, sorry. I don't know if everybody got the memo yet, but Flash Cloning won't work on X or Zero. We'll have to patch you up as best we can with old-fashioned bandages and stitches, and I'll get to work immediately on finding out why the Biometal won't merge with you."

The White Reploid looked at the floor, disgusted at what he now had to say. "...Zero, I know you want to save Ciel now. But we don't stand a chance if you're still in this state. And we're sunk if you have to recover after every battle naturally. What we need is to prepare. Even if we rushed in, we wouldn't know where to go."

"First priority goes to healing you, and repairing the damage done by the attack. Then, we must get the Biometal to merge with you and X. After that, we must restore Master E's programming to the way it was meant to be. Finally, we will find and CRUSH Kathros. Are we all clear on this?!"

Zero nodded weakly at Nebula's statement, not in much of a position to disagree in the first place. Suddenly his eyes went wide and he pointed beyond Sola before forcing out a cry. "Look out!"

Holding Zero as she was, Sola wasn't fast enough to evade the barrage of Buster fire that a copy of Vile had shot at her. It nearly impacted her body, but right before they hit home a blue aura appeared behind the Pink Reploid, causing the shots to dissipate harmlessly. Taking the chance, Sola whipped her right arm around and blasted the copy with a quick charged shot. As the rogue machine fell to pieces, a timid male voice spoke up from next to her.

"Phew, I actually did it right this time!"

A small blue orb of light floated from Sola's body, which turned into a small little figure that hovered near her head. The Cyber Elf was a Hacker Elf and had the look of a small knight. His large eyes shone out from his ordinate helmet, and he struggled to hold his jagged edged sword as he shouldered it. Sola giggled slightly at the little figure.

"Thank goodness you did, Kenite! If you hadn't, I might be toast right now!"

Kenite held his right hand behind his back and shuffled his feet, blushing from the praise. "I-it wasn't anything, really..."

Looking to Nebula, Sola smiled. "Sorry I didn't introduce you right away. This is my Cyber Elf companion I was given before I went out on my mission with Phantom earlier, Kenite."

Nebula looked at Kenite. "Huh, another Cyber-Elf? Is he a Satellite-type, so he doesn't vanish?"

Sireff floated out of Nebula to greet this new friend. "Hiya! ^_^ I'm Sireff, a vitality-boosting Elf! Nice to meet you, Kenite!"

Nebula nodded. "Thanks for the save, little guy. Keep that chivalrous spirit going. But, uh... do you think you could cover us until we get Zero to safety?" He generated his Buster. "Sola, you carry Zero. I'll help you. If an enemy shows up, one of us is left with Zero while the other takes care of the enemies, got it? I hate to be pushy and all, but we have to get things done."

He fired a few shots in the direction of the Vile clone. "...Just to be sure."

The Hacker Elf stuttered with shyness as Sireff jovially greeted him. "Uh...*insert anime sweatdrop*...n-nice to meet you t-too, I guess..." Sola found her companion's uneasiness a source of great amusement, and held a hand to her mouth before she responded to Nebula.

"Hee hee, yes, he's a Satellite Elf. I was given him because my armor isn't the best, so I could use someone to cover my back. He's a new version that specializes in degrading incoming light ranged attacks. That's why he's still so... inexperienced."

Kenite looked at the Red Raider, who was still suffering from severe coughing fits. Uncertainty furrowed his brow, but he gave a resolute nod before floating over to Zero, hovering nearby him and keeping an eye on their surroundings. Hefting their blonde haired friend as gently as she could, Sola nodded in agreement. "Well, it only makes sense. Aside from the cliche 'men should hold the doors for girls' thing, which doesn't really apply to us Reploids. But you're right, we need to get to safety and patch Zero up before anything."

Kosa was already back in the ship.

["Tryton, did you get their contact info? We're withdrawing. It looks like they have it under control, and we need to get this data processed."]

Tryton called Kosa back. ["You better damn well bet I did. No point in wasting more time with these guys. And yeah, we gotta get Dr Light workin' on that data. Let's move!"] Not long after that, Tryton piloted the ship back to the Light Labs, somehow managing to land it without smashing into the hangar walls.

Outside, the conflict was rapidly falling in favor of the Innerpeace warriors; the copies were no match for the real deal. In one area, X worked with X2 to eradicate a group of copies, one of which happened to be one of Zero. The Blue Bomber was hesitant in blasting a spitting image of his best friend, but did so regardless. As they mopped up the remaining clones, X shook his head in remorse. "That we had to come to this kind of barbarism... fighting clones of ourselves and each other? How low will these foes go to achieve their goals?"

X2 unintentionally imitated X's gestures. "Well... I guess we've got two choices. Play as dirty as them, or prove that we're above that by beating them by sheer force of will. We're probably going to go with the latter option."

The ultimate copy of X looked at the downed clone of Zero. "...You know, I'm almost jealous. I saw you hesitate to kill this one, but... While some say that's a weakness, I know that it's because you truly are friends with him. I... can't say the same. I've met a few people, fought alongside them... but Nebula's the only one I've known for so long, and, well... he doesn't make it hard to shoot his clones."

"I mean, I think he does it on purpose. He's always worried about going over the edge and becoming a Maverick. He's making sure we can eliminate him if it comes to that. So... I can't say there's anybody I'd hesitate to shoot."

X took a moment to soak in X2's words, then placed a hand on his copy's shoulder. "Listen, X2. If Zero, the real Zero, went Maverick right at this moment... even if he IS human, and this would mean his death forever, I wouldn't hesitate to end him for the sake of my friends. Sure, I'd look for another way first; I mean, always resorting to violence isn't the right answer. But if blows came to blows, I'd do it. Your friendship with Nebula is no less than mine with Zero."

"...Right. Thanks, X."

X gave his copy a smile. "I'm glad I could help. know, helping you was rather odd for me, yet strangely familiar. Almost like I was helping myself. Which, in the strangest sense, I was."

The Blue Bomber laughed at his little analysis, pointless as it was, then turned back to the now empty battlefield. "Oh, that reminds me. You may want to go check and see if Nebula returned. If he has, I haven't seen him at all."

Sireff giggled at her new friend's bashfulness. "Well, if I'm making your job hard, I'll just hang out In Nebula's systems for a minute." She disappeared.

Nebula was silent for a moment.

"...Yeah, that's just the slightest bit awkward. Well, let's get a move on."

Sola only smiled. "He's still really young, and he really isn't sure of himself. Guess he's a lot like me in that sense." After getting Zero patched and propped up comfortably, the pink Reploid sat down next to him and looked up at Nebula. "I think I'll stay here with Zero for a while. He's all beat up after that fight, and with the strain of Ciel's capture... poor guy."

She placed a hand on the Red Raider's forehead, her face one of pity and compassion. Zero faced her and smiled weakly, his voice quieter now, but more stable than before. "Thanks Sola... y'know... you remind me a lot of Ciel. Kind, caring, thoughtful, selfless... then again, with you being her creation it only makes sense."

Turning his head towards Nebula, Zero's face grew slightly grimmer. "That aside, I've got something to ask you, Nebula. Aside from what's happened since that incident aboard the train, that is, but that can wait till later. As for right now, have any of you guys seen Foxstar around?"

Sola tapped her chin thoughtfully. ", I can't say that I have. That can't be good... what about you, Nebula?"

Nebula looked at Sola, then Zero. "...You sure you two can handle things alone? You can't exactly fight while supporting Zero... But I'll trust your judgment. ...Hm. Something about that statement grates on my nerves. Anyway, I'll go analyze the Biometal right away. They'll probably be in Ciel's Lab."

He sprinted down the hallway, Sireff re-emerging to wave to Kenite before flickering out again.

X2 shrugged. "Well... I think I heard him laughing over there a while ago." He pointed to a corridor... that appeared to be splattered with red.

X gave the corridor a blank stare before shaking his head. "Well, he's still alive and kicking, that much we can be sure of..."

X2 was cringing slightly at the sight of red. "That... doesn't look like oil. And some of it dried on the walls. Oil doesn't do that... Are the clones... human!? N-no, it must be a trick of the light. It must've just stained the walls or something."

X froze at his copy's words, turning back and taking a good look at the smeared red substance. His face paled and he swallowed, horrified at what had transpired. "No... h-how could this have..."

From behind them Omega strode up, casually wiping off the blood splattered over his armor. Seeing the two heroes frozen with shock only amused the psychotic Reploid. To think that I am actually fighting alongside these pathetic people... someday though, someday I will have my revenge upon Zero and his friends. As for now...

Omega glanced at his bloodied hands, a dangerous grin spreading across his face. ...Ah, such a sweet way to celebrate my return to this life. There is nothing more rejuvenating than a festive bloodbath.

"...They didn't actually act... human. It's weird. They acted like drones, never speaking, never doing anything illogical." X2 muttered. "I couldn't tell that they weren't metal because I use a ranged weapon... and so do you. What's going on...!?"

"...Gotta find out why they won't merge... with X and Zero...!"

The White Reploid burst into Ciel's Lab, frantically looking around for Biometal Models X and Z. He remembered that he was carrying Model H, and immediately held it up.

"Model H! Can you tell me where the nearby Biometal are?!"

Of course I can. A moment if you do not mind... Extending its senses, Model H searched the nearby area for any traces of its sibling Biometals. A few seconds passed, then the small device spoke up. I found them. In that rubble by the wall, under that slab, the other Biometals are buried.

Nebula frantically dug out Model X. "Thanks, Model H!" Once they were recovered, he reverted to Humanoid Form. He had to find out what the problem was...

"...Model X! Megamerge!"

He was technically a Chosen One, so it would be able to merge with him. If it didn't, then there was a problem with the Biometal. If it worked, something was wrong with X and Zero's bodies...

Wha-? Model X was rather shocked by the sudden command, but nevertheless obeyed. Oh. Very well then... Biolink established. M.E.G.A. System Online.

*insert anime cutscene*

Model X's eyes and head crystal began to glow a bright red as the M.E.G.A system kicked in, enveloping both it and Nebula in swirling, dancing lights. Blue armor formed over the Reploid's white body, as well as an X-Buster, helmet and enough plating to cover his bulky legs. The light faded and left, in the White Reploid's place, Nebula in a more futuristic version of Mega Man X's suit.

*end anime cutscene*

I never knew I could merge with Reploids... amazing, was all a shocked Model X could utter.

From the wreckage next to them, a very irate Model F's voice shot out at the pair. Well, that's just dandy and all, but could someone PLEASE get me outta here?! Model L won't stop poking fun at me, and Model Z isn't helping at all!

Nebula immediately brushed away the rubble around Model F. "Model L was recovered, too? ...Yeah, it shouldn't be such a surprise. After all, Grey and Giro- Er, sorry. There were a couple of Reploids back in my world, and they were chosen ones. Of course, at that point, humans and Reploids were practically the same thing, so... Anyway, yeah. My Humanoid Form is based on the Reploids who are as close to human as possible, so I thought it would work better than when I'm in Combat Form. In that form, I'm essentially a Combat Reploid, for all intents and purposes."

"See, for a Combat Reploid to use a Biometal's power, they need to be converted into a Pseudoroid, which uses Biometal power regardless of being chosen, or willingness on the part of the Biometal."

"Er, anyway... Model Z and Model L are in there, right? I'll get them out." He began to excavate the pile, sifting through for the other Biometals.

Model L was the first one to be uncovered. The teal Biometal was laughing gaily at whatever joke it had just pulled at Model F's expense, much to the latter's annoyance. Model Z was chuckling itself as well, while the ever silent Model P simply sat there, watching on as Nebula scooped them all up.

Nebula was surprised to see them all. "So they recovered all three of you? That makes eight Biometals... Z, X, H, L, P, F, O, C." A solemn expression crossed his face. "Did any of you see what happened here? All I know is that Kathros kidnapped Ciel. Was she hurt at all? Did they say anything?"

He checked Ciel's computer, just in case she was working on something important before her disappearance. Perhaps he had been taken to stop her from coming to some realization? "...Whatever's going on, we can't mess around with Copy Elpizo anymore. We have to finish our conflict with him fast..."

Model P spoke up, its voice totally calm as it did so. "We had been stored in a container as to prevent us being stolen. All we had heard was Ciel's muffled cry."

On the screen in front of where Nebula sat, the following message was displayed...

Log entry #304

To my friends and allies,

I am such a coward for what I am doing at this moment. Even as this attack commences on our headquarters, which are barely standing erect as things are, here I am in my lab, typing away instead of assisting those I call my friends. Though this needs to be said, I can't help but feel selfish for letting them take the risks for me, especially now since I have the power to fight alongside them.

But I digress; I should not be lamenting my own foolishness and wasting what precious time they have bought for me. The one behind this attack is well known to me. Perhaps too well. His movement towards us only has one purpose; to keep me from barring his path to his mad goal. I know this may seem suspicious, and more than likely you all will not believe me, but what I say is true. The knowledge I possess of the Ether Stones, their history, as well as my very bloodline, are more of a threat to Kathros than all of history's greatest warriors combined. Furthermore_



Nebula read the document, his expression growing more and more puzzled. Some part of his mind nagged at the fact that she had managed to complete the word "Furthermore" before being kidnapped, but he set that aside, commanding the computer to save the file.

"...What does she mean, her bloodline...? Is she related to Kathros somehow? Hm... They're both gifted when it comes to science. It's possible that Kathros has something planned that involves his DNA, and Ciel could throw things off-balance. Maybe some kind of weapon that only he can control, with some kind of DNA recognition system to stop others from using it."

He paused for a moment. "...You know what's bothering me most about this? The way she's so ashamed of not fighting. She doesn't seem to understand it yet; We're willing to risk our lives to protect her. It doesn't matter that she's not on the front lines. She saved more people than I have, with her Anti-Hive. She's worked so hard, for so long... I may be strong, but I have to admit that she's tougher than me. It's easy to die for a cause. To keep going, never succumbing to all of the despair and sorrow... That's REAL strength."

<*In Nebula's home dimension, Ciel went insane some time after the death of Zero, succumbing to despair when her hero never returned. Discovering Model W made matters worse, as it fed on her despair and made it worse, a fragment merged with her, and she became a Maverick that continued to live far beyond her natural lifespan. She was struck down by Master Thomas in the Desert Base, though it is possible that she was merely gravely injured, not outright killed.>

The White Reploid shook his head to clear away those thoughts, and began to examine the room for clues. "No blood. Not an especially good sign, but better than nothing. The damage to the room indicates a struggle, but it's possible that Kathros's method of teleportation created a shockwave that caused the damage."

"She probably didn't come willingly. But if Kathros wanted her dead, she'd be splattered all over the room. There would at least be traces if he had blasted her to dust, like a difference in temperature or energy wavelengths in the room, or burn marks on the floor."

"Luckily, Kathros wasn't smart enough to check the computer. In fact, it's not even damaged. The document said that Ciel was the biggest threat to his plan... Wait a second. Doesn't Ciel have a Comm unit with her?! I always thought she kept a set built into that weird visor-slash-hairband she always wears! Maybe I can track it down... Or even make contact with her."

Nebula sighed. "I'm just not capable of figuring this out by myself... I'd better call the others and discuss it with them immediately."

["X, X2, Sola, and anybody else who thinks they can help, get over here to Ciel's lab. Zero, I'd ask you to help, but you need to recover. I found some info, and I need help figuring things out. Get over here as soon as you're available."]

"Now, since I have a minute... Time to figure out just how far I can push this whole Megamerging thing... I've heard of the Double Megamerge, which only Vent and Aile have ever achieved. Combining with two Biometal for twice the power, but twice the strain. I wonder just how many Biometal one can use at once...? Imagine merging with six at once. That would be unbearably painful, and probably rip almost anybody apart, but grant unstoppable power. ...Er, I don't think I want EITHER of those. If I get too strong, nothing will be fun anymore."

"Hmm... Model Z wouldn't merge with Zero. The Biometal work perfectly well, so it must have to do with X and Zero's bodies. Model Z, were you able to talk with Zero? I doubt it's as simple as him not being a Chosen One, considering that fact that he claimed that he was hurt by the attempt, but I may as well confirm it."

Yes, we could communicate clearly. When we first tried to Megamerge, it was going smoothly for a while. I had managed to establish a biolink with his body well enough, but when I attempted to uplink to his mind... something, like a wall of sorts, seemed to bar me out. I tried to push through it, but I think I only hurt Zero in the process. I should have been more cautious than I was. Model Z seemed rather ashamed of the last pair of sentences, his voice growing slightly strained.

Five minutes later saw most of the crew either inside of or near the doorway to Ciel's laboratory, discussing both what had happened as well as plausible courses of action. Sola, ironically, was the last one to enter the room. Having taken care of Zero and his condition, she immediately sought out her white armored friend. "Nebula, Zero wanted to know if you had found Foxstar yet. No one has seen her since the attack had commenced, and he's worried."

"Now that you mention it, I haven't seen her. Well, we need to figure out everything we can. Sola, let's go look for Foxstar." Nebula quickly summed up the information he had gathered before stepping out of the room, scanning for their ally. "Where could she be, at a time like this?"

Biometal... Hm. Why wouldn't Model Z be able to merge with Zero...? Maybe they can't merge with themselves. We should try having Model Z merge with X. That would be awkward, but I need to disprove things. Could it be that the barrier Model Z ran into was actually Zero's mind? Maybe only one mind, one Zero, can occupy him at a time.

Sola shrugged. "I wish I knew, Nebula. We'd better hurry though. Who knows what might happen within the next twenty four hours? I mean, I'm still just-built compared to you and everyone, but even I can tell that soulless clones of Reploids created by humans with demigod powers isn't the norm around here. Who knows? A dragon from ancient times might show up at this rate!"

<Psh, yeah, like that’ll happen…>

<No, really, it won’t. That’s not foreshadowing.>

Down on the lower levels of the base, amidst the large amount of rubble, a familiar white figure forced herself out from underneath a wrecked wall. Waving away the smoke and ash, Foxstar coughed violently as she dragged herself out of the obstructions. "*cough cough* Oh, my head... last thing I remember was looking into that Ether Stone fragment I had found, and...!!! Wait! Where is it?"

"Looking for something?"

Whirling around at the voice, Foxstar's eyes widened at the sight of Zephyra, holding the Ether Stone in her left hand while twirling her Thunder Blade in the right one. "Seems I found what I came for, thanks to you. Oh, and I have the elemental advantage here, so I wouldn't recommend trying to stop me."

Sola stopped walking for a minute, turning around and scanning the floor with an intrigued expression. "Hey... I'm reading a new energy signal, Nebula! ...No wait, make that TWO new ones. One is a Fire reading, the other a Thunder reading... They're coming from down below, in the subsector of the headquarters."

"...The readings are fire and electricity, right? Think about that for a second. It's in the lower levels. And Foxstar, a Fire Reploid, is unaccounted for. The other one would've been noticed en-route to that location, unless it came from there. Now, who do we know who uses Electricity, hasn't been seen for a while, and was in the lower levels when last we saw her?"

He was already dashing of in Foxstar's direction. "Rrrgh, I bet that damned Kathros found some way to break her out in the confusion. Sola! We'll need your help with this one!"

[Fairy Ice Chip equipped.]
[Loading Ice Skills.]

Sola took a moment to piece it all together before dashing after and past Nebula. "Oh, why can't we go five minutes here without some kind of disaster coming down on our heads?!"

"No! You have no idea what you're doing! Copy Elpizo is being played! That Kathros man is using both him and you to get a hold on the Ether Stone fragments!" Foxstar's voice was desperate and laden with panic. Zephyra merely chuckled as she walked around the helpless Reploid, keeping her Thunder Blade lined with her quarry's throat. Smirking, she tucked the glowing stone away before brushing her right wing absentmindedly.

"Now now, no need to get all worked up. After all, you're all going to die soon enough. Consider what I'm doing a mercy, as what my master has in store for you turncoats is far less painless."

Without another word, Zephyra dashed forward and circled her left right arm around Foxstar's neck, holding her crackling weapon to her stomach in a dangerous manner. Leaning in, the winged Reploid whispered into her prisoner's ear. "I'm sure you know what is at stake here, Foxstar. Don't resist, and you won't die... for now. But should one of your friends attempt to save you, you won't see another sunrise."

Just at that moment Sola, who was a good deal ahead of her White Reploid friend by now, raced down the stairway and blocked their exit. Holding her Sonicboom Buster aloft, Sola's face grew into one of helpless rage; she couldn't get in a clear shot at Zephyra while she held Foxstar before her. Tryton's sister couldn't help but smile at the sight.

"Well, hello again brat. Seems that you wanted to play the hero all alone, without your knight in shining armor, hm? Now isn't that something."

Sola's eyebrow twitched as her rage seethed within her like a boiling sea of acid. "I don't always need Nebula! I can fight on my own, and I'll prove it to you!"

"Oh, is that so? Well darling, I'll have you know that if you're not fast enough, I'll gut your friend here like a stuck pig." To drive home her point, Zephyra took her Thunder Blade and jabbed its tip into Foxstar's back. The white and gold Reploid shuddered slightly from the touch of the lethal weapon, her body screaming at the proximity of the huge amount of electricity. "What now, pray tell, do you have in mind?"

