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Post  Zeldaman2.0 on Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:24 am

Name: Ienzo
Age: 2
Facial features: Soft, cherubic features are augmented by blindingly green eyes gained from his mother, as well as a shock of brown hair that grades into silver.
Body Description: Ienzo is of an average child's build, retaining a bit of his baby fat. His skin is quite soft, and he is in good shape, despite the fact that he levitates almost wherever he goes and detests physical activity.
Typical Dress: Ienzo is always dressed in his own Dark Robes.
Personality: Ienzo is somewhat haughty towards others, but is otherwise a kind and caring child, loving his mother and father. He holds himself proudly erect at all times, never slouching.
History: Ienzo was born unto Zexion and Aeris, a human/Cetra hybrid possessing amazing intelligence and magical prowess even from his first weeks. Zexion admonishes his son whenever this talent is taken too far, and thus Ienzo only regularly uses magic for transport, and even then to levitate and to move around whilst doing so. Ienzo has been schooled by both mother and father in the ways of magic, and knows a large variety of magic, though his technique is usually lacking. He is currently living with both father and mother, and is moving to The House That Never Was.
Physical Traits: Despite his magical prowess, Ienzo is incredibly physically weak in regards to stamina.
Hobbies: Reading, writing, and learning.
Weapon(s): None
Special Techs: Ienzo is capable of using any Black or White Spell, though it's effectiveness varies, and can only use lower level spells without greatly fatiguing himself.

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Post  Aesoth on Fri Mar 08, 2013 1:37 am

Name: Luna Chanterel

Age: 19

Appearance: OC Bios (TITAL 2.0) - Page 3 Luna10

Personality: Happy-go-lucky unless someone insults her or attacks the people that are her friends

History: Raised on the streets, she lived off her luck until a group of thugs caught up to her and attacked her. Overwhelmed, she was almost killed before a young boy noticed what was happening and assisted her. The boy lost control of his powers during the fight but was able to rein them in without killing anyone.
After traveling with the boy, whose name was Athez, for a couple of months, they parted ways. Deciding she wanted to be able to change the world around her, since she saw what Athez could do, she took up the study of alchemy. Eventually, she learned to make potions of various effects and crafted an imperfect Philosopher's Stone before she met up with Serina and started up a business partnership with her.

Weapons: Crystal bo staff, various potion vials

Special Techs: Imperfect Philosopher's Stone allows her to transform matter in many ways with only a touch. This draws strength from her and if she is not focused enough, the transformation may fail or yield unpredictable results.

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Post  Haar_Dragon on Tue May 14, 2013 1:07 am

Name: Robin
Age: 22
OC Bios (TITAL 2.0) - Page 3 250px-My_Unit_(Portrait_1_-_Kakusei)OC Bios (TITAL 2.0) - Page 3 2414797-my_unit__portrait_2___kakusei_
The one on the left is the one used in the RP
Personality: An ace tactician, Robin is not only increcibly intelligent, but also quick to make friends and not the type to lose them.
History: Robin was born into a religious cult known as the "Grimleal," dedicated to the Fell Dragon, Grima. Robin was the one who held the power to become Grima's vessel, but his mother took him away from the cult. He later met his future self, after having become Grima's vessel, and Grima attempted to merge memories with Robin. The power of Grima's soul in Robin was too weak for this, however, and he became completely amnesic. He later fought Grima alongside his friends and sacrificed his life to end the dragon. The bonds with his friends, however, saved his life, and he was then found in the same field as he had been originally, with the mark on his right hand symbolizing his status as Grima's vessel disappeared.
Weapons: Sword, Magic Tome
Special Techs:
Ignis (Ups Strength or Magic equal to half of the other value)
Rally Spectrum (Grants a small boost to all stats of nearby allies)

Name: Morgan
Age: 15
OC Bios (TITAL 2.0) - Page 3 Morgan_(Fire_Emblem_Awakening)
The one on the right is the one used in RP, though in actual appearance her/his gender is opposite that of Robin.
Personality: Morgan is always quite happy, with a strange sense of innocence. She (or he) often worries over friends who worry over her, and always tries to keep them cheered up as well.
History: Robin's Daughter (or son) from an alternate timeline, and the future. It is unknown what the state of her future is, though it is thought that it is different from the ruined one that several other children came from.
Weapons: Sword, Magic Tome
Special Techs: The same as Robin.

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