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Name: Max

Age: 15

Weapon: Bow and arrows

Spirit weapon: A 2 and a half foot long silver sword, with a triangular design carved into the handle

Appearance: Fairly short for his age, with long, brown hair that reaches to his shoulder blades. He has deep brown eyes, and a thin face. He wears a long sleeved collared shirt of a soft blue color, with white zigzagging lines patterning it all over, with black pants and brown leather boots.

Gimmick: "Why should I be myself?"

HP: Mid-Low

Strength: Medium

Magic: High

Defense: Mid-High

Intelligence: High

Attack speed: Medium

Combo: Mid-Low

Combo Reach: Mid-Short
Running Speed: Medium
Evasion: Low

Weakness:  Keeping him without access to his masks leaves him in a very vulnerable state.

Abilites: Use of the masks allows him to access different forms. Their appearances and abilities are shown here. Only the starting masks are shown. New masks can be obtained by defeating significant enemies. Max can only use magic when using a mask. If magic is completely used up, and Max continues to use a mask form, Max will becone increasingly weak at the same rates that his magic level diminishes.

Deku Form:
OC bios (Spirit Walkers) - Page 2 Deku_Scrub_(Ocarina_of_Time)
Max is now 2 feet tall. Max's stats are lowered significantly, but he can shoot projectile tree nuts that cause more damage than an average arrow. He can also hover and glide short distances using the leaves on his head in a helicopter-like fashion.
Max's magic will deplete at a fairly slow rate.

Zora Form:
OC bios (Spirit Walkers) - Page 2 Zora_(Ocarina_of_Time)
Max is now 5 and a half feet talk. His stats of speed in all forms will increase, and Max can now breathe oxygen in both air and water. He can swim very easily, and uses two boomerangs attached to his elbows as weapons. Max's magic will deplete at a moderate rate.

Goron Form
OC bios (Spirit Walkers) - Page 2 200px-TPGoron
Max is now about 6 and a half feet tall. His strength and defense stats are increased dramatically. His attacks are very strong, enough to break through boulders with a single punch. He can also curl up into a ball and roll towards his opponent at a much faster pace, spikes sprouting from his back as he does. Magic depletes at an alarming rate in this form, so he can't use it for very long.

Limit: N/A

Limit Break: N/A

Final Limit: N/A
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