The pink Reploid's right arm shook slightly from indecisiveness. This was her first time dealing with something like this alone. If she waited a few more seconds, Nebula would arrive. Then Zephyra wouldn't stand a chance. But if she waited too long-

"GAAAAH!" The shriek erupted from Foxstar at the same time Zephyra's blade did the same from her stomach, sending sparks every which way as it tore into her systems. Withdrawing her blade from the now crippled and dying Reploid, the winged warrior laughed. "Ha! You were too late, brat. Your cowardice did more than just lose this fight for you; it killed her. YOU killed her!"

Sola's eyes were wide with horror; not just at Foxstar's demise, but at the fact she could have prevented it and yet she didn't. Quivering with rage Sola screamed at Zephyra, livid with fury, before dashing at her with her S-Saber raised high. The winged Reploid easily deflected the clumsy attack and kicked her hard in the stomach, knocking her against a half ruined wall where she lay, stunned.

"Pathetic, just like the rest of them. You're no warrior. You're no hero. You can't even defend those you care about! A disgrace is what you are, a blight upon the race of Reploids."
"Shut up, Hannibal!"

A spinning, yellow object came flying in an arc, aimed for Zephyra's head. It flew by, missing by a hair. It embedded itself into the floor next to Sola, revealing itself to be an energy chakram.

"You can't determine anybody's worth if you don't know them, and you don't know the first thing about Sola!"

Nebula was now at the end of the hallway. I heard some of the exchange... Saving the day by myself won't solve anything. I have to be creative about this, and make it quick, before Foxstar... He held another chakram in his left hand, his right still extended from throwing the first.

"Zephyra, if you don't back off now, I'll have to eliminate you."

She won't be able to stop a direct hit from one of Sola's weapons if I can distract her for a second...

He glanced at Sola, trying to convey that he had some kind of plan. Then, he threw the wheel-shaped weapon, sending it at the Ex-Prisoner's face. It stopped short of her, though, and shot at the ceiling, smashing into it and dropping some rubble on Zephyra. Immediately after he let go of the weapon, he rolled a Sub-Tank along the floor to Sola.

Alright, now just take the initiative and blast her while you have the chance! I made an opening, now take it, or it won't end well...

Acting quickly Sola let fly with three charged shots, one after the other, that railed Zephyra up from her waistline to her neck, each blow knocking her backwards. Grabbing both the Sub Tank and the Energy Chakram the pink Reploid dashed forward and swung the glistening weapon in a curving arc towards her adversary's chest, intent on impaling and ending her immediately.

Zephyra, while still not as swift as Sola was, managed to deflect the blow and bring her Ice Blade down at her leg. All she hit was thin air as Sola put over thirty feet of distance between them in less than a second. Blast it! Boy did I mess that one up! Now Zephyra has a clear shot at both me AND Foxstar, not that she's almost dead already...

And then Nebula, who had been using the commotion to close in, delivered a spinning jump-kick to Zephyra's head with his huge, heavy-armored foot.

"NEVER let your guard down... cocky *****." He spat at Zephyra.

I still had to step in... but Sola undeniably damaged Zephyra, in a lightning-fast maneuver. That's pretty impressive. It was a gutsy move, even if it WAS the only solution.

Zephyra was caught completely off guard by Nebula's attack, his roundhouse kick throwing her head backwards and causing her to flip over into the floor face first. Sola was on top of her in an instant, attempting to drive her S-Saber's razor fine point into Zephyra's neck. The pinned Reploid brought up both of her blades in an x-shaped guard, catching and forcing the Saber upwards ever so slightly. For a few vital seconds the two females struggled to gain the advantage, but Sola was never built for raw strength. She was losing, and very quickly as well.

"Get away, now!"

The powerful voice came from the hole Nebula's Chakram made in the ceiling, followed by a large figure dropping down into the room. Complying immediately, Sola disengaged from her clash with Zephyra and shot to the side, just before a large blue laser took the winged Reploid and smashed her into a wall. "Gyaaa!"

Lowering his huge cannon, Craft walked calmly over to his downed target. Taking just one of his massive hands he held Zephyra aloft by her neck, taking her almost two meters off the ground even though she was just at his head level. "So, you're the one who's been causing all this trouble here? Hmph."

"P-put... me... down...!" Zephyra managed to gasp out. Apparently Craft wasn't too keen on being gentle with his grip. Shrugging, the olive armored commando dropped his captive onto the ground... before taking her blades and slicing off half her wings with them. Tryton's sister arched her back from the agony as she screamed, but her lament was silenced by a kick to the chest from Craft.

"How far have our kind fallen? Even Zero, who I had fought several times, knew what we Reploids share as a common duty. We are entrusted with the protection of both humanity and the welfare of the world, an almost sacred duty by anyone's standards. But look at yourself now, you who claim to be one of us."

Bending over, the mighty Reploid scooped up Zephyra's now severed wings, holding them as a sign of her status. "You've fallen like an unfaithful angel, Zephyra. Your wings are shattered..." here he tossed the appendages behind his back, " are you. You just don't seem to understand the difference between loyalty and stupidity, do you?"

Sola looked between the newcomer and Nebula, standing nearby, as she issued the Sub Tank to a now unconscious Foxstar. "Nebula, who is that?"

Nebula had an awkward look on his face, most likely from witnessing somebody ELSE being as brutal as himself. "...Uh, that's Craft, former Neo Arcadian general, and leader of the Einherjar back during the Ragnarok Incident. I kinda impersonated him once, but the real one was already on the scene, so I had to ditch that disguise... Er, that aside, he's big, tough, and you don't mess with him. Atma, a Maverick I keep running into, is big, but... Craft is dangerous."

He looked at the torn wings, thinking about how sad the sight was. Then again, there was no other option... for now.

"Craft, don't get too rough. She's not an enemy, per se, just a misguided Reploid... with dangerous powers. And that's WORSE than an enemy. Still, we need to undo the corruption in her mind. As much as I want to scrap her every time she opens her mouth, it's not her fault."

Sola's eyes were wide at the revelation, obviously heavily impressed. "Wait, that's Craft? He's... a lot bigger than Dr. Ciel's Megamerged form let on."

Craft looked over at the White Reploid before slinging the now unconscious Zephyra over his right shoulder, looking him up and down. "You must be Nebula. I saw you when I was just a Biometal, but I never had the chance to introduce myself. Seems I don't have to, though. We've more important issues than that right now, though."

He pointed with a massive hand towards Foxstar, now awake in Sola's arms. She was shaking with pain, tears of agony slowly falling from her eyes as her frame shuddered from the damage.

The olive armored Reploid raised an eyebrow ever so slightly at some hidden sign, then began to walk towards the room's exit. "Sola, I think I might need your help. There's still Maverick clones out there that need mopping up, and I'll need a hand with the wounded. Plus, it's too risky to leave you down here without someone to keep an eye on your back."

As he passed by Nebula, Craft put his left hand on his shoulder and whispered into his ear. "Foxstar obviously has something important to say, but whatever it is it has to be a major secret. Sola's still too inexperienced to be trusted with something of this importance, but she needs to tell someone. I'll take care of Zephyra and keep an eye on Sola while she tells you. Just make sure you get the whole message."

Nebula nodded. "...Right." He knelt next to Foxstar and tried to administer the Subtank's healing energy.

"...Foxstar... You're in a lot of pain, aren't you? Well, hang in there." He subdued his voice. "...Is there something you need to say?"

The white/gold Reploid coughed violently, squeezing her eyes shut from the pain as she nodded. "Y...yes ... I do... the Ether... Ether Stones... you must find... the other... Ether Stones. *cough cough* ...Kathros cannot... be... allowed to... obtain them..."

Foxstar shuddered again, agony surging through her. Nebula's Sub Tank was all that was keeping her mind from shutting down permanently. "...we know... location of... two fragments... I-I have one... right here..."

She opened a shaking hand, revealing the glittering golden gemstone. "...t-the other... Tryton has it... three others are... out there. Please... N-nebula... find them..."

Seeing that the White Reploid was still utilizing his Sub Tank's energy on her, Foxstar weakly attempted to push it away. "'s too l-... late for me... already, I... I can feel... my mind slipping... but... it won't be... all that bad... I'll... I'll get to... see Flizard again."

She closed her eyes and somehow managed to smile at the thought, despite the pain racking her body. Her voice whisper quiet, Foxstar turned to Nebula, barely able to focus her slipping attention on his face. "One... one last thing... Nebula... promise... Sola... she cares... cares so much... yet she... is still... young and... naive... take care of her..."

Her hand holding the Ether Stone shook even more violently than before, her eyes slid shut and her breath rasped harshly before ceasing completely. A sigh escaped her lips one last time as her grip faltered, letting the Ether Stone fall to the metal floor with a lonely thud, the sound dying quickly in the air as its holder and caretaker breathed her last.


That was all. He couldn't bring himself to speak for a while

...I... I can't seem to accept this. She's really dead? I try and try, but I still can't save everyone...

Nebula finally found the words he needed.

"...Rest in peace, with Flizard. I'm not joining you guys any time soon, but we'll meet again, I'm sure. In the meantime, while I'm still in this world... I won't let anything happen to it. You have my word... Kyuubit Foxstar."

He picked up the shard, then reclaimed his Subtank. There was a different look in his eyes now... there was anger in his eyes, moreso than before.

"We have to finish things with Copy Elpizo. That is priority number one."

The White Reploid strode back down the hall, more tense and forceful than before. He re-entered Ciel's room.

"Did anybody find new information?" There was a strange authority in his voice. Tryton has one of the fragments, and there are three others out there... We have to track them all down, and find Ciel, and restore Copy Elpizo to his right mind. After we do that, the way is open, and it'll be easy to confront Kathros.

Noticing Nebula's return, Fefnir gave him a grin and waved his arm towards Ciel's desk. "We sure did! You gotta hand it to Rouge; the girl knows her geeky computer stuff."

At Ciel's desk, the auburn haired Reploid Operator resisted the urge to facepalm at the Fire General's statement before she turned to face Nebula. She, like everyone in the room not named Fefnir, noticed the White Reploid's change of attitude but decided to focus on the now instead of the past.

"Well, after much scrounging around in the sub-systems I managed to uncover what looks like some form of topographical map of the lands around Innerpeace. It's only partially finished, but there seems to be some form of mark inside of Area K, the area near the lava fields."

Speaking up, Dracoex voiced what he knew on the subject. "We have strong evidence that points to another fragment of the Ether Stone that may be present there. While this is important, we cannot all focus on this one target. We need to abandon this base and find refuge somewhere else, preferably in Area A, where we will be safe from most Hive attacks."

"...Fine. We'll evacuate. However, staying together in such a large group will make us too easy to find. We'll divide into different groups, and hide in different locations. Spreading out will increase our area of influence, and it will be much faster and easier to evacuate when attacked, even if it means we can't take an assault head-on."

"We'll have to divide our major players accordingly, so that each group has the necessary skillset, and can function independently. We will all regroup when we are ready to strike at Copy Elpizo."

Then Nebula remembered that he was NOT, in fact, in charge.

"...Oh, right, we have to run it by Master X first. Some of us will have to go to other areas, away from the forest. We could run guerrela operations until we regain enough strength to take them on. While Master X thinks about the idea and makes the ultimate decision, I'M going to retrieve that Ether Stone Fragment. Tell me where it is, I'm not going to wait another minute before heading out."

Rouge nodded and regenerated the map on the computer screen, showing a pinpointed area inside of Area K, under a large volcano that dominated the rest of the range. "It's under here, inside Mount Phyrron. I can't get a perfect lock on its position, due to the intense heat scrambling the signal, but I'm pretty sure it's near the main lava shaft leading from the Earth's core."

"I had better hurry, then. Rouge, contact me when you locate more fragments. There should be two more around the world." Nebula turned around and left.

A few minutes later, he was on his way with Target Chaser. "I thought I'd be used to comrades dying by now. I guess... I wasn't all that close to my comrades back in my days as a Maverick Hunter. They didn't really care about a low-level newb like me, and I never even remembered half of their names. Now, somebody I've fought alongside... All their hopes and dreams have been dashed. I guess it's not all bad... she can see Flizard again. Still, I thought I'd be more calm about this."

He rode on in silence.

...I won't let anything happen to the others. And I'll make sure all our dreams become reality.

Mount Phyrron

The White Reploid arrived at the mouth. "Rouge, I'm heading inside. I expect there to be interference, so if there's any info I'll need in there, tell me now."

Over Nebula's intercom Rouge's voice crackled to life. ["The energy reading of the Ether Stone fragment has increased in intensity and changed its wavelength drastically. This behavior may be due to your arrival, but a more likely cause would be a more direct interaction with the fragment. I can't tell what kinds of energy it's emitting. Proceed with caution."]

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Post  NebulaGregarZX on Wed Jun 12, 2013 7:09 am

Not too far into the tunnel a team of Hived Galleons, manning large Crushpactors, were working on excavating large quantities of hardened magma from the inside wall. Steady progress was being made, but at one point a gout of flame erupted from a lava stream beneath the floor, incinerating a Crushpactor instantly.

This baffled the Mavericks; they had planned out their course so they would not cross such dangerous veins of molten rock. When another Crushpactor was reduced to slag along with six Galleons, the remaining Hived machines decided not to question the anomaly and withdrew posthaste... only to run into Nebula at the cavern entrance.

Nebula straightened up. "Status report." He demanded, impersonating a commanding officer. However, he quickly abandoned the attempt. "...Y'know what? Just die." He whipped out his StarSaber and cut them down, then retrieved their memory chips. "I'll just analyze these for information. For now, I have to retrieve the Ether Stone Fragment."

He cautiously stepped inside. "...The ground is a little unstable. If I touch the magma, I'm toast. Let's hope nothing happens... for once." He ran through the tunnel, taking great care to avoid the still-burning molten slag from the destroyed Mavericks. "...Wouldn't the Hive be burnt up in a place like this? I would think that any living thing would die in this heat, bacteria, viruses, and parasites included."

The White Reploid dashed ahead, keeping the Ice Chip equipped. "I've heard that Zero was able to use a charged Ice attack to freeze magma, back in the Elpizo Incident. Or, at least, in small quantities. I can't freeze the place solid, but I may be able to make certain platforms cool enough to stand on."

He came to a drop. "...Nothing to do but descend." he clung to the wall, sliding down a little faster than usual out of haste. "It's going to be exciting here, enemies or not."

Down the vein Nebula slid till he came to an underground cavern filled with erupting lava geysers, floating platforms that sat in a lake of magma and, at the other end of the massive room (if the term even applied to something so gargantuan) there seemed to be a half-finished artificial passageway.

Barring the way however were large crab/spider like creatures that dwelt in the molten rock. They were obviously territorial, as was shown when one melted a stray Minermech with a stream of lava it spewed as the machine floated by.

"I'll have to put those guys on ice before I can pass..."

Nebula took out his Buster and fired several charged ice shots at the enemies, to observe the effect. "If I'm lucky, they'll be frozen long enough for me to dash past..."

The first creature was frozen over instantly, but by then the other spider like animals had plunged back into the magma, evading the Charged Shots which hissed as they impacted the boiling hot surface.

<If it works:>
<If not, try:>

Nebula sprinted forwards, ready to dodge any incoming attacks.

"Bring it on, you displaced mechanical shellfish!"

Several of the spiders began to scuttle towards Nebula's position from under the magma, while around three or four jumped to the ceiling and began blasting spurts of lava at the White Reploid.

Nebula sprinted forward, ducking and weaving past oncoming attacks, freezing any that got too close. "I'm not going to lose to a bunch of metallic crustacians."

For a while the skirmish between the magma creatures and the White Reploid raged, but it wasn't too long before the half-molten spiders saw how hopeless things were going to get if they persisted. In unison the group pulled a hasty retreat back into the lava ocean, deciding that Nebula had best be left alone. It wasn't the end of the dangers for the White Reploid, however...

From the depths below, a very large rumbling began to sound, shaking the entire volcano from its roots up. Over the intercom Rouge's voice sounded, rather anxiously relating news. ["Nebula, be warned. Seismic activity in your area is building rapidly. There may be a surge of lava through the vein you used to enter the volcano soon, so be watchful."]

Nebula began to make a break for the nearest outcropping. "It's going to come from behind me... If I can just avoid getting hit by the lava itself, I can survive the superheated gasses."

He hid behind a fairly large rock formation. "X and Zero used this trick once. I recall them saying something about how they were lucky to survive at all."

The rumble steadily built into a deafening roar, its tumultuous echoes drowning out any other sound. With a massive explosion of heat a wave of lava streaked past Nebula's hiding place, his feet mere inches from where the split stream of molten rock rejoined as one. In a matter of seconds though the earth-pounding surge ended, the magma having receded into the lake around the White Reploid. The flow had done something in Nebula's favor, however; the river had shifted the position of the floating rock platforms closer to the doorway, allowing for easier access.

Nebula stood up and began to leap from platform to platform. "I wasn't sure that would work. Well, no sense worrying about it now. ...I wonder, did they ever get that data on Master Albert? Hm."

Rouge, who had heard Nebula thinking aloud, piqued up. ["You were looking for data on who now? ...oh, that file on the third intended member of the Sage Trinity, Albert correct? I stumbled across a file regarding him while I was looking for info. I'll download it and have it ready for you by the time you return."]

By this point Nebula had reached the doorway, which upon closer inspection, seemed to have been deliberately melted through. It was as if something or someone had slagged the entryway to get through.

"Thanks." He walked up to the door, examining the melted edges. "...Now, what do we have here? Somebody else has been here... And they're still here, I bet. This is too fresh for them to have gotten far. Let's try..."

[Geothermal interference is too great. Cannot scan farther than ten meters. Nothing detected within range.]

"So much for that. Let's just do this the old-fashioned way..."

Nebula hurried on through, looking around. "Now, what reason could anybody have for melting down the door to get in here? ...In fact, why is there a door out here in the first place? There must be something this way, and it's probably the Ether Stone."

Inside of the door was a long metallic shaft that was littered with ash and half melted Galleons, Pantheons and Variants. The floors, walls and ceiling were also scorched, black marks streaking every which way. From the look of things it seemed that whatever had caused the destruction had simply blasted through the Mavericks, not bothering to slow down.

At the end of the hall, inside of a hexagonal data room of some sort, a firefight was in progress. A rather one-sided firefight, that is. A burst of flame incinerated four Galleons instantly, frying the Hive inside of their possessed bodies. A burst of lightning fast spikes embedded themselves in another three, whatever lethal payload they bore causing the infected machines to collapse into a pile of rubble. When the carnage was finished, the only thing left standing was a lone Reploid.

Its design was obviously 21XX-era, judging by its huge legs and the style of its armor. Its body armor was similar to X's while his helmet bore a resemblance to Protoman's one. A major difference was the color scheme; its armor was white with red trim, slightly blackened from the incendiary weaponry it used. On its left arm it had a Buster with three nozzles connected to external fuel tanks, as well as three slits from which it fired those deadly spikes. When the figure spoke out loud, its voice was obviously male.

"Ha ha! What pathetic resistance! Some villain's elite this turned out to be. I mean, c'mon! Doesn't that Copy Elsneezo or whatever get how powerful this Ether Stone is? Tch, what-ev-er. Makes it all the easier for me to claim my destiny. Not that ol' Burnout would have any trouble regardless, though."

Nebula resisted the urge to rush in and fight with the new force-to-be-reckoned-with. I don't know where the Ether Stone Fragment is. I'd better let him uncover it for me... No. That's not a good idea. Those things can be dangerous in the hands of anybody but me. He said he was up against Copy Elpizo... didn't he? Maybe I could reason with him. And, if it comes down to it... Knock him senseless.

He strode down the hallway, clapping.

"Well, that was quite the show. Not many Reploids can tear that many enemies apart so fast. Now, then... what are you doing here?"

Spinning around at the sound of Nebula's voice Burnout leveled his Flame Buster in his direction, intent on slathering him in a torrent of fire, but when he saw the White Reploid he nearly flipped.

"Holy s***! Kosa, that ain't you is it?! ...Huh, I could've sworn... eh, sorry about that, you just sorta resemble someone I know. The name's Burnout. But before I go telling you what I'M doing here, I'd like to know the same of you. I WAS the first one here after all."

Nebula shrugged. "Well, I'm here to obtain the Ether Stone Fragment. I only really need it so there's enough power on my side to take on the Hive and Copy Elpizo's forces. You seem to be after it as well. ...How's this? Once I'm done with it, you can have it, and I'll hand it over at no charge. Of course, if you refuse... I'll have no choice but to take it by force."

Burnout took a pair of steps back while waving both of his hands, obviously disbelieving what Nebula was saying. "Whoa whoa whoa there, buddy! You haven't read the prophecies about the Ether Stone fragments before, have you? There's only ONE person out there who has the destiny of using their power to put an end to this whole 'megalomaniac-caused-conflict' thing, and I have more than enough reason to believe that I'M that person."

Taking a finger, he jabbed it in the White Reploid's direction. "Not you, not anyone else, but me."

Nebula sighed. Not one of those ridiculous prophecies... I'm from another dimension, so I'll either be excluded from the chance to be the chosen one entirely, or I'll be able to ignore the rule.

"You know, legends are never one-hundred-percent accurate these days. There could be a whole bunch of people who can use the Ether Stone, for all we know. Maybe the legendary hero already appeared, solved a conflict, and disappeared. Who knows? The only way to figure out who it is... is for both of us to try using it. Er, assuming it's one of us. I guess it doesn't really matter who it is, so long as they're opposed to Copy Elpizo."

Burnout laughed before shaking his head. "Ha ha ha! How blind are you? Try actually reading them before you start making these assumptions, buddy. I on the other hand have read them thoroughly and to the letter, and I've got every reason to believe that I'M the hero of this legend. Tell ya what though, since I'm in a good mood after trashing some Mavericks, hows about I strike you a deal? If you can reach that fragment before I can, I'll let you have it, no strings attached."

Suddenly the soles of his feet began to hum slightly, allowing him to skate across the surface of the floor with barely any resistance. Turning towards another shaft leading further in, Burnout flash-fried through the door and sailed on through, moving at an impressive speed. must not allow him to obtain my sibling... I shall aid you in this endeavor, machine... Suddenly a golden glow emitted from the Ether Stone fragment Nebula already carried, and with a blast of light teleported him to the end of the next metallic hall, well ahead of the haughty Reploid.

Nebula started running, then began to dash. "You talk? Huh, I'd say I'm shocked, but I've seen a lot of talking rocks. So, if you say you'll help me in my endeavors, does that encompass the whole Copy Elpizo beatdown thing?"

He decided that his pace was still too slow, and donned the Falcon Armor, using its engines to air-dash even faster. "...And thanks for the help."

Ugh, I'd try to trip the guy up by caving in a few walls... but in here, that's way too dangerous. Even if it didn't spill molten lava on me, I'd lose my only known way out. There's a difference between courage and recklessness.

The fragment made no response to Nebula's question, instead merely ceasing to radiate its golden aura. By this point Burnout, while slightly faster than his white armored opponent, was still almost a half-mile behind him. He thought he was well ahead of Nebula however and made no attempt to quicken his pace.

After another minute or so, the White Reploid had reached what looked like the mouth of a cavern, the only differences from a naturally formed one were the ancient glyphs inscribed above the archway. One of the glyphs bore a similar pattern to the one embedded in the Ether Stone fragment Nebula held, and as he approached the entryway the symbol shone a bright gold. As it did so a powerful voice echoed from everywhere and nowhere.


Nebula came to a sudden halt in front of it, and stepped inside.

"...'Judged'? Let's see what this judgment of theirs entails."

Nebula entered the cavern and proceeded up a flight of wide stairs, carved from the volcano itself. They lead out to a vast surface covering the fiery mountain's maw, its surface pockmarked with small craters pooling with lava as well as miniature chasms that spread across its surface like scars. In the center of this dangerous, unstable vista floated a small golden object; the Ether Stone fragment that both Nebula and Burnout sought. However, it seemed that someone else had bested them in reaching the fragment first...

Her back facing the White Reploid, the twisted entity known as Nova cupped both of her hands around the fragment, attempting to encase it in a black aura. The fragment was putting up a fight of its own, however. Its golden light seemed to repel the darkness wherever it made contact, frustrating the puppet's attempts at ensnaring it.

"What the-?! How'd YOU make it here before me, whitey?!" From behind Nebula, Burnout breezed his way up and out of the passage, disbelief etched on his face. "You were behind me when I left! You never passed me! HOW?! ...Eh, whatever. You still won, so I'll keep my end of the bargain... hey, who's that?" He finished, pointing towards Nova as she fought with the Ether Stone fragment.

Nebula didn't waste any time. He generated his Buster and fired several shots at Nova, aiming for the hands and face. "This is somebody who ought to be eliminated. I don't know its name, but-"

“Nova. Kathros said it when you fought her.” Sireff interjected, appearing only for a second before returning to her hiding place in Nebula’s system.

"-it's some kind of clone of somebody I know, only made of flesh. The name's Nebula, by the way, in case you forgot already. Or I forgot to tell you. I was in a rush."

He generated the StarSaber in his other hand, ready to switch to close-quarters combat if necessary.

"Back away from the Ether Stone Fragment, or you're as good as incinerated."

The moment before Nebula's shots impacted, Nova's eyes flashed before she whipped her left arm around, dispersing the White Reploid's fire with a swing of her N-Saber. Face impassive as always, the black hued clone of Sola stood between the pair of Reploids, intent on slaying them on the spot. While Nebula was primed for a fight, Burnout's attention was... somewhere else.

"'Somebody who ought to be eliminated'? I don't see how you could say that with a straight face! C'mon, how could you ever think such a thought about someone with looks like that?"

Turning his attention to the half human, Burnout gave her a roguish smile while leaning on the side of the entryway. "Well, that ain't something I think is right, trashing a lovely lady like yourself. What say you and I have a bit of a chat, huh? I'd relish the chance to get t'know you better, darlin'."

Nebula shook his head at Burnout. "Did you really think anybody who would be willing to come down here alone would ever stop in their tracks just to hold a conversation with a stranger? I can say it with a straight face, BECAUSE she's like that; she looks like somebody I know, and I hate imposters."
He aimed his buster at Nova, and almost shot at her, but realized that was probably a bad idea. Burnout might turn on him if he did. "Are we clear on the fact that she's pure evil? Because I plan on using lethal force here."

Nova, after hearing Burnout's pathetic pickup lines, diverted her attention to solely Nebula. Then an idea seemed to enter her head, whereupon she aimed her N-Buster at the Ether Stone, charging and firing off a lump of putrid shadows at the mystical fragment. Before anyone could make any motion to stop it, the shot enveloped the Ether Stone and absorbed itself into it, tainting it's aura with a wispy blackness.

Not wasting another moment, Nova jumped upwards before vanishing in a black flash while the Ether Stone trembled, the essence of the clone's attack causing it to tremor. Then in a burst of orange and yellow, the fragment transformed into a massive flaming bird whose wingspan crested for almost a hundred meters to either side. It gave out a shrill cry of anger and rage at the sight of the pair, one of which was quite impressed.

"Holy-! That's the Phoenix?! Well, I guess it makes sense, since it's a legendary creature of the past. It works out perfectly for the future hero to take down this mighty bird!"

[Warning! Engaging Fire-Elemental. Fairy Ice Chip will drastically increase vulnerability to Fire.]
[Equipped Sage Thunder Chip.]

"Don't underestimate me!" Nebula yelled, slashing at the air, sending a Kougenjin at the bird of legend. "You'll never stop me so easily!”

The White Reploid aimed his buster at Nova, and almost shot at her, but realized that was probably a bad idea. Then he realized that she wasn’t even there anymore. Dammit.

Burnout shrugged before raising his Buster, launching off a stream of needles at the huge bird's direction. Screeching loudly the Phoenix beat its fiery wings forward, generating violent cyclones that not only blew away Nebula and Burnout's attacks as if they were nothing, but continued on towards the pair, tearing up the ground and leaving chasms of fire in their wake.

Nebula fired a charged Thunder shot at the Phoenix, then dived out of its path. "Tough bird, huh? I dunno how to deal with this thing. Weapons don't really seem to affect it..."

Will you help me again? I'll need your power to beat this thing, and retrieve your sibling. I know you're capable of more than instant movement. You can damage this thing, I'm willing to bet.

Nebula's attack did almost no damage whatsoever to the mighty Phoenix, who slammed one of its massive claws into the ground, causing three massive rocks to scream down towards the pair like meteors. Quickly sliding out of the way, Burnout raised up a fist and punched one of the huge boulders back in the Phoenix's direction, using his massive momentum to careen it back towards their attacker. The end result was the huge bird taking some damage (nothing major) and Burnout holding his wrist in pain. "GYAAA! Okay, THAT was stupid!"

Once more, the Ether Stone made no response verbally, but began to glow again. Floating out from Nebula's carrying pouch, it emitted a blast of light that encased the White Reploid in a blazing aura, which ended with the stone fused with his StarSaber's hilt. Nebula was now covering the surrounding area with a golden light, which also caused his weapons to simply bristle with an almost divine power.

Nebula grinned. "That's some real power. I can feel it; this'll be plenty enough to deal with this oversized turkey."

The White Reploid gave the weapon a test swing. "...Mmmmyep! Your goose is cooked." He threw three Kougenjins, then dashed at the Phoenix, slashing at it with his boosted weapon.

Nebula's Kougenjins now appeared as huge waves of purest light, slicing through the Phoenix with blasts of shimmering energy. The sudden illumination revealed the infected Ether Stone as a blotch of darkness in the might bird's forehead, each Kougenjin tearing through the pitch black evil like a windstorm. As the empowered White Reploid began to slice away at close range, the same voiceless voice spoke to him again.

...the Phoenix's crown is where my corrupted other is held captive... you must strike there now, before it is consumed wholly by the evil which taints it...

Meanwhile, Sireff had left Nebula's systems to giggle at Burnout. "Yeah, that was pretty stupid. I don't see how you could've avoided it, though. Maybe it you had kicked it...? No, wait, you don't have thick enough leg armor. Well, Nebula's got that weird power, so he'll take care of it." She paused. "You're an awfully honorable one. How do you know Kosa? After all, he IS a Maverick."

Burnout surprisingly didn't answer Sireff immediately, engrossed in both his pain and in Nebula's light show. "...erg, what's that? Oh, one of those new Cyber Elf things, huh? You mind holding off on the Twenty Questions till after this? ...!"

He dashed to the side as a gout of lava erupted from below, generated by the ancient Phoenix's wrath. "Aw man, that thing is gonna make the whole volcano blow its top! I gotta do something..." Acting quickly Burnout dashed forward, using his anti-grav to boost his speed, before jumping and latching onto the Phoenix's neck, holding it down.

Nebula focused on slashing at the upper body. When Burnout pinned it on the ground, he swiftly decapitated the bird, then reached into its forehead to grab the Ether Stone Fragment. "That should do it."

Upon the Phoenix's decapitation it's flaming body detonated in an incredible fireball, knocking Burnout and Nebula back against the volcano's rim. As it died down, the golden hue and power that had encompassed Nebula faded away, the first Ether Stone fragment falling out of the StarSaber's hilt.

"Ha... we did it, didn't we? That's one more fragment under our belts!" Standing up shakily, Burnout offered a hand to Nebula. "I'd say we make a pretty good team. What say we join forces and grab the rest of those fragments together, huh?"

Nebula accepted Burnout's help. "Thanks…”

Turning his attention to the still floating Sireff, the fiery Reploid remembered her question. "Oh, right. How I know Kosa. Well y'see, he and I used to be part of this Maverick Hunter group years ago, along with another Reploid known as Quasar. We were pretty dang good at the whole gig, and it wasn't long till we were promoted to S-Rank. At the time there was only two other teams; X's team and Dracoex's team. We got to know each other, and some rivalry kinda developed, especially with me and that stuck up Dracoex. That guy's got issues..."

"Anyway, there was this one mission where we had to stop this guy called Sigma; I'm sure you know of him, right? It was pretty big, so all three teams were sent in. Well, during that fight Sigma had some kind of giant EMP that he threatened to use on all of the world's Reploids. Of course, being the noble and hero type guys, X and Dracoex decided to attack said bomb and stop him. Wasn't a bright move there."

Shaking his head, Burnout shrugged. "Kosa pulled the two away while Quasar tried to absorb the electric shock wave, but it was too much for him. He exploded and severely damaged Kosa in the process. Far as I know, the guy's dead now. For shame too."

“...Huh? What, Kosa was a Maverick Hunter?! But... he hates Maverick Hunters! He's completely Maverick, and he's been trying to off me ever since I said I was a Hunter." Nebula made sure to pick up the fragment that fell off his weapon, and the one left by the Phoenix, as he had failed to grab it when they were sent flying.

"About your offer, though... Hm. Well, I'm not exactly a lone Reploid on a quest to gather the Ether Stone's fragments. I'm working with Innerpeace's resistance to Copy Elpizo and the Hive, and I'm... rather determined to gather them. I'll need them to beat him down in the end. And Kathros... that guy is unworldly powerful."

Burnout's face was incredulous. "Wait, what?! Kosa's alive?! Innerpeace isn't completely decimated?! And who the heck is Kathros?"

Nebula calmly answered in sequence. "Kosa's been alive, and kind of a pain, since he's a Maverick bent on kicking my ass. Innerpeace is still around, eh... mostly because of me. I've been assisting them recently, and I've made a serious impact, or so I'm told. Kathros is the creator of that Nova person we just saw, and he's responsible for Copy Elpizo's rise to power, and he's kidnapped Ciel."

"Kosa, alive... but a Maverick? Heh, I wouldn't be surprised if he's just sore for what he went through for X and Drac. But bent on kicking YOUR ass? Looks aside, that's somethin'..."

Over Nebula's comm-unit, Rouge's voice crackled to life.[ "Nebula, are you there? I picked up a massive energy reading centered on you. Is everything alright?"]
Nebula raised two fingers to his Comm. unit. "Yeah. Nova, one of Kathros's lackeys, went and summoned a giant flaming bird to try and kill me. Oh, and I ran into an old Maverick Hunter named Burnout. Any data on him? By the way, I got the Ether Stone Fragment."

He stopped and turned to Burnout, realizing that he had let the transmission interrupt before he responded. "...Oh, yeah. I think... there's something similar about us. As much as I hate to admit it, there's a striking similarity between the two of us. I'm starting to think that's the only reason he hates me so much. The guy doesn't seem to trust Maverick Hunters in general, either. His original goal was to kill X and Zero, and I just happened to get in his way. He... didn't seem to recognize Dracoex, though. ...No, I don't think they made any sort of contact. Who knows?"

"Can this wait?" Sireff pleaded. "We're in the middle of an unstable volcano! We should get out of here right now!"

The White Reploid Scratched his head. "Oh, sorry. Yeah, let's beat it, or we won't be taking on Copy Elpizo any time soon."

Burnout's face was growing anxious. "Yeah, but I didn't expect this place to go active, so we're kinda strapped for time. We'd better haul it before we're toast!"

["That won't be a problem. All aboard, boys!"]

As Rouge's voice crackled over Nebula's intercom again, a shadow fell over the trio atop the fiery mountain. Extending its gravity lift, Fefnir's massive star cruiser retrieved Nebula, Burnout and Sireff with ease. It then high-tailed it away from the ferocity of the volcano.

Inside, the three were lifted into the ship's light-craft hangar, which had been emptied to help lighten the load its massive engines had to contend with. Burnout was rightly impressed. "My gosh... this is crazy! Where'd you guys get something like THIS?"

Nebula shrugged, apparently unfazed by the sudden pickup. "I told you, I've had some amount of impact on the situation."

He turned away. "...Still, don't you guys think it was a bit drastic to bring this ship here, just to retrieve me, Sireff, a Maverick Hunter, and the Ether Stone Fragment? And do you mind grabbing Target Chaser while you're at it? It's still at the entrance, and I'd hate to lose it."

Stepping away from the lift's control panel, Rouge tossed her deep crimson hair behind her back before walking over. "We already have it onboard, in the storage bay actually. I thought you might want your ride safe, so I convinced Fefnir to-"

"Well ain't you a thoughtful lady?" said Burnout, striding up to the female operator and putting an arm around her shoulder. "I like that in a girl, I do. You work here, right? It's gettin' late, so I sure hope you got a break or something. If not, I could talk to the head honcho here and-"

Pushing the flirty Reploid away from her, Rouge had to force herself to maintain an air of calm. "Uh, no thank you. I just had a recharge, so I think I'll be good. ...Nebula, could I have a word with you?"

Not giving the White Reploid time to respond, she grabbed his arm and walked down a corridor that led to the bridge. "...well they failed to put that certain, uh, 'quality' in his resumé. Just who does he think he is? That weirdo aside, we have a good reason for picking you up with the ship. X said your plan was solid and gave the order to follow it through. We split into three groups; One that joined the human resistance, one that continues guerrilla operations in Innerpeace, and this one here."

"We verified that the second fragment we need to recover is somewhere near the location of where the Northern Lights occur, up several thousand miles north. Odd thing is, we can't get a fix on its location anywhere under a 200 mile radius, making pinpointing difficult."

Nebula bowed his head in thought. "Hmm... It's possible that the Aurora Borealis effect is interfering with the scans, or that there's something there jamming it.”

Meanwhile, a pair of Galleons in the background were conversing about something. One was holding a disk, the other shaking its head.
The disk read…
“Chrono Trigger: Sealed Door, Ice Resolute Mix”
Apparently, this music would not be suitable for the upcoming area.

Nebula tore his attention away from the Galleons and back to Rouge. “...Burnout, is, uh... well, at least he's a chivalrous one. He's got a sense of honor. Too bad every female on the ship will have to beat him back with sticks."

"...Hm. So, we're to search for the Ether Stones aboard this thing?"

"I'll say. I'm going to have to carry a stunner around with me from now on. As for searching for the Ether Stone fragments... well, we thought that you may have wanted a hand. It's not like they'd be kept within the radius of Innerpeace."

By this point the pair had reached the bridge, where three other familiar figures were present. Falcona and Harpuia sat by and manned the control consoles while Fefnir was once again in the captain's chair, viewing a holographic map that displayed their selected flight path.

"The there's two others here, Craft and Sola. Craft originally wanted to join the human resistance group, but the only other switch out option was Omega, and I don't think that bringing him aboard the ship would have been wise. Anyway, I have to get back to maintenance on the lift. That heat didn't do too much good for its mechanics."

Nebula shrugged. "I guess it can't be helped. You guys DID fly up to an active volcano to give us a lift." He turned to Fefnir. "So, we're heading north? I guess I should switch out my elemental affinity..."

[Fairy Ice Chip unequipped.]
[Fighting Fire Chip equipped.]
[Loading Fire EX Skills...]

"So, what's your bet? Natural magnetic fields, or deliberate interference by Copy Elpizo? If there are enemies put here deliberately to deter us, then bringing predominantly Fire-users would be a bad idea. They'll expect us to exploit Fire's advantage over Ice, and use Thunder."

Fefnir turned to face the White Reploid, resting his chin on his right fist. "More 'n likely, it's just natural static. I've got my doubts from lookin' at the readings that it's anything artificial. By the way Neb, you may wanna check up on Sola in her quarters. When we found out Foxstar had... had died, well... she didn't take to it so well."

Returning his attention back to the viewscreen, the Fire General slumped slightly, his face one of slight disbelief. "...hard to believe that she's actually gone. 'Course, I had to deal with the same thing when Phantom died, but he's back now. Foxstar... I don't think there's much of a chance for her t'come back like he did, really."

Nebula shook his head. "She wouldn't want to return anyway. Not without Flizard. The least we can do for her is to make sure her death wasn't in vain. ...Foxstar died right in front of Sola, and she failed to prevent it. That would crush anybody's spirit. I'll make sure she's alright."

He turned away and was about to head to Sola's room... But then he realized something. "Sola's in this division?" If this wasn't such a depressing situation, I'd probably feel happier about it. "...Sometimes, I wonder if X really does have a sense of humor."

The White Reploid started down the hall.

[Scanning... Locate "Sola".]

Nebula's scanner picked up his pink armored friend's signal, surprisingly, inside of the training room. Within, Sola was in the middle of simulated city, locked in a fierce clash with the hulking Craft... and getting her metal rear kicked. After standing back up for the umpteenth time, Sola charged at the olive armored Reploid once again, S-Saber aimed for a lightning fast precision gut strike. However, Craft intercepted her slim arm and flung her around, slingshotting her into a wall.

"This isn't wise," the stocky Reploid muttered as he shook his head. "You're still new at this, Sola. It is no case of self-aggrandizement when I say that you can't hope to defeat me like this, even if it is just training. You've already gone past the limits that Ciel gave you. I think it time you called it for now."

Shakily standing up, Sola wiped a small trickle of red oil from her lower lip. "N-no.... I can't quit, not now. Not after what happened. My friends are all relying on me, and I've already let one of them down. I can't quit!"

Once again dashing at Craft, Sola attempted to veer her course so as to catch him off guard, this time adding a charged shot to her attack. The commando Reploid had no trouble evading this assault. He merely sidestepped and snatched the pink Reploid out of the air before slamming her into the ground, slightly denting the thick Duratanium floor with the impact. "I'm sorry, Sola..."

Taking one of her small hands, Craft pulled the now half dazed female Reploid out of the crater she had created, helping her stand erect before shouldering his cannon. "...even if you want to help the rest of your friends, this isn't the answer. The path to power doesn't lead to salvation. It leads to destruction. It's not a matter of strength of body, but of the will and mind."

Saying so Craft turned heel and departed, leaving the forlorn and dejected Sola in the training hall. Her face tight and her eyes beginning to tear from both frustration and sadness, she stood still for almost a minute, trying to calm herself down. When it seemed that she couldn't, Sola trudged out as well, shutting down the room's systems before taking her leave.

Nebula ran into her on the way out. "Sola! Are you alright? I heard a really loud impact. Were you sparring with Craft? I passed him on the way here." Craft didn't look injured at all. I didn't even see a scratch on him. Even if she doesn't have much experience, Sola would've at least managed to give him a little visible damage... Her emotions are probably getting the way of her judgment. She must really be shaken up...

"...You know, you can't blame yourself... for... what happened. If I had come in a little sooner, maybe things would've been fine. ...No, even then, I still couldn't have saved her. And I analyzed the situation a thousand times, there's no way either of us could've saved Foxstar without killing Zephrya on the spot, which we were incapable of, and even then... the chances would've been slim."

Sola, while at first shocked at the White Reploid's appearance, was visibly upset as she responded. "No, that's not it, Nebula... Foxstar wasn't just another Reploid. She was my only other real friend. I could've saved her if I wasn't so gullible, so hesitant, but Zephyra..."

Turning her head away shamefully, tears began to fall from Sola's eyes as her right fist tightened. "...she played me like an idiot puppet. She KNEW I was too naive to take the initiative, a-and..." Unable to contain herself any further, Sola broke down in sobs, her tears streaming down her face as she buried it in her hands.

Nebula silently put an arm around her shoulders.

She has to let it all out. If I say anything too soon, I'll make things worse. ...The worst part is, there's nobody to blame directly. Zephyra isn't in her right mind, Copy Elpizo isn't, either... but Kathros, I guess, could be blamed. He screwed Tryton and Zephyra up, and Copy Elpizo came into power because of him... And he kidnapped Ciel, which is why we were all busy investigating instead of being on our guard. ...Why am I thinking about all that now? Right now, Sola's more important.

The pink armored Reploid responded to Nebula's affectionate gesture by resting her head on his chest, crying bitterly while her emotions spiked. For several minutes she just stood there, letting out her sorrow in the form of tears that stained the floor on which they stood. Once she had finished, Sola took a step back and wiped her face, still sniffling a little. "I-I'm sorry Nebula... I should've been more in control of myself."

"It's alright. Truth be told... Foxstar didn't really want to live. Back when they were trying to find people to help out here, they crashed on my world, and Blazing Flizard was killed by Mavericks. Foxstar wanted to follow him to the grave, but we convinced her to keep going, fighting, for his sake. That... was probably wrong of us." Nebula bowed his head. "She's happier now, with Flizard. And now, I'm determined to find the rest of the Ether Stone Fragments, and put an end to this."

Sola was silent for a few moments, taking in what Nebula had said, then looked up at her white armored friend. "I don't think it was wrong. Just think of all that Foxstar did for us while she was still here. She helped you to save Leviathan from what Ciel told me, helped in uncovering the secret of the Ether Stones, and if it wasn't for her, I..."

She trailed off slightly, brushing back some loose strands of her shining blonde hair, before continuing. "...I'd still be like I was before that one mission. I wouldn't want to be like that, and... I don't think you would, either. You did a good thing, convincing her to fight on."

"...Thanks. That sets my mind at ease." He looked back at Sola.

Once Nebula had made his response to Sola, Fefnir's voice rang over the ship's intercom. "Nebula, we're gonna be at the target area in about four minutes. Could I get ya to come to the bridge?"

"Hm? Oh, Fefnir wants me back on the bridge. ...Sola, do you want to come on the mission?" Nebula started walking back up the hall. "It's gonna start in a few minutes."

Sola nodded before following Nebula back to the ship's Command Bridge. When they arrived, the pair beheld a curious sight. Fighting Fefnir was standing by his chair, actually holding a conversation with four Galleon Hunters. What was more, from what the Fire General was saying, the topic of the discussion happened to be music.

"C'mon you guys, everythin' can't always be rock. You gotta admit that this next area ain't exactly Phendrana Drifts, and you guys ain't exactly Stemage."

The lead Galleon, who had its arms crossed, seemed to finally relent with many a grumble. Waving its companions over, the purple humanoid robot led its small group off the bridge and down another hall, passing by Nebula and Sola in the process. The pink Reploid watched them go, her eyes filled with confusion. Pointing towards the departing Galleons, Sola attempted to raise a question but found that words failed her, causing her to merely stutter.

"What was... those couldn't have been..."

Fefnir did his best to ignore Sola's ramblings and turned his attention to Nebula. "Well, we're over the target zone, but it could be a while till we get down there. Seems a nasty blizzard just kicked in, and while this hull can take it, I don't want to explain to X how we managed to wreck an entire cruiser by flying in blind. So, since I doubt you wanna be waitin' around for it t'clear up, I was gonna ask ya if you wanted to try and head down via the grav lift."

Nebula was still distracted by the Galleon Hunters. "...Eh, Gravylift? Sorry, what does gravy have to do with the mission, again? Eh, nevermind that. I'm willing to do just about anything to get the mission done ASAP. How do we get down, exactly?" He snapped out of it and focused on the task ahead of him.

Fefnir facepalmed and mumbled before responding. "Not GRAVY lift, GRAV lift. Sure, only a one letter diff, but c'mon! Nothing the same, and you should know that.”

Nebula shrugged. "Excuse me for being preoccupied by musical peons.”

“Anyway, I was thinkin' 'bout lowerin' you down through the storm to t'earth via the grav lift. Could be dangerous though, so I wanted your input on it."

“I face danger all the time, I'm used to it. What's a little more to a crazy idiot like me?" Nebula scratched his head. "...Just to be clear... what kind of danger, exactly? Like, exposure to cold, and falling?"

He bowed his head in thought. "Hm... And who should come with me? I'd feel better about this with one or two other people to help out. And I'm not exactly at full power at the moment, but I'm the only person who can pinpoint the fragments. Otherwise, I might even consider sitting this one out."

The White Reploid shook his head. "Tch, what am I saying?! I'd never sit out a perfectly good mission! Fefnir, do you want to stay here and hold down the fort, or come with me? And Sola, how 'bout it?"

"Me? Miss out on some action? No way in hell, Nebula!" Fefnir said with enthusiasm, much to the nearby Falcona's chagrin. Growing serious again, the Fire General brought their attention to the holographic screen in front of his chair.

"As for the 'dangerous' bit... well, if ya don't mind temperatures of sixty below zero and winds of a hundred and forty miles an hour, it shouldn't be a problem. Oh, and did I mention that the temperature was in Centigrade, not Fahrenheit?"

Looking first at the display then outside at the howling, raging artic storm, Sola made a rather apprehensive face. Her mind briefly flashbacked to the time Zephyra froze her arm solid and how she nearly died as a result. "Uh... if it’s all the same to you, I think it'd be best for me to sit this one out."

Nebula sighed. "Yeah, I guess this IS kind of dangerous. It's okay if you decide to stay here, Sola. As for you, Fefnir... Just having you along is a major help. Actually, have we ever worked on a mission together? Huh. Well, let's get moving! You lead the way, since I have no clue where this grav lift thing is. Or how to operate it."

"Alright then... good luck, Nebula." Sola said, giving him a small smile as Fefnir began to walk back out the way Nebula and Burnout had first came in. "You do realize that the grav lift is what Rouge used t'retrieve both you and that Burnout fella, right? Oh, and ya may wanna know that Falcona... she ain't too happy to hear that Burnout is here. Somethin' bad happen between them, you think?"

Both he and Nebula had to stop when Rouge called to the White Armored Reploid. "Nebula! I finally compiled that data you requested on Albert. Here, take it." Holding out a hand, she presented him a small data chip shaped like a secret disk, only small enough to be fitted in any common disk drive.

"Huh, I don't think Burnout and Falcona know each other. Still, I could've forgotten, what with all the trauma of being attacked by a bird made of fire, and nearly getting turned into slag. ...I'm not so sure it has anything to do with them knowing each other, though." Nebula shrugged. "Knowing Falcona... five seconds of those two in the same room would be enough for her to be at his throat. She's not the kind of person to take kindly to... overly friendly interaction. We could drag Burnout with us on the mission to keep those two separate, if necessary."

He turned his attention to reading the disk for a moment…

[Subject: Albert, last name unrevealed. Was slated to hold title "Master Albert" but expired before reception of said title.]

[Albert was a scientist of great regard, specializing in robotics and artificial intelligence in both humanoid and non-humanoid machines. His level of intelligence was on par with that of Doctor Ciel, another human scientist and researcher of alternative energy sources (see file #023 - Dr. Ciel). He was given much regard and respect by his fellow scientists, but little else was known about him as he spent much of his private life in seclusion.]

[Due to his phenomenal reputation amongst the world's leading minds, he was one of the three men chosen by Ciel to help govern the new city-state of Innerpeace. However, the attack by Copy Elpizo's Maverick army resulted in his untimely death, as well as the other two intended members of the future 'Sage Trinity,' Thomas and Mikhail.]

"...Thanks for the data, Rouge." ... ... ...No way... not a shred of data on his secret lab? Well, they probably didn't know about it. And it may not even exist, since he died in this dimension now, rather than being killed off by Grey in the future. I can still check. After all, if he DID build his lab, I bet he already created Biometal Model A...

"...Er, sorry. Lead the way, Fefnir! I kinda... forgot where I was when I got onto the ship. Post-traumatic memory loss, I guess."

"Yeah, that might be a good idea. Who knows what kinda hell Falcona'd raise if Burnout pulled anythin' with her." Luckily the white/red Reploid just happened to be in the docking bay where the grav lift was stationed, working on his Buster arm. Upon their approach Burnout ceased his self-maintenance and stood up, giving them both a half confident, half maniacal grin. Noticing the Fire General, his grin widened.

"So, who's your 'horny' friend, Neb? Talk about one wonked out helmet design. What, was your maker drunk AND high when they made you? And what's the target for this mission?"

Fefnir's left eye twitched at being called 'horny,' even if was just a reference to his helmet spikes. What was more, the comments indirectly regarding Ciel caused him to ball his hands into trembling fists. "...Okay, I can see why Falcona detests this guy so much."

Burnout's reaction was instantaneous. "Whoa whoa whoa! Are you saying that not only Kosa is alive but FALCONA as well?! ...Well I'll be damned, all of the old crew could be alive at this rate..."

Nebula raised an eyebrow. "What? I thought she was pissed because you were flirting with her. She's another of your old teammates? Go figure. ...Wait, how is that even..." When exactly did Falcona get out of that Maverick facility, originally? "Nevermind. Just try to avoid making comments like those, or you're liable to be torn apart. We're thinking of bringing you along to keep you out of trouble, and your fire-based skills might be useful."

"'Keep me out of trouble?' Wow, way to treat the destined hero, Nebula. Plus, we JUST got back from nearly getting our butts roasted. What's the rush?"

Fefnir, who by now was quite fed up with Burnout's pompous attitude, slammed the Reploid into a nearby wall and held him there with a thickly armored arm across his chest. "Listen you! We're going t'get that fragment and you're comin' with us, whether ya like it or not, YA HEAR ME?!"

If one could see Burnout's eyes under his vizor, they'd no doubt be wide with shock and perhaps some fear, as well. An angered Fefnir was not something to be tempted. "O-okay, okay! No need to get physical, buddy!"

Backing off, Fefnir gave Burnout a grim smirk as he walked to the grav lift control panel. "Oh, that ain't 'physical' with me, mister. Not by a long shot. More or less, that was my 'negotiation' side."

As the Fire General adjusted the settings for the lift, Burnout gave Nebula an incredulous look. "...negotiator side? Just how more physical can you get? Something's telling me I won't get to like any of these new generation 'Loids..."

Nebula flinched. "Burnout, first off, I thought I already got ahead of you in the whole 'legendary hero' thing." Ugh, listening to myself say that is almost physically painful. "Second, we're in a rush to get this stuff done before Copy Elpizo has time to find and eliminate any of our groups. Third... that was the least amount violence I have ever seen Fefnir negotiate with. In case the horns and spikes on his armor didn't tip you off, he's pretty damn violent. I suggest you try not to annoy Fefnir again, considering the fact that he's... a borderline unstable psychopath with cannons that he uses as handguns."

The other Reploid seemed to ignore what Nebula said about Fefnir.
"It's in the legacy~" Burnout said in a sing-song voice as Fefnir waved them over to the grav lift, standing on top of a transparent purple barrier. As soon as the other two were in position, the ship's generators kicked in and began to lower the trio from the skies, into the howling blizzard below.

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In order to keep in contact with the pair, Fefnir switched to his commlink system, opening a small radius zone of communication so as to eliminate the chance of eavesdroppers. ["Alright gang, listen up!" This lift can only take us so far down before its hold on us loses its integrity, so once we're 'bout three fourths through this thing we'll be in a freefall. Take it carefully and try to angle your landin' just right, unless you wanna end up a pile of spare junk.']

Nebula nodded. ["I'm sure I can survive that. If worst comes to worst, the Falcon Armor can help me soften my landing. In fact..."] In a flash of light, he donned said armor. ["...I'd best have it ready for use, just in case. So, what's our target area?"]

As the Fire General responded, the threesome plunged further into the blizzard, now completely obscured from each other by its wind driven clouds. ["We're gonna land in the middle of nowhere, a huge tundra desert if ya will. The Ether Stone fragment's signal is within a six kilometers of our drop zone, but we couldn't narrow down its location any further. Don't expect any hostiles in the area, either. Copy Elpizo has never sent his forces and further than that mountain rage you were at, Neb."]

The deeper the trio went the worse the storm became, its winds screaming as they tore at the Reploids with an abysmal fury. Soon they hit the levels where the airborne water became dense enough to freeze solid, resulting in a hailstorm of an intensity only found in the arctic circle. ["Ah-! Ow, gosh knows! Fefni- ow! Fefnir! How much further till we hit ground?! This storm isn't agreeing with me here!"] Burnout yelled as he triggered his flamethrower, spinning the flame around himself to ward off any more hail.

["Oh, you'll know it when it's time, Burnout. Like right about... now!"] With a sudden flash of purple light, the grav lift's hold on the trio faltered and failed, letting them free-fall for the remaining nine hundred feet.


Nebula put on a stoic face as he entered freefall. ["You know, I once nearly fell off of a cliff. I was pretty sure that would kill me. I know that there's snow to cushion our fall, but how could applied physics stop us from getting crushed into tin cans by hitting the ground at terminal velocity? I mean, I'm gonna be fine. I have my Falcon Armor. But, uh... are you guys sure you won't be roughed up too bad?"]

["Don'tcha worry 'bout me, Neb!"] There was a sudden blast of fiery red as Fefnir deployed his Sodom and Gomorrah cannons, spewing out a constant stream of flames that slowed his descent drastically. Meanwhile Burnout was focusing on his own way of saving his metal rear end.

Gotta time this right... As the ground rushed up at the threesome, Burnout flared his anti-grav units built into his feet, pouring tons of excess energy into the repulsors. The air around the artic had a much higher magnetism level than any other, and reacted violently to the sudden generation of electrical interference caused by Burnout. As a result, the white/red Reploid's speed was cut by three fourths in less than a second, thanks to the friction of the powerful magnetic resistance in the air.

Soon enough the pair landed safely, where Burnout stuck a fist up high in celebration. "Hoo hoo, yeah! That's how an S-Rank Hunter does it!"

Nebula gunned the engines on his armor, creating a sudden deceleration, but not quite halting completely. He slammed into the snow, and became buried up to his neck.

"G... Guh... >_0 Could somebody help me out here?"

Nebula's impact had thrown up a large wave of snow, completely covering Burnout from head to foot in the white fluff. Struggling to contain his amusement from the sight of the pompous Reploid-turned-snowman, Fefnir walked over to where his white armored friend was buried. Quickly digging out one of his arms, the Fire General gave it a solid yank and pulled Nebula back to the surface of the snow drift.

Nebula nodded in appreciation. "Thanks, Fefnir. So, where's the target?" He glanced at Burnout. "And what happened to YOU? Oh, right, I happened. Well, then, let's go get that Ether Stone Fragment."

Underneath his blanket of snow, Burnout held a very disgruntled expression before blasting the snow off ill-temperedly. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let's just get moving. ...hey, it's awfully quiet out. Isn't there supposed to be some music or something right about now?"

Fefnir nodded in agreement, "Yeah, but it seems our friends can't come t'an agreement over there," before pointing to a nearby group of familiar looking Pantheon Hunters. The group was quibbling in their odd language, but it was obvious they weren't settling on any one song.

Burnout only stared at the quartet. "...uh, wouldn't you guys want to talk to 'em? I can't make out a word they're saying. Plus, breaking the fourth wall really isn't my style."

At this line Fefnir's eyes widened slightly as a slight trickle of red oil ran down his cheek from his nose. Noticing this, Burnout's expression became baffled. "Whoa there Red, you okay?"

Stammering, the Fire General managed to respond. "Y-yeah, I'm fine. Just had an aneurysm from sheer stupidity, that's all."

"Oh wow," Burnout said as he turned back to face the squabbling peons. "I never knew you had it in you, Fefnir. Sure takes a lot of stupidity to do that to yourself, y'know."

His left eye twitching, Fefnir's hands went to his head as he shouted out in pain, dropping to his knees in the snow while he shook. "Gaah! N-Nebula... just give them a damn song before I kill myself here...!"

Nebula facepalmed. "THAT'S where the BGMs always came from. I'll just, uh..." He pulled a couple of disks from inside his vest and walked over to the Galleon Hunters.

"Here, play one of these."

He glanced at the other disk, then put it away. "Nah, that'd give us all nightmares if we had to listen to it in such a lonely place." The White Reploid shuddered. "'Persona', huh? Man, who would've thought the track named after the game itself would be so creepy?"

Nebula held out the remaining disk to the group. "Here, it's kind of a... hm, not sure how to put this one. At least it's remotely upbeat."

The Pantheon looked at the disk skeptically before taking and plopping it into a small player. The foursome took a few moments to listen, then nods were seen as they agreed. Taking Nebula's hand, the first blue peon shook it cheerfully before leading his group off.

Recovering from his bout, Fighting Fefnir shook his head as he stood erect again. "Rrg, and I had no idea Reploids could even HAVE aneurysms... but now that's outta the way, we'd best getta move on."

As the music Nebula had given the musical Pantheons began to resonate across the artic desert, Burnout nodded in agreement. "Dang right. ...nice choice of music, Neb. What I had in mind was, let's just say, really inferior in this situation."

Nebula shrugged, then crossed his arms and shivered. "I just picked something with the general tone for the area. VERY general. Not like we would appreciate music that reminds us of how cold it is."

Gshz, It's freezing out here... If I don't keep moving, I'll be frozen solid. I'm not a fire specialist, so I have a bit less thermal energy in my body than Burnout and Fefnir.

He generated his chain whip-like weapon and began to lash out at the air around himself, heating it up with his Fire Chip. "This should make things bearable for me... How are you two holding up?"

Fefnir was walking along perfectly fine, as if the temperature was the same as any sunny day in Innerpeace. "No probs here, Neb. Helps that I'm a Fire user, but that's statin' the obvious, now ain't it?"

To the left of the White Reploid, Burnout was having a slightly worse time off than the Fire General. However, he wasn't in any immediate danger of being frozen over like an ice block. The fact he kept on running his mouth was proof enough of that. "Y'know, I've been in places like this before. Lotsa times, actually. I was sent to the arctic AND the antarctic for I don't know how many missions back during the Sigma Wars. Quasar was never one for the cold, being a Lightning based Reploid and all, but I've never had trouble with it at all. Like that one time when..."

Grumbling, Fefnir's face grew annoyed as he trudged onward, attempting to ignore Burnout's ramblings. "Okay, screw enemies or blizzards, this is gonna kill me..."

Some amount of time later, the terrain around the threesome still seemed like the selfsame barren tundra that they had first landed in. By now one might have expected the howling storm around them to have died down. However, the blizzard instead had intensified even more, going so far that now even Fefnir was having trouble staying warm. "Dammit... this isn't right! I don't get how this storm could still be raging like this!"

...not natural is this is a sign though...we are close...

Nebula was slowing down. "Ugh... C-can't keep going like this... It's so cold that I don't even feel like fighting...!" He looked in horror at his left arm, which had been frozen at the joints. His right was still moving, but he was obviously weighed down by the ice.

Then, his frustration exploded into rage. He yelled out, generating a burning aura of flame, then charged ahead, freeing himself of his sluggish state.

"That feels SO much BETTER!" He bellowed. "If we're near the goal, we can't lose steam now!"

Eyes wide, Fefnir could only watch as Nebula shot ahead, bafflement coursing through his head at what had just happened. "Wha...? How the hell...?"

Staying true to his oblivious self, Burnout kept on running his yapper as he walked by a stupified Fefnir, only now it was on a slightly different and less relevant subject. "...and even though she certainly never said it, I always knew she had a soft spot for me. I mean, how could any girl resist this kinda build? Sometimes I wonder how even I can handle all of this awesome I have, but I guess that's because I'm so amazing even I can't comprehend it! But yeah, after I left..."

Fighting the urge to smack himself in the face, Fefnir forced himself to trudge onwards, once more ignoring the white and red Reploid's ramblings. "Man, just what did Nebula do back there...? Cuz I could sure use some of it right 'bout now..."

Nebula continued marching with the singleminded determination to finish the mission. Of course, he got bored rather quickly. "...Burnout, since you seem to be just fine with talking the whole way, mind telling me something? What makes you so sure you're the legendary hero? After all, I'm the one who was able to use the Ether Stone Fragment when we needed its help. Of course, I'm pretty sure I'm exempt from being a Legendary Hero candidate."

Burnout didn't notice his white armored companion's question for a solid chunk of time, so engrossed in whatever tale he was relating as he was. "...never gave me any grief over it, thankfully. That's one thing I could count on X for- huh? What's that? ...oh, the whole legend thing? Well, I think it's fairly obvious, once you read the scripts. But to understand 'em, you gotta know about the first tale of the Ether Stone fragments. It kinda go like this, give or take a few words..."

Eons ago, the world was torn asunder by conflict and enmity between beliefs. Those who believed in using only the arcane arts rejected those who sought to craft their own power from the bones of the earth, and thus did brothers make war upon each other. The race of mages, so blinded by their haughty pride, turned their eyes away from what was the only true danger. A foolish shadow, led by its greed to be consumed by the darkness, rose to power and brought both sides to their knees.

Enslaved and enchained, humanity's price for its foolishness was two millennia of slavery under the terrifying demonic shadow. Their toiling and anguish was its greatest pleasure, their cries of agony and desperation its eargasm. Yet, even amidst this reign of darkness and hopelessness, hope found its way to the oppressed. Five individuals, two of the modern realm, two from the arcane domains and one whose origin is shrouded, came across the shattered remains of the seal which once bound the heartless demonic shadow. The seal was known as the Ether Stone, and its five fragments were collected by the humans to be used against the tyrant.

Once their ruse had been uncovered by the dark demon, they were embroiled in the most catastrophic struggle known to mankind. Five against an endless horde of unspeakable, unnatural and soulless creations. Yet, with the holy power of the Ether Stone on their side, the valiant ones forced their way to the very realm of the king of shadows itself. Its dark might far exceeded that of mortal ken; even the sacred light they bore hardly phased the powerful creature. Realizing they had no choice if they were to slay the oppressor, the five heroes gave up their lives and their very essence, uniting themselves with the stones they carried. With this force, the fragments once more sealed away the dark one, ending his reign of malice.

"...and that's the story. The legend 'bout the fragments states that it takes someone with the same fiery determination and thirst for justice that the past heroes had before they could use the Ether stones." Burnout, not surprisingly, hadn't even noticed the fact the blizzard was dying down around them. Fefnir did, however, and gave Nebula a slightly puzzled look.

"Not just that, but that those who would follow in our steps know the song we played, the only light in our dark time. That was some of the text I found engraved in a wall back in that volcano. There was more, but it was illegible. Believe me when I say it, but it took me a long time to figure out what they meant. I think I finally have it now though; whenever I approach one of those fragments, I can hear chords of some kinda song. As far as I know, no other person - Reploid or human - can hear that song."

“Is ‘eargasm’ a real word?” Sireff emerged to ask. She was ignored, however, and pouted as she returned to Nebula’s system.

"...I never heard any song, myself. Not that I remember, anyway. Still... does that mean that only these Chosen Ones can use them properly, but anybody with a strong sense of justice and determination can use them? That would explain my case, since I'm no Chosen One. ...Well, technically, in regards to Biometal, I am, but I'm not involved in this legend." Nebula commented.

"Of course, that's saying I believe any of this. It makes a little sense, though, I have to admit. Kathros fits the profile for the mysterious shadow, I guess. And a file on Ciel's computer mentions that she's a threat to him somehow... Does that mean she's a Chosen One?"

"The rest of it aside, my job is to retrieve these things and beat down Copy Elpizo, fix him, and then wipe Kathros off the face of reality. If I have to stand down and let the Chosen Ones handle it, when the time comes, I will. But until the time comes, I'll fight to my last breath."

Almost as soon as Nebula finished speaking, the storm around them simply ceased... but only ahead of them. Behind, the blizzard still howled and raged like a chained beast, but its winds didn't touch the trio as they exited its reach. Fefnir stood at the very edge of the raging storm, shock written all over his face as he faced its rushing wall of snow and ice. He brushed his hand against it, but almost immediately retracted his limb when he was exposed to the sub-zero temperatures again. "Sweet mother of Light... how is this even damn possible...?!"

Burnout was in awe as well, but with a far less degree than his red armored ally. "The Ether Stone fragment here, no duh. C'mon, think about it for a second. Considering its power, there has to be SOMETHING out of the ordinary guarding it."

Nebula took the impossibility of the situation fairly well. "When we obtain the stone, one of two things will probably happen. Either the storm will stop, or begin to envelop this area, as well. I really hope it's the former."

He shook his head. "...As weird as it is, we'll just have to accept it. Let's keep going. There may or may not be a guardian here, since we already had to go through that blizzard, which I'd say is enough difficulty to stop most Reploids."

The trio moved onwards, but it was not long till they began to notice something different about their location. "Hey, it ain't just me when I say it feels warmer, right?" Fefnir commented as they trod.

Burnout ceased his chatter long enough to glance around, nodding in agreement. "Oh yeah, for sure. I think I'm even starting to see small tufts of... grass..."

The white/red Reploid's voice trailed off as the threesome reached the edge of a huge snowy plain, where an unbelievable sight was beheld. Ahead of them was stationed a huge army consisted of humans bearing what looked like powered battle armor, each one hefting a thick battle rifle and a large combat vibroblade. Alongside the soldiers were huge four treaded tanks, each one bearing two massive main cannons lined side-by-side. Also, two legged battle mechs - each over forty feet tall - towered over their diminutive allies, sporting a pair of intimidating chain guns and a rack of missiles atop their cockpits.

From each by now outdated barrel issued a burst of flame as it spat out its deadly projectile, sending it screaming towards some distant target. But the oddest thing present was not the fact that these warriors were so old as to exist from a long dead era, but in the fact that despite their actively charging positions, not a single movement or sound was made among them.

Nebula looked on in shock. "...Something is really unnatural about this... I don't hear any shouting. There's no fighting spirit here... Ah! Are these some of Kathros' 'soulless' creations!? Or... maybe there was some kind of battle here, and the Ether Stone Fragment trapped the combatants in a time loop here?"

"Yeah, could be..." Was all that Burnout could manage as he walked past the immobile humans, looking over each one as he passed them. Carefully passing under one of the massive battle mechs, Fefnir looked upward to see a missile streaking above, it's contrail of smoke and flame frozen in time just like it was. "Wow, this is somethin'. I ain't ever seen war machines like this b'fore; closest thing we had in Neo Arcadia was the Golems."

Further inwards, a second army locked in time made itself visible. It was a much smaller force of humans bearing even more outdated weaponry compared to their attackers. On the front lines a knight was running an enemy through with his blade, while another was hurling a spear with a magical glow into the barrel of a tank. In the skies a hail of arrows was held in place, falling towards the main bulk of the technology using humans. The archers were guarded by men bearing huge, bulky armor with massive shields, each of them holding a decorated lance forward in a defensive fashion.

Striding up to one of the behemoth humans, Fefnir rapped a finger against its armor. Letting out a low whistle, the Fire General shook his head. "Okay, I've heard of strong humans b'fore, but this is ludicrous! That armor must weigh a friggin' ton!"

"My guess is that they were harnessing the power of the Ether Stone, or something. Look at the weird glow on some of their projectiles. Physical objects don't give off that kind of glow unless they've been charged with some kind of energy." Nebula hypothesized. "...Er, where should we look to find the Ether Stone Fragment?"

"Well, that might be a good start." Fefnir pointed to a small temple like structure behind the defending army, which seemed to be the target of the attacking forces. Before its entrance was a small group of men in robes and capes, each of them holding a tome of sorts in their hands. A few of them had their hands outstretched and mouths open, caught right in the middle of casting some spell. Their fingers had bursts of different energies surrounding them, some bright and shining, others black as the darkest night. What mages that weren't casting spells were holding their hands together in a prayer like fashion, emitting a light blue aura around the temple's defenders.

Nebula started for the entrance, glancing at the people as he passed. "...Like something out of a video game..."

The threesome passed through the gateway and into the minute temple's interior, only to have Fefnir run smack dab into some invisible force. Shouting out both in surprise and pain, Fefnir held his battered nose with both hands while Burnout shook his head while walking past. Striding up to the causeway, he gave it a gentle prod where Fefnir's nose had contacted with the repelling power. His finger immediately rebounded off, as if whatever was keeping them out was doing so actively.

...bring me close...I shall undo the seal that leads in...

Nebula took the fragment out of a pouch he had fastened to his hip before leaving. "You can open this? You're pretty helpful when you need to be, but you're not much of a conversationalist."

Still refusing to respond verbally, the Ether Stone fragment began to glow as Nebula raised it upwards. Facing the barrier, the golden stone flashed a bright white and shot an instantaneous thin beam that pierced the magical shield, causing it to shatter like glass. Its pieces dissipated into nothingness as they fell, allowing the threesome access inside.

Be warned... time does not exist beyond this causeway... tread lightly whereof you speak...

Nebula put it back in the pouch. "...But I thought time was stopped in the whole area. It said time didn't exist in there... Careful, guys. I don't wanna end up floating in some temporal void for all eternity-packed-into-an-instant, so let's watch our step."

Burnout grimaced at the idea. "Ugh, perish THAT thought. Not that the new BGM is help-MMPH!" The instant before he could continue, Fefnir's hand was clamped tightly over his mouth, sparing the fourth wall another shattering. Glaring daggers at Burnout, the Fire General hissed threateningly. "Listen you, we are literally this close to a pseudo-time paradox and you wanna go referencing... outside sources again? Are you trying to get us erased from reality, dumbass?! Open your mouth without thinking again, and if the space-time continuum doesn't tear you apart, so help me I will!"

Forcing the seething Reploid's hand away from his face, Burnout snorted in annoyance. "Okay, okay! Geez, even for a Fire user you've got one heck of a temper."

As a quartet of snickers could be heard from the direction of the musical group of peons in the distance, the trio entered the small structure's causeway, which lead into a small circular room with a very curious interior. Inside, a most bizarre combination of both mechanically and magically powered devices lined the walls, all of them connected in various manners to a machine that sat squarely in the center of the room. Above its cone-shaped form was a glowing complex of rings that orbited each other, each of them surrounded with glyphs that winked on and off periodically. In the center of the display floated what the threesome had come for; the final Ether Stone fragment.

By the machines hooked up to the device stood a pair of figures, one like the mages outside and the other a human sporting the armor like the attacking force's men bore. Unlike the others though, these two were not held in place by whatever force bound the ones outside. Upon Burnout, Nebula and Fefnir's entrance into the structure, the robed one noticed their arrival and quickly tapped his companion's shoulder. "It seems we have visitors, Jayce."

The armored one called Jayce turned around as well, revealing a battle hardened face with sharp and deep blue eyes. Hefting his battle rifle warily, Jayce eyed the trio with suspicion. "’Intruders’ is more likely, Kohmad. I ain't ever seen the likes of these before."

Raising his voice to the Reploids, the soldier stood his ground firmly. "Alright then, out with it. What are your names, rank and affiliation if applicable, and why are you here?"

Nebula pointed to the Ether Stone Fragment. "...Sorry, but I'm sure you guessed what we came for. No violence, please. Peaceful solutions are the best solutions."

["Guys, don't give them any real information. Just play along, so we don't screw up reality."]

"I am Captain Wedge. The annoying one is Lieutenant Piete, and the bulky one is Commander Biggs. We are with the Eetowrfist Alliance, and have come on a top-priority mission to retrieve that stone. We have no intention of fighting you unless absolutely necessary."

["We can't rule out the possibility that this is the past, and that we could seriously screw up the timeline by killing anybody, or having our names known. Sorry I couldn't think of better names, I didn't have time."]

 ["Annoying one?! Where the heck do you get off saying that?!"]

["Just give it a damned rest, loudmouth! You're THIS close to sending us into who knows what kinda paradox here!"]

Kohmad stood with his arms crossed and a stoic look on his face. Raising an eyebrow, he gave a slight huff of indignation. "The Eetowrfist Alliance, hm? I could barely force my tongue to wrap around that. Do all of your countries, nationalities and militaristic organizations share such confounding names this far into the future?"

Unable to contain his surprise, 'Commander Biggs' spurted out from shock. "Wait wait wait, what? But didn't ya say that time didn't exist here, Neb? How could he know-"

Giving an annoyed sigh, Kohmad shook his head. "I thought that people from two thousand years into the future would have been smarter than this, especially considering they've learned how to conceal their lifeforce from me... in order to protect this fragment from its imminent seizure and destruction, it three things. The first and most obvious change was the freezing of time for the forces outside. The second was the eradication of time itself within this sanctuary. The third and final act... well, I think I'd best leave it to my comrade to explain. He has a better grasp on the physical world than I do."

Jayce snorted and gave the Reploid trio a suspicious look, all the while keeping his heavy battle rifle lowered at them. "Why are we even bothering with these freaks? For all we know, they could just be machines like the one we made, and who knows who made 'em then? I don't trust 'em."

The mage huffed as if he was offended, but given his companion's lack of reaction to this it was obvious it was a common action. "Just think about it, Jayce. While our bodies have not been affected due to the lack of time in here, we have been keeping a rough estimate of the time in the outside world. I highly doubt that any traces of the conflict frozen out there exist anywhere else."

'Wedge' spoke up. "Yeah, I was wondering about that. For reasons I don't care to explain, I have absolutely no grasp on the history of the world. ...Names out there kinda vary. Like, a lot. Some seem to be based on simple phrases, or on Latin roots, but there are some that... I don't think they mean anything. You can call Eetowrfist 'Eeto' for short."

"Long story short, we need the fragment. The time has come for it to... Y'know what? 'Piete', you handle this. I'm not feeling very melodramatic at the moment."

'Piete' rolled his eyes. "Sure, rely on the chosen one to do all the work, eh? Well, I would but I think private Jayce over there still has some explaining to do."

This comment got the red/white Reploid slammed into a wall, with the now irate soldier up in his face with a snarl on it. "It's Sergeant First Class Jayce to you, Lieutenant dumbass, and I don't think that you're in any position to demand anything of us. In fact, I've half a mind to-"

"Jayce, just explain."

"...Fine." Backing off from a stunned 'Piete', Jayce stated in a reluctant tone. "Y'see, in order to make this place impassible to just about anyone, the fragment caused the earth to rotate a full ninety degrees, making what used to be a huge savannah this frozen tundra. It also decreased the barometric pressure, making this place a huge blizzard hot spot. After doing that, a shield was created that kept the immediate area around the temple from being buried."

'Biggs' was rightly impressed. "Damn... I knew them fragments had power, but that's just..."

"It's only natural, 'Commander,'" 'Piete' stated. "If those fragments were able to seal off something that could enslave the whole dang world with ease, I'd say that they could alter the earth's position simply enough. Anyway..."

He then launched into a long (and overly dramatized) narrative of what had happened over the past two thousand years, with 'Biggs' often interrupting to make sure he stayed on track or get certain details right. As 'Piete' finished, it left Kohmad with his chin in his hand, eyes closed as he mulled it all over.

", it seems that not only has that foolish Kathros' folly carried on far into the future, but the age of technology has superseded that of our arcane arts. Just like I had predicted; sad, but true. Every era does have an end, after all."

Looking 'Wedge' directly in the eyes, his own calm and serene, the mage's face remained stoic as he continued. ", you have come for this fragment of the sacred Ether Stone to dispel Kathros for good, just as it was written. Odd that a human would not have been the one to seek them out, but I digress. So long as what you seek to end with this fragment is only the destruction caused by that madman, we have no choice in the issue. You have full access to the fragment that we have safeguarded."

"Thank you. And I'm sorry we didn't tell you our real names at first. I mean, during our dramatic re-enactment, we ended up telling you Fefnir and Burnout's names, and about Innerpeace, but... we... weren't sure what was going on. We thought this may have been the past, and that any information slipping out could have disrupted the timeline. I may have escaped its effects, but these two could have been wiped from history. Or Fefnir would just be known by a different name, or revered as some kind of deity, I dunno."

Nebula sighed apologetically. "My real name is Nebula. Sorry for blundering like that, and giving false info. At least we can be straight with each other, now that we know that the timeline is gonna be intact... Well, thank you. I'm really sorry. To repay you, we'll demote Burnout to Junior Private Negative First Class. It has an insulting adjective!"

Kohmad chuckled slightly. "No no, that will not be needed."

His companion grinned, shouldering his formidable assault rifle. "Nah, it won't. We could have him on KP Duty for the remainder of his tour of duty. Yeah, I think that'd suit a smartass like him just fine."

Burnout, utterly perplexed by their use of military jargon, gave Nebula and Fefnir a confused look. "KP Duty? Just what am I missing here?"

Fefnir nudged and winked at Nebula before responding. "Well, for any low or middlin' rankin' soldier, it's one of the greatest services they can provide for their company or brigade. It's a real honor to get offer'd a tour as a KPer."

Nebula put on a serious mask, nodding fiercely. "I'm surprised they would trust you with something so important; so revered!" Inside, he was as lost as Burnout. After all, he had never served in any kind of military aside from the Maverick Hunters organization, which wasn't technically military.

And yet, he was still laughing like an idiot. Inside of his own mind, of course. He was fairly certain that, whatever KP Duty was, it wasn't fun. Kitchen Patrol, maybe?

Burnout's face was one of incredulousness, utter confusion etched across his face at the responses he was getting. This only proved as a source of amusement for Fefnir and Jayce, the two soldiers both suffering from a severe case of stifled laughter. Shaking his head with amusement, Kohmad turned to face Nebula, his arms still crossed across his chest.

"As entertaining as this has been, I'm sure that you must be hurrying to stop what chaos Kathros has spread now, correct? Time may 'not exist' in here, so to speak, but the outside world is not held back by the power of this single fragment. As soon as you take it though, be careful. The force field keeping the blizzard at bay will falter, and this sanctuary will become engulfed almost immediately. It will not be as intense as before, thankfully, but one cannot be too cautious."

Nebula sighed. "Crap, I figured that might be the case. I was hoping for the reverse, though... Guys! Let's prepare to leave! You guys should probably get out, too. There's not much hope for the people frozen in time outside, but you guys have waited too long to just die here." I don't think I could call the ship from here... Even if it weren't for the temple itself blocking my signal, I bet the timelessness of this place would interfere as well.

He charged up his weapons, ready to blast through snow and ice. "We have only one shot at this, so we have to be as ready as possible, if we don't want to end up as metallic popsicles."

The mage sighed and smiled ruefully. "Ah, if only that were possible. As soon as the Ether Stone fragment is removed, time will correct itself, removing Jayce, those surrounding this place, and myself from existence. We will drift off into the next life, the one which by all means we should have entered eons ago."

Nebula looked away. "...That's kinda depressing. I mean, you waited for so long, just to hand off the Ether Stone Fragment to us and die..." He straightened up. "Rest in peace. We'll remember you both."

Kohmad waved his had dismissively. "We were prepared for this outcome. After all, war does have its casualties, and we took that risk by our oaths of fealty. I ask not that you remember us, but what we have stood and fought for. Please, end Kathros' mad reign before he consumes the world you now protect."

Jayce nodded in agreement before extending a hand to Fefnir, which bore his assault rifle. "Here, take this. I made my wife a promise that this rifle of mine would land a bullet in Kathros' skull after she died. Seeing as I can't fulfill that now, could I ask you t'handle it for me?"

Fefnir looked the ancient weapon over before nodding, taking the rifle in his hands and looking it over. Swinging it around while sighting down it's barrel, Fefnir gave a half cheeked grin. "It ain't the most advanced weapon, that's for damn sure, but I'm likin' the feel it's givin' me. You can consider that nut-job's skull screwed, Sergeant Jayce. If it means anythin' t'ya, I'm General Fefnir."

The soldier gave the Fire General a grin and a crisp salute, chuckling at some amusing fact. "Heh, I once told m'boys that the day I die is the day I order some high-ranking brass around. Never once thought I'd actually do that."

Kohmad swept an arm towards the Ether Stone fragment, still hovering in the display system. "Your path is clear now, friends. We grant you our fairest well wishes, and as some of you may say, the best of luck."

The White Reploid nodded appreciatively. "Thank you. And farewell!" He reached out and took the fragment, putting it into his pouch. He now held three of them... And one was with X, the one he had found when he destroyed that monster in that Maverick base.

As soon as the Ether Stone fragment was removed from its holding place, both Kohmad and Jayce simply vanished, as well as the forces outside, into nothingness. The temple shuddered violently as the blizzard impacted it, slamming the tiny structure with its long held-back fury. The swirling snow threatened to fill the room the Reploids occupied, but a large, continuous gout of flame from Burnout's flamethrower solved that problem. "C'mon you guys!" he shouted over his shoulder, "I can't keep this up forever!"

Nebula took the initiative, sprinting into it head-on. He began to cut through it with his burning saber, clearing the path and raising the temperature, causing incoming snow to melt immediately. "Problem solved, for about ten seconds! What do you guys say..." He equipped the Shining Laser onto his left arm. "...we try something drastic?"

He charged the weapon up, loaded his Fire Chip, then took aim down the corridor. "Once I fire this, we dash until we're out. Then, we scale the outside before we're all buried. Sound like a plan?"

Simultaneously the two Reploids shouted out "got it!" before taking up dashing stances behind Nebula, ready to burst out as soon as the white Reploid fired.

Nebula fired his weapon, the sheer force and heat overcoming the blizzard, evaporating the melted snow. The instant he fired, he began the charge ahead. Once he finished, he unequipped his laser, dashing as fast as possible for the exit.

The threesome managed to dash outside and clamber up atop the now half-buried temple, barely evading the rolling snow drifts below. As Fefnir hoisted Burnout up by his arm, he called out to Nebula via his commlink. ["Hey Neb! I can't get through to th'ship through this storm! Think ya can fire another one of them lasers upwards and see if we can't get Falcona's attention with it?"]

Nebula aimed it straight up. ["We'll see!"]

He fired the beam, directing the incredible destructive force of his weapon straight up. Considering how visible the beam would be (being red, since it was set with the Fire Chip) and the fact that it was a laser (moving at the speed of light), the White Reploid had confidence that it would get their attention before they were all buried.

["C'mon, c'mon, c'mon...! It's like this environment is standing in for a guardian! It's original, at least. You get tired of fighting monsters or giant robots once in a while. But fighting the world itself? That's not something most people can say they've done!"]

The Shining Laser pierced the clouds above, evaporating a small section of them as it went streaking upwards. For what seemed like an eternity nothing happened, save for the blizzard's continuous howling and attempts to bury the threesome. Eventually though, the clouds burst apart to reveal Fefnir's cruiser streaking downwards towards their position. The angle of attack it was traveling on though made the Fire General grow anxious.

["S***, she's coming to WAY too hot! She keeps up that angle and she's gonna plow the damn thing right into the ground! Falcona, pull up dammit, pull up!"]

["Keep your pants on, ya bloody worrywart! I've got this!"]

Flaring the ship's engines to create a counterthrust, Falcona caused the ship to pitch its nose high up, causing the ship to deaccelerate rapidly. The end result had the ship not a hundred feet above the trio, hovering in place before retrieving them via the grav lift.

Nebula had no sooner gotten inside than collapsed. "Ugh, remind me never to go skiing."

He pulled himself back up, shaking his head. "I'd ask about the next stone, but I need to make some repairs. My armor is kinda damaged from the blizzard, and using my last-resort attack twice was a little draining. Is there any information that can't wait?"

Rouge, who had been operating the grav lift once more, ran over with a very concerned face on. "As a matter of fact, yes there is. Not too long ago we received a distress call from one of the ships in the fleet in orbit; something was forcing it to separate itself from the rest of the ships' location!"

Fefnir's face was one of disbelief. "No damn way! How could ANYONE reach the fleet save for us?!" With nary another word the Fire General ran off to the bridge at full tilt, leaving Burnout, Rouge and Nebula back in the hangar.

Nebula sagged. "That's not good...! Well, I have to fix myself up. If I'm still like this when we get there to help, I'm not gonna be much use." He walked off to his room, immediately setting to work.

[Analysis: Structural integrity lowered drastically. Calculating solution...]

After a minute of searching, he found the correct formula for restoring his armor after the damage it had taken from the cold... and the heat of his own weapons.

Luckily, he found that there would not be any need for a trip back to Light Labs to replace anything. The damage wasn't quite so serious. All it really took was to enter a restoration capsule. So much for that.

Afterwards, he stepped out, heading straight for the bridge. "Whatever's going on, I don't like it..."

On the bridge Fefnir, Burnout and Rouge had joined up with Falcona and Harpuia, as well as Sola, as their ship began to jet towards space. Upon seeing her friend emerge from the doorway, the pink armored Reploid rushed over. "Nebula, are you okay?! Fefnir told me about how cold it was down there. Please don't tell me you got hurt!"

Nebula tried to brush it aside. "Nothing serious happened. I just needed a minor fix, no major repairs. I probably should've had Sireff help me increase my LE capacity a little, but I didn't want to waste time."

Sola's face was still etched with concern, but she didn't say another word about it as the pair joined the others further up the bridge. Outside, one could see the sixteen ships that formed the refugees' temporary home in orbit, sans one that was fleeing the fleet at an alarming rate. Jamming the throttle down full tilt, Falcona set the computer to compensate for their target's trajectory and inputted commands for it to intercept. With a sudden lurch the ship streaked further away from the Earth, utilizing the planet's immense gravitational pull to act like a slingshot. At the apex of their arc, the computer angled the ship's rocket motors and jetted downwards, speeding towards the ship with a blistering speed.

"Hang on, impact in one minute! Get to the ship's escape pod launch tubes, guys! I'm gonna ram this thing sideways to break their shields, and then you all can board ship!" Falcona shouted as she altered the ship's flight path once again.

Nebula looked back at Sola before nodding and following the instructions. He hurried to the nearest pod, ready to board.

[Weapons systems are at 100%. Fighting Fire Chip is active.]
"That's not right..."
[Disable Fighting Fire Chip?]
[Disabled. Element is now neutral.]
[Armor is at 100%.]
[Life Energy is at 100%.]
[Weapon Energy is at 100%.]
[All systems check out. Preparations for battle are complete.]

As Fefnir, Sola, Burnout and Nebula readied themselves for the boarding, Falcona and Harpuia made their final adjustments and set the ship to autopilot before joining the others. Less than ten seconds later, their ship smashed its hull into the side of their target, its superior shielding overcoming the other's. With six precise shots, the light guns on their ship pierced entryways into the runaway ship's plating, and without any further ado the Reploids were fired off.

Upon impact inside, the emergency systems kicked in and sealed off the holes the Reploids had used to gain entry, stopping the precious cargo of air from escaping into the void. Immediately bursting forth from her capsule, Sola went over to each one and helped it's occupant out, making sure each one was unharmed from the high-speed impact. As Harpuia emerged from his pod last, he immediately began giving out orders.

"We need to reach the bridge as soon as possible, but priority goes to the defense of any refugees aboard who are in danger. Sola is the fastest here, and she works well with Nebula. You two, get to the bridge ASAP, but don't ignore any humans or Reploids you come across in need of help. Falcona, Burnout. Scour the ship and see if you can't find out what's causing this. Fefnir and I will start rallying the refugees."

Nebula nodded fiercely, sprinting down the hall leading to the bridge... supposedly. He wasn't entirely sure, but if this ship's layout was the same as theirs, he was right. "Sola! Get ahead of me. If you see a group of enemies, wait for me to catch up before engaging. If you see anybody who's injured, help them out immediately. And... I have a bad feeling about this."

[Loading Anti-Hive Chip...]

"You have your Anti-Hive, right? I have the feeling we'll need it."

"After what I've seen, I wouldn't go anywhere without it!"

[Loading Elemental Chip loadout screen]


[Anti-Hive Chip online. Recalibrating weapon systems... recalibration complete.]

"Hm..." Sola mused for a short moment. "I could use some more data chips. Might give me that extra edge I may need someday." Once she had finished, Sola began racing down the corridor they were in, heading towards the ship's bridge. Along the way, she nearly plowed into multiple humans who had been hiding just around a corner, only her ultra fast reflexes allowing her to avert her course at the last second.

Her speed too great to even bother stopping, Sola kept right on charging down the hall, often times extending her S-Saber to slice apart some Hive infested Reploid that happened to cross her path. Not thirty seconds after she had started, Sola arrived at the door to the bridge, which had been sealed shut by a large and thick web of fleshy Hive. Raising her Buster, Sola let off a rapid fire four-shot burst at the pulsating mass, but the weak shots didn't even penetrate its carapace. Giving a grunt of annoyance, the pink Reploid built up a charged shot and let that loose, but only to the same effect. Growing irate at the situation, she instead raised her S-Saber and attempted to give it a full on slice... only to have her blade ricochet back upwards.

"Oh come on! I even have my Anti-Hive Chip on, and I can't even dent it?!"

Nebula had stopped and told the survivors to go back the way he had come, then continued to charge down the hall. Eventually... he found her stopped at a door. "Ah, so we have a problem? Relax, I got this one. It looks awfully tough... I may need more than just Anti-Hive."

[Loading "Fighting Fire Chip"... Complete.]
[Weapon Type is now [Anti-Hive]]
[Element is now [Fire]]

"This should do nicely." He stepped up to the door, generating his Starsaber and Buster, charging his weapons. Then, he whipped out the sword, slashing at the monstrous door, fired his charged shot at it, and finished by slamming it with his charged-up blade.

"...Did I break through?"

All that remained of the Hive barrier were some now blackened vines of flesh, dangling on the side of the doorway. Sola gave Nebula a thankful nod, though she seemed to resent the fact that she once more had to rely on her friend to proceed. The twosome entered the bridge as the hatch, now free of its obstruction, smoothly slid open. What awaited the pair was something that may have seemed familiar to the white Reploid; a large, pulsating mass of Hive matter, which was connected to the ship's control grid via a pair of long thick tubes.

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Archive: Mega Man Zero 5 RP Empty Re: Archive: Mega Man Zero 5 RP

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Sat Jun 15, 2013 2:12 pm

Nebula attempted to scan the mass.

[...Detected multiple reploids within the Hive. They are currently infected.]

"Yeah, this doesn't look good. If we screw up, the controls will probably be affected, and if we're unlucky, bad stuff'll happen? Sounds like we need some precision cuts. Sola, I'm not sure I can handle this one by myself. Do you think you could cut the Hive away from the control interface? I'm confident that I can free the Operators, but I really doubt I can fix the technical problem. It IS our objective to free the ship, to put it bluntly."

He put away his Buster, ready to cut and burn away the repulsive parasite with his saber. "So, can I count on your help with this one?"

"Since when was that ever in doubt?" queried Sola, who didn't wait for a response before dash-slashing the nearest of the two flesh tubes connected to the Hive's body. It writhed and hissed in agony as the pink Reploid's S-Saber ate into its flesh, the Anti-Hive chip doing it's morbid work well. Under the Hive's command, twenty security turrets popped out from the ceiling's frame above, locking onto and firing upon the Reploid pair.

Nebula dashed into the path of the shots aimed at Sola, holding out his Starsaber to block them. "I'll handle any of the countermeasures this thing tries to set up on us while you cut it off from the controls!" He whipped out his buster, shooting at the turret.

I have to be careful not to wreck things too badly. This IS one of our ships. But I have to keep it from interfering with our job... Well, a few melted gunner turrets isn't going to kill anybody.
The shots dissipated upon impact with Nebula's StarSaber, but were soon followed by more rapid bursts of them from the turrets above. Putting even more pressure on the pair, a pair of miniature missile launchers appeared near the viewport, targeting the White Reploid with their deadly cargo.

Meanwhile, Sola had begun carving deeper into the bulbous Hive, doing her best to ignore it's throes of agony. Not too much further in, the pink Reploid came across something that made her face run all shades of green; it was one of the former Operators aboard the ship, now completely infested with the malignant Hive.

Sola raised her Sonicboom Buster to eradicate the abomination, but Jaune's panicked voice crackled over her intercom. "Sola, don't! Harming the Operators or the Hive around them could cause the ship to do something drastic! You need to locate and destroy the neural telepathic organ that connects this Hive creature with the rest of its kind."

Nebula used his sword as a shield against the incoming barrage of shots, then fired at the missiles to destroy them before they could come too close. "Sola, I heard that too. You need to find the infernal thing controlling them all?"

He shot at every turret he could see, as well as several railings that he thought turrets might try to use to position themselves to fire. He briefly turned his attention to the mass of Hive.

[Located an anomaly. There is a more dense Hive entity that appears to have mental activity. It is in the center.]

"Found it! Get through to the center of this thing, and you'll find the brain!" He turned back to his own problem, covering for her.

Nebula's barrage of fire, while succeeding in disabling most of the extra railings the turrets could use, was predicted by the guns themselves which withdrew to evade the attacks. This gave the White Reploid some breathing room, but it was only a matter of time till they resurfaced. Meanwhile, Sola was hacking away at the thicker sections of the Hive, but it's flesh grew more and more resilient with each strike the pink Reploid made, thanks to the density of the creature itself.

Growing frustrated, Sola ran over to the door, right up said door, used her momentum to dash ACROSS the ceiling and ended with an insanely fast dash-slash that cut a very large incision in the Hive's flesh. Grinning, she repeated the process five more times in a matter of ten seconds, finally exposing the Hive's telepathic organ. "Gotcha," was all Sola said before driving the barrel of her Sonicboom Buster into it and unleashing a torrent of Anti-Hive fire.

The result was catastrophic; the Hive, unable to receive the commands it needed even to live, went into a massive panic. It's cellular makeup, no longer under the guidance of whatever foul creature commanded it, begun to fall apart, resulting in the huge mass undergoing a rapid breakdown into its base chemicals. So sudden was the reaction that Sola was frozen in shock at the sight, having trouble processing what exactly was going on.

Nebula looked back. "Alright! Looks like you did it, Sola." He relaxed, knowing that the turrets were no longer under Hive control. "Now let's get these guys out of here. Once we've moved them out, I want this mess cleaned up. Do you think I could set it all on fire?"

He called Rouge on his Commlink. "Hey, we've completed our mission objective. Shall we evacuate the Operators, or just wake them up?"

Rouge's voice crackled back over the intercom. "You probably should attempt to just wake them up, but it may be best to administer some Anti-Hive vaccine first. I'll transfer some to your location. Hold on..."

With a crackle, a Duratanium case of Ciel's Hive killing medicine was warped into the bridge. Right above Nebula's head, to be exact. As gravity once more took effect on the crate, it bounced off the White Reploid's head and onto the ground with a crash. Sola had noticed the event and couldn't help let a small giggle escape her mouth.

Nebula was knocked over by the impact, falling flat on his face. After a brief moment, he got back up and glared at Sola before starting to laugh himself. "...Okay, that WAS kinda funny. Well, let's not leave these guys out of the fun."

He picked up and opened the case, taking out a syringe. "Let's get them off the waste-covered floor ASAP." He moved over to the nearest Operator and injected him with the healing-by-killing vaccine.

The vaccine Nebula injected began its work immediately, dispelling the Hive infestation inside of the Operator's body and cleansing it's flooded systems. Sola assisted as well, and soon enough each of the other three Operators were fully functional again, albeit a mite shakily so. One of them, a black haired male with a teal visor over his eyes, was thanking Nebula most gratefully.

"Again, I can't thank you enough! You've got no idea what kind of a hellish experience you saved us from!"

Nebula stopped for a moment to think about that. "...Yeah, can't say I do. I've never been infected, but I came pretty close. I can't imagine it's anything less than the worst sensation imaginable, though. Leviathan was pretty messed up by it, too... I mean, it stripped her of her free will, made her fiercely loyal to Copy Elpizo, even to the point that I felt bad about curing her. It was almost like we were the ones doing the brainwashing."

He stood up. "Well, then... excuse me for just a second."

["Rouge, we've recovered the Operators. What's our new objective? Do we let them take control of the ship back? Do we protect them? Hunt down the rest of the Hive on the ship?"]

["Actually General Harpuia just contacted me. They've regrouped the refugees safely and eradicated the bulk of the Hive. Also, he provided them with Anti-Hive chip equipped weaponry. I think it's safe for you all to pull out now."]

["So we're just abandoning this ship? It could be taken by an enemy and... nevermind. I'm not one to argue with Harpuia's logic."]

Nebula turned back to the Operators. "We're pulling out. Sorry, but the ship's sunk. I don't like it, but I guess it can't be helped... Still, at least we managed to recover everyone. Let's hurry on out of here."

He stepped outside, scanning the area for any more Hive units. "...All clear. Let's get moving."
Nebula looked around one more time, finding no enemy units.

["...Wait, you said WE had to evacuate. Does that include all personnel? And, uh, does that mean we leave the ship behind, or can we recover it? I keep forgetting to check with this kind of thing, sometimes possibilities that are obvious to you don't register with me. Can this ship be salvaged by towing it back down to the surface?"]

["Negative. The ship's integrity is still within operational parameters, it just needs some minor breach repairs. The rest of the fleet can handle the patch ups, but we'll need to reevaluate and replot their orbit path so this doesn't happen again. ...say, I'm not the one giving orders here, but maybe you could try and find out just how Copy Elpizo got his forces aboard the ship? I'm awfully concerned at an unseen security breach here."]

["Good. I'll find out as much as I can from the Operators, and I'll check the ship itself."]

Nebula stepped back into the room, motioning to the Operator who had thanked them. "Hey, did you notice anything out of the ordinary before you were attacked?" He inquired. He didn't expect to get much information from just that, but it was a start.

The Operator looked up from his conversation with his companions, giving Nebula a brief shake of the head. "No, I never got a notice of anything abnormal in the scope of my work. I just manage the flight path and engine control room. What about you guys?"

The other Operators, two female and another male, looked at each other before responding in the negative. Concern etched in her voice, Rouge commented over her intercom, opening up another channel to converse with Jaune.

["This is serious. If Copy Elpizo was able to covertly infiltrate and commandeer one of our ships this easily, we're at a greater risk than we had previously thought. Even space won't be safe at this rate."]

["Agreed, Rouge. But I think I should note that we detected an energy flux near the bridge of that ship not too long before it was assimilated by the Hive. Perhaps the possessive creature mindwiped the Operators?"]

["I... don't know. How could an organic being compute digital data? But it sounds like the best explanation... Nebula, we'll be sending some replacement Operators over as soon as the ship returns to the fleet. In the meantime, go ahead and help scour the ship. We cannot afford another incident like this."]

Nebula tapped his foot impatiently. ["...Right. If you remember your history, you know that humans originally programmed robots. I've seen people with nanotechnology and biological computers. It's not too far-fetched to think that they can overwrite memory, and we already know the Hive can control a person's mind. I'll try to find more information."]

"Sola, you can escort them back, right? I have to check something out." He stepped out, casting his gaze about.

Sola nodded. "Go do what you have to, Neb. I'll handle things here."

[Scanning for any abnormalities and/or traces of Hive...]

I figure they'll be somewhere nearby. If they were undetected, they must have breached somewhere close to the bridge. Otherwise, they would have to have gotten in through an area that isn't adequately patrolled... Or... I don't want to consider the possibility, but there may have been Hive lurking on the ship, and only acted when directed to do so. Could Copy Elpizo have managed to control the Hive so precisely?

Nothing in the immediate vicinity showed on Nebula's scanner, but there was a very faint anomaly detected around fifty meters down an adjacent corridor... before it fell off of his scope while moving in a port-ways direction.

Nebula dashed after it, readying his weapons. Is that Hive?! I have to catch it before it slips away! He donned the Falcon Armor mid-stride, then proceeded to fly after the anomaly, moving faster than he could dash.

The signal grew stronger as Nebula pursued it, but it still attempted to flee. The further down the corridor Nebula went, the more crowded with just emerging from hiding refugees, whom he had to narrowly avoid slamming into. Eventually both his own progress and that of his target were slowed to a halt, thanks to the congestion. While the signal was much closer now - less than ten meters away - there didn't seem to be anything immediately suspicious among the crowd of Reploids and humans, many of whom were gawking at the White Reploid.

Nebula decided to bypass the crowds entirely by flying above them. There wasn't a whole lot of space, but it was faster than pushing through. "Alright, whatever it is, it's nearby..."

He tried to ignore the stares of others, focusing on his task. Concentration was too important. What am I looking for, anyway...?

[Attempting to analyze the target...]

Nebula's scanner worked its way through the cluster of signals given off by every Reploid and human in the area, sifting through the jumble for anything that matched the previous anomaly's wavelength. Despite its efforts, it couldn't seem to pinpoint any one similar signal. However, there was an area of zero readings in an open gap in the crowd, but the negative zone quickly up and literally fled down the corridor as soon as it noticed itself being detected.

A void!? That's not...

I've seen this trick before! It has such advanced cloaking that it's undetectable by most means, but if you look for a place where there is no oxygen where there should be... Wait, but if it gets out into the vacuum of space, I won't be able to track it!

Nebula chased after it through the air, careful not to kick anybody in the head by accident as he passed.

[Locking onto unknown space.]

Nebula, being faster than the cloaked anomaly, began to gradually close the distance between himself and his target until he was within a safe firing range. However, his target wasn't giving up without a fight; it launched off three acidic blasts, seemingly appearing from nowhere, towards it's pursuer in hopes of deterring him and, if lucky, score an incapacitating hit.

Nebula was almost shocked by the attack.


He swerved to avoid the attacks, but they still caught his left arm and right leg. He switched out of the Falcon Armor, dropping to the floor. This area had very few people in it, so it wasn't such a hindrance to run. He still winced in pain, as the acidic substance had burned through his armor quickly, and managed to burn his body.

"I'll teach this thing not to pull stunts like that again...!" The White Reploid immediately began to sprint after the enemy, running as fast as his legs would carry him. He even switched into his Humanoid Form for even more agility. With that acid, his armor made no difference. He may as well do what he can to evade it.

Continuing further down the corridor, the cloaked entity found itself unable to proceed any further when it encountered a sealed security hatch. Acting quickly, it launched a blast of acid at the Duratanium barrier, but it had little effect on the sturdy door. If the Hive could feel panic, then it was certainly caught in its grips of terror right now. It quickly began to slather the whole door in acid, hoping to accelerate the meltdown process before its pursuer caught up.

He came around the corner, noticing the acid being spewed at the security door. Yep, it was still there...

[Tagging unknown void as "Cloaked Hive". An indicator will appear whenever one is present. The indicator will be a red haze as a visual representation of the Hive and its location.]

Nebula locked on to it. "Slippery one, but you're not going any farther." He returned to Combat Form, taking aim with his Buster. "Fire and Anti-Hive. This one's gonna really hurt, slime." He fired a charged shot at it, hoping to destroy it before it burned through the door.

The Charged Buster shot hit square onto the cloaked Hive creature which, while it somehow managed to maintain its invisibility, took a horrid amount of damage. Tan fluids, presumably its blood, poured out from the empty void and spilled all over the floor. Still attempting to deny its fate, the creature reached out towards the now widening hole in the door. However, its effort was in vain; Nebula's attack had taken its lethal toll, and the Hive abomination fell to the deck with a fleshy thud.

As it did so its invisibility field wore off, revealing it to be a Hive creature that was both spindly and thin. This, only with a tan color instead of black

Nebula looked at the remains of the monster. "...I'd better notify them right now. This is really bad..."

["Rouge, I caught a Hive that was able to cloak itself and turn invisible. I think this thing broke into the ship, then somehow either multiplied for let more in. If the creature were in space, I'd have no way of detecting it. The only way to know would be when there's an unexplainable breach in the hull, so we'll have to circulate the information and keep on our toes. I'm coming back to the ship with a few samples of the Hive."]

He took a few syringes from a pouch on his hip, kneeling down to take samples for later analysis. It was disgusting, but he didn't feel like taking chances. "...Good thing I started bringing more equipment with me lately. I'd hate to have to run back to the ship just to get these."

When he was done, he sealed them into a container. "...Of course, not that there's much variety to the stuff I carry around. I DO fight Hive, primarily, so it makes sense to have this, but not much else. Kinda. I DO have a built-in scanner, and generate weapons on-the-spot, so what would I need for fighting machines? Meh." Nebula started back, going into Humanoid Form to save on energy.

He began to sprint back to the corridor that had run between the entry point and the bridge, wondering if Sola and the Operators were done yet.

["That is bad. I'll notify our groups dirtside to keep alert for them as well, just in case. Good work, Nebula. We're ready to retrieve you all once you're ready. Rouge out."]

On the bridge, the Operators had already reset the ship's course to rejoin the fleet, but they all were still on edge from their possession by the Hive. Sola was standing by for moral support, being a combat Reploid and all, but they nevertheless remained shaky while they did their job. Noticing Nebula's entrance, Sola turned and strode up to her white armored friend.

"Hey Neb, these guys are kinda jumpy still. I don't know if they'd want us to leave after that gross Hive thing took control of them, but we've gotta return to our ship soon, right?"

"Yeah. I can understand being scared of something like that... almost. I've never been infected, so it'd be hard to understand that kind of fear." Nebula sighed. "I hope neither of us have to deal with that, ever. Or X, or Zero, or anybody else. Even if we get Copy Elpizo on our side, won't the Hive still exist? We'll have to destroy that, too."

"I hope Ciel can hold out until we find Kathros... I mean, I know he didn't kill her on the spot, but what would he want to kidnap her for? ...Sorry, I need to get my priorities straight."

Alright, mental recap time. Step One: Find the last Ether Stone Fragment. Step Two: Break into Copy Elpizo's fortress and fix his programming. Step Three: ...Locate Kathros. Step Four: Rescue Ciel. Step Five: Eliminate Kathros. Step Six: Happily Ever After, unless something else happens... And remember to burn down the Hive along the way.

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Archive: Mega Man Zero 5 RP Empty Re: Archive: Mega Man Zero 5 RP

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:48 am

As the ship continues to return to its fleet, the scene cuts to one of the two groups on the surface. Down in Area A, Leviathan, Dracoex, X and X2 help to care for the humans hiding in the leafy sanctuary. The Meikai General assisted with the younger ones, as her gentleness made them at ease around her, while the other three handled their defensive measures. Inside of one of the makeshift tents, X wiped the sweat from his forehead as he listened to Dracoex's report.

"It does seem that we are unnoticed or ignored, judging by the total lack of Copy Elpizo's forces, Hive or otherwise. Even for miles outside of Area A, there isn't one to be found."

Taking a moment to think it over, the Blue Bomber shook his head in disdain. "...I can't make heads or tails of this. I'm just no good with tactical thinking. Anyone have any suggestions?"

The copy of the legendary hero sighed, nearly copying the gesture before catching himself. "I have less experience, so I'm even worse off on this one. If you're stumped, I don't think I can help." Huh... I keep having to stop myself from imitating X. We're so alike that it's weird. I'll just have to deal with it, since I'm the copy.

He thought about it some more. Come to think of it, I've had experience with different people than X, so maybe I could have some insight. I'll try being more like the others. They would probably have figured out why we haven't seen any enemies... "Maybe they're too busy. After all, each of our groups has at least one one-man-army, and they could have their hands full."

"Or, maybe they're just hiding. ...Er, somehow, I have the feeling it's the latter." Great, now Nebula's "Genre Savvy" thing is rubbing off on me... I'll have to be careful not to start doing impossible stunts, or I'll get blown apart. I don't think Nebula's ability to survive rubbed off on me.

"Well, even if this is the case, we nevertheless should at least scout the surrounding area for any Hive creatures." Dracoex said. "It is the least we can do for the humans here. We may even uncover some clues pertaining towards the location of Dr. Ciel, as unlikely as that is."

"So, are you sending anybody down, to search the ground? I think the Hive may be laying low, so we can't blast them from here, but they may try to ambush anybody on the ground. If they reveal themselves, we can probably handle them, even without bombardment from the ship to help out. If we find them, we eliminate them. If we don't find anything, then nothing is there." X2 suggested, trying his best to be helpful.

Trying, but failing. They were already on the ground. He blinked, the fact finally registering with him. ...Why did I think I was on a ship? Must've been a bug.

"...Sorry, I think I just experienced a sensory glitch. I thought we were in the air. My bad. We haven't encountered any Hive yet. I'm kinda torn... it's likely that either they're lying in wait, or maybe they're just not here. Master E knows the refugees are here, doesn't he? Either he doesn't know, doesn't care, or it's a trap."

Dracoex shrugged. "I do not think calling down our allies from their missions would be the prime choice of action, X2. Rather, I think that we handle the scouting sortie ourselves."

X sighed again, obviously weary of the tedium of the situation. "Personally, I feel that just two of us going alone is dangerous. But leaving just one of us here to protect the humans isn't very smart, either. They may be safe here, but who knows what they'd do if they found out we were leaving?"

Shaking his head, the Blue Bomber leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes, trying to find a solution to their problem. "...well, I don't like the concept of endangering one of the refugees, but since we have the Biometals with us, why don't we have a look around and see if anyone is willing to join us? We may be able to find a Chosen One among their number."

X2 scratched his helmet. "Well... I guess we can try. I heard that the requirement for using Biometal is having survived a Maverick attack. However, anybody can survive if they have strong enough people protecting them. Mavericks back home were actually programmed to not kill Chosen Ones, so anybody who survived, despite the impossibility, would be Chosen Ones. Like children."

"...Er, but that's only if it works like it did back home."

Dracoex raised an eyebrow at the information. "...most intriguing. However, I do not think it a wise decision to let loose an army of Mavericks upon our people to seek out the Chosen Ones. No offense meant, of course."

X nodded in agreement. "Well, that's only stating the obvious, Drac. I think that we'd best just go around and seeing if we can't find some Chosen Ones with the conventional methods."

X2 looked at the ground. "...I wasn't suggesting that we send Mavericks after them. Haven't they already been through attacks? The easiest way to find a Chosen One, I think, would be to look for people who obviously can't fight off Mavericks. Chances are, one of them must be a potential Mega Man. Green or red eyes are also a pretty good sign of being one."

Dracoex winced at X's reaction, then placed a hand on his shoulder. "I do apologize, comrade. That was not the meaning I intended."

X, meanwhile, had pulled out the six Biometals that were with the group. Floating alongside the Blue Bomber, the little devices awaited the other's command to join them. "Alright, there's three of us, and six of these guys."

A-hem. Model L interrupted, but was ignored by the Reploids and sole human.

"We should each take two with us. X2, I'll let you pick first."

X2 glanced at Model X. "...I thought Nebula suggested that you and Zero try merging with each other's Biometals, to see if that fixed the 'One Zero per... Zero' problem. Well, I'll uhh... take Models H and L."

Dracoex looked over the remaining Biometals before selecting Models P and Z, leaving Models X and F with the Blue Bomber. "Alright then, let’s get looking." X quipped before brushing the tent flap aside and heading out, followed by Dracoex and presumably X2. Their Biometal companions hovered close by as the departed the makeshift shelter, not wanting to become lost in the vast forest surrounding them.

X2 started for the nearest tent, looking to find out where weaker-bodied or young refugees would be. "...Do you have any idea?" He asked. I may be totally off-base with this, but if I'm not, this should pan out well. In my world, from what I saw, kids are almost always Chosen Ones.

Model L chirped up gaily. Oh, that's easy! My original, Leviathan, is taking care of the younger ones in that larger tent nearby. She loves playing with children.

X2 changed course, now going to the tent Model L had mentioned. He pulled the door flap open, poking his head inside. "Hello? Leviathan? I'm here to, uh..."

Wait, if Leviathan was here the whole time... Dracoex + Me + X + Leviathan = four of us. Why do we have to find a Chosen One, if we already have four people? Oh, right, he wants at least three people on the scouting party. ...I'll just go ahead anyway.

"...Find a Biomatch for Models L and H. We need at least one more fighter, so we can send out a scouting party without leaving this place less-than-satisfactorily defended."

The inside of the tent was filled with the noisy ruckus of human children at play, ranging from mere one and two year olds all the way up to the mid-teens. Looking up from crafting a building with semi-holographic blocks for a little three year old boy, the Ice General flashed X2 a cheerful smile before answering. "Sure thing, X2! Where did you want to start?"

"Well... Hrm. Anybody younger than ten may not be any help. It would be best to start with the oldest, since they would be the most capable." X2 decided, looking at the older-ish teens.

Leviathan led X2 to the nearest group of young teens, stopping roughly ten meters from them. "Those are some of the oldest ones under my care. I'll let you do your thing, X2. Call me if you need anything!" she said before rejoining the younger children.

The replica of X started explaining to the older kids. "See, we need at least one more capable fighter to help out. These are Biometal, which grant you the powers of legendary Reploids. I need to find somebody who can use them."

A couple of them turned away, uninterested, while some stepped back out of fear at the prospect of fighting, even with the help of Biometal. Some were eager to try it.

Those who wanted to try lined up to be tested.

One of the teens, a young boy with rusty red hair, stepped forward. Both Models L and H attempted to contact him via their mind link, but ended up failing. This one is not compatible with the M.E.G.A System, X2. We cannot merge with him. Model H said.

The boy walked away, disappointed, as a girl with pale green hair stepped up. She looked about fourteen or fifteen. "I would like to try, myself."

"Okay." X2 held out Models H and L, the former floating into the air.

This one is a Chosen One. Amazing, how quickly you found one. Your deductive reasoning was absolutely correct.

"Does this voice belong to the Biometal?" She asked.

The next candidate spoke up. "What'chu talkin' 'bout? I don't hear nothin'."

The girl gave a short, proud laugh. "So, I am a Chosen One, and only Chosen Ones can hear the voices of Biometal?"

"Hey, so I'm not just going crazy?"

The voice belonged to a girl of about twelve years age. She stood up, coming to the front. "My name is Zana. What's yours?" She asked Model L.

I'm Biometal Model L, and this is my brother, Model H.

"And I am Salvie. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

X2 nodded. "Amazing, two Chosen Ones... well, take your Biometal. In order to use their power... You know what? Let's do this outside. Thank you, Leviathan!"

"Yeah, thanks, Ms. Levi!" Zana cheered, following Salvie and X2 out of the tent.

Outside, X2 had handed Model H to Savlie, and to Zana, Model L. "Now, what you have to do to use your Biometal, is yell 'Megamerge' as loud as you can. The first time is always more cinematic than the other times, for some reason, with a couple of exceptions."

"Question!" Zana exclaimed. "Do we have to yell every time?"

"The first time, you generally have to do it with all the air your lungs can carry, just for dramatic effect. After that, so long as your Biometal can hear you, it'll work. It's still best to yell. And usually, the first time, the SFX involves stuff that would blow the tent open. I thought it was a bad idea to do indoors. Anything else?"

There were no more questions. It was time for action. The two girls held her respective models, and simultaneously screamed with all their might.


The voices of both Models rang out in tandem.

Biolink Established.
M.E.G.A. System, Online.

Green light surrounded Salvie, and blueness shrouded Zana, forming into various armor parts. The end result was very much the same as when Vent and Aile had used their power. Model H had granted his Mega Man similar ornaments on her helmet as Harpuia had, and a matching set of wings. Model L had giant fins adorning Zana's helmet, and smaller ones on her boots.

They held the weapons similar to Harpuia and Leviathan. Twin Sonic Blades, Ice Halberd. Figures.

<*Vent and Aile are the protagonists of Mega Man ZX, and are the first on-screen example (mutually exclusive, as only one exists in the story at a time) of Megamerging.>

By this point and time X, having found no luck searching for Chosen Ones for his own Biometal companions, had returned to the command tent in the center of the encampment. Dracoex was there as well, his own endeavors having met the same fate. "Well, it was worth a shot. I guess we can only hope that X2 found at least one; we'll be stuck having to cut our defensive force here in half if he doesn't, and I'd like to avoid doing that."

"I found more than one!" X2 blurted as he entered, almost in response to X. "Two Chosen Ones."

Zana and Salvie stepped in behind him. Salvie was composed and serious, Zana was just admiring her armor.

X bolted upright as his ally entered, a smile as big as anything on his face. "Well done X2! Well done indeed!" Walking over, the Blue Bomber held out his hand towards the two human females. "I'm aware you both know who I am, but I don't believe that we've ever met in person. I don't want to seem like I'm forcing you to fight for us, so I'll ask you here. We're short some fighters for a recon mission, and I'd like to ask you two if you could assist us."

Salvie had no reservations about this. "Of course, Master X, sir! It is an honor to be given the chance to help protect our friends and family."

"...And it's kinda boring around here." Zana put bluntly, trying to scratch her head... but finding that the helmet got in the way.

"I guess Chosen Ones work the same, or maybe just similar here. Or I was just lucky." X2 gave a faint smile, having been acknowledged by X. "...Zana doesn't seem to be taking this seriously, but she IS a Chosen One. She may need a little combat training before she can actually fight."

Both Dracoex and X nodded in agreement with X2. "Well, the training may prove to be a trifle difficult for us." The emerald armored Reploid stated. "Fairy Leviathan is most capable of training Zana in the ways of her own Biometal, provided one of us could relieve her of her caretaker role for a medium of time. As for Salvie... well, I am the only one here whose proficiency with the blade is anywhere near the same as Sage Harpuia. Not to belittle your skills with Sabers, my friends. I just believe that I could help prepare her faster."

X held up a hand. "Drac, I think you're forgetting something. X2 comes from a time where Biometal usage is commonplace compared to our time. While I'm sure he could use some help, who's to say you or I could train these two better than him?"

Turning to his copy, the Blue Bomber gave him an inquisitive look. "That is, if he doesn't have anything else in mind. Er, do you, X2?"

X2 crossed his arms. "To be perfectly honest, I don't know so much about Biometal. I came from the PAST of a world where Biometal use is common. I just crammed in as much information about it as possible when I got thrown into the future. Nebula seemed to know about Biometal beforehand, though... strange."

"Dracoex, you ARE better with sabers. They're your specialty. I would be worried if X or I were better than you with them. And from what I've heard... X is terrible with the Z-Saber. Absolutely awful. Slow, unable to combo, and not even as powerful. I don't even know why that is. It could be that the information I have is false, though."

"Er, my roundabout point is, I don't know enough about Biometal to teach them anything beyond the absolute basics. Draco, if you could teach Salvie about swordplay, and I can relieve Leviathan of her caretaking for a while so she can teach Zana, then they should be set."

X rubbed the back of his head, his face running a light shade of red from embarrassment. "Yeah, I... wasn't the best with bladed weapons. Only reason I kept it was... well, it was all I had left when Zero died. I didn't want to lose that. *cough* A-anyway, that sounds like the best course of action considering the circumstances. Drac, I'll leave you with Salvie to train her." The emerald swordsman nodded then walked out, beckoning the Wind Mega Man (Mega Woman?) to follow suit.

X2 thought about it for a second. "...I was thinking of teaching them how to charge up, since I doubt it's something Draco actually does to use his attacks, but I guess Leviathan can do it. And you could always teach them, too, X. You still know how, right?"

The Blue Bomber nodded at his copy's question. "Yeah, I still charge my shots. In fact, I do it a lot more than I used to. Even with this tech that Ciel gave me, I'm just not as strong as I was."

X2 scratched his head- er, helmet. "I always found rapid-firing to be the most effective tactic when moving forward quickly, with no time for charging. Then again, I was never any good at it. ...Well, my point is that all Biometal are equipped with abilities that need charging. They'll need to know how to charge. I wasn't sure Dracoex or Leviathan actually, well, needed to charge up to use their attacks."

Salvie followed Dracoex. "So, you are going to teach me how to fight? I appreciate your generosity. I am certain that some would simply throw us onto the field with no chance to adjust to being Mega Men."

Dracoex waved his hand in a dismissive manner as he and Salvie walked, seeking a moderately open area to train in. "Ah, think nothing of it, young miss. I simply could not condone the thought of sending someone out into the battlefield ill equipped. Perish the thought, even!"

Once they had reached a suitable clearing, the emerald Reploid had his companion stand at one end while he walked towards the other. Upon reaching it, he turned to face Salvie while drawing his Dragon Maw Blade, spinning it around in a figure eight pattern to loosen up. Not that he needed to; it was just another part of his human-likeness programming. Eventually he brought his blade to a stop before lowering it. "Well, the first thing we should focus on should be your form. Please draw out your Sabers, if you don't mind."

Salvie pulled the twin sabers off her belt, igniting them. "Right."

Zana was hanging around nearby, twirling her Ice Halberd... strangely, she seemed to be fairly proficient with it. He was spinning it like it was nothing, jabbing at the air expertly. She looked like she was having fun.

Salvie seemed to be trying very hard to ignore the fact that her friend was better at this than her right from the get-go.

Dracoex nodded before entering a combat stance, placing his left leg out ahead of him. His right leg was tensed up like a spring under him, ready to launch himself forward should he desire to attack, or to maintain his balance if the need to go on the defense should arise. "Since your fighting technique will involve two blades instead of one, you may wish to hold the blade in your predominate hand forward, while you place the second one near or above your head. This will allow for you to have an alternative to resort to should a frontal attack fail."

"Now, the advantage smaller bladed weapons have over larger ones like mine is their speed; they can strike swiftly, much more so than most other close combat weapons. This renders them very difficult to evade, and if you're skilled enough you can catch an enemy off guard and land a flurry of blows. This, in tandem with your Biometal's natural speed and power of flight, should enable you to end most battles speedily."

Drawing his Dragon Maw Blade up to his chest, the emerald Reploid continued. "Despite these unique traits, your Sonic Sabers share the same four common movements that all bladed weapons share. The thrust, the slice, the parry and the feint. All are simple, but mastery only comes with much practice and patience."

Here he held his sword at a horizontal position under his right arm, both hands on the grip, before lunging forward with his right foot and thrusting his blade at the air before him. "The thrust is a bold and all-out attack. You should only make a thrust when you can be certain that you will not be at risk of a counterattack should you fail, as it leaves your sides and back wide open. Considering the size of your Sabers, I have my doubts that you shall be using it often, but it is nevertheless important to master."

Taking up his position again, Dracoex held his sword at ease before turning to his student. "Very well Salvie, let me see you attempt a thrust before we move on."

Salvie ignored the strange urge to crouch and hold her sabers out to the side, assuming the stance Dracoex had suggested... only a little awkwardly. She attempted to lunge forwards, but overdid it, falling on her face. The Model H Chosen One immediately picked herself up and tried again, doing it halfway-successfully.

Dracoex forced himself not to slap himself in the face at Salvie's poor execution of the maneuver, reminding himself that she was just starting out. After covering the execution of the four basic swordplay movements, the emerald Reploid sighed and waved his hand dismissively. "I think that shall do for now. While you haven't truly mastered the skills yet, you have been making progress. Nevertheless, I do believe you should practice some more before we set out."

Meanwhile, Zana seemed to be teaching herself staffplay. It was going pretty well. She was muttering to herself.

"...Like this?"

It was like she was responding to a voice only she could hear.

"Oh, so I should try... right, and never leave an opening that I can't cover."

Maybe Model L was giving her instructions... It would make sense for a Biometal to be able to teach its Chosen One. After all, all the skills of the hero a given Biometal was based on would be known by heart, by the Biometal, just as well as the original person.

Over by the children's tent, X2 was trying to reassure Leviathan that he could take care of the kids for a few minutes so that she could teach Zana... not realizing that it was completely unnecessary.

Meanwhile, Leviathan found herself having trouble in getting the children to allow her to go. Three toddlers clung to her legs and an infant sat in her arms, all of them crying loudly for 'Miss Levi' to stay with them. Giving X2 a rather helpless look, she tried to coax them gently into agreeing.

"Listen sweeties, this is something I have to do for us all. The scary monsters are out there looking for us. You don't want them to get you, now do you? That's why I have to go help prepare a warrior to help stop them from getting here."

This seemed to calm them down a degree; none of them fancied the idea of becoming the next victims of the Hive. Nevertheless, as they backed off from the Guardian many still wept openly. Crouching down next to one of the younger ones, Leviathan stroked his hair and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead. "Don't worry, little ones. Miss Levi will be back soon."

Standing back up, she gestured towards X2 standing next to her side. "For right now though, my friend X2 will be here to help you all, should you need it." Turning towards the X copy, Leviathan continued. "I'll be back as soon as I can, X2. Hopefully, it won't be long; these children can be a bit rowdy at times."

"I'm made of metal. If anything, I'm worried about them hurting themselves... or each other." X2 responded confidently. Let's see... how can I keep their minds occupied while Leviathan is helping Zana? Tag may not be the best idea for the younger ones, and hide-and-seek could be potentially disastrous if any of them hides outside the camp, or gets lost. ...I've got it!

He sat down, motioning for the children to gather around. "So, who wants to hear a story?"

The children, at the mention of hearing a potentially entertaining story from the newcomer, all immediately ceased crying and instead circled around the copy of X, all of them eager to hear what he had to say.

Meanwhile, Zana had fired an ice dragon... in Leviathan's direction. Oops.

Leviathan, after recovering from the initial shock of seeing something that normally only she'd command coming at her face, managed to dodge the icy serpent by ducking and rolling to the side. Eyes still wide from the surprise and confusion, the Ice Guardian looked over to her right to see Zana, only now in armor that bore a striking similarity to her own.

Salvie was still practicing. "Thrust, slice, parry, feint... Parry, slice, feint, thrust!"

You're not taking advantage of your abilities. You DO realize that you are capable of flight, firing waves of energy, manipulating air currents, and various other things that only Sage Harpuia can do?

"Be quiet, I'm trying to master this!"

Model H gave a sigh of disappointment at his Chosen One's hardheadedness. Your friend has already mastered most of her skills, and her teacher has yet to actually help her.

"I am going to figure this out on my own. I refuse to accept more help from you. I'm using your power, do I need to ask you how to fight, too?"

That is what she appears to be doing. Your obstinate drive to learn to fight without my help will only end up killing you.

Zana seemed just as startled, having just attacked her teacher. "Sorry, sorry, sorry! Don't blame me, the voice in my head told me to do that!"

Salvie, meanwhile, saw the ice dragon heading off in the direction of a tent. She dashed off to intercept it, moving rather awkwardly in her armor, trying to shut out the voice of Model H, and jumped in the way, about to cut it down.

Instead, she got hit by it, and frozen in a block of ice. She was comically suspended in place for a few seconds, before the ice broke apart and released her. "Gkghk... Th-that was horrible...! I've never felt so vulnerable to cold!"

Your elemental affinity is Thunder, which makes you weak to Ice. Be more careful next time. If you had tried using the Kougenjin to cut it at a distance instead, you would not have had this trouble.

"Sh-shut up! I am not listening to you!"

Leviathan instead laughed and stood upright, dusting herself off and walking over to Zana. "Don't worry, sweetie. You're just starting out, and I'm sure Model L didn't mean to have her Chosen One attack her original. Seems you could use some work on focusing your Ice Dragon summons a bit, though. Hm..."

Tapping a finger against her chin thoughtfully, the Ice Guardian happened to glance at a nearby stump, which caused something to click in her mind. Snapping her fingers, she turned to face the Model L Mega Man. "I know! See that stump over there? Well, try focusing all of your attention on it before releasing your Ice Dragon. I always remain totally fixated on whatever I want them to attack before I release them; I just never thought of its importance till now."

Zana focused her attention on the stump...

Aim away from the stump, but keep your focus on it...

"...Whatever you say, crazy fairy lady voice!" She fired the ice dragon angled upwards, so it would miss... but it turned in midair and crashed into the stump. "Neat! I didn't know I could redirect it wherever I wanted to..."

Well, it's not the fastest attack. Did you think it would hit things often if it couldn't follow an enemy?

Leviathan clapped her hands, the smile on her face showing her obvious pleasure at Zana's success. "Great job, Zana! I think you and Model L work really well together, don't you? ...say, where's Salvie? Is she still training with Dracoex, by any chance?"

Zana pointed wordlessly to where Salvie was shivering.

The Item Radar is more useful than one would think, no?

"I'm pretty sure the Thunder element doesn't mesh well with Ice." She commented wryly. "And I think she needs h-"

"I do not need assistance in any way, shape, or form! I can figure out how to fight on my own!" Salvie exclaimed, trying to regain her composure... and failing.

Leviathan held an unimpressed face at Salvie's response, as well as her current condition. "Salvie, you've always been a stubborn one, but you can't afford to be thickheaded now. This is war, and acting like that is only going to get you killed, or worse. Part of being in any fighting force is relying on your allies, especially when you're just starting out."

Salvie turned away. "I... I can handle it. Besides, the most capable fighters learned on their own, without assistance. Master X, Zero, they both figured it out on their own."

They were machines, built to be incredible fighters. X was made to be a hero, and Zero was designed to defeat X. You know that she is correct, you will not have the luxury of being able to try again on the battlefield.

"Hmph, I can handle it..."

...Promise me that you will listen to me if you have to. I refuse to allow your stubbornness to be the cause of your death.

"Fine. It will never come to that, so I can easily keep that promise."

Zana looked at Leviathan. "You can hear Model H, right? This would be kinda weird for you if you couldn't."

Leviathan nodded at Zana's query. "Uh huh. Personally, I'd be extra sure to keep an eye out for Salvie's back if you guys get into any entanglements. Anyway, how much has Model L taught you that I don't know, Zana? I'd hate to think that X2 took my job for nothing!" She finished with a light laugh.

Zana nodded cheerfully. "Well, Model L taught me how to swing the Ice Halberd around, how to move in this armor, how to detect items, how to create Ice Platforms, and how to create Ice Dragons. She wants to teach me how to swim, but we'd need to find a lake or swimming pool before that could happen. She taught me how to use the rebreather function already, though, so I wouldn't drown before I could learn."

"I'd be happy to help her out. She's my friend, after all. Do you think I'd just let her get shot to pieces?" She pointed out jokingly.

Salvie continued to practice the moves Dracoex had taught her, ignoring Model H's advice...

No, that is a stance meant for swordplay. Perhaps you do not realize that there is a difference between swordplay and fighting enemies with your sword. While they are similar, there are key differences, the most obvious being that your enemies will not be using swords.

She didn't even try to respond, just going through the motions she had been taught.

Leviathan, I urge you to go on the mission without Salvie. She is not ready for combat, if she will not listen to our counsel.

Leviathan gave an elongated eyeroll and shook her head disdainfully. "Something tells me that would be for the best, even if it does leave the scouting team with slightly less manpower than X originally thought it'd have."

Turning to Zana, the Ice Guardian sighed. "I can only hope she doesn't do anything reckless while the rest of the group is out.”

Zana nodded happily. "Salvie may be a little stubborn, but she won't do anything too crazy. She's pretty good about doing as she's told. ...Well, mind you, she doesn't take suggestions well."

“Anyway, it seems Model L's done a fine job instructing you, Zana. Something tells me you'll be fine. I'd best be off now. Can't leave X2 with my job all day, now can I? Take care, you two!" With a wave, Leviathan trod back to the children's tent to relieve X2.

X2 glanced at Leviathan, quickly estimating how much time he had left to wrap up his story. Not a lot... Maybe he could try to finish it later.

Walking up to the group of children crowded around the X copy, the Ice Guardian smiled at the sight of them absorbed into whatever tale he was telling. "I don't want to interrupt, seeing as you are enjoying the story X2 here is telling you all, but it's time for him to go on a mission now."

This revelation was met with a chorus of 'aww' from the assembled young humans, but was soon replaced with cheers when Leviathan brought up the subject of an afternoon snack break. As she shooed the children back into the large tent for their meal, she thanked X2 over her shoulder before heading in herself.

X2, Salvie, and Zana immediately reported to X.

"Sir! What are your orders, Master X?"

"Hey, so X is our boss? ...Eh, then who's this guy, again? I thought he was X..."

"X, what are our orders?" X2 inquired, brushing aside the issue of him being nearly identical to X. "Salvie needs more training, but Zana here is ready to go."

X, turning around from talking with Dracoex, voiced a response. "This will be a really dangerous mission; it's only a scouting trek, but into enemy held territory. We can't risk it." Here the Blue Bomber turns to Salvie. "I'm afraid you'll have to remain here, Salvie. It's too dangerous if your training is incomplete. As for the rest of us, we'll be heading out in a minute. Dracoex and I were just finishing up the details on our mission directive.

"...I understand, Master X." Salvie backed away with a look of dejection on her face.

X rubbed the back of his head, a rather embarrassed flush turning his face a light red. "Since I'm... well, not very used to going on missions without Operators guiding me, we had to get as specific as possible just to make sure I don't do anything really stupid. Kinda sad, huh?"

X2 tried to reassure X. "Everybody makes stupid mistakes once in a while. I doubt that having a more carefully constructed mission is going to make up for the lack of a Navigator." ...And was probably just adding to X's doubts. So much for reassurance.

"But, uh... to be honest, if we had somebody who could serve as Navigator, we wouldn't need to go out there searching. I may not be good at sneaking around, but I'm not going to let anything get the drop on me."

Dracoex watched Salvie exit, shoulders slumped and a frown on her face as she passed out of the tent. A worried expression played about his own face at X's rejection of her, yet of his acceptance of Zana. I trained her best as I could. Granted, it was the only method I know of, but nevertheless something must be amiss...

The Blue Bomber sighed. "Between my being a human now and lack of someone knowledgeable to guide me, I just feel, well, out of my league in this war. It's like fighting blindfolded and with my arms weighed down. That aside, Drac and I have finished the mission plan, so I think we're ready to move out. How about you two?"

"Of course." X2 said, not pursuing the matter of X's difficulties. Perhaps if he only had one of those problems to deal with at a time, it would be more bearable, but...

Zana cheerfully skipped after them. "Always ready!"

Dracoex and X both followed Zana as she happily made her way from the command tent to the grassy forest outside. Giving everyone a once-over to double check they were prepared, X nodded then gave the command to move out, leading his team north-east, back towards Innerpeace's border.

*An hour later...*

Daring a glance over the shrubbery that marked the boundary of Area A, Dracoex ran a quick visual and thermal scan on the immediate vicinity, attempting to locate any cloaked or out-of-sight Hived foes. Satisfied that the coast was indeed clear, he waved his hand towards his waiting allies. "I do believe we have been granted a stroke of luck, friends. This way into Innerpeace is completely deserted."

Upon reaching Dracoex's position, X nodded then turned to both his copy and Zana behind him. "Alright guys, this is just going to be a quick recon mission. Get in, learn as much as we can on enemy movements and plans in the area, then get out. Clear?"

"Gotcha." Zana replied, then asked Model L for tips on sneaking around.

X2 crouched, unsure that he was suited for this mission. His armor color would stick out, so he would have to be completely out of sight at all times, and sneaking wasn't his strong point. "...I'm sure it'll work out. I'll look around for anything suspicious."

"I can count them all and stay out of sight." Zana said, after consulting with her Biometal. "I could also try to act as Mission Control for you guys. If I can just find a high-up place to watch from, I could help out a little like that. Y'know, escape routes, enemy positions, stuff like that."

X nodded, then quickly as he could jumped out and dashed over to the nearest building, hiding behind its partially ruined structure. Dracoex followed as well, taking position on the opposite side with his sword drawn. Peeking around the corner, both Reploids reconfirmed the lack of any hostile units in the area, and the Blue Bomber again waved Zana and X2 to their position.

Nodding to each other, X2 and Zana followed X, pressing themselves flat against the wall. Zana gestured up with her thumb, then slipped away to find the tallest building she could.

X2 armed his buster, then moved to another place of hiding. ["Do we wait for Zana to get in position, or go in?"]

Quickly dashing to alternate cover of their own, X and Dracoex both kept wary eyes open for possible threats, not once lowering their levels of alertness. Hearing X2's query, the Blue Bomber responded with slight hesitation. ["It depends, X2. Is your area clear as far as you can make it out to be? If it is, go ahead and move in."]

["I don't see anything hostile nearby."] X2 carefully proceeded forwards, remembering the last time he had attempted to use stealth. That fight had not gone well for him.

Zana, meanwhile, was deeper in, and was now crouched on a high branch, surveying the area. ["...Nothing weird that I can see from here. I'll go on ahead."]

Not too far away from Zana's position, about two hundred and fifty meters, was a group of Hived Galleon and Pantheon Hunters, backed by other Pantheons piloting light tanks. They were methodically searching the streets and ruined buildings for survivors. One of the tanks, flanked by five Galleons and two Pantheons, entered a half-decimated plaza, when three rockets flew out of a nearby building and hit the right side of the tank, causing it to buckle and burst in flames. The detonation blew apart the Pantheons and sent the more distant Galleons tumbling. Whoever had fired the projectiles quickly made a bee line for a more secluded position, their previous one having been compromised.

Dracoex picked up slight seismic activity east of their position, and quickly radioed Zana. ["Zana, this is Dracoex. I have just detected a spike in energy readings as well as multiple minor tremors due east of us. Is there anything in that direction we should investigate?"]

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Archive: Mega Man Zero 5 RP Empty Short Story 1

Post  NebulaGregarZX on Sun Oct 06, 2013 3:28 am

<As an extra bonus, we're including some short, non-canon (and maybe a few canonical) stories. Enjoy!>

...It is the year 23XX.

The utopia Neo Arcadia was founded for the humans, governed and protected by Reploids. It was governed by the great Mega Man X, but upon his untimely disappearance, he had to be replaced by a Reploid copy of X to prevent panic from striking the masses.

Copy X ruled Neo Arcadia in his original's place. However, when an energy shortage struck, he adopted an ironfisted policy, cracking down on the Reploids and labeling many as Mavericks, having them 'Retired'. A group of Reploids, led by the human scientist Dr. Ciel, escaped to an energy mine. Suffering attacks from Neo Arcadia, this Resistance sought out and reactivated the legendary hero, Zero, the best friend and partner of X.

Zero awoke and aided the Resistance, resulting in the destruction of Copy X. With this severe crippling of Neo Arcadia, even more Reploids escaped, including one by the name of Elpizo. He helped Dr. Ciel build a new Resistance Base, and increased their forces to reasonable military strength. Elpizo had been made the commander, to give Ciel time to focus on her research to end the energy crisis. Elpizo made an attack on Neo Arcadia, resulting in a massive defeat and a mortal blow to his pride.

Elpizo sought out the Dark Elf, which was sealed in the restricted Neo Arcadia Core. Within, he found a seal resembling the mighty tree Yggdrasil, held in place by the body of the original X. Zero was unable to stop him from destroying X and releasing the Dark Elf, taking its power for himself. Zero defeated Elpizo, releasing the Dark Elf, which immediately fled.

Several months later, just after Ciel had finished her new energy source, the 'Ciel System', a strange craft had crashed into the planet. Neo Arcadia was investigating in the area as well. On board was a giant, hostile Reploid called Omega. The surrogate leader of Neo Arcadia, Sage Harpuia, had shown up to fight the behemoth, but then a mysterious man named Dr. Wiel appeared, claiming that Omega was now an ally of Neo Arcadia. Harpuia noted that Wiel had been banished. Copy X appeared to tell him that he had been the one to bring Wiel back.

Wiel had restored Copy X, who re-assumed control of Neo Arcadia. The Resistance clashed with them again, and Zero ended up facing Copy X once more. Copy X was defeated, and attempted to use his full power and second form, only to find that Wiel had set him up with a trap that caused him to explode upon his attempt. Wiel broadcast that the 'bloodthirsty extremists' had taken X's life, and that in accordance with Ordinance 8, he was now leader of Neo Arcadia.

And now, Wiel's plan had been moving along smoothly. Meanwhile, a certain psychopath had recovered his sanity enough to enter the playing field... - "Curse of Wiel", Wiel's Theme, RTRZ TELOS

"Heheheh..." The madman cackled, his victory secure. "The Dark Elf is mine... Harpuia is gone somewhere, Leviathan and Fefnir are unable to act with me as leader, and none of the humans even know what's going on. And Zero..."

He tightened his fists. "...He's in for the shock of his pathetic life!"

Dr. Wiel had just begun to laugh uncontrollably when a nearby screen blinked on. "AHAHAHAHA-heh? What?"

It was a live news feed. "Citizens of Neo Arcadia..."

"No... it cannot be!" The tyrant's eyes were fixed on the image.

"You have been gravely misled." It was Copy X. "My so-called death was greatly exaggerated. In fact, the ones we called extremists were not the ones responsible. The one who attempted to destroy me, your Master X, the one who spread word of my death to gain power was one Dr. Jonathan Wiel!"

"But... but you should have been destroyed! After what happened to you, you couldn't have been rebuilt!" Wiel screamed at the television.

"In accordance with Ordinance 3, I, Master X, will be re-assuming command of my Neo Arcadia. Worry not; I will have dealt with Wiel soon enough: by banishing him. If that proves impossible, we will resort to a simple execution. ...Thank you. I have just confirmed your approval. I will reiterate my promise from when I first took office: I will protect all of you humans from the Mavericks, and make sure you can live in the peace of Neo Arcadia!"

"No! No! NO!"

Something on the screen caught his eye. An unfamiliar figure behind Copy X... a Reploid in white armor. To be a part of the broadcast, he must have been important. By all logic, this was the one who had repaired Copy X again and derailed the plan...

The Reploid looked right at him and smirked. He KNEW he was watching this, and tearing his hair out because of it! That BASTARD! Oh, he'd get his comeuppance... Wiel planned on trapping him in a living death of his own once he got his hands on the smug piece of scrap metal. But how was he going to do that with his authority stripped of him, and the two remaining generals likely coming to apprehend him at this very moment?

He stopped to calm down for a moment. It would all be fine. He was in a remote location, where nobody would find him. His secret research lab, hidden underground over some ruins where the Resistance had found that idiotic Zero. They wouldn't find it. And even if they did, it would take them a while to get there.

So why did that malicious glint in the Reploid's yellow eyes unnerve him so much? ...Even with his protective measures, such as the eight Gentle Judges under his command being revived and guarding the only path to his lab? This wasn't good... Copy X hadn't been a threat when he was under Wiel's command. He could be disposed of at any time if he decided to turn against Wiel - not that it wouldn't have consequences, but the Reploid could at least be detonated by remote if he tried attacking. Now he was free of that.

And then there was Zero, who had been snooping for information on Wiel and the Elf Wars lately for the Resistance. They would be able to discern his location eventually, once Master X began to work with them to catch Wiel, and give them access to more powerful scanning equipment.

And then there was Harpuia. He had been damaged by Omega, but escaped with Zero. Perhaps they had been repairing him, and the Rekku General was ready to enter the fray as well. And who even knew about this newcomer? Was he even a fighter?

Copy X, Harpuia, Leviathan, Fefnir, Neo Arcadia, the Resistance, Zero, and that damnable white Reploid... against the Eight Gentle Judges that Zero had already defeated once, and Omega. If he could just finish uploading the Dark Elf to Omega, and complete the transformation into a God of Destruction, they would all be helpless. All Reploids would be under his control. Still... would he have enough time?

-End of Part One.-

Gstol, what the hell is your signature supposed to mean!?
TITAL Characters: Aleri, Rexial, Kiel, Sukiru, Aleri@Future(Aleri's ghost from the future) Leon(FFII, not KH), Seta Souji(P4 Protagonist), LaKuRo.
Org.XIV Characters: Aleri, Rexial, Xeromus, Adachi, Uchikina, Vita.
Planned Characters for DB Story: Redemi, Nobis, Matsuda.
To Be Introduced: Stice, Some jackass ghost, Rekoka, Raidou. Also some villains.

"Go forth, and set the world on fire!"
Aleri, the Vindex de Crepusculum
Aleri, the Vindex de Crepusculum

